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Margarita Island
Margarita Island
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Laguna la Restinga National Park, 011-58-295-242-0306,
Nueva Esparta State  [pop. 420,000]
Playa El Yaque
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Pampatar, Margarita
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margarita real Anything relating to foreign investment and professional consulting. vacation home rentals
Finest selection of Margarita Island property for sale.
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El Yaque, with its 25 Knots of constant wind and the temperature at 29 ºC all year long, has been called one of the 5 best places in the  world for windsurfing and kite surfing. El Yaque has 3/4 mile of sandy beach, side-shore wind, and flat, waist deep water for the first 300 yards, making it ideal for the sport. Ideal conditions for beginners in the morning, and in the afternoon perfect for intermediate and advanced sailors
Kite & Wind-surf
Windsurfing Margarita by planet
Windsurfing in Venezuela

Adult Games: Still maintained: “dominó”, “la ronda”, “el truco”, “carga la burra”, “la pile de gallos”.

Legends: Among others, “the man that ground with the devil”, “the dead hunter”, “the iguana that spoke to a Gabino”, the zambo geminiano bird”, “the balck mans hair bush”; “the saintly paraulata”; “the hills”, “the cloud formation”, “the way to Santiago”, “why the snakes slither and the pigeons fly low”.

Music: Famous are the “gaitas”, “polos”, “malagueñas”, “jotas”, “sabana blancas”, “zumba que zumba”, “galerones”, “puntillantos”, “ensaladillas”, “aguinaldos”, “cantos de pilón”, “seguidilla”, “corríos”, “estribillos”.

Musical Instruments: There are “cuatros”, “maracas”, guitars, drums, “cumbias”, “furrucos” or “foco focos”, “charrascos”, “bandolas”, “bandolines”, “pitos”, and “guaruras”, most of local manufacture.

Dances: Well known are the “mud dance”, “the turkey”, the “fun dance” and the “chimichimitos”.

Fun: Among the dancing pantomimes, most famous are the “King Fish (carite)”, “la burriquita”, “la vaca”, “el róbalo”, “la chuiquía”, “la conocía”, “el vapor”, “la osa”, “el venado”, “la iguana”, “la balandra”, “el mono” and “el sebucán”.

On the northern coast of the island is the popular fishing village and bay of Juangriego. This spot is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for sunsets. The small Fortín La Galera, on a bluff on the northern end of the bay, is probably the most sought-after spot for sunsets on the island. Arrive early if you want a prime table and viewing spot at one of the small open-air restaurants and bars here.

Margarita Island: "The Top 10 Up and Coming Destinations For 2006"

People refer to Margarita as "La Isla", almost a separate entity from Venezuela, and it is where most year-round foreigners prefer to live.
Los Roques or Canaima, and the world's tallest waterfall - Angel Falls are popular  trips to the mainland. Priced from USD$200 - $250/person Aerotuy
Isla Cubagua, the nearby island, is mostly barren, flat, and undeveloped. Yet, here can be found the ruins of Nueva Cádiz, the first Spanish town formally established in the Americas in 1528. It was never restored after an earthquake destroyed the outpost in 1541. The abundance of pearls in Cubagua attracted Spanish explorers, adventurers and merchants as early as 1501, although the place had been mostly abandoned already because decades of exploitation had depleted it.

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Capybara (Huge 4 foot rats/squirrel-like rodents without tails) come out around dusk. They are great to watch, and the wise old ones will take palm nuts from your hand and enjoy a scratch behind his ears and under his tummy.

Margarita Island in Venezuela 
Located 11ºN of the equator.The average temperature on Margarita Island is 85 F. It has sparse rainfall from June-October. There is no hurricane season.

At Playa El Agua,  the daytime temperatures range from
  29 º C [78ºF] in January to 33º C [87ºF] in September. At night, the temperature drops 3 to 5 degrees. Because Margarita is essentially a desert island, there can be long stretches with only negligible rainfall.
High Season: December to April and June to September
Low Season: Rest of the year
weather. yahoo/Isla de Margarita
Carnaval on Margarita
Isla de Margarita Attracts a sell-out international gathering for its pre-Lenten holiday island Carnaval

 Carnaval highlight is the Porlamar  Carnaval Parade


Carnaval 2006 Fotos by Jennifer Hattam on flickr
La Octavita de Carnaval the Carnaval does not end on Shrove Tuesday or even Ash Wednesday, but goes the entire week. Throughout Venezuela Carnaval is a pre-Lenten affair
  • ATMs connected to PLUS or Cirrus systems that will advance you bolivares against your home account. You'll find ATMs in both Porlamar and Pampatar, as well as at all the large malls and some of the large resort hotels.
  • US Dollar and Euro accepted almost everywhere at a much better rate than in the banks
  • , including the ATMs
  • Credit cards are accepted by most tourist establishments. Outside of larger cities a good supply of Bolívar is required.
  • traveler's checks are too hard to change

Medical emergency: consult with your hotel first, or head to the Luis Ortega Hospital in Porlamar (tel. 0295/261-1101)

Tips: Bills from restaurants, bars and clubs include a 10 % service fee. It is still customary to tip attentive services of waiters, tourist guides, maids and bell boys.
Water: Tap water is not recommendable for human consumption. It is preferable to drink only Mineral Water or filtered water.

Population: Approximately 420.000 inhabitants.

Drug Penalties. All citizens are subject to the laws of the country they are visiting. Penalties for possession, use and commercialization of illegal drugs are strict and harsh. The conditions in the prisons are extremely hard.
Electricity: Voltage on Margarita Island as well as in the rest of Venezuela is 110 Volts.
Country code for Venezuela: +58
Area code for Margarita Island: 295

Geography: At its largest, Margarita Island measures 67 km from east to west ( Punta Ballena to Punta Arenas) and 32.4 kms. from north to south - 167 km. of shoreline liberally endowed with inviting beaches

At some beaches you must be careful while in the water. Keep close to the shore since there is undertow and you may find yourself dragged out. If this happens, let your self float a bit and try to get out from the side. Don't fight against the current because tiredness may overcome you.
Mochima is the astounding coastline running 80 km between Puerto La Cruz and Cumana on Venezuela's north eastern coast. It is a marine park with 36 islands, each having it's own characteristics both above and below the waterline that makes it unique for diving. Discovering these features such as caves, walls, wrecks and dolphins is an ongoing process that makes any trip to Mochima a true adventure. espanol only Directory of  many posadas

rafting trips on the Turimirikiri river with Playa Cochaima Kayaks.

National Parks

  1. 3-Guatopo National Park
  2. 11-Mochima National Park
  3. 12-Laguna de la Restinga National Park
  4. 14-Laguna de Tacarigua
  5. 15-Cerro el Copey National Park
  6. 18-El Guache National Park
  7. 24-Península de Paria National Park
  8. 36-Turuépano National Park
  9. 37-Delta del Orinoco National Park

Trip Reports
Travel writer:Hilary Dunsterville Branch "Margarita is special in small ways which make it different. Life goes on with little reference to mainland Venezuela and politics take a back seat to the price of fish. transportation is plentiful and cheap by the little buses that go to nearly everywhere....The cost of living is reasonable,Download restaurants are plentiful and good, nightlife is busy. And best of all, you canwalk the streets free from fear of muggers."  Venezuela The Bradt Travel Guide
Travel writer: "Could this be Jimmy Buffett's real-life Margaritaville? The singer won't say, but for us it fit the bill.

Fifteen years ago, the only Americans who knew of this island, about halfway between Bonaire and Trinidad, were sailors dashing south of the hurricane belt to wait out stormy summers. They provisioned up and made repairs while enjoying absurdly low prices and 100 miles of shoreline endowed with so many beaches that no one can agree on the number (anywhere from 24 to more than 50.)

Now, 20 percent of Margarita's visitors come from the United States -- mostly the East Coast -- joining the Venezuelan German, French and Italian vacationers who discovered it long ago.

Most of the hotels and condos and malls that have sprung up to meet the sun worshipers and duty-free bargain shoppers are in Porlamar.
[more at]

Backpacker's week:
"It was a little vacation for me, going to beaches everyday and going to bars at night. I initially planned to study Spanish in a language school, but I decided not to, finding out that talking to locals is so easy and more fun to do than staying in a classroom."

Consider Margarita Island a main entrance to Venezuela and South America, close to the Venezuelan mainland with easy ferry and air-plane access.

Just a short 40 minute flight from Caracas is the sun-drenched isle of Margarita, where pearls the size of pigeon eggs were once found. Columbus landed here on his third voyage in 1498, and every self-respecting pirate marauded here at least once in his career, giving rise to numerous forts around the island. Located just 25 miles off the South American coast and roughly halfway between Trinidad and Bonaire, the flavor is definitely Latin American. Find cosmopolitan cities and quaint villages with their customs and traditions still intact. The island is filled with unspoiled beaches and natural excursions.

The larger eastern side boasts three principal cities -- Porlamar, Pampatar, and La Asunción. Porlamar is the main city, once a quiet fishing village and now a booming town with many shops, wide boulevards, good restaurants and nightlife, all at a fraction of the cost of the traditional Caribbean resort areas. Porlamar may be the most important city, but inland Asuncion was the island's strategic center in its defense against pirates and local Indians, and today still retains colonial charm.

Margarita boasts world-class windsurfing (at El Yaque) and some of the best diving in the southern Caribbean. The town of Juan Griego is famed for its spectacular sunsets. La Restinga Lagoon and National Park offers wildlife viewing along the canals, and miles of  unspoiled beaches with thatched roof eating establishments. Ride a horse on one of those majestic beaches, go deep sea fishing or golf.

Wherever you go, Margariteños love foreign tourists from all parts of the world and are very helpful and friendly.

The island is dotted with historical sites and forts, but it is the many pristine beaches and the affordable prices that draw most visitors.

Because the island is small (28 miles wide at the widest point and only 80 miles long) it is easy to get around and do a different beach each day.



On-Line Guides
Getting Visitor Info There
The Margarita Island Tourist Guide - Tour and Hotel Reservation Center    Phone: +58 295 2621333 2628665 2629306 Fax: 58 295 2629753
Porlamar - Isla de Margarita - Venezuela [espanol only, but visitor oriented]

There is an information desk at the airport in Polomar for very basic needs, but using the many major tour agencies in Polomar, Pampatar, or at large hotels is a good bet.
Places to Stay
Over 10.000 rooms in nearly 200 hotels. Most of Margarita's lodging is in Porlamar, which is also where the cheapest places to stay are located.
Best Western Margarita Dynasty $130
Calle Los Uveros Urbanizacio | Urbanizacion Costa Azul, Porlamar, Margarita Island 58,
kitchenettes in both studio and suite apartments. Location--10 minutes from Porlamar; 20 minutes from the airport. Services--12 two bedroom suites, 120 studios, International restaurants, snack bar, pool Hotel Casa Rita, Playa [20 air-conditioned rooms] El Yaque, Isla de Margarita. 011-58-295-26-36-553,  Doubles from $40 US, including breakfast.
"Casa Rita is away from the beach - about 10 mins walk uphill. We loved the fact it was away from the beach, as it is a happening beach with full on windsurfing and beach bars. Feb-2005 friendly two-story villa just off the less-enchanting hotel strip ($33 per couple). The knowledgeable proprietors also rent out private garden homes for $55 during  high season (tel. 011-58-295-249-0558 Also  [25 rooms] Venezuelan colonial style house, located on the east coast of  Margarita Island, 30 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from the city of Porlamar and Playa El Agua is just one block away Miragua street, Playa El Agua,
Telfs.: (58 295) 415.99.61 / 249.13.03

#5 of 93
nice, very clean, big room colonial style with a hammock, perfect location, good restaurant with cheep prices then this is the place 258 Rooms Dunes Hotel & Beach Resort, Valle de Pedro González, Sector el Pueblito, al lado de Playa Zaragoza, Isla de Margarita, Estado Nueva Esparta Venezuela. Teléfono: (58) (295) 250-00-00 4-star all-inclusive property Since 1993 dedicated to the enjoyment of the whole family. Enjoy the wide“Puerto Cruz” beach and surrounding gardens
110% price guarantee at cdaytravel
#1 of 93
Well worth the money,another great family holiday-- 10 out of 10 . Go to Margarita, that is all I can say, before it gets too commercialized. Hotel El Milagro, an attractive family-run B & B near downtown Porlamar ($40; tel. 011-58-295-264-3256  Managed by two Germans, Mike & Bernd,
this location offers all the requirements for a perfect surfholiday.We are multilingual (German / English / Spanish) and take carefor a relaxed atmosphere, as well we help you with all your problems during your holiday. Next to Juan Griego beach and within easy reach of others beaches
Situated in the heart of Venezuelian culture and services at the entrance of El Yaque, directly in front of the seaside, approx.500 meters from the mainbeach. Has been known for many years by wind & kitesurfers and travellers. It is managed by two Germans, Mike & Bernd.
Flamboyant Hotel  situated on Playa El Agua, the most beautiful and popular beach on Margarita Island, just 35 minutes from the international airport. The 72 rooms at the Hotel Flamboyant, which are elegantly furnished and equipped with great taste include wicker furniture, air conditioning, mini-fridge, phone etc. For recreation, there is a swimming pool, aerobics, volleyball and dance lessons. [355 units]
mall village feel. Rooms are either in small duplex or triplex bungalows, or one of the hotel's four seven-story towers. The great location offers plenty to keep you busy.
Hotel Patrick [10 double rooms]
Juan Griego is a small fishing town in the northwest of the island, situated close to beautiful Playa Caribe beach.  Juan Griego is THE backpack town of Margarita. Only 20 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from the ferry, it's the best place to start on this beautiful Island.
All the rooms have a bathroom with a shower and toilet. Eight rooms have air conditioning and the other 2 rooms have an electric fan. Guest house run by a young Dutch couple, and they really want you to have a great holiday.  295 luxury rooms and 17 suites 5-star Golf, Spa, Casino & Beach Resort
located on the northern end of the island, near Pedro González. The hotel has the only operational 18-hole golf course on the island, a well-equipped and luxurious spa, and a lovely little section of semi-private beach. About a 30- to 35-minute taxi ride from either Porlamar or the airport
Compare & Save
#5 of 93
"nice, very clean, big room colonial style with a hammock, perfect location, good restaurant with cheep prices then this is the place
Laguna Mar [406 rooms] All inclusive, casino
From the wave pool to the water-slide pool to the private watersports lagoon, the installations here make it a great choice for families with children and anyone looking for constant activity
#2 of 93
The pools, the weather, the beach, the food are all great, what more do you need? .... This place is so big you can more or less find everything you want - peace and quiet or noisy activities all day depending on your own choice. Beach was lovely and plenty of sunshades. Little buses to take you back and forth all day.
La Samanna Strategically located on Avenida Bolívar with Avenida Gomez, in Urb. Costa Azul
Hilton Margarita & Suites Margarita Hilton - [336 rooms]
5-star beachfront hotel in Porlamar. 5 bars/restaurants including: Las Marinas with ocean and pool view. A more elegant feel than the all-inclusive resorts that dominate the island. Dive into the 590-foot freeform swimming pool at the Hilton Margarita & Suites hotel or try your luck at the largest casino on Isla Margarita. Work out in the gym or unwind on the Caribbean beach in front of the hotel. The hotel is a quick taxi ride away from both Porlamar and Pampatar. This hotel is extremely popular with business travelers. [8 luxury apartments, 2 rooms and one house] at Parguito beach here "the St-Tropez of Margarita Island",  ½ miles long and this beach is the rendezvous of the connoisseurs;
Margarita Lagunamar - 5-star resort complex located near Pampatar
Miramar Village [42 air-conditioned rooms and 7 Junior Suites. ]
Located in the heart of Playa El Agua, right opposite the beach, this charming, picturesque construction comprises
Restaurant; bar; tiny outdoor pool; tour desk; laundry service [6 rooms]  Oceanfront bed and breakfast/hotel/posada An ideal spot for lovers of nature and ecotourism.
Posada Aguazul Calle Primavera, Urbanizacion Playa.
Each bedroom has an in-suite bathroom, cable TV and air conditioning. The Posada also has a kitchen area for all the guests, porches, living room, Bar BQ area, parking space and daily cleaning service. Next to Boulevard Playa El Agua, which has more than 40 restaurants, internet cafe, phone booths, a local market, supermarket, taxi stops and police station.
Margarita Island by hostelworld
4+ options from USD $10.00. Offering
free luggage storage while you travel to mainland, Latin American rhythm and unforgettable holidays.

Book Margarita Island, Venezuela with Hostelbookers Search all offerings for popular dates. Posadas, hotels, homes and hostels for savvy international travelers

More Options: Compare  prices at Cday-travel
Getting Around There
You can rent a taxi for a day to visit the Island for little more than the cost of renting a car - $ 40 US. Public transport in Margarita will take you everywhere on the island at a real moderate cost. It is the best way to move within the city of Porlamar (Fares from 170 Bs. To 200 Bs.), but it is very slow to travel from one town to another, because the driver stops with great frequency for pickup and drop-off.
  • Taxis (Cabs) Plentiful. Most taxi lines have fixed rates and are usually inexpensive priced. It will cost you around 10,000Bs ($6.25) to travel between the airport and Porlamar; 3,000Bs ($1.90) between Porlamar and Pampatar; 12,000Bs ($7.50) between Playa El Agua and either Porlamar or Pampatar; and 18,000Bs ($11) between Playa El Agua and the airport.
  • Buses -  old models, schedule are not fixed. Pay as you leave.
  • Por Puesto  taxi for up to 5 people  on a fixed route. An inexpensive and excellent alternative to a conventional taxi. Typical service hours are daily from 6am to 8pm. Fares range from 250Bs to 1000Bs (15¢-63¢).
  • Car Rental at the Airport. Find Budget (tel. 0800/283-4381 or 0295/269-1047;, Hertz (tel. 0800/800-0000 or 0295/905-0400;, and Margarita Rentals (tel. 0295/263-2711
  • MAPS:

    Eat & Drink

    Porlamar has the highest concentration of shops, restaurants, bars, and discos on Margarita. Many visitors stick to their all-inclusive resort, which usually has a disco and perhaps a nightly entertainment revue. Others like to barhop sections of Avenida 4 de Mayo and Avenida Santiago Mariño.

    Around Playa El Agua there are a number of the beach restaurant/bars that have music & dancing at night.

    Casinos are at the Margarita Hilton, Laguna Mar and Marina Bay hotels.

    Most of Margarita's lodging is in Porlamar, along with just about all of its nightlife, shopping and traffic.

    Porlamar holds about one-third of Margarita Island's population, and it is also the island's center of commerce. Since it was granted free-port status in 1973, its boutique-lined avenues have been crowded with tourists. In the early '90 the economic downfall of the oil prices also hit Porlamar. Other free ports in Venezuela now offer the same goods as well.

    Pampatar has achieved a pleasant mix of preservation and change, and as the island has grown much in the last two decades has it merged into Porlamar as a suburb. The ruins of La Caranta fort on the eastern bluff support a world class view of the bay filled with sailboats from around the world and San Carlos de Borromeo fortress. There are many old houses with tall doors and windows with decorative grilles. The town was founded in 1580 and named after an Indian word meaning "House of Salt"
    Playa El Agua
    While it has no central square, Playa El Agua is a small community unto itself. It is the most visited area, and at 3 kms long is the island’s longest, widest, busiest and most serviced beach. It has kilometres of fine white sand lined with coconut palms, shallow water and gentle waves. El Agua supports a considerable international expatriate community, which is primarily German, French, and Italian.

    In Playa El Agua and its outskirts (from Paraguachi to Manzanillo) you can find everything necessary without the need to travel much: bungee jump, ultra light plane rides, music concerts and many sport activities. In the area you can also rent a car , bicycle or a scooter.
    Its the Atlantic, so beware of the occasional powerfl waves and undercurrents.
    Juan Griego
    Located on the Northeast part of Margarita island. There's no better place to watch the sunset. JuanDownload Griego is placed in a small bay long used by fishermen, and has a small Spanish fort known as El Fuerte, el Calvario, or the hill of the Crosses. It is the second commercial port on Margarita Island. The majority of the stores located in its downtown area offer the best in international brands: perfume, footwear, clothing and jewellery stores with excellent prices. The town has many duty free bargains and several restaurants where you can enjoy the famous sunset.

    The two large resorts are the German owned all-inclusive hotel Dunes Hotel & Beaches Resort with an impressive pool area, and the Spanish owned Hesperia Isla Margarita, which has a huge spa and a 18-hole golf course. The guarded gates insure a tranquil holiday here.
    an hour bus ride from Porlamar

    La Asunción
    Do see La Asunción's traditional square, with a fine colonial era pink cathedral and Castillo de Santa Rosa high above the square. The is one of the island's seven Spanish forts built to ward off pirates.
    Laberinto Tropical is a park where ficus are trimmed into a maze and giant bamboo creates a humid microclimate for bromeliads, orchids and palms. There's also a zoo with local animals like caiman,  boa constrictors, parrots and iguanas.
    Venezuelans come here in droves to take advantage of the island's status as a duty-free port. With no import tax because and free trade everything is cheaper.
    Porlamar has duty-free status, but its got a charm bypass, and is having a difficult time keeping shoppers from heading to the large, modern malls on the outskirts of the city.
    However, you may prefer
    Quatro de Mayo, Porlamar's main street where you'll find Jumbo plaza mall with a Movie Theatre. Santiago Mariño is the other main shopping avenue and it gets crowded and noisy.
    Sambil mall on
    Avenida Jovito Villalba in Pampatar offers world-class shopping. Other popular malls include the Centro Comercial Rattan Plaza, Avenida Jovito Villalba, Los Robles; and Centro Comercial Jumbo, Avenida 4 de Mayo.

    El Mercado de los Conejeros: Located on the northwestern outskirts of Porlamar, it is your best bet for local bargain shopping

    Consider taking back a chinchorro, the local hammock made of thin strands of natural fibers

    The airport and mucho multi-lingual travel agencies can serve as your base to explore the best of Venezuela

    Forts & Churches

    Castillo de San Carlos Borromeo, a 17th-century fort that protected the town and harbor from foreign and pirate attacks. The fort's thick stone walls and bronze cannons still watch over the beach, harbor, and Caribbean Sea. The fort is open Monday through Saturday; admission is free. Across from the fort, you'll find fishermen. La Asunción is the capital of the island and the state of Nueva Esparta. The city's church, La Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, is said to be the oldest in Venezuela. A few minutes from the center of town is the Castillo de Santa Rosa, another of the island's historic and battle-worn forts.

    There is an amazing collection of white-sand beaches. There are so many beaches, there is one for everyone. Some have great waves, some have white sand and blue water, some have sea shell and sunsets, and most serve pina colodas and beer for little money.

    East: Margarita's most popular beaches are here.
    The water north of Porlamar is the cleanest, and Playa El Agua the strip everyone gravitates to. Find a broad expanse, 2.5 miles [5 km] long, of perfect white sand packed with all manner of attractions developed along most of its length, including restaurants and resort-style hotels. Have fun with activities such as wave runners, body surfing and ultralight planes, or you can have a delicious lobster or red snapper in any of the restaurants along the shore.
    Most of the restaurants offer showers and toilets, as well as a long list of tempting local and international dishes. A cool and shady boulevard runs along the beach. Located at the beginning of the boulevard is a small picturesque free market where you can by beach towels, sun glasses, sandals, beach wear, tanning lotion and much more at reasonable prices.

    Playa Parguito, next door, is
    the best surfing beach and sometimes hosts international competitions.
    Playa El Tirano (15)1,050m long and 30m wide. There is strong surf, few palm trees, white sand and limited services.

    : fishing catches are unloaded at beaches such Manzanillo (at the northeastern tip), a great place to watch sunsets often nearly deserted

    Northwest: For excellent sunsets and no crowds, try Playa Caribe, Playa Puerto Cruz, and the lovely string of remote beaches north of the dusty town of Juangriego. There are less-developed yet excellent beaches, including Playa Caribe, Playa Pedro González, and Playa Puerto Viejo. The road is rough, so mind the potholes along the way.

    El Yaque is a windsurfing and kitesurfing nirvana, with reliable 30-knot winds to send sailors skimming over a waist-deep lagoon, and water temps in the 80s. One of the main international tourists destinations in Margarita Island. White sand, warm and calmed waters besides strong sea winds are the main features of this paradisiac place. The best daylight beach parties are found here. windsurfing by    pools, slides, and rides.  open daily from 10am to 6pm. Diverland, Isla Aventura near Pampatar (tel. 0295/262-5545;  combination amusement park and water park, open from 10am to 11pm daily throughout the high season and most weekends the rest of the year. Dolphin and seal shows, as well as the chance to swim with captive dolphins.
    Scuba & Snorkle
    Two of the more popular dive sites close to Margarita are Los Frailes, a group of small rock islands about 11km (7 miles) offshore that are good for both snorkeling and scuba, and the Cueva el Bufón, a small cave near Pampatar thought to be a hiding place for pirate loot that can only be visited with scuba gear. Off Isla Cubagua, you can dive the wreck of a sunken ferry, with intact cars still aboard.
    Atlantis Diving Center (tel. 0295/249-1325;
    Margarita Divers (tel. +58-(0)416.896.9040;  located just steps from the most popular beach on the island, Playa El Agua, Isla Margarita.

    SAILING More than 300 islands are scattered across Venezuelan waters, and Margarita is the perfect hub for a sailing adventure. To the south lie a pair of islands a half-day’s sail away: Coche (quiet getaway with empty beaches and a couple of small hotels) and Cubague (good diving).

    Fishing  La Blanquilla and Las hermanos Islands, 50 Miles north east of Margarita all inclusive package. Find many different adventure packages including Canaima National Park, jeep tours, sailing, & scuba trips use trolling tackle and will go over the same areas that locals fish. A chance to see dolphins or whales and thousands of sea birds that frequent the Islands of Los Frailes.
    Kitesurfing, the latest extreme water sport, and wakeboarding instructions and opportunities on El Yaque beach and nearby lagoon. The other popular locatation is on Isla Coche
    Kiteboarding The best way to explore Macanao, the far west of Margarita Island  beach photos tips about windsurfing (and kite-surfing) diving, and shopping.
    cabatucan ranch: Saddle up at the best little dude ranch in Macanao (tel. 011-58-416-695-2170).
    Altralight Flight: dirt airstrip at Playa El Agua, or call Fun Flight Margarita (tel. 0295/262-8863)

    Laguna la Restinga National Park: Margarita's most popular visitor attraction encompasses more than 25,000 labyrinthine acres of wetlands. Laguna de La Resting is located in the isthmus that connects Macanao Peninsula and east Margarita Island in the state of Nueva Esparta. It was created in 1974 to protect the island's most important coastal lagoon, mangrove forests and a xeric vegetation zone. Wind through the mangroves to the island's longest beach and its best $1 oyster lunch. In Boca de Rio visit El Museum Marino to learn about the  marine flora and fauna around the island.

    GETTING THERE: The park's mangrove-covered natural canals can be accessed by boat from El Indio sector; boats also pass along the coastal area from El Saco to the town of La Guardia, or the park can be crossed by car on the road to San Francisco. Local watercraft (peñeros) leave from Embarcadero El Indio for the park.

    The west end of Margarita Island is the Macanao Peninsula, an arid, undeveloped region with mountains in the interior and ringed by sandy beaches. Cross the bridge onto the Macanao Peninsula and enter a whole different world. At the middle is a stretch of sand, mangrove, and marsh that make up La Restinga National Park. Peninsula de Macanao is largely undeveloped. It's an extremely arid and dry area, crisscrossed with rugged dirt roads and horse trails, and home to the endemic yellow-headed and yellow-shouldered Margaritan parrot.

    Laguna la Restinga National Park by

    Cerro El Copey National Park -- This 7,130-hectare (17,611-acre) park occupies the high ground in the center of Isla de Margarita, near La Asunción. The mountainous terrain is some of the lushest on the island, somewhere between tropical cloud and rainforest. There are several hiking trails through the park, a lookout near the park entrance, and even better views at Las Antenas (920m/3,017 ft.), the highest point on Margarita. If you're lucky, you'll see some white-faced capuchin monkeys.

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