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Margarita Airport
Margarita Airport
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Pampatar, Margarita
Porlamar, Margarita
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Domestic Airlines
The only Venezuelan carrier with English on their site and  the best flight database, although you might do better calling their English speaking reps if you get an expensive quote on-line.
Have had a direct flight between
Porlamar & Bogota
in  Colombia  (El Dorado International Airport); also flys to  Medellín (Jose Maria Cordova International Airport), Ecuador  Quito (Mariscal Sucre International Airport) & Guayaquil (José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport); Peru Lima (Jorge Chávez International Airport). For the Caribbean, take them to Cuba, Dominican Republic,  Aruba, Curaçao and  Trinidad.

295-269 13
Aserca Airlines
Aruba, Curaçao , and the 2 Dominican Republic airports of Punta Cana, Santo Domingo are listed as destinations on, the official web site lists it as serving just 9 Venezuela cities in Dec-2006
Avior Airlines 
Aruba, Curaçao, Martinique, Trinidad and Tobago & Miami ( as of 28 January 2007)
Avior Airlines is an airline based in nearby Barcelona-Puerto la Cruz Venezuela. The new Miami-Barcelona flight makes it possible to avoid Caracas airport
destinations and local contact info by avior
Conviasa destinations
The government owned airlines is ambitious to ad more international flights, but it took us much effort to discover the regular flight between PMV and POS was freight only in Feb-2007, so we ended up on Aeropostal with 5 hour layover in Caracas both ways for the rather short hop. International flights to Madrid (Madrid Barajas International Airport); Grenada  St. George's (Point Salines International Airport); Trinidad and Tobago
 Port of Spain (Piarco International Airport) and
Bogotá Colombia (El Dorado International Airport)
Laser (Porlamar) -
Does a shuttle between Caracas & Porlemar
Rutaca (Ciudad Bolívar, Porlamar, Puerto Ordaz, San Antonio del Táchira)
destinations & contacts by rutaca
Santa Barbara Airlines destinations  Spain
o Madrid (Barajas International Airport)
o Tenerife (Los Rodeos Airport)
* Portugal
o Funchal (Funchal International Airport)
o USA Miami (Miami International Airport)
o Aruba
+ Oranjestad (Queen Beatrix International Airport)
* Ecuador
o Quito (Mariscal Sucre International Airport)
o Guayaquil (Jose Joaquin de Olmedo International Airport)
Los Roques
Aero Ejecutivos (Canaima, El Yavi, Los Roques)
Aereotuy (Los Roques)
Sol America (Los Roques, Valencia)
Nueva Esparta State  [pop. 420,000]
Playa El Yaque
Juan Griego
La_Tortuga  Island

Porlamar DelCaribe Gen S Marino Airport [PMV]
IATA code: PMV

It is difficult to find a way into Porlemar without passing through a Venezuela airport unless you are on a charter. Several international airlines and dozens of charter carriers have service to Margarita from major European cities, as well as from Toronto, Montréal, Miami, and New York. Many of these sell “package” deals that can be a way of incorporating a holiday while looking for that dream home.  Most international flights connect to Porlamar by going through Caracas/Maiquetia  airport. Simon Bolivar International (CCS)

The German discount airlines operates a daily direct flight from FRANKFURT INTERNATIONAL (FRA) - PORLAMAR (PMV). The leading Venezuelan airline Aeropostal offers direct flights from Miami to Porlamar (Margarita) via Caracas everyday. Using the flightstats in December 2006, we could not locate any flights from other South American countries. The very cool, new-in-2006 travel tool for is only as good as its data, as it does not list Avior Flight, who fly to nearby Aruba and Curacao from PMV. There were flights from Trinidad and Barbados, but not bookable online. See your travel agent or call direct.

AMERICAN AIRLINES, UNITED AIRLINES, DELTA AIRLINES, AEROPOSTAL, AVENSA, CONTINENTAL, LANCHILE SPIRIT  - offer flights from Miami, Orlando, Houston, New York, San Francisco, San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Atlanta directly to Caracas. Then you can connect to Porlamar (Isla de Margarita) the same day or the next day, depending on your arrival time.

It was only in 2006 that American airports were reopened to Venezuela Airlines so, as always, stuff happens and beginning by checking for flights out of Miami [MIA] and the fast growing nearby Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport [FLL] Try to beat fares from this air fare comparison search engine

If you are arriving on a Friday, a Venezuelan long weekend, Christmas, Easter, Carnival or during August it is very important to have a pre-booked ticket to Isla Margarita (Porlamar) Del Caribe International. Gen Santago Marino in Solemar is Margarita’s only airport.

Departure Tax: Caracas to Porlamar: 12,350B's (around $6.50) paid in Caracas. Porlamar back to Caracas 10,000 B's (about $5,-) paid in Porlamar and international airport tax 86,600 B's (about $45) paid in Caracas when traveling to the US. 40,000 B's paid in Caracas when traveling to Europe. The taxes must be paid in local currency. These taxes are subject to change without notice.

Caracas <->Margarita 
From Caracas it can be cheaper if you buy the ticket at the airport rather than booking direct. The flight costs about $60 and and there are 3 airlines [Aserca Airlines, Aeropostal, Conviasa] that make the trip to Margarita everyday. If booking to (PMV) comes back higher than expected, try inputting (CSS) as your destination.

Airline Equipment charges Caracas to Porlamar:
Windsurf equipment: $40 each way
Kite equipment: $30

Venezuela Airports
Airport Tax rates vary at each airport, but all have them for both Domestic and International
  Barcelona Airport - Gral Jose Antonio Anzoategui (BLA)
Barinas Airport - (BNS)
Barquisimeto Airport - (BRM)
Canaima Airport - (CAJ)
Caracas Airport - Simon Bolivar International (CCS)
Carupano Airport - (CUP)
Ciudad Bolivar Airport - Ciudad Boliva (CBL)
Cumana Airport - (CUM)
Las Piedras Airport - Josefa Camejo (LSP)
Maracaibo Airport - La Chinita (MAR)
Maturin Airport - Quiriquire (MUN)
Merida Airport - Alberto Carnevalli (MRD)
Porlamar Airport - Gral Santiago Marino (PMV)
Puerto Ordaz Airport - (PZO)
San Antonio Airport - (SVZ)
San Tome Airport - El Tigre (SOM)
Santo Domingo Airport - Mayor Humberto Vivas Guerrero (STD)
Valencia Airport - (VLN)
destinations #1 Columbian Airline which has had direct Porlemar service from Bogata. [English & Portuguese too]
Flights from the U.K and the rest of Europe.
Thomsonfly formerly Britannia Airways, #1 charter airlines has direct flights from Europe to Margarita, but this cannot be booked on their website.
British Airways offer scheduled flights from London Gatwick (LGW) in to Caracas international airport with the flight taking approx. 8-9 hours. You then need to get a connection to the Island. Air France, KLM, Lufthansa and others also offer the same, but you will have to check with them.

Charter flights are available with many airlines, and can offer a cheaper and direct alternative.

First Choice fly out of Gatwick & Manchester direct to the Island.
UK charter

---Air transat flys out of Montreal / Toronto, Royal from Toronto and Canada 3000 from Halifax.
---Condor as well as LTU flies from Düsseldorf.
---Nordic Nea flies out of Copenhagen.
---Air Europa flies out of Tenerife / Madrid.
---Surinam Airways fly out of Georgetown.---Airplus flys out of Madrid.
Martinair flys out of Amsterdam / Copenhagen.

Air Servicios Iscar, C.A.
List of International Airlines flying to Caracas International Airport
Taxis (Cabs) - There are many taxi lines on the island.  There is a nearby taxi service that can take you at reasonable prices, generally at fixed rates to wherever.  Take the ones painted in white with yellow license plate.

It is also possible to rent a car or if you prefer, take a bus ride as the locals do!

Conferry 0212/782-8544 or 0295/261-6397, or
Gran Cacique Express or 0295/239-8339 for schedules and fares, which change frequently.
The Ferry is still considered to be the Island’s main link to the mainland of Venezuela. The primary ferry station can be found at Punta de Piedras, on the southern end of Margarita.
The two primary ferry departure points from the mainland to the Island are La Guaira (30 minutes from Caracas, on the coast), and Puerto La Cruz, a few hours east of Caracas, on the northern coast. The Venezuelan carnaval capital of Cumaná and the gateway city to the pristine Caribbean beaches of the northeast is also served by the ferries.
"You should always call ahead to confirm times and fares.
I would point out that after dealing with thousands of tourists we would still recommend that you take one of the 35 minute air shuttles to Isla Margarita from Caracas, Venezuela - a lot less hassle, about the same price and much faster.
Dan O'Brien operates the Casatrudel B&B as well as an often updated informational web site about Venezuela. He offers to answer questions by email in English or Spanish
weather. yahoo/ Porlamar
Nearby Carnavals
The Carnaval capital of Venezuela is Carapuna directly across from Porlemar (PMV) on the Caribbean Coast. can fly you to Carapuna or you can take the ferry as well.
Flag of Colombia
Also on the coast and near the border of Venezuela is one of South America's greatest Carnavals in Baranquilla.  Simplest route is through Caracas on the #1 Columbian airline
Savvy travelers know can use wiki airport airline listings to check for special deals or unexpired low price seats on connecting flights. Here's some key airports for Margarita Island.
Simón Bolívar International Airport (CSS)
Caracas/ Maiquetia
More than half the flights to [PMV] Margarita Island and over 80% of the international flights to Venezuela are here. Hard to avoid and often with an overnight or long wait as well.
MIA the premier gateway between the USA and Latin America
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood_
Airport [FLL] The fastest growing airport in North America - also an important hub for Latin American travel
Airport the largest airport in Germany, serving as an important hub for international flights from around the world; operates a daily flight between (FRA) - PORLAMAR (PMV) #1 in non-stop destinagtions 265 non-stop destinations & #3 in traffice
Piarco International Airport [POS]
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
International_Airport (GAIA), (IATA: BGI, ICAO: TBPB) in Seawell, Christ Church on the island of Barbados in the Eastern Caribbean
Queen Beatrix International Airport [AUA,]
in Oranjestad, Aruba
Airport [BOG] Bogotá, Colombia
Barranquilla, Colombia Airport BAQ


Traveler Reviews

Margarita Island-Porlemar Airport reviews-ratings_and_reviews at
"On return, after all the other procedures you are frisked on the tarmac as you board the plane...even very young children." August 2005
By A Yahoo! User  from ENGLAND

Make sure you have a reservation for your first night on Margarita Island as you might be denied access. This is because too many people decide to 'sleep rough

Small and you can be overwhelmed by too many drunk package tourists
Conviasa (Consorcio Venezolano de Industrias Aeronauticas y Servicios Aereos) is the Venezuelan state-owned airline based in Porlamar on Margarita Island. In the Caribbean they fly to from  Trinidad's Piarco_International_Airport and Grenada's St. George's (Point Salines International Airport) From Caracas they also fly in South America to Columbia's Bogotá (El Dorado International Airport) and to Spain's Madrid (Barajas International Airport) They are a good option to check for new routes as they are expected grow as the flagship international carrier
  • Porlamar Bay
  • Pampatar
  • Juan Griego
  • Boca Del Rio
  • La Restinga
  • Laguna Grande
  • Robledal
  • Boca De Pozo

Ferry Terminal postings at

BUS FROM CARACAS: You can take a bus at almost any time of day to get to the ferry terminals from Caracas. It takes about 5 hours from Caracas to Puerto La Cruz ($4-$7) and 7 to 8 hours to Cumaná ($3-$6).

Once at the ferry terminal, you can choose to take an older ferry, which makes the trip in 3-4 hours, or you can take an express ferry, whose trip is closer to 2 hours.

During Carnaval, Easter, Summer Vacation, Christmas & New Years there is a ferry departing from Caracas for Margarita Island. (6 hours ride)

Isla La Tortuga
La Tortuga is a deserted island but for a few small fishing camps, and offers little accommodation. Isla La Tortuga is Venezuela’s second-largest island and lies west of Margarita.You can camp out on any of its miles of pristine beach and clear blue waters. Small planes land at Playa Caldera, a huge crescent-shaped sand beach. Watch out for little blood-thirsty puri-puris (sand-fly's).

The hotel in Playa Caldera has internet access as of August 2006. The highlight of your nightlife is  the sunset... a most amazing sight. Then that's about it except for entertaining yourself.  

"A trusted friend recommended a the aerotaxi of a charming Frenchman based in Puerto La Cruz: Jean-Luc Tersin. He flew us in his wonderful 6-seater Cessna 2006 and treated us to a low-flying tour of the island before landing on the sandy airstrip: an experience I'll never forget. Jean-Luc charges 200$ per flying hour, which is the necessary time to get to la Tortuga and back"
GETTING THERE: Frenchman Jean-Luc Tersin, based in Puerto La Cruz, flies a 6-seater Airplane to visit the island for $200. Phone: 281 2635181 - 0416 4827454 Email: jeanluctersin at
Islands: Islas Coche & Cubagua

The entire state of Nueva Esparta is made up of Isla de Margarita and two much smaller neighboring islands, Isla Coche and Isla Cubagua. The pearl beds off these two islands were major sources of wealth during the colonial period. Both islands are popular destinations for day cruises, which bring folks to their pristine and nearly deserted beaches.
Isla Coche has some development and rolling hills. Their 7,000 inhabitants live on the fishing, operation of the salt mines and tourism.
The island offers windsurfing and kitesurfing. From El Yaque beach you can see Coche Island in the distance.  The wind blows across the salt flats and beach, giving perfect, super-flat water conditions - it is like sailing in silk. This is generally more popular with Kitesurfers than Windsurfers.

Isla Cubagua was the first Spanish settlement in the Americas. Columbus had seen locals with pearls and very soon a couple of his mates had found that this island was where the pearls came from - and so they enslaved some natives and forced them to dive for the oysters using the town of Nueva Cadiz on the Eastern end of the island as a base. This exploitation lasted almost 50 years until there was an earthquake and tidal wave on Christmas Day 1541 destroying the town. It has never recovered.
Take a ferry from Punta de Piedras or a lancha from El Yaque

Kiters Hostel Coche Island shared rooms with a/c, shared toilets and room temperature water showers. Our location means it's very warm all year round!
Los Testigos, La Banquilla and Los Aves
Los Testigos, La Banquilla and Los Aves are the groups of islands farthest away from the coast.  Boat trips can be arranged to all three from Los Roques and Margarita. These islands offer world-class snorkeling and challenging deep-sea fishing en route with plenty of dolphins to lead the way.

Los Testigos, 50 miles east of Margarita, is a group of three islands with hikes through sand dunes and over rocks to spectacular views from the lighthouse. The narrow strip of beach at the northernmost anchorage allows the surf from the windward side to blast through to the flat calm of the leeward anchorage.

La Blanquilla is about 60 miles north of Margarita and has a tiny village and coast guard station on its south side. All around the island are long beaches with colorful live reefs you can swim out to. Every fish imaginable resides in these waters. Since La Blanquilla is very remote, the coral is particularly healthy. The island itself is low and full of cactus with many footpaths. Bird life abounds and it is one of the few places in the world where you might spot a burrowing owl.

Los Aves is only for the most adventurous. Lying about 30 miles west of Los Roques, there is no coast guard station and no village, but the snorkeling is some of the best in the anywhere.

We offer special day trip to Los Roques National Marine Park. This is a once in a lifetime experience! Fly over in the morning, sail all day amongst beautiful pristine islands, then return by plane to El Yaque in the evening. For those that would really like to explore this pristine part of the world, we do offer accommodations here as well.

Optional excursions to Coche Island:
Once a week we organize a day trip to Coche for fantastic flat water speed sailing. Windsurfing in Venezuela on the Caribbean Islands of Margarita, Los Roques, Coche & Cubagua, search for Wind surfing Schools & Accommodation in Venezuela. Book Courses & Instruction. Find accommodation & Compare Schools & read reviews.

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