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Louis Saldenah is celebrating his 25th year in Caribana, having achieved more than anyone in terms of pushing the events to higher standards of success.

"He is a benchmark mas maker,". "He is the kind of competitor who everybody has to beat to make their name...."He's quite affable, but he knows what he wants, He has lobbied vehemently on behalf of all mas makers. He wants to be No. 1, but he wants others to have the opportunity to be No. 2."
 Lennox Farrell, chair of the Caribbean Cultural Committee(CCC)

"I've never seen him lose his cool,"  "His approach is one of calm persuasion."  Steve Muradali lead designer for Saldenah Carnival

. "He's very easy to talk to and he treats everyone like they are family," ...  "When I started out he was very helpful and supportive  Arnold Hughes.long-time bandleader

Louis Saldenah is celebrating his 25th year in Caribana, having achieved more than anyone in terms of pushing the events to higher standards of success. Today the 54-year-old married father of four has mellowed from his role as the outspoken advocate for the competing bands, actually spearheading a boycott of the festival in 1997 over funding issues.

"I couldn't understand why I was always in debt when Caribana was over. I had to wait for the prize money to pay off expenses." He focused on marketing and year-round fundraising.

"If my father looked down on me now he would be totally shocked that I'm still doing it and winning so many times; but he would also be proud.

"I tell you though, if I had to do it again I wouldn't. I think I should have put my energy into a business, something that would be more lucrative for my family.

"I'm hard on the CCC, but they really have to scramble to make ends meet when the three levels of government should be rolling out the red carpet for Caribana."
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I am Mr. John Brown, bus driver, but on this day I am the King of Siam. I can go back to regular life tomorrow, but today, don't touch the King. That's the essence of Carnival.
David Rudder

This festival helps in healing, by letting black and Caribbean people overcome their feelings of loneliness, being outcast and being racialized - if only for one day. This is real Carnival, when society is turned on its head and the rich are poor and the poor rich, when men can be women, when straights can be gay and all vice versa.

Cecil Foster
Caribana needs to do a better job of promoting the history and meaning of Carnival and mas so that our guests from the south - and some homegrowns - don't just see it as another Freaknik or South Beach spring break but actually learn something from being here.
Dwayne Morgan

When I was working on Caribana, many times police, especially from the U.S., would ask, "How many murders will you have here tonight?" I would say none, and they'd say, "You guys hide your statistics."

As police officers, we don't pat ourselves on the back enough for the work we do in terms of maintaining public order, having 1.4 million people come to a parade and go home safely without any deaths. The few incidents we have had over the years aren't what you'd expect when you have so many people.

Keith Forde

If you look at the Easter Parade in Little Italy, College Street is blocked off, the parade winds through, and the businesses on either side of the street benefit because people buy. Same thing with the Taste Of The Danforth. Caribana does not wind its way through the Caribbean community. There's the Kiddies' Carnival on Eglinton, but that's not the same thing.

Afua Cooper

Caribbean-descended youth are some of the most creative in this country, and Caribana does not offer them an outlet for their creativity.

Rinaldo Walcott

Caribana has to speak to the fact that there are people who don't have Trinidad as a reference. The memory that many of us have of the Caribbean is a Caribbean that we left, not one that exists.

Carl James
The first Caribana I remember was on University Avenue. I had a great time following bands to the end, walking back to the beginning, then doing it all again. I've never been able to recapture the fun of that experience on the Lakeshore route.
Dwayne Morgan


Adopted from cover story at nowtoronto 2005


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Calypso 2005:
The sensational Structure
(Bryan Thornhill)
has joined Jayson as the second calypsonian to win the Carnadian Calypso Crown three times in a row. [more]
1. Madology - Kerwin Du Bois
2. Darling - Johnny King
3. Ganja Farmer Rmx - Marlon Asher
4. Champion Sound - Machel & Wyclef
5. Trombone - Scrunter
6. Jooking In De Party - Philly
7. Roll It - Alison Hinds
8. Eyes On Me - Ginja
9. Break Away - Fay Ann Lyons
10. Love Of My Life - Patrice Roberts
11. Karma Remix - Alicia Keyz/Red Fox
12. Dance Instruction - Peter Ram
13. 365 Days - Kees ft. KMC
14. Madder Than Dat - Machel Montano
15. The Islands - Petrice & Bunji Garlin
16. Carnival Survivors - Machel & Wyclef
17. More Rum For Me - D' Hitman
18. Levitate - Luta & Maximus Dan
19. Love Sombody - Destra & Shal
20. Blaze It Up - Bunji Garlin
DOWNLOADS for Toronto-Lime

1. Turn Me On - Kevin Lyttle
2. Tempted To Touch - Rupee
3. No Es Amor - Aventura
4. Hypnotized - Imij & Co.
5. Bonnie & Clyde - Destra
6. Rajin Jeen Jeen Jooma - Adesh Samaroo
7. Waiting In Vain - Bob Marley
8. Carnival Country - Lil Bitts ft. Bunji
9. You Never Know - Rupee
10. Bubblenut - Machel Montano
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What's ON



De Calypso & Soca Project
03 June 2005
The world's only known school teaching calypso and soca has been in operation in Toronto for two years - and judging from the performance of the participants, it is a huge success. Known as the Calypso and Soca Project, it is the brainchild of Juno-award winner John "Jayson" Perez and Dick Lochan, current head of the Organization for Calypso Performing Artistes

"We appreciate this event and our further role is to establish a foundation, where we can provide the funding for this to happen. Especially for those in our community who are in need of help. We must do these things," Lennox Farrell, Caribbean Cultural Committee's Chair, said at the graduation ceremony. To find out more about their recently released 10-song CD, called Pass The Torch If you can help out with a donation call (416) 289-3366 or (416) 284-4021.

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2005 Mas Bands click pic for more info
 Caribana Parade is July 30th
 [F] Band Archives who did what yesteryear
Defending 2004 Champion|
Marlon Singh's
Callaloo Download
Persian Glory

Parade Position: #4
Mas Camp Location: 2105 Midland Ave, Unit 10 (Scarborough)
Music on de Road: Imij & Company, Ghetto Flex,Russel Cadogan, Denise Belfon, D'Hitman, Dr JAY, Mr PlayHouse, Starting from Scratch, MarXman, DJ Chief, Soca Monarchs, Tony B
Click for More Info
Phone: (416) 994.6125

DownloadSaldenah Carnival

Rewind: The Tradition Continues.
For 2005: Louis Saldenah is celebrating his  25th spectacular year in Caribana

Parade Position: #2
Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club (Louis Saldenah)
Music on de Road: Traffik, Neu Jenerashun, Soca Vibes, Gemstone
Mas Camp Location: 73 Railside Road (West of Victoria Park, off Lawrence Ave E.)
Phone: 416.560.4419

Parade Position: #15Download
Carnival Nationz
with Curtis Eustace

2005 Presentation:
Mas Camp Location: 97 Doncaster Ave (off Yonge, just North of Steeles Ave.)
Music on de Road: Bunji Garlin, Faye-Ann Lyons, D'Bandit
Phone: (416) 676.6504
Email: N/A
DownloadFrank Ramsaroop's
Borokeete Canada 2005 presents "Cultures"

Parade Position: #10
Music on de Road: DJ Wine Down, King Chow & Young Chow
Mas Camp Location: 2492 St. Clair Avenue, Unit#3
Phone: 416.729.8105 | 905.823.2795

DownloadToronto Caribbean Connection:
"Hot Stuff"


Parade Position: #3
Mas Camp Location: 116 Howden Rd, Unit 7
Phone: 416.755.1555

DownloadSCSC 2005: D'New Tribe

Parade Position: #13
Scarborough Caribbean Sports Club
 (Alvin Adore)

Music on de Road: DJ Crosby Sounds
Mas Camp Location: 60 Barbados Blvd. Unit #5
Phone: (647) 208-1052

Download2005 Theme: C'Est La Vie!
Ken De Freitas & Associates

Parade Position: #9
Music on de Road: Renegade Squad, DOC & DJ Biggz
Mas Camp Location: 299 Campbell Ave (at Dupont)
Phone: (416) 534.3399 / (905) 791.3462
Email: N/A

DownloadErrol Achue's
Mas Toronto

Mystic Jewels

designs by Annie Hernandez.

 Music on de Road: Roy Cape All Stars & Bad Lad
Parade Position: #6
Mas Camp Location: 730 Military Trail (W. of Morningside), Scarborough
Phone: (416) 283.6161

Parade Position: #14
Pleasure Players (Whitfield Balasco)

Music on de Road: TBA
Mas Camp Location: 45 Ernest Dr. (Perth & Bloor St)
Phone: 416.532.6325
Parade Position: #1
Arnold Hughes & Associates (Arnold Hughes)

Music on de Road: DJ Jamm Nation & DJ Soul Vibes
Mas Camp Location: 175 The Westway (@ Islington)
Phone: (416) 394.8483 | 416.748.2858
Website: N/A
Jessie Matthews & The Calabash Company
Parade Position: #7
Mas Camp Location: 90 Melford Dr., Unit#3
Phone: (416) 592.0067 / (416) 575.8646
Parade Position: #11
Jerry Jerome & Associates (Jerry Jerome)

Mas Camp Location: 2116 Eglinton Ave W. (E. of Caledonia)
Phone: 647.888.6716
Parade Position: #16
Bazodee Connection (Cecil & Rose Roach)

Mas Camp Location: 156A Galloway Rd (Scarborough)
Phone: 416.712.2911
Nip Davis & Associates (Selwyn "Nip" Davis)
Music on de Road: D'Enforcas, Jugglers, DJ Spice & BASS
Parade Position: #8
Mas Camp Location: 110 Barbados Blvd, Unit 1
Phone: (416) 264.5697
Email: N/A
Parade Position: #12
Julian Baptiste & Buddies (Julian Baptiste)Download

Music on de Road: N/A
Mas Camp Location: 1780 Albion Rd, Unit 10
Phone: (416) 745-2626
DownloadA section in Borokeets. Also appearing in the BramptonDownloadKiddie Carnival

Caribbean Carnival.
Masqueraders International


Get Ready for 2005!!!
Concept Costume Creators

Pleasure Players
Whitfield Belasco

Date Event Time
June 23, 2005
Media Launch - Metro Hall Square
55 John Street
 11:30 am –1:00 pm
The Media are invited to join the Caribbean Cultural Committee for a preview of the music, dance, arts, costumes and excitement awaiting at the 38th annual CARIBANA™. North America's largest street festival annually draws more than 1 million people to Toronto.
Date Event Time
July 15, 2005
Official Launch - Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen St. West
  noon – 2 pm
Date Event Time
July 16, 2005
Children’s Carnival - Yorkgate Mall
1 Yorkgate Blvd.
Ranging from ages 4 to 16, Junior Kings and Queens from participating bands in the parade will compete for the coveted crowns and prizes. A colourful showcase of costumes and lyrical talent, this event proves that CA™is as much for the young as it is for the old.
Admission: Open to the Public

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Date Event Time
July 17, 2005
Interfaith Service
St. James Cathedral


Date Event Time
Friday July 22nd, 2005
Monarch Park Stadium - 1 Hanson Street. (Danforth & Coxwell)
Pan Competition featuring competitors from Toronto, Montreal & Cambridge.

 6 p.m. - midnight

Date Event Time
July 23, 2005
Calyoso Monarch Final
Thornhill Community Center - 7755 Bayview Ave (John St. in Markham)

Show starts at
 7:00 p.m
Admission: $25 (advance), $30 (at the door)

Date Event Time
July 28, 2005 King & Queen Extravaganza
Lamport Stadium - 1155 King Street West

The brilliant costumes of the Kings and Queens of the Bands are unveiled as the top Mas designers of CARIBANA™ compete for the coveted crowns and bragging rights for the year.
Admission: $25 (advance) $30 (at the door)

Date Event Time
  July 29, 2005

Pan Alive - Lamport Stadium
1151 King St. West


Steel Orchestras from the Ontario Steelband Association showcase the musical and tonal qualities of the steelpan, each playing selections of choice for twenty minutes including a predetermined arrangement of a well-known piece of assessment by a panel of judges.
Admission: $tba Adults; $tba Seniors/Children
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Date Event Time
Jul 30, 2005
CNE/Lakeshore Blvd.
10 am –8 pm
A 3.6 kilometer street party where thousands of glittering costumed masqueraders compete for the title of Band of the Year.
Admission: Adult $20 (advance) $20 (at the door)
Senior/Child $10 (advance) $10 (at the door)

Start of Parade:
Newfoundland & Princess Blvd. inside the CNE
Parade Route: From the CNE, parade will go west along Lakeshore Blvd. to just east of the Boulevard Club

Date Event Time
July 31 & Aug 1 2005
Arts & Cultural Festival
Olympic Island
noon – 8 pm
A Caribbean cultural feast of local and international soca, reggae, calypso and steelpan artists, as well as dance, comedy, food and crafts in a waterfront parkland setting.
Admission: Adult $18 (advance) $20 (at the door)
Senior/Child $10 (advance) $12 (at the door)



Toronto Councillor

"As City Council's Liaison to Caribana, I am pleased to report that 2004 was the most successful edition of the annual summer festival in recent memory. Caribana organizers were able to pay all the 2004 expenses and retire a portion of outstanding debt. Close to 1.2 million visitors from all over the province, North America and the Caribbean enjoyed our wonderful Toronto hospitality. Hotels and restaurants report a banner few weeks, due in no small part to the success of Caribana. Next year I will be working with the lead organizers to attract more private sector donors to invest in the festival."



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