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Check dates with Tourist Authority. Tunisia has many overseas offices and local City offices too
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Festivals in Tunisia
Even the smallest village sets aside a time for celebration whether it be for the summer harvest, fishing season, a local saint, or the arrival of Spring. Cultural events in Tunisia are various and well promoted all over the country.
The Arts and Music festivals once prominently held during the peak summer period of July-August have a tendency to move to dates which expand the availability of hotel rooms.

Stuff happens, dates do change. Confirm your festival travel  dates with:
Tunisian National Tourism Office (ONTT)
Headquarters: 1, Ave. Mohamed V - Tunis
Tel: (+216-71) 341 077 Fax : (+216-71) 350 997
Tunisia has many overseas offices and
local City offices too . Your hotel may also be a good source of local information.
The City of Sousse is an important member of the leading annual people's Festival Organization for the Mediterranean-- the FECC [Federation of European Carnival Cities] and hosts the world conference April 2007. For more information visit



Festivals When Where
Tatouine Ksour Festival
 Star Wars was filmed in this area and many of the sets have been preserved in the Tunisian desert.
3 days in March -April Ksour, Ouled, & Soltane
Lag B'Omer Pilgrimage to La Griba
A landmark on the island of Djerba since the 7th century BC, the La Griba synagogue is the venue for an annual pilgrimage on the Jewish holiday of Lag B'Omer.
May Every year; [On 18 Iyyar of the Jewish Calendar] Djerba
Arabian Horse Festival
Events  include races and the colorful militaristic North African style parades
June - July [3 days] Meknessy - Sidi Bouzid
Yasmine Hammamet Festival


Tabarka Jazz Festival
Sounds of Jazz from around the world

July [9 days]

Siren Festival July Kerkennak
International Festival of Carthage
A syncretic international arts festival,with lots of fusion between local, more traditional forms of music and dance and more mainstream, international styles. Particular examples include forms of Tunisian music mixed with jazz.

July- August [6 weeks]

Tunis (Carthage)
International Festival of Hammamet music and theatre with many of the same international acts appearing as at the sister festival in Carthage which occurs during the same 5 to 6 week period

 July - August [5 weeks]

Ulysses Festival
Derba like Gozo in Malta also claims to be the island Homer described where the hero Ulysses was charmed for 7 years. Witness a
re-enactment of the hero's landing and the best of local folklore.


International Festival of Testour (Malouf)


Testour (Béja)
International Festival of Sousse
including the Sousse Carnival with Africa's best float parade and participating International Arts Groups.
July - August [6 weeks] Sousse
International Festival of Bizerta
Geared more around tourist promotion than becoming a renowned event you can learn more about local arts and crafts

July -August [5 weeks]

 Plastic Art festival

 July - August

Mahrès (Sfax)
International Festival of Dougga
Big names in the classical and theatrical worlds come to perform in the summer air, amidst some of Tunisia's most spectacular archaeological heritage.

 July - August [3 weeks]

International Festival of Symphonic Music
the finest classical works, set in the candle-lit surroundings of the best-preserved Roman coliseum in the world.

July-August [5 weeks]

El Jem (Mahdia)
in the ancient amphitheater
Nights of El Marsa

July- August

La Marsa
Neptune Trident Festival & Coralis Diving Festival
test your spear-fishing skills. against the locals or seek underwater treasures
September [5 days] Tabarka
Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr
Celebrating the end of the Islamic fasting month of  is a great celebration amongst Muslim communities throughout the country.


Musical Festival of Carthage
(classical music) set in the ancient city
October [ 3 weeks] Carthage at the Acropolium.
Ballooning at Nefta
oasis town of Nefta lies in amdist the spectacular landscapes of the Sahara amking for a dramatic contrast with the colorful balloons rising and floating above the dunes.
November [4 days] Nefta
Oasis Festival
A celebration of desert communities and the natural landscape,  includes camel racing, storytelling, traditional dance and music performances and other folkloric events.


Sahara Douz Festival
Sahara traditions are staged. Beginning as an extension of a marriage celebration the festival now Attracting over 50,000 people and still retains its authentic roots.
5 days in December around Christmas 25DEC Douz
World Isles Music Festival
Since 2004,  on island of Djerba celebrates the music, culture and traditions of other island communities alongside that of its own.
Dec 27 - Dec 31 Djerba (Jerba)
Eid al-Adha or the “Feast of Sacrifice” Marking the end of the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca,  is one of the most important feasts in the Islamic calendar.  31 Dec Tunisia
Medina Festival


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