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Puerto La Cruz
Puerto La Cruz
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Yachts escaping the Caribbean hurricane season find welcome refuge along Venezuela's coast. The greatest concentration of marinas and yachting facilities focus on Anzoategui State's El Morro and Puerto La Cruz developments.

Puerto La Cruz at 
Puerto La Cruz
Cumaná & Puerto Sucre
Puerto La Cruz : Profile by || Update On Shooting Of Yard Owner at Puerto La Cruz (21 Jun 2006)
Pampatar, Margarita
Porlamar, Margarita
Los Roques
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Pueblo Viejo  with ‘old’ Caribbean architecture and a Venetian lagoon layout
Barcelona pop. 300,000
El Tigre
Puerto la Cruz
Mochima National Park
Flag of Anzoátegui State
Population of state 1,250,000 [ 2001]Barcelona, is the  capital.
Anzoátegui State (In espanol: Estado Anzoátegui), = translated to English by google
Municipalities and municipal seats
1.Anaco |>Anaco
2. Aragua |>Aragua de Barcelona
3. Diego Bautista |> Urbaneja Lechería 
4. Fernando de Peñalver |>Puerto Píritu
5. Francisco de Carmen|> Carvajal Valle de Guanape
6. Francisco de Miranda |>Pariaguán
7. Guanta Guanta
 8. Independencia |>Soledad 
9. José Gregorio |>Monagas Mapire
10. Juan Antonio Sotillo |>Puerto la Cruz
11. Juan Manuel |>Cajigal Onoto
12. Libertad |> San Mateo
13. Manuel Ezequiel Bruzual |> Clarines
14. Pedro María Freites |> Cantaura
15. Píritu |> Píritu
16. San José de Guanipa  |>San José de Guanipa / El Tigrito
 17. San Juan de Capistrano |> Boca de Uchire
18. Santa Ana |> Santa Ana
19. Simón Bolívar |> Barcelona
20. Simón Rodríguez |> El Tigre
21. Sir Arthur McGregor |> El Chaparro

Coat of Arms of Anzoátegui State

 The country's largest regatta, the South Caribbean Ocean Regatta takes place every year usually in August.
November 8 of every year since then is celebrated as the Dia de la Virgen del Amparo (Day of the Virgin of Amparo)
May 3 as the Dia de la Santa Cruz (Day of the Holy Cross).

Puerto La Cruz, Barcelona, Guanta and Lechería form a big financial and economic center of eastern Venezuelan.

This touristic zone is also called the Door to Eastern Venezuela. Paseo Colón (Columbus promenade) is the main  beach-front strand,from here you can either stroll along the beach and watch the water-taxis come and go with their sunseeker passengers, or view the town's lovely Plaza Bolivar as you prepare your appetite for a nice dinner in one of the many varied restaurants.

The beach at Puerto La Cruz itself is mediocre by Venezuelan standards, but the city has made its name  as a staging post to the white sand beaches of the islands just off the coast, most of which are included within Mochima National Park.

The Islands: Near Puerto La Cruz is a group of about 25 barrier islands, all within a short pirogue boat ride from either Puerto La Cruz or one of the many small fishing villages on the coast west of Puerto La Cruz. The islands, although close in distance, are a world away. Stark cliffs rise out of the deep blue sea into a rarefied blue sky. Cool waters offer beautiful snorkeling and a bounty for fishermen. You can visit one of the many beaches or anchor a boat in an isolated cove and see no one but the frigates, pelicans and boobies swooping overhead.
Hire a boat to take a ride to the neighboring islands, such as Las Chimanas, Cachicamo and Borracha.

Puerto La Cruz is the home to oil refineries and is the second largest oil producing region in the country after Zuliaone of the most important in the country. It refines 200,000 barrels per day, and supplies the domestic market as well as Caribbean countries such as Cuba and the Antilles.

El Morro
Between Barcelona and Puerto La Cruz is the development of El Morro, a vast project initiated in the 1980s. This immense complex built to house thousands of tourists and Venezuelans in condos, apartments and hotels has 12 miles of navigable canals. The complex is home to many marinas and boatyards and is a popular cruising destination for yachtsmen. Many water channels crisscross the complex, affording virtually every dwelling access to the sea. One of the most ambitious developments within el Morro is the Maremares Resort and Spa, originally built by Daniel Camejo. A short dinghy ride away you will find two large shopping malls, five stars hotels, casinos, multiplex cinemas, golf courses, supermarkets and restaurants, all in big city style. The international airport is a 15 minute taxi ride away.

Puerto La Cruz & El Morro Travel Guide
Large directory of all types of businesses and packed full of advice for international boaters visiting Venezuela

Unlike Puerto La Cruz, Barcelona has well-preserved colonial architecture. Due to its historical buildings and tourism infrastructure, the city offers attractive options for the tourists visiting the eastern coast of Venezuela.
Barcelona (pop. 300,000), capital of Anzoátegui, has a pleasant, small town atmosphere, and its narrow streets and white-with-brown-doors color scheme are quite appealing. Barcelona's city limits includ the beach suburg of Lecherias and the Peninsula that seperates the Barcelona Bay from Puerot La Cruz's Pozuelos Bay.

Colonial buildings surround the Plaza Boyaca, the original plaza built when the city was founded. The city's cathedral, named Iglesia El Carmen, was built between 1748 and 1773; a long period that included extensive repairs for damages caused by an earthquake. The surroundings there are very quaint and picturesque, contrasting with the modernism found in the center of the city.An interesting colonial building is the Museo de Anzoátegui, the oldest building in the city, built in 1671. Other important historical areas are centered around the three main plazas: Bolivar, Miranda and Boyacá.

On the Avenida 5 de Julio there is La Casa Fuerte (strong house), a national historic monument which was Initially constructed on the ruins of the old Convento de San Francisco. In 1811, during the independence war, La Casa Fuerte was taken by the founders of the republic and turned into a fortification by Simón Bolívar, being equipped with two canons to defend the city from the attacks of his opponents. After several attacks on April 17, 1817, the house was taken and destroyed by the royal forces, which then went on decapitating all   of its residents. It stands now as a reminder of the independence spirit. There is a statue of Eulolia Buroz, a woman who died in its defense.

The first thing one sees when approaching El Morro is the modern Centro Comercial Plaza Mayor, a shopping center built in the colorful Dutch colonial style, similar to those found in Curaçao. On la Avenida Principal de Lecherias one can also find numerous restaurants and shops.

The principal beaches that surround Barcelona and Puerto La Cruz can be found on the El Morro isthmus, and include Isla de Plata, Conoma, Arapito, Cangrejo, Lecherias and playa Mansa. These beaches offer many open-air restaurants that serve delicious seafood dishes


Mochima National Park
Mochima National Park covers 94,900ha of coastal and marine habitat or 1000sq km. is located in the States of Anzoátegui and Sucre, on the northeastern coast of Venezuela.of Eastern Venezuela. The park is made up of an exclusively marine area in its western sector (Anzoátegui State), a coastal marine area that includes the Gulf of Santa Fé and Mochima Bay, and a mountainous area that covers the Turimiquire Dam watershed (Sucre State).

The mainland portion of the park consists principally of mountainous coastline, mangroves and golden sandy coves. Along the coast, scattered trees, grasses and shrubs predominate the dry terrain. As the land rises to the coastal mountains, the vegetation grows thicker and more exuberant, fostering a wider variety of flora, particularly ferns and orchids. Further inland are waterfalls, clear pools and woodland hiking trails. Resident fauna includes jaguars, sloths, capuchin monkeys, opossums, armadillos, agoutis, iguanas, many species of snake and sea-birds such as gulls, pelicans and frigates. The park has 78 mammal species and about 28 reptile species, including four species of endangered sea turtles. There is no bird checklist for Mochima, but 150 species have been found near the Turimiquire Dam in the south of the park, an area of high bird endemism.

BEACHES: Playa Arapito, Playa Colorada and Playa Santa Fe are the best known of Mochima's beaches.
Playa Blanca -
the park's most famous and a beautiful beach with white sand, turquoise water beach and marvelous coral reefs. It offer many services and easy access to the town of Mochima Near the peninsula known as Aceite Castilla, is Manare,  a fishermen settlement, lies on the western side of the peninsula,   Even closer to town, is Las Maritas with  disembarking from the sea.

Though quiet throughout the week, the beaches transform into busy tourist hotspots at weekends. The calm waters are perfect for swimming and fishing boats can be chartered to visit a number of islands and reefs just offshore, which are wonderful for snorkeling and fishing. 

TOWNS: The little side road down to the village of Mochima gives spectacular views over mangrove-lined Mochima Bay, the mainland section of Mochima National Park and actually a series of submerged valleys or fjords. Most of the other villages have small hotels, posadas, and restaurants, and camping is popular on the beaches. Por puestos, taxis and buses operate along the coast road and any beach or bay is easily accessible.

Santa Fe, 50 minutes from Puerto La Cruz by road, located in Mochima National Park at the foot of the Turimiquire Mountains,  founded by the Franciscan fathers during Columbus' third trip to the Americas.

ISLANDS: The Park contains over 35 islands, secluded beaches and crystal clear waters stretching eastward toward Margarita Island as well as a significant portion of the adjacent coastal mountain ranges. The deep water between Mochima’s islands is good for whale-spotting, and dolphins and turtles are often seen, along with many seabirds. There are wonderful sunsets, best seen from high along the cliff tops. Much of this area is accessible by car. Fishing, diving and snorkelling are excellent as is the seafood. The islands of Canoa and Canoíta, offer a unique landscape where snorkeling in its rich coral bedz. There is a sunken steamboat in this underwater universe. These deserted beaches remain closed to the public from May to August, for the nesting season of the protected sea turtle.

On the islands there’s good hiking where you can easily spot iguanas. The treks to the top of the island are rewarded with an magnificent views of the park.

When the park was created, many human settlements were included in it which creates difficult threats that The National Parks Institute (INPARQUES) can only marginally mitigate.

If you're a group of four or more, chartering a yacht to cruise the islands of Mochima, or to head east to Los Roques, can be more economical than you might think 

Getting There
(BLA) Gen J A Anzoategui Airport, Barcelona, VE

AVIOR flys often from Margarita Island's Porlamar airport. Domestic airlines Aserca Airlines Aeropostal, CONVIASA are regulars as well

Bus: Terminal de Pasajeros is 3 block south of Plaza Bolivar on Calle Juncal. Its 5 hours to Caracas 4 by por puesto, 5 hours to Ciudad Bolivar, 3 hours to Maturin, 1.5 hours to Cumana
FERRY:  Terminal is off Paseo Colon opposite Paque Andres Eloy Blanco The express ferry takes 2 hours.
Conferry 0212/782-8544 or 0295/261-6397, Their big conventional ferries take 4.5 hours to cross to Margarita Island and runs as often as 6 /day depending on season.
Gran Cacique Express or 0295/239-8339 for schedules and fares, which change frequently. Their passengers only ferry operates up 3/day and takes 2 hours
Mochima Transfers: Best options for transfers to the beaches of Parque Nacional Mochima is Trastupaco, located at the east end of Paseo Colon. It runs shuttles services to Playa El Faro on Isla Chimanade Sur, and to Playas Puinare and El Saco on  Chimana Grande. Just east of town, at Pamatacualito, shuttle boats go to Isla de Plata and Isla de Monos.
Places To Stay
Cristina Suites - 4 « [ 250 suites] TV por satélite, mini-bar, restaurant, piano bar, piscinas con bar, agencia de viajes, tintorería, salón de belleza,
Av. Municipal con Calle Maneiro, Puerto La Cruz.
Teléfonos: (58) (081) 67.4712 / 67.3224
El Dorado Suites - =4 « [ 111 rooms]  suites con jacuzzi, piscina, gimnasio, sauna, restaurant, bar,
 Av. Principal Mesones con Calle 2, Zona Industrial Mesones, Vía Distribuidor Los Mesones. Barcelona.
Teléfonos: (58) (081) 76.9166 / 76.9245 Fax: (58) (081) 76.9366
Golden Rainbow Maremares Hotel & Marina [495 rooms] 
 Av. Americo Vespucio, Complejo Turístico El Morro de Puerto La Cruz.
Teléfonos: (58) (081)) 800-73767 / 81.1011 / 81.3022 Fax: (58) (081) 81.3028
"Having lived in Puerto La Cruz for one year, we had alot of family come and stay at Maremares. It is definitely a nice hotel, but there are lesser known yet equally as nice hotels in the area for probably 1/3 as much...The upside is the all speak english at the Maremares and are very helpful when you have a question."

a lagoon-style pool with a wave machine, cascading Golden Rainbow Maremares hotel Puerto La Cruz Marina & Spa. in El Morro
Fotos at

Hesperia Puerto Cruz 200 rooms and 20 suites
Located in the
Paseo Colon,Puerto La Cruz telephone TV, swimming pool, restaurants, discoteca, tennis courts, gymnasium and sáuna as well as beauty parlor, barber's shop and hall games.
Hotel Caribbean Inn -Cuenta con 102 habitaciones y suites con aire acondicionado, TV, piscina, restaurant, bar, servicio de habitación, salón de conferencias, parking.
Calle Freites, Puerto La Cruz.
Teléfonos: (58) (081) 67.4292 Fax: (58) (081) 67.2857
Hotel Caribe Mar by - 3 « [73 rooms]  Calle Ricaurte Nº 12, a media cuadra del Hotel Rasil, Puerto La Cruz.
Teléfonos: (58) (081) 67.3291 / 67.4973 / 67.5722 / 67.5846
Fax: (58) (081) 67.2096 TV por satélite, restaurant, bar,
Hotel Gaeta - 3 « [52 rooms]
 Paseo Colón con Calle Maneiro, Puerto La Cruz.
Teléfonos: (58) (081) 65.0411 / 65.1822 / 65.1211 / 65.7033
Fax: (58) (081) 65.0065  restaurant/bar, tintorería, agencia de turismo, etc.
Hotel Meliá - 5 « [220 rooms]
 Paseo Colón, Puerto La Cruz.
Teléfonos: (58) (081) 65.1393 / 65.3402 restaurantes, bares, agencia de alquiler de vehículos, servicio de habitación, salón de conferencia, tintorería, línea de taxis, etc.
Paseo Colon Gran Hotel Puerto la Cruz
Sleek Multistory Hotel set in tropical gardens on a sandy beach, facing Bay of Pozuelos; 30 miles from Jose Antonio Airport.
"The air condition was not turned on in the restaurant in the 4 days we eat there. The tiki-bar at the pool area was not open at all and there was no staff working the pool area to assist us with towels and drink orders
Punta Palma
Located in
El Morro it has rooms Standard, doubles with terrace, Jr Suites and executives, with Vista to navy and the bay, all equipped with TV, parabolic and conditioned air. Also the hotel counts on 3 restaurants, bars, discoteca, tennis courts, and swimming pool, and halls for meetings up to 300 people
Hotel Cristina Suite [250 Suites]
Located in the residential zone, near the sea. 236 Junior Suites with capacity up to 4 people, 12 suites duplex, a nuptial suite and a presidential one,  mini bar,2 swimming pools, restaurants, discothèque and gym.
Hotel Rasil Cumberland Rooms: [356 rooms] Paseo Colón No. 6, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela
Teléfonos: (58) (081) 67.2422 / 800-87833
Fax: (58) (081) 67.3121
Hotel Teramun - 4 « [110 rooms]
Av. Principal Lecherías con Calle Monagas, Lecherías.
Teléfonos: (58) (081) 81.0411 / 81.3773
Fax: (58) (081) 81.3874  restaurant, bar, boutiques, piscina, discoteca, sala de juegos, TV por satélite, aire acondicionado.

L' Hoteles New Doral Beach  [1,302 villas] Av. Americo Vespucio, Complejo Turístico El Morro de Puerto La Cruz.
Teléfonos: (58) (081) 81.2325 / 81.1911 / 81.2628 / 80.1111
Teléfonos en Caracas (reservaciones): (58) (212) 959.4113 / 959.0291 de hotel y tiempo compartido, piscina, canchas de tenis, restaurantes, bares, agencia de viajes, tienda de belleza, librería, boutiques, agencia de alquiler de vehículos, bicicletas, jet skis, sillas para la playa, etc.

Riviera Hotel Puerto La Cruz Paseo Colon 33 ,Puerto La Cruz,Venezuela Location: Puerto La Cruz - City Center 72 tastefully-appointed guestrooms

Save up to 75% by booking this hotel and others in Puerto La Cruz through Precision-Agoda
Vista Real hotel 157 rooms w/ sea views
Located in
Cerro El Morro, restaurant, cafeteria, a piano bar, 2 swimming pools, gymnasium, sauna, tennis and all type of marine sports.
Parque Nacional Mochima
Santa Fe
Playa Cochaima, Santa Fe Telef. (0293) 231-0073 Right on the sand in beautiful Playa Cochaima, our Posada has a wonderful atmosphere.  French, English and Spanish are spoken fluently by the day to day operators Lynn and Philippe. 
Posada La Sierra in Santa Fe PLAYA COCHAIMA, SANTA FE, ESTADO SUCRE, VENEZUELA TELF.: +58 093-210042  White water rafting on the Neveri river is close by  only beachfront hotel with diving facilities in the town of Santa Fe, Venezuela, we offer relaxation and adventure with incredible views. Dining
in the nearby Nautical Club offers international cuisine including fresh fish and authentic Venezuelan dishes .
Villa Majagual - Sante Fe, Mochima 12 room posada
Situated in a secluded cove in the Gulf of Santa Fe, Beautiful gardens surround the 6 cabañas which are positioned away from each other for privacy.  Amenities include: pool, beach with kayaks, paddle boats and snorkle equipment. Sport fishing and boat transfers to remote beaches can also be arranged...
Los Altos de Sucre  Los Altos de Sucre, Sector Cogollalito, Hacienda Vista Montaña, detrás del Noviciado.TEL: 0293 - 4323542 / 0414-8086430
Fax: 04147756155

situated between sea and mountains on an altitude of 750 meters above sea level. You will find a fresh climate in a healthy and secure environment. exercises in Yoga Hatha, Tai Chi, Music Therapy and Aromatherapy, "Chi Cun", Massage, a bath and treatment in a natural spring and the contact with the virgin nature in our mountains.
Barcelona Punta Palma Resort/Hotel. in the Complejo Turístico El Morro, in Lecherias with the Caribbean sea in front
"rooms were fairly nice, but older. Very safe Hotel, friendly staff, not much English spoken there, $5.00 taxi ride to the nearest shopping area, Plaza Mayor. I paid $20,000 b's to get there from the airport."
Mariano Cubi Aparthotel
Mariano Cubi 62/64, Barcelona 8006, Venezuela
Marinas & Places to Stay
Repair Services
You can get pretty much anything done here, including major boat overhauls for a very decent price. Just try to bring in any specialized materials you may need.  Golden Rainbow Maremares hotel Puerto La Cruz Marina & Spa. in El Morro
491 rooms divided in three-story buildings with different views, as well as a spectacular 3,000 square meter swimming pool, styled after a lake with waves, a private marina, a spa with Jacuzzi, sauna and steam,
3 restaurants, 2 bars, halls for conventions until for 800 people, a 9-hole golf course,  racquetball courts, gym, 2 tennis courts, terrestrial and marine taxi tours and entertainments in general
The Maremares Marina is located at the following coordinates:
L-10º 11.858º North L-64º 40.515º West
The Marina offers lodging services for vessels of up to 150 feet . It has 52 berths
Save up to 75% by booking this hotel and others in Puerto La Cruz through Precision-Agoda

La Marina

Maremares by

Centro Marino de Oriente in El Morro.
PMO - Proyectos Marinos Orientales by
Marina Americo Vespucio on the Bay of Pozuelos
Avenida America Vespucio Complejo Turistico El Morro
Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela
Tel: (011) 58-281-281-4321
Fax: (011) 58-281-282-0829
Marina Americo Vespucio by
Aqua Vi Marina by by Bahia Redonda Marina
Av. Tajamar No. 1, Centro Náutico, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela Tel: 011 58 281 267 7412, Fax:011 58 281 267 7810, VHF Channel 71
150 slips for boats up to 90 feet Electricity: 110/220 volts, 30/50 amps Cable TV available in floating docks. spotty Wi-Fi HotSpot
Bahia Redonda by
" pay for internet access (6 computers) inside the TBS Travel Agency office. There is a free internet access available for email in the Venezuela Travel office"
Mochima National Park
Camping is possible on the beaches, but there have been mixed reports about security, especially on the more isolated beaches.
Santa Fe
Hammocks may be slung on the terrace of the Posada Café del Mar for $4 pp pday.


the Caribbean Mall Needle - You locate the entrance to El Morro by looking for the bulbous needle like building near the Caribbean Mall then looking east for the entrance. [more at]

Christopher Columbus was so enthralled by Venezuela's landscape, when arriving to its coast in 1498, that he referred to the land as Tierra de Gracia (Land of Grace),

Mochima National Park
Trip Reports
"Barcelona is the capital of the state Anzoategui. It is a large city located right next to its sister city, Puerto La Cruz. In my experience, Barcelona is much dirtier and run down than PLC. In fact, this was the area that had the most mugging stories in my mission. This may have been mostly due to the areas I lived in, though, I did hear of much more upscale neighborhoods. "
Santa Fe:
"Posada Bahia del Mar. It's in the middle of the beach and has the benefit of a kitchen, internet and currency exchange. Very friendly owners and a nice atmosphere. Cafe del Mar, the first one on the beach, has good food and is decent, but less atmosphere.

You are likely to meet Johannes Baumgarten while in Santa Fe. He's an adventure, slightly crazy, and not recommended for everyone. If you go to off to the falls in Los Altos de Santa Fe with him, don't bring much of value and start off early. Johannes is a local, knows just about everyone and will protect you from predators both human. He'll show you a whole different side of things, but some of it you may wish he hadn't. Most people are really buena gente, but there are some bandits in these parts. Unless I were in a large group I wouldn't go to the falls without him"
Mochima National Park, one of the most spectacular in the country, a long inlet of deep anchorages and beaches off a remote part of the mainland.

Air José Antonio Anzoátegui airport is between Barcelona, the capital (though a much smaller city), and Puerto la Cruz. Flights arrive and depart for Caracas to Barcelona several times a day. There are buses to all tourist attractions outside of town, as well as tours. Travel to or from the airport takes about 20 minutes.  It's 30 minutes from Caracas by plane
Bus: Buses travel from Caracas to Puerto la Cruz via Barcelona and return. The travel time is 5 hours. Puerto La Cruz is also served by city buses.
Puerto la Cruz, near Barcelona,

Ferry: The Conferry []  is a huge ferry that takes passengers and cars to Isla Margarita twice a day. Phone: 0501-26633779. There are two classes: VIP and First Class. VIP get's you food/drink service on the top level of the fast ferry, along with reclining seats, some with tables. Fast ferry get's you to Isla Margarita in 2 hours while the regular ferry get's you there in 6.
As of 2006 prices are 60,000bs for VIP and 40,000bs for First Class each way. Depending on the season you may have to stay in line for hours to get tickets a couple days before you leave. If you have kids with a different last name you will need to prove they are yours with proper documentation. A passport copy of all intended passengers is needed before tickets are issued. It is possible to go to one of the many ferry offices to get and change tickets instead of the main terminal.

Travel Offices
Marina Bahia Redonda, Tel: (00 58 281)263-1278 Email: sergec at, speaks English and French
Venezuela Travel Plus - Jaime Escribens In Bahia Redonda Local 16 can help with your travel needs. TelFax (0281)2630666 - (0416)4873208 Email-inevtc at VHF 72
An introductory day paddling out into the gulf with dolphin encounters! A restaurant meal on a beautiful island, followed by a night beach camping on a pristine white sandy beach. Suitable for all levels of paddler.

We’ll can arrange pick-up from Puerto la Cruz or you can jump on a 20 minute bus to Playa Colorada. Anaconda Tours, Santa Fe, Sucre
Nestled between the bustling Beach Resort of Puerto La Cruz and the colonial city of Cumana, the first town of the American continent founded in 1521, Mochima National Park is one of the largest of its kind in the Caribbean. Spreading both inland and seaward, its name in the native language means "abundant waters".
The Mochima National Park covers an area of 94.935 Ha and comprises all the islands you can see along the coast between Puerto La Cruz and Cumana. Due to the numerous islands, the sea conditions are normally quite calm in the park, so this journey of approximately 50 km requires only basic kayaking skills.
Diving  Dive trips consist of two tank dives and a snack. New to diving? No problem, we have qualified diving and snorkeling instructors who are ready to help you. Equipment is supplied, but feel free to bring your own.
Mochima Divers is a dive center with an Eco-Tour twist. We cater not only to adventurous scuba divers, but also to freedivers and water lovers of all types that just happen to find themselves in our remote corner of the globe.  Practicing many water sports such as kayaking, rafting, freediving and snorkeling in addition to scuba diving. Discover caves, walls, wrecks and dolphins is an ongoing process that makes any trip to Mochima a true adventure.

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