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International terminal
Aerolíneas Argentinas (Buenos Aires-Ezeiza)

Aeropostal (Aruba, Bogotá, Curaçao, Havana, Lima, Medellin, Miami, Port-of-Spain, Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo, coming soon: Atlanta, GA and Orlando, FL)

Air Canada (Toronto-Pearson)
Air Europa (Madrid)
Air France (Paris-Charles de Gaulle)
Alitalia (Milan-Malpensa, Rome-Fiumicino)
American Airlines (Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami, New York-JFK, San Juan)
Aserca Airlines (Aruba, Curaçao, Punta Cana, Santo Domingo)
Avianca (Bogotá)
Avior Airlines (Aruba, Curaçao, Fort-de-France)
Continental Airlines (Houston- Intercontinental, Newark)
Copa Airlines (Panama City)
Cubana de Aviación (Havana)
Delta Air Lines (Atlanta)
Iberia (Madrid)
LAN Airlines (Miami, Santiago de Chile)
LAN Peru (Lima)
Lloyd Aereo Boliviano (Santa Cruz de la Sierra)
Lufthansa (Frankfurt)
Mexicana (Mexico City)
Santa Barbara Airlines (Aruba, Guayaquil, Madrid, Miami, Quito, Tenerife-Tenerife North)
Spirit Airlines expects to begin daily service from its Fort Lauderdale hub in South Florida.
TACA (Mexico City, San José (CR))
TACA Peru (Lima)
TAP Portugal (Funchal, Lisbon, Porto)
Varig (Manaus, São Paulo-Guarulhos)
Domestic terminal
Aeropostal (Barcelona, Barquisimeto, Maracaibo, Maturín, Porlamar, Puerto Ordaz, Santo Domingo del Táchira)
Aserca Airlines (Barcelona, Barquisimeto, Maracaibo, Maturín, Porlamar, Puerto Ordaz, Santo Domingo del Táchira, Valencia)
Avior Airlines (Acarigua, Barcelona, Barinas, Barquisimeto, Canaima, Carúpano, Coro, Cumaná, aracaibo, Mérida, Porlamar, Puerto Ordaz, San Tomé, Valencia, Valera)
Conviasa (Barinas, Ciudad Bolívar, Los Roques, Maturín, Porlamar, Puerto Ayacucho, El Vigía)
LASER Airlines (Porlamar)
Rutaca (Ciudad Bolívar, Porlamar, Puerto Ordaz, San Antonio del Táchira)
Santa Barbara Airlines (Barquisimeto, Las Piedras, Maracaibo, Mérida, San Antonio del Táchira, Valencia)
Auxiliary terminal
Aero Ejecutivos (Canaima, El Yavi, Los Roques)
Aereotuy (Los Roques)
Sol America (Los Roques, Valencia)
From Caracas to London is 13 hours (indirect),
to Los Angeles is 10 hours 45 minutes and to New York is five hours.
national parks
National Bird is the turpial (Icterus icterus), a good singer
National Tree is the araguaney
Flor de Mayo (May Flower) is national flower [Cattleya mossiae]
Alternative Entry Portals
Puerto La Cruz on the mainland and Porlamar on Isla Margarita, about 60 miles north, are the jumping-off places for both tourists and cruising sailboats. Both have large airports and offer a wide variety of hotel and tour packages. English and other foreign languages are widely spoken at Porlamar international airport on Margarita Island.

The 2nd largest international airport after Caracas which gets 90% of the traffic is  La_Chinita_Airport [try MAR by] located in the second largest city of Maracaibo at the northwest border with Columbia, which exchanges several flights a day with Miami.

List of Airports in Venezuela




List of Venezuelan consulates by embassy

The U.S. embassy is in Caracas, at the corner of Calle F and Calle Suapure (212-975-6411; www.embajada

forums for reviews & ratings since 2005
Antolin del Campo
Catia La Mar
El Tigre
El Yaque
Maracaibo (3M makes it 2nd largest city
Pedro Gonzalez
Puerto La Cruz
Puerto Ordaz 1.2M pop. & fastest growing
Valencia 2M pop.
There are many handicrafts unique to Venezuela that are made by local Indian tribes. Good purchases are gems and jewellery, cacique coins, gold, pearls, pompom slippers, seed necklaces, shoes and handbags, Indian bows, arrows, mats, pipes and baskets, alpargatas (traditional local footwear of the Campesinos), chinchorros (local hammocks) and many other Indian goods.
Shopping hours: Mon-Sat 0900-1300 and 1500-1900.  
Only 2 Roads IN!
Road access is from Colombia (Barranquilla and Medellin) on the Pan American Highway to Maracaibo, and from the Amazon territory of Brazil (Manaus) to Caracas.

There is no border access between Guyana and Venezuela except on the tallest table top mountain, Mr. Roiraima at Tres Punto, where the citgo-like obelisk stands marking the point where the three great languages and cultures of the Western hemisphere touch each other. For more visit our guide to the Brazilian State of Roriama   or the Guyana border gateway city of Lethem
The following items may be imported into Venezuela without incurring customs duty:
200 cigarettes and 25 cigars; 2l of alcoholic beverages; four small bottles of perfume; new goods up to a value of US$1000.

Prohibited Items
Flowers, fruit, meat and meat products, live plants and birds or bird products or bird by-products from Chile.

Country code: 00 58

Time Zone: GMT/UTC -4 (-5 in summer)Electricity: 120V ,60Hz
Weights & measures: Metric

Language: Castilian Spanish is spoken by almost all Venezuelans, though some 25 indigenous tongues are spoken by remote tribes. English is spoken by some people in urban centers.

Full country name: República Bolivariana de Venezuela
Area: 916,445 sq km
Population: 25 million
Capital City: Caracas (pop 4,608,934)
People: 67% mestizo, 21% European descent, 10% African descent, 2% indigenous. There are approximately 200,000 Amerindians, remnants of a number of diverse semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer societies. Its friendly population is the product of an ancestral crossbreeding characterized by racial toleration.

Religion: 96% Roman Catholic, 2% Protestant

US$194.5 billion
GDP per capita: US$8,500

Venezuela, a third larger than Texas, occupies most of the northern coast of South America on the Caribbean Sea. It is bordered by Colombia to the west, Guyana to the east, and Brazil to the south. Mountain systems break Venezuela into four distinct areas: (1) the Maracaibo lowlands; (2) the mountainous region in the north and northwest; (3) the Orinoco basin, with the llanos (vast grass-covered plains) on its northern border and great forest areas in the south and southeast; and (4) the Guiana Highlands, south of the Orinoco, accounting for nearly half the national territory.

CIA WORLD FACTBOOK -authoritive & regularly updated

25,730,435 (July 2006 est.)

Population growth rate:
1.38% (2006 est.)

Net migration rate:
0 migrant(s)/1,000 population (2006 est.)

Life expectancy at birth:
total population: 74.54 years
male: 71.49 years
female: 77.81 years (2006 est.)

HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate:
0.7% - note - no country specific models provided (2001 est.)
HIV/AIDS - people living with HIV/AIDS:
110,000 (1999 est.)
HIV/AIDS - deaths:
4,100 (2003 est.)
Ethnic groups:
Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arab, German, African, indigenous people
nominally Roman Catholic 96%, Protestant 2%, other 2%


Venezuala is the only mainland country baptized by Cristóbal Columbus, he was so enchanted with what he saw that he called it “paradise on Earth.” Venezuela will charm you too with its immense variety of birds, exotic mammals, its soaring mountains, and steamy jungle interior. Visitors return to Venezuela time and time again to travel up the mighty Orinoco river and explore the Guayana Highlands.


Today his day recognized the Amerindians who had been here for many millennium, many of these Indians have been able to maintain their traditions and lifestyles in one of the hemispheres richest and least populated countries. Visual arts and handicrafts are popular in Venezuela, but the country's most distinctive cultural outlet is probably its music, which is an eclectic blend of European, African and indigenous rhythms.

Roman Catholicism is by far the dominant religion in Venezuela, and has been adopted by most indigenous people - only those living in isolated regions still practice their ancient tribal beliefs. The Protestant church has a significant presence, and recently has been gaining some ground, attracting adherents from the Catholic Church.

Caracas is
Caracas Maiquetía International Airport (Simón Bolívar), Maiquetía, Edo Vargas, Venezuela 1161 
Airport Code MQV
Country Code 58 Telephone(0)212 303 1329 or 1330 Fax(0)212 355 1224

Many international flights arrive here and there are numerous daily connections to the main airport in Caracas. The airport will handled nearly 8,000,000 passengers in 2005.

AIRPORT TAXES: leaving Venezuela from Caracas (not local flights) cost Bs.102.900 or US$54 at the official exchange rate (near US$45 unofficial).
National flights from Maquetia Airport (Caracas) have an airport tax of Bs.14.700.
These amounts can change as well as being payable in local in Bolivars only. There is NO entry tax into Venezuela
 [F] List of Airports in Venezuela
 Valencia International also has flights to Margarita Island.
CCS provides 3-day information on arrivals and departures.

GETTING YOUR FAIR FARE: Check for a departure city and associated airline in the left column and then begin your comparison shopping. Checking multiple sources, including the airlines sites, or having a travel agent who will do so is important. Being flexible about departure dates helps too. Knowing the 3 letter code of connecting airports can speed your search.

A passport and a tourist entry/exit card are always required when boarding a plane.  The dispute not allowing Venezuelan air carriers to serve USA airports is expected to be resolved by 2006.

Domestic Air travel: is the best means of internal transport but services are often overbooked and even confirmation does not always ensure a seat. Travelers are advised to arrive at the airport well before the minimum check-in time in order to obtain confirmed seats. Schedule changes and flight cancellations with no advance warning are also likely.

Caracas Maiquetía International Airport (Simón Bolívar)

MQV: Airport Facilities
Information desks are strategically located throughout both terminals, with two desks in the International Terminal (tel: 212 303 1526/7/8) and on in the Domestic Terminal (tel: 212 303 1403 or 1408).
Airport Facilities: Find a variety of ATMs, Bureaux de change, banks, telecommunications and postal services. Facilities to send/receive faxes and Internet access are available at the Cantv office on level 3 of the International Terminal.
This is a large airport with many shops and places to eat and drink. A pharmacy and several travel agencies and tour operators are in the International Terminal.
Disabled Access is good throughout the airport
Executive lounges at the airport include the Simón Bolívar Lounge on the second floor of the Domestic Terminal and the Venezuela Lounge in the International Terminal. The American Airlines Admiral Club is situated on the second floor of the International Terminal (after security), while the United-Iberia lounge is also situated on the second floor of the International Terminal.
Luggage: A left-luggage service is available in both terminals. Trolleys are available throughout the airport. Beware of informal porters who tend to overcharge.

Overnight Flight Connections: The Caracas Airport has been called the most dangerous place for travelers in Venezuela. It often must be negotiated twice because connections frequently require you to stay overnight.
On a good day it is half-an-hour to Caracas, however with road work, commute or weekend traffic that can become over 2 hours. Staying in a beach hotel near the airport is increasingly popular although there are some problem neighborhoods there to avoid.
The US Embassy in Caracas urges U.S. citizens to travel only the most heavily trafficked routes to the airport and to avoid travel after dark. robberies-between-caracas-and-international-airport at

Caracas at
"employees during the day time hours stand next to the sinks and squirt soap into your hands...and expect tips. The security staff have the paranoia of a guard dog with all the class of a night club bouncer. Airline employees are courteous"
Car Rental
National driving licenses are valid for one year. International Driving Permits are also valid. Drivers must have their license and insurance documents with them at all times when driving. Stops at national-guard and police checkpoints are common, and travelers should follow instructions and be prepared to show papers or be searched. Road rules like red lights are often not observed by local drivers.
In the event of an accident, both vehicles must remain in the position of the accident until a Traffic Police Officer arrives, otherwise insurance companies will be unable to pay claims.
Car rental/hire companies represented at the airport are Aco Alquiler, Amigo, Auto 727, Avis, Budget, Hertz, Margarita Rental and Rojas. Car hire desks are located in both terminals.
Car Parking:  short- and long-term car parking open 24/7[24 hours a day, seven days a week]
Airport Taxi:

Corporación Anfitriones de Venezuela the official 24-hour taxi service. Look for distinctive yellow desk in the Arrivals areas of both terminals where passengers can pay for the trip in advance;

TeleTaxi Provides 24-hour on call Taxi service. For their webpage and online reservations please go to
To reach by phone from within Venezuela
Address: Av. Orinoco, Edif. River Suite, Pent House, Bello Monte, Caracas.

TaxiTaxco Provides 24-hour on call Taxi service. The number to call from within Venezuela is 0212-576-8322.

WARNING: It is no longer possible to rely on the fact that a taxi driver presents a credential or drives an automobile with official taxi license plates marked “libre.” Travelers should take care to use radio-dispatched taxis or those from reputable hotels.
In 2006 there was no foolproof method of knowing whether a taxi driver at the airport was reliable. Travelers should call a 24-hour radio-dispatched taxi service from a public phone lobby or ask hotel, restaurant, or airline representatives to contact a licensed cab company for them.
Late arrivals after 22:00 hours  you can expect rates to might double or to pay US$50 one way to Caracas or abouts.
Unofficial Taxis Drivers are likely to approach you- always get a quote in advance. Using this route is more dangerous in Caracas than most cities. Robberies at gunpoint by unofficial taxi drivers frequently occur.
Caracas Forum - Taxis From Caracas Airport

Airport Car Service
Arrange for advance airport pickup: arriving passengers are urged to make advance plans for transportation from the airport to their place of lodging. If possible, travelers should arrange to be picked up at the airport by someone who is known to them
Provides options for arranging pickup at the airport upon arrival
Airport Bus
UCAM buses run between the airport and Caracas (journey time: approximately 40 minutes); bus stops are conveniently close to the metro stations in Caracas. They have a reputation for being unsafe and uncomfortable, however.
Call for an official taxi or better yet make advance arrangement for pickup.

Lista de Aerolínea nacionales






0800-2846637/ 616-3664








9931984/ 9917942

9917942 / 9931984


7618043/ 7616231

7616231/ 7618043












3552733(FAX)3551293 /2403








Airport Hotels
Some of these are not located in good safe neighborhoods and caution is advised when wandering outside. An airport Hilton hotel is currently under construction [opening 2007] to be located opposite the International Arrivals area. The Four Seasons Hotel, contrary to information on many web sites, has been closed since 2003.

The opening of the new 5-star El Caribe in the historic coastal village of Macuto near the airport following the disastrous landslides of 1999, has signaled a return to the option of staying in a nice hotel close to the airport, avoiding unpredictable traffic jams for connecting flights and having a pleasant beach nearby.
Going east from the airport; Macuto, Puerto La Guaria and Carabella are worth visiting if time permits. Go immediately west to Caria La Mar, for the most cheap hotel options offering airport pickup. 

Near Airport opening in 2007 will be a Hilton right in the airport
Euro building [426 double rooms and 210 suites ] Final Calle La Guairita Urb,  caracas venezuela, satellite TV, bars, restaurants, 24-hour room service, parking, no-smoking rooms, conference rooms, office services, swimming pools, sauna, gym and a beauty salon.
5 star hotel with a unresponsive bureaucratic approach to room theft and on-site problem restaurants--APR-2005

   Free rewards with Precision Reservations

Passports & Visas
Tourists must pass through Venezuela customs. You must present a valid passport, and a visa application. Tourist visa applications are supplied on the plane, filled out and presented at the customs and passport check. Said form must be returned upon departure.

Renders the following advice in 2006:

---"Passports should also be in good condition, as some have been delayed or detained overnight for having otherwise valid passports in poor condition

---passports have at least 6 months validity remaining from the date of arrival in Venezuela as some have been turned back for this reason

---traveling with someone less than 18 years old and less than 2 parents may require extensive documentation

---If you carry prescription drugs, keep them in their original container, clearly labeled with the doctor’s name, pharmacy and contents

---Travelers entering Venezuela from certain countries are required to have a current yellow fever vaccination certificate. In late February of 2006, officials were demanding proof of vaccination against measles or you were directed to a vaccination booth.

---Always carry your papers with you and do not overstay the validity of your visa or tourist card. Sometimes hotels will keep passports overnight for registration purposes, but hardly ever longer than one day.

---Avoid public demonstrations. Travelers can accidentally become injured if caught up in them. Also, American citizens have been arrested when local authorities have thought they were participating in civil demonstrations. If you are detained or arrested for any reason, ask to speak with a U.S. consular officer.


VACCINATIONS: No vaccinations certificates are necessary in order to enter Venezuela. For those traveling to the jungle should consult their physician and vaccination against yellow fever is generally recommended. If your visiting your health clinic check that you are up-to-date on your tetanus, typhoid, and yellow-fever vaccines. It is also a good idea to get a vaccination for hepatitis A and B. In 2006, proof of a measles vaccine became necessary. 
Malaria in EASTERN VENEZUELA  found predominantly in the jungle areas of the Amazonas and Bolívar states, as well as in the Orinoco Delta. Malaria prophylaxis is suggested as Malarone®. Please check with your physician to determine which anti-malarial drug is best for you - more Dengue fever is similar to malaria and is spread by an aggressive daytime mosquito. This mosquito seems to be most common in lowland urban areas
Health risks:
Cholera, Dengue Fever, Hepatitis, Malaria, Yellow Fever.
Travelers are encouraged to carry proof of measles and rubella immunization, to avoid delays.
SUN PROTECTION: It is indispensable to pack solar lotions with high protection, as the sun can be a formidable concern. Be sure to bring plenty of sun block with at least SPF 30. Most people prefer to use SPF 45. Sunscreens are even better. After-sun lotions and lip balms are also recommended.
Water: buying and drinking bottled water or soft drinks is recommended, although water in Caracas & Isla de Margarita is said to be safe to drink.  The best way to protect yourself from diarrhea is to avoid tap water and drinks or ice made from tap water. As an extra measure you could avoid uncooked fruits and vegetables likely to have been washed in tap water, especially at the beginning of your trip.

Mosquitoes: Venezuela tends to have a bit more than elsewhere. Long baggy pants, thick socks, boots, oversized long sleeve shirts, and a good repellent with 30-60%  DEET should work. This does not mean you can not wear shorts or swim in the rivers as you need to learn quickly their patterns for the time of the day and the place. More about avoiding mosquito bites

Travel health advice in Venezuela from
Typhoid For travelers who may eat or drink outside major restaurants and hotels
Yellow fever Recommended for all travelers, except those visiting only Caracas, Valencia, and the northern coastal areas

Health information for travelers to South America from the US Center for Disease Control
Tips for Travelers to Central & South America by

The State Department warns American citizens not to travel within a 50-mile area along the entire Venezuela/Colombia border. U.S. citizens who elect to visit areas along the border region with Colombia against this warning, apart from the Colombian terrorist threat, could encounter Venezuelan military-controlled areas and may be subject to search and arrest.

The incidence of political demonstrations in Venezuela has decreased markedly since the referendum in August 2004.  Nevertheless, travelers should be aware that violence, including exchanges of gunfire, has occurred at political demonstrations in the past. Most major tourist destinations, including coastal beach resorts and Margarita Island, have not in the past been generally affected by protest actions.  However, the city of Merida, a major tourist destination in the Andes, has experienced violent student protests.

Why so much concern about crime in Venezuela?
" Investigation of all crime is haphazard and ineffective.  In the case of high-profile killings, the authorities quickly round up suspects, but rarely produce evidence linking these individuals to the crime.  Only a very small percentage of criminals are tried and convicted. "

Harassment of U.S. citizens by pro-government groups, Venezuelan airport authorities, and some segments of the police occurs but is quite limited.  However, Venezuela’s most senior leaders, including President Chavez, regularly express anti-American sentiment.  The Venezuelan government’s rhetoric of hate directed against the U.S. government, as well as American culture and institutions, is slowly affecting attitudes in what used to be one of the most pro-American countries in the hemisphere. U.S. citizens traveling or residing in Venezuela are advised to take common-sense precautions and avoid large gatherings and demonstrations, no matter where they occur.[Nov-2006]
What to Bring
  • Sunglasses
  • High SPF 25+ waterproof sunscreen lotion
  • PFD and/or helmet (if desired).
  • Beach towel.
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Light sweater/ Light jacket/ windbreaker.
  • Extra spending money, travelers check for emergency money
  • Paperback books for flights and evenings
  • Earplugs for sound sleeping in a new environment.
  • Ball-point pen (helpful for any airport forms, customs, etc.).
  • A CURRENT PASSPORT in decent condition is required and must be valid for 6 months after your scheduled departure date.
  • Copies of passport, credit card used to purchase e-tickets,

Find regular updates


The Venezuelan currency is the Bolívar (Bs), sometimes called the 'Bolo'.  The US dollar is the most commonly accepted foreign currency in Venezuela. The official exchange rate differs from the street rate or the rate you get from banks and ATMs leading many to recommend you carry cash. Traveler's checks are difficult to negotiate anywhere but banks but are a good way to keep emergency money.

New penalties came into effect on Oct. 14 2005, assessing large fines and potential jail terms for those caught violating the exchange laws. It has been reported that this new law will NOT affect those in the country for less than 180 days (tourists) and for amounts under US$10.000 in any one year.
Money and working in Venezuela by Dan from Margarita Island's Casa Trudel

Major Banks include: Citibank, Banco Venezuela, Banco Provincial, Banco Union, and Banco Mercantil.

Currency: Bolívar (Bs) = 100 céntimos. Notes are in denominations of Bs50,000, 20,000, 10,000, 5000, 2000, 1000, 500, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5. Coins are in denominations of Bs500, 100, 50, 25, 5, 2 and 1, and 50, 20, 10 and 5 céntimos.

Tipping: Tips are not compulsory, but in the majority of bars and restaurants, 10 per cent is added to the bill and it is customary to leave another 5-10% per cent on the table. Bellboys and maids should be tipped. It is customary to give baggage handlers a tip of $1USD per bag. In Caracas, tips are higher than elsewhere.

Currency Exchange:

Banks will change cheques and cash, and cambios will change cash only; as will hotels, although often at a less favourable rate. as of 2006.10.23
1.00 USD
United States Dollars =
2,145.02 VEB
Venezuela Bolivares 1 USD = 2,145.02 VEB 1 VEB = 0.000466196 USD
1.00 EUR
Euro =
2,705.91 VEB
Venezuela Bolivares 1 EUR = 2,705.91 VEB 1 VEB = 0.000369561 EUR
1 GBP = 4,241.79 VEB
1 VEB = 0.000235750 GBP  Venezuela Bolivares

Credit & debit cards: American Express, MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted. Many credit cards and debit cards have added surcharges to foreign transactions of  1% to 3%. Many other have not since there is no actual cost to them --plan accordingly. Your airline may require you to show the card you purchased the ticket with. If you have lost the card, remember the card number to avoid delays and hassles.

Safety: Emergency cash should always be on-hand in Caracas for a secure vacation.

Telephones & Internet
The international country code for Venezuela is +58 and the outgoing code is 00. City/area codes are in use, for example Caracas is (0)212.
If you are calling from the U.S. all numbers need to be preceded by the international dialing code (011) and country code for Venezuela (58).
Caracas Telephone
Cell phone numbers in Venezuela begin with a 4 (414, 416, 412,) and if being dialed from within Venezuela must be preceded by a 0.

Land line numbers within the greater Caracas area begin with 212. If you are dialing a land line from within the greater Caracas area you need not dial the 212, you need only dial the 7 digit number (this includes when dialing from the airport). If you are dialing a greater Caracas land line number from outside the greater Caracas area then you need to dial 0212.

Efficient telephone network. Making international phone calls easy, but expensive. The telephone company, CANTV has an information system that can be accessed by the number 103. Some of the operators speak English.
Public telephones & phone cards: There are many public telephones in Venezuela, even in the more remote places, all of which accept CANTV cards only (tarjeta CANTV). Credit cards are not accepted. Telephone cards are available for 2000 and 5000Bs and can be purchased from CANTV offices and most supermarkets and souvenir shops.

Internet: ISPs include CantvNet (, Compuserve Venezuela ( and Internet Venezuela (
Internet cafes are available in most urban areas.

Infrastructure: domestic satellite system with 3 earth stations; recent substantial improvement in telephone service in rural areas; substantial increase in digitalization of exchanges and trunk lines; installation of a national interurban fiber-optic network capable of digital multimedia services

Mobile telephone in Venezuela
Mobile telephone GSM networks cover Caracas but are sparse outside of the city. Coverage is limited to around Caracas and major cities. Roaming agreements exist with some international mobile phone companies.

Cell phone numbers in Venezuela begin with a 4 (414, 416, 412,) and if being dialed from within Venezuela must be preceded by a 0.

Cell network carriers
Network are regulated by  Conatel
Digicel (Consorcio Elca)




Movistar (formerly Telcel Bellsouth)


Digitel TIM


If your carrier does not have a workable deal for using your GSM phone in Venezuela you can purchase a Sim card for your "unlocked" GSM phone. GSM allows network operators to offer roaming services which mean subscribers can use their phones all over the world. One of the key features of GSM is the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM), commonly known as a SIM card. downloadable Pocket CityGuides™ for Caracas 



In most parts of the country, the temperature stays around 77° F (25° C) during the year. 

Venezuela's dry season lasts from October to April. But it does rain occasionally during the dry season. In the Llanos and Amazonia , temperatures can reach 35 to 40°C.

However, the mountainous regions are cooler, and there is even snow at the higher elevations of the Andes Mountains. In the high Andes, temperatures can go down to 6°C early morning, warming up during the day. Occasional rains could occur in Amazonia, in the Andes, in the North-Western and Eastern Venezuela.

An astonishing climatic variety exists (27 areas), defined by the plains with plane reliefs to wavy, the upper-class Andean mountains of perpetual snow and the Guianese plateaus.

Venezuela by
Aiport Scams:

"No gracias"

Once in the main terminal you will may be overwhelmed by  many luggage handlers asking to carry your bags. Whether you choice to accept there assistance is your choice -  luggage handlers make their living this way, but get a price first or be polite and answer "No gracias". You may have to say this many times.
It is important to get a price first for the same reason you do this before entering a taxi. The individual may demand way too much after having provided you the service.

You may also run into a scam where individuals  demand that you change all US$ into the local currency the Bolivar. Same answer "No gracias"

Increasingly the unofficial cabs have taken finding ways to seem official. This can mean collaboration with an airport official. If this occurs the best advice is to insist on getting help ordering pick-up service either from a radio-dispatched taxis or those from reputable hotels.

"Maiquetia Airport, the international airport serving Caracas, is dangerous and corruption is rampant.  Concerns include personal property theft, muggings, and “express kidnappings” in which individuals are taken to make purchases or to withdraw as much money as possible from ATMs, often at gunpoint.  The Embassy has received multiple, credible reports that individuals with what appear to be official uniforms or other credentials are involved in facilitating or perpetrating these crimes.  For this reason, American citizen travelers should be wary of all strangers, even those in official uniform or carrying official identification.  There are also known drug trafficking groups working from the airport.  Travelers should not accept packages from any persons and should keep their luggage with them at all times. "

From International to Domestic Terminals at Caracas Maiquetía International Airport
Exit the international terminal doors turn left and walk the concrete sidewalk to the National terminal. About 5 minutes walk--It is next door. Find your Air line and check-in. The flight into Margarita is about 35 minutes.

Venezuela DownloadThe Bradt Travel Guide
"Venezuela is a long-overlooked paradise for backpackers, adventure travellers and special interest visitors like hikers, climbers, rafters and birders. The same size as neighbouring Colombia, but with half the population, Venezuela's natural environment is in good shape. The north of the country harbours 90% of the population, leaving the huge southern states of Amazonas and Bolivar with one of the lowest population densities in America.

"The key to its success is simple: the author lives in Venezuela and regularly travels to the places she describes. The book is therefore much more accurate - and more exciting! - than say the rival Lonely Planet or the Footprint Guide. This 2003 edition stretches to 538 pages, yet it is still compact enough to be portable.

  Insight Guides Venezuela
Lonely Planet Venezuela  Krzysztof Dydynski, 2004

Practical & helpful, but captures the nation's lively character

South American Handbook
Footprint Handbook Venezuela  Murphy & Green, 2003
objective and tested recommendations of where to stay (including the best ecotourism ranches
Dominic Hamilton updated the Venezuela chapter of the South American Handbook in 2005. The guide is the longest-running guidebook in English. He was in Venezuela in March for about six weeks of hectic traveling. The new edition was published in October 2005. Handbook
Insight Guides Venezuela  Angela Baynham, 2003
the best of the lot and the only one that portrays Venezuela as it really is. ---Venezuelan living in the USA ---
 great pictures, but is not particularly helpful ---
budget traveller
Venezuela's #1 Attraction

Angel Falls

Most visitors will only see a limited glimpse of the falls from the window of their airplane. There are no refunds in the event of a cloud cover allowing no view.

To really say you visited Angel Falls, you'll need to take a boat from Canaima.  You can spend extra nights  in a hammock at one of the rustic camps,  at the base of the falls or on Isla Orquídea. The 4 hour upriver journey features rapids and jungle creature sightings. The hike to the refreshing pool at the base of the falls requires some stamina and balance so this is not a trip for all ages. Returning with the current is faster and you should  visit Salto El Sapo before being dropped back off at your hotel before sunset.
Day tours from Canaima range from $100 to $200 per person. Two-day, 1-night tours to Angel Falls can cost between $150 and $250

This area is marked by distinct geological formations, or tepuis -- massive steep-walled and flat-topped mesas that inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World.

From the Rio Grande, in Mexico, to Alaska there are around 700 bird species. In Venezuela alone, this piece of land that opens its doors to the Caribbean, there are 1,346 species-  that is twice as many as in North America and about 44% of all birds in South America.
Top birder Chris Sharpe's guide
— updates include a far more comprehensive links page - with over 50 links of interest,  - an expanded section on Books, Guides and Maps. , as well as organisations to contact and details of country-wide conservation efforts. A key information resource on Venezuela's birds
Avoiding Mosquito Bites
Antimalarial drugs do not prevent infection, but reduce the risk of serious illness by killing the malarial parasites during their development. Malaria, however, is best prevented by avoiding mosquito bites. The risk can be significantly reduced by noting the following tips:
  • Wear light colored trousers and long sleeved tops between dusk and dawn.
  • Avoid wearing perfume or aftershave.
  • Sleep in properly screened rooms and spray the room with insecticide.
  • If sleeping elsewhere, use a mosquito net which has been treated with pyrethroids.
  • Apply mosquito repellent containing diethyltoluamide (DEET) to all areas of exposed skin.
  • A course of vitamin B complex tablets can help deter biting insects
  • Wonderland of nature
    Venezuela is ranked amongst the top 10 countries (from a total of 255!), for its bio-diversity.

    We can find about any kind of environment in Venezuela, from idyllic beaches and mangroves on the Caribbean coast to dense jungle in the Amazonas and the Coastal Range, sand dunes in the Coro Peninsula to mystic tepuys in the Gran Sabana, and plains and permanent glaciers in Merida state.

    More than 40% of the territory is protected under some kind of legal form: there are 39 National Parks, 17 National Monuments, 9 important Wildlife Refuges and Reserves and Forest Reserves, which makes it the nation with the highest proportion of its territory devoted to environmental conservation.
    Venezuela leads South America in wilderness protection. Currently, a major effort is underway to preserve genetic diversity and maintain the integrity of key ecosystems. Known as “Man and the Biosphere," the project is being conducted with UNESCO. The Venezuelan government has been working to regulate atmospheric pollution and the usage of ozone depleting substances with official decrees since 1992.

    Outdoor Adventures

    "diving comparatively economical in Venezuela, it's among the best in the Caribbean, rivaling Belize or the Cayman Islands"

    Venezuela's Great Outdoors
    by Dominic Hamilton

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    "We have the Keys to Venezuela; let us open the door for you!" Linda Sonderman – Alpi Viajes an equally stunning but less crowded alternative to Margarita Island is the Los Roques archipelago, which is an unspoiled Caribbean jewel for relaxation, bird watching and scuba diving.
    Website in German Website in Spanish Website in English  Venezuela, the gate of South America, offers you the unique adventure of trekking at the table mountain Roraima, close animal observations in Los Llanos, jungle expeditions to the Orinoco Delta or to the Yanomami Indian tribes and the experience of the breathtaking Angel Fall. Offices in Caracas & Margarita Island
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    Full service agency (in English and Spanish). for Trinidad with Venezuela extension [pdf]  company was founded in 1986,  pioneering  adventure trips into Venezuela. Excursions are lead by professional local guides with extensive knowledge of the flora, fauna, and culture. Build a custom trip based on your criteria.  Founded in 1986, a family-run team of young and enthusiastic nature lovers, who specialize in organizing safe and exciting eco & adventure tours throughout the beautiful and diverse Venezuela
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    all our trips are a combination of human, physical, cultural, recreational and educative experiences.
    +44 (0)1273 600030  At the end of the trekking, the expedition continues by river to Angel Falls. We camp overnight at the base of the Angel Falls and spend time taking in the dramatic scene. The adventure ends with a relaxing stay at a fair-trade chocolate hacienda on the Caribbean coast and an opportunity to enjoy some superb and totally deserted beaches.  South American Explorers can help with trip planning, member recommended guides and outfitters, discounts on lodging, schools, travel...and much more. We are not a travel agency or a tour operator, rather, we specialize in assisting independent travelers and groups make the most of their experiences. We are a non-profit organisation that provides personal help and attention to details backed up with nearly 30 years of experience.
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