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To Do: Tobago
To Do: Tobago
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Annual Events
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360° views of all sorts of Tobago sights.

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Economy and tourism
Environmental problems
Boating, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, bird watching, fishing, hiking, tennis, golf, horseback riding, swimming, and relaxing on the beach are just a few ways to spend your days.
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The flora is as vivid as the birds. Purple-and-yellow poui trees and spectacular orange immortelles splash color over the countryside - something is blooming virtually every season. Watch for the Mot-Mots and Hummingbirds flitting through the trees at any time, but hire a guide if you truly want to discover a new world.
Reliable, well organised and well-informed sightseeing and nature tours to Main Ridge, Little Tobago, Hillsborough, Buccoo marsh etc. Tours are individualised  by Peter Cox (no coaches or buses
except by request)

"I recommend Peter Cox [Tobago nature tours] a local nature guide who we met last year, if you go to Tobago and require a tour gude for birding or wildlife contact him you will find no one better
Steve Kirby Nature Photographer
Harris Mc Donald will inform you, entertain you and educate you about Tobago´s culture and tradition. He will show you the historical sites, hidden trials and unique tours of the protected rainforest.

King David's Tobago Tours


Summit-to-sea-level runs on sheer trails, barreling through dense jungle and emerging on white-sand beaches.

Tobago Mountain bike
Slow Leak mountain bike tours around Tobago - fun and challenging. Web site contains tour descriptions, anecdotes and tour guide profiles.
Now, for the Experienced rider, we have some trails that will literally keep you hanging off the edge of your seat and give you a major adrenaline rush. One trail in particular, offers a rough single track ride,  starting just off the main road at elevations of 1000 to 1500 feet above sea level.  This trail runs along the edge of a ridge, slowly descending down the mountain for approximately two miles through steep terrain with the occasional rutted section.  Riders can appreciate the dramatic views of the ocean and beach below as well as the surrounding hills.  The trail eventually takes you to a secluded beach

Tobago has two excellent golf courses.
The Tobago Plantations Golf & Country Club located in the island's prestigious Lowlands area. For the past few years this has been the course of choice for the PGA Seniors Tour.
Amid rolling greens and mangroves are stunning ocean Atlantic views or views of Tobago’s capital in one direction and the Atlantic Ocean in the other. (Lowlands, Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago. PHONE: 868/631-0875)
Mt. Irvine
is world  famous for its views and great elevations. (Mt. Irvine Bay Hotel, Shirvan Rd., Mt. Irvine, Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago. PHONE: 868/639-8871) The 127 acre golf course overlooks the Caribbean Sea, with the hotel [] behind it enjoying spectacular views of Buccoo Reef. At one time considered among the top 100 courses it is now a bargain at less than USD$50 for a prime time round.
Hiking and Birding
Natural areas include Little Tobago and St. Giles islands, both major seabird sanctuaries. Rain forests of the Main Ridge were set aside for protection in 1764, creating the first such preserve in the western hemisphere
Some 200 varieties of birds have been documented on Tobago: look for the yellow oriole, scarlet ibis, and the comical motmot -- the male of the species clears sticks and stones from an area and then does a dance complete with snapping sounds to attract a mate.

Bring along water to drink and insect repellent. You may want to dress in long pants and a long sleeved shirt, but it is not absolutely necessary

Birds of Trinidad & Tobago
The 3 top books to brings & links to 100's of fotos

Little_Tobago in our imageserver

Tobago Bird Watching at
David Rooks - Tobago's best known ornithologist, nature lover and tour guide - web site contains biography, bird list and tour itineraries.
Darren Henry of Tobago, dendrologist and birding tour guide - web site has bio data, bird photos and lists, plus tour information. Tours include short 2 hour trips and full day tours.

Arnos Vale Waterwheel. Arnos Vale Estate, Franklyn Rd., 868-660-0815.

Water Sports
All beaches in Trinidad and Tobago are open to the public.
Daily 2½-hour tours by glass-bottom boats let you snorkel at the reef, swim in a lagoon, and gaze at Coral Gardens -- where fish and coral are as yet untouched. Most dive companies in the Black Rock area also arrange snorkeling tours. 

Kayaking  is available at many hotels on Tobago. Kayaking workshops are located on Man O War Bay in Charlotteville.

Across the street from the Mt. Irvine Bay Hotel is the  beach known for surfing [best in July and August] and for windsurfing [ best in January and April] The water here is shallow and directly over coral reef, which can create problems.

  • Ron's Watersport-
  • Tobago Sea Kayak Experience
  • Tobago Sea Kayak tours at all arranged through Tobago Trip Planners Ltd. (Lowlands, Tobago)
  • Tobago trimaran fun day sail charters on the Natural Mystic. Tours depart Mt.Irvine bay and sail up the Caribbean coast to secluded Cotton Bay. Max. 10 passeners. On board BBQ.
  • Kalina Kats (Scarborough, Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago. PHONE: 868/639-6306) has a 50-foot catamaran on which you can sail around the Tobago coastline with stops for snorkeling and exploring the rain forest. The romantic sunset cruise with cocktails is a great way to end the day.
  • Hew's Glass Bottom Boat Tours (Pigeon Point, Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago. PHONE: 868/639-9058) are perfect excursions for those who neither snorkel nor dive. Boats leave daily at 11:30 AM.
  • Frank's Glass Bottom Boat & Birdwatching Tours (Speyside, Trinidad and Tobago.) Tobago Travel (Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago. PHONE: 868/639-8778)


 BEACHES in Tobago
The mountains in the northeast fall fast as you move to the southwest of the island, where you will find a relatively flat coral stone platform. This combination, along with a multitude of fringing coral reefs, has given the island sand that varies in shade from darkish brown to pure white of Pigeon Point.
Tobago's southern shoreline is usually referred to as the windward coast. Rip tides and strong undercurrents make some of the most attractive-looking beaches unsafe for swimming. There are plenty of sheltered bays to take a dip in the cool Atlantic. Some - such as King's Bay - have changing facilities, but at most you'll share the sand only with fishermen
In fact, it isn't difficult to find a beach all to yourself on Tobago, mostly because the island thankfully has no large scale tourism in effect.

  • Arnos Vale, north coast, beyond Plymouth
    Secluded bay within a protected cove with a nice beach and very good snorkelling. Located within Arnos Vale Hotel grounds
  • Bacolet Beach across from the Blue Haven Hotel
  • Canoe Bay, south coast, off Milford Road. Peaceful, relaxing beach good for families with small children, with calm, shallow water, pleasant beach and lawned areas with thatched sunshades. Admission TT$12, children under 12 half price, under 5s free
  • Castara, north coast, midway along island
    Golden sand, with calm waters by a remote fishing village. Known for beach bars/restaurants scene & liming locals. The approach road
    deserves a photo stop.
  • Coco Reef  The beach at the Coco Reef Hotel is man made but very pretty. Non-residents are charged TT$125 per couple (about £12) to go on this beach. The hotel is very nice and worth a visit by itself.
  • Englishman's Bay. mile-long, somewhat wild beach is usually completely deserted. North Side Rd., east of Castara Bay. A small wooden signpost off a small tarmac road in the rain forest will point you down a sun splashed tunnel of bamboo.  A Sunday Times report rated it one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Excellent snorkeling. You'll likely find a handful of others and a single food vendor.
  • Grafton Beach Resort Gem of a beach with white sand, cleaned every morning. Sunshades with thatched with dried palm fronds. Among the larger waves for Caribbean side of the island. Also see Stone Haven Bay below
  • Great Courland Bay, Near Fort Bennett. North Side Rd., east of Castara Bay marina attracts the yachting crowd. Leeward Rd., northeast of Black Rock as do the high-end hotels along the long sandy beach.Plenty of watersport facilities.
  • King's Bay, Halfway between Roxborough and Speyside Steep green hills protect this bay on all sides making the swimming easy. A landscaped path climbs to a waterfall with a rocky pool. Locals will offer to guide you.
  • Little Rockley Bay, Just west of Scarborough. lined with coconut trees, this scenic stretch runs along the old coast road, with crashing waves and stunning Atlantic views. It is near Ocean Point Hotel.
  • Lover's Beach. Reachable only by boat from Charlotteville, once here you will enjoy pink sand and its seclusion. Be sure to shop the price for significant savings
  • Man O'War Bay, North of Speyside Charlotteville . Long stretch of golden, sandy beach. Good for snorkelling. Changing facilities and lifeguards, other secluded, walkable coves. Among the most accessible, quiet and empty beaches on the island
    "Man -o-War Bay is a large horseshoe shaped bay that fronts the village of Charlotteville. As you come down the steep road of an evening or very early morning you may see pairs of parrots flying in front of you. There is a super place to snorkel just a 10 minute walk and several steps down to the beach from here, at Pirate's Bay, ask a local how to find it.
    If you want to explore, take a walk out to the site of the old Fort Campbell. It is left a ways.Last but not least, if you spend the night at a guesthouse here expect to hear roosters crowing very early in the morning." Kwoub at [2004]
  • Mt. Irvine Beach [Surfer’s Beach] across the street from Mt. Irvine Bay Hotel Shirvan Rd., Mt. Irvine Watch or join the surfers and windsurfing. Find picnic tables surrounded by painted concrete pagodas and a snack bar. Local fisherman sell their catch here. Good snorkelling and anchorage. Facilities of loos and showers can be used for a small fee. Excellent snorkeling. Beach vending are restrained
  • Mt Irvine Back Bay, The many nice coves amid the rocky coastal outcroppings, between from Mt Irvine and Stonehaven Bays.
  • Parlatuvier. North side of the Island via the road from Roxborough is this village beach used by fishermen. Larger waves, strong currents and sea shelf close to shore
  • Pigeon Point Beach. One of Tobago most beautiful and popular beaches. An iconic beach scene which has graced the front pages of many Caribbean holiday brochures. Ever popular, snack, gift and souvenir shops, changing facilities and watersports operators, including an excellent windsurfing outfit. Can hire a cabana for the day. Admission  costs about USD$3 (TT$18), which gets you a day-glo wrist band and the right to use the loos. Guards & admission means you won't be bothered by roaming vendors. However, they do rent jet skis at the far end which tampers with the tranquility. Masses of cruise ship passengers can drop in unexpectedly as well since everyone who comes to Tobago needs to see this pretty spot.
  • Pirate’s Bay, eastern end, out of Charlotteville
    Secluded, stunning bay backed by lush greenery, within walking distance of Charlotteville along a dirt track, and steep descent, 200 steps down to the beach.
  • Sandy Beach,  at the end of the Crown Point Airport runway, this beach is abutted by several hotels
  • Stone Haven Bay, across from Grafton Beach Resort Famous as a nesting spot for endangered giant leatherback turtles.
  • Store Bay , boats depart for Buccoo Reef and Nylon pool here. Known for its signature food (Crab 'n' Dumpling & Shark 'n' Bake) more than its  small sandy cove. Shower and changing facilities, plus lifeguards Near the airport, just walk around the Crown Point Hotel to the beach entrance. A popular beach for the locals on weekends.
    Click Picture to enlarge."A small lifeguard serviced beach with a number of facilities. Popular with both locals and tourist alike. Here you can find everything from changing rooms to local food and souvenir stalls. But be prepared to meet lots of touts wanting to sell you a boat tour. They are generally nice, but after the third or fourth one, you’re starting to get annoyed."  Blondina at virtual tourist
  • Turtle Beach. 8 mi from the airport between Black Rock and Plymouth. Southern end of Great Courland Bay Great Courtland Bay. Watch great turtles lay their eggs here at night between February and June. Larger waves for Caribbean side of island.
The best months for off shore angling are November to May.
Year round there is  Lake fishing  at Tobago Plantations Golf course, which has been stocked with Tarpon, Snook, Mangrove Snapper, Mullet and Tilapia for catch and release recreational fishing.


Diving: Scuba & Snorkel
Tobago offers some of the best diving in the Caribbean, and indeed the world. It is a renowned divers paradise for the experienced diver, and also a good place to learn. There are also plenty of interesting reef and coral dives for the less experienced diver, and for the beginner there are excellent diving schools where you can get your PADDY Open Water diving certificate in the course of 4 or 5 days.

Diving on Tobago tends to be centered at Speyside, almost diametrically across the island from the airport. This is a world-class diving home to the world's largest brain-coral, and the enormous number of manta rays that are frequently encountered.

You may enjoy some of the best drift diving in the world.

The entire island has some of the best diving sites in the Caribbean. There are three wrecks located around its shores, but the one usually considered the best is the 'Maverick Ferry', which used to travel between Trinidad and Tobago. The ferry is 350 feet long and has been sunk in 30 metres/100 feet just off Rocky Point, Mt. Irvine. The top of the wreck is at 15 metres/50 feet. The wreck has an abundance of marine life, including a 4 foot jewfish, a member of the grouper family. The wreck was purposely sunk for divers, and so all the doors and windows were removed.

Tobago offers many wonderful spots for snorkeling. Although the reefs around Speyside in the northeast are becoming better known, Buccoo Reef, off the island's southwest coast, is still the most popular, which has led to damage by the ceaseless boat traffic and by the thoughtless visiting divers who take pieces of coral as souvenirs. There's also good snorkeling between the shore and Little Tobago Island and near the Arnos Vale Hotel and the Mt. Irvine Bay Hotel. Also recommended are Pirate's Bay in Charlotteville, Englishman's Bay and Great Courland bay.

The waters around the island are home to many species of tropical fish, rays, sharks, and turtles.  The Orinoco River pours rich nutrients into Tobago's waters, creating an underwater landscape that's healthy and vibrant. Plankton feeders such as the giant manta ray cruise these waters feasting on this smorgasbord. Depending on the season, visibility can vary from 30 feet to 100 feet, with algae in the water and manta rays around several months of the year.


Pigeon Point  beach is a favorite among the locals  and visitors.  For about two dollars, guests enter through an old coconut estate for fantastic opportunities to snorkle, swim, and play along the beach. Download Glass bottom boats are available for hire and will take you out on the waves and still keep you dry. Public amenities are sufficient, offering changing rooms, food concession, restrooms, and hotels.  Coco Reef Resort and Spa is only 1 mile away, but there are no large luxury hotels here. Enjoy the small town charm of the nearby town of Canaan and visit its craft shop.

Tobago public holidays
 2006: 02 January, 30 March, 14 & 17 April, 30 May, 15 & 19 June, 01 & 31 August, 24 September, 21 (Divali) & 24 ( Eid-Ul-Fitur) October to be announced, 25 & 26 December. Please note that Carnival Monday and Tuesday are not public holidays.
Annual Events
The Tobago Heritage Festival, with its rich folk traditions, the annual sailing regatta, village harvests, Easter goat races, Carnival, and the calypso and steelband shows are just some of the Island events that visitors can enjoy!
JAN: Harvest Festivals are traditional celebratory occasions in Tobago’s Island life, and are centered around the four mainstream Christian Churches; Anglican (C of E), Roman Catholic, Methodist and Moravian
Feb - Tobago Carnival, concurrent with Trinidad
MARCH Annual Carnival Lovers World-Wide Beach Party & Lime held at Store Bay.
MARCH – Leatherback Turtle nesting season begins and runs to July. The beaches at the Grafton Resort, Courland Bay and Turtle Beach are the nesting areas for the giant turtles, and staff at the nearby hotels will  wake residents to see turtles laying eggs, or to watch the hatchlings run to the sea. 
Held in March each year is the Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament based out of Charlotteville in the North east
APRIL Easter Monday Goat Races and recreational/sporting activities, Mt Pleasant Recreation Ground. 18 Apr - Goat Races & Crab Races, and other recreational activities, Buccoo
MAY The competition for the Angostura Yachting World Regatta is fierce. This is an annual event, held in May, and includes a full week of race activities.  The atmosphere is very mild and laid back on land, but on water it is very competitive.
June/July St Peter's Day , Man O' War Bay Charlotteville fisherman's fete
JULY- Tobago Heritage Festival, cultural displays of music, storytelling, dance, food and local traditions. 27 Jul-01 Aug - Great Fete Weekend, Pigeon Point and Crown Point, popular beach party with live pop/soca/rock music and top local DJs with huge sound systems
01 Aug - Emancipation Day, Emancifest held at Store Bay Beach Facility. tba - Carib Great Race, hugely popular 85 mile powerboat race starting in Trinidad and ending in Store Bay, Tobago with big beach party. 31 Aug - Independence Day, public holiday with military parade and fireworks in Scarborough.
SEPT: Trinbago Wheelers Tobago International Cycling Classic, a two division event, one for international/ professional cyclists and a second division open to all cyclists.
Sep-Oct - Tobago Fest, mini carnival with parade of bands, local heritage and fetes, ending with a beach party at Store Bay.
"The Guyana current moves slowly up the eastern coast of South America, divides around Trinidad, and washes the south and east coasts of Tobago. Fed by the Orinoco river, the waters are warm and rich with nutrients, making it ideally suited for a wide range of marine life. "

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