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The climate is tropical, hot and humid all year long with average temperatures around 85°F degrees. The island lies just south of the Atlantic hurricane belt. Average rainfall varies between 3800 mm on the Main Ridge to less than 1250 mm in the south-west of the island. There are two seasons: a wet season between June and December, and a dry season between January and May.

Gentle sea breezes cool you and brief rain showers drift overhead almost daily, keeping this lush island green. The dryer, flatter West End receives less rain and usually is warmer than the hilly East End. The water temperature averages 80°F degrees, so everyone spends lots of time in the water.

Dry season is December to June. In June to December weather is mixed between bursts of tropical rain and bright sunshine.

Tobago Weather Forecast on Yahoo

Just saying "to-bay-go" conjures up visions of an altogether different world.
It's all good!

Tobago Attractions

The Tobago Forest Reserve

The Tobago Forest Reserve (or the Main Ridge Reserve) claims to be the oldest protected forest in the Western world. It was designated as a protected Crown reserve on April 17, 1776 following representations by Soame Jenyns, a Member of Parliament in Britain who had the responsibility for the development of Tobago. It has remained a protected area ever since.

This forested area has great biodiversity including many species of birds, mammals, frog and (nonpoisonous) snakes. It is one of the most approachable areas of rainforest, since it is relatively small and there are government-appointed guides who provide an authoritative guiding service through the forest at a reasonable cost. The guides are knowledgeable about the plants and the animals, and can call down rare and exotic birds from the canopy by imitating their calls.

botanical gardens
 (daily, daylight hours; free), opposite the bus station on Gardenside Street, offer respite from the traffic and steep climbs that can make Scarborough a bit of an ordeal; visiting on an overcast day makes sightseeing more comfortable. The nearby orchid house displays most of T&T's indigenous orchids as well as a few imported species.
Paradise Island | Tobago

Tobago: for the traveler who is looking to discover a world the world has not discovered

Little Tobago, the small neighbouring island, supports some of the best dry forest remaining in Tobago. Little Tobago and St. Giles Island are important seabird nesting colonies, with Red-billed Tropicbird, Magnificent Frigatebird and Audubon's Shearwater amongst others. Little Tobago at
Attractions (96)
leatherback turtles
Leatherback turtles nest on the beaches between March and August. You can join an overnight camping tour and enjoy the thrill of seeing the baby turtles emerge from the sand and make a mad dash for the sea.

Leatherback turtles by an extraordinary travel agency with an excellent TnT web guide

Tobago Museum
the small Tobago Museum (868/639-3970). Exhibits include weapons and other pre-Columbian artifacts found in the area; the fertility figures are especially interesting. Upstairs are maps and photographs of Tobago's past.
Located at Ft. King George - On Mt. St. George, a short drive up the hill from Scarborough, Tobago's best-preserved historic monument clings to a cliff high above the ocean.
Don't Miss
The classic tourist trip, which everyone should do once is to go to Pigeon Point and do the glass-bottomed boat  tour to the Coral Gardens and Buccoo Reef for an hour's snorkelling in the crystal clear waters and abundant fish life. Finally, swim in the "Nylon Pool" with its shallow waters, rumored to have healing properties.
waterfalls in Tobago

Besides the popular Argyle Waterfall, there is a waterfall located past Hillsborough. The falls will be found just out of sight on the left hand side of the trace.
The Highland Waterfall in Moriah and Craig Hall Waterfall
are situated near Mason Hall.

There are other waterfalls which have not been named. Some of them are only accessible by hiking or jeep or invitation.

Greenhill Waterfall is located at Mount Saint George in the Southern part of the island. Visits are recommended during the wet season. It is among the most easily accessible, being only 25 minutes away from Scarborough. The waterfall is approximately 5 minutes away from the car-park.

Goldsborough River and Waterfall in the South, afford the visitor many delights. An easy walk on a river bed of clear water. Bathe beneath the waterfall or climb to swim in crystalline pools amid lush tropical vegetation.

The Sant D'Eau Waterfall falls into the Caribbean Sea off the North Coast. It should be visited in the wet season from June to December.

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botanical gardens
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whatsonintobago - Tobago
Tobago by definitive caribbean

Tobago || History || Getting Around || Organized Tours | Scuba Diving And Watersports ||Explore Tobago
Virtually Tobago
360° views of all sorts of Tobago sights.
Official Tobago Government Home Page

Economy and tourism
Environmental problems


Tobago is cool, serene and green, with its lush tropical rain forests and the mystery of her seas. Discover this wonderful Caribbean retreat: Trinidad’s twin island Tobago is more calm and peaceful. It is a place where time seems to slow down -  the days long and languid, the sky bluer, the faces friendlier.  Come home to Tobago and restore your spirit.
 Enjoy Tobago's undisturbed, tranquil and friendly ambience. It is carpeted in thick green rain forests and graced with a backbone of rugged hills, offering spectacular views. Go diving with Mantas and meet a people with a quiet pride and a relaxed way of life, rich folklore and customs, and a unique history. This ideal getaway is more popular with Europeans than Americans.

The natives collectively refer to themselves as ‘Trinbagonians’; they co-exist in harmony and with pride of their heritage. The national psyche is one of peace, and their inherent enjoyment of life can be found in all of their neighbourhoods.
Also known as Robinson Crusoe’s isle, Tobago was the Caribbean territory most fought over by colonial settlers  beginning in 1654. The island has been coveted by the Dutch, the English and the French, because they all saw in Tobago the gem of the Caribbean.

Tobago is a tiny island with a land area of just 300 km² (116 mi²), and is approximately 42 kilometres long and 10 kilometres wide. It is located at latitude 11° 9' N, longitude 60° 40' W, slightly north of Trinidad. The population is 54,084 (2000). The capital is Scarborough, with a population of about 18,000.
While Trinidad is multiethnic, the population of Tobago is overwhelmingly Afro-Tobagonian, although with a growing proportion of Indo-Trinidadians and Europeans (predominantly Germans and Scandinavians). Between 1990 and 2000, the population of Tobago grew by 11.28 percent, making it one of the fastest growing areas of the country.

 Located at the southern tip of the Caribbean archipelago, the "little sister of Trinidad", a rural and peaceful island, is only now seeing its surge in tourist development. Tobago, the undiscovered jewel of the Caribbean, offers visitors an opportunity to experience the simple but elegant life.


Getting Around There
Best option is to rent a car. You can also hire a taxi and driver for reasonable rates with some effort.
Car Rental
Car rental in Tobago is easy to arrange, and there’s plenty of choice of vehicles. Remember to drive on the left. AC costs more but is worth it. The speed limit is 30mph (50kmph). Limited hours and gas stations means you should take advantage to fill up when you can.Visitors with valid driving licenses may drive in Trinidad and Tobago for up to three months.

Roads in Tobago are mostly very quiet; the main hazards here are occasional pot holes and cows grazing by the roadside. Road surfaces are excellent on major roads and passable on all but the most remote mountain tracks.
Car Rental Crown Point Airport,
www.sunbird-holidays.comSunbird Holidays Car Rental
Tel: 001 868 639 2910 Simply Tobago use Sunbird
Thrifty Car Rental by
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Auto rental service - cars, jeeps, small buses - with Free delivery at Crown Point airport or your hotel.
L and D's Jeeps serving Castara with jeep rentals, and providing friendly meet and greet pick up at Crown Point Airport. Online booking special rates.
Always agree on fares for any taxi journey in advance. The driver will expect a tip - 10%

Guide to taxi fares by 

Bike Rentals
Modern Bike Rentals and Adventure Tours 
P.O. Box 122, Scarborough, Tobago
Tel: 001 868 639-3275
Fax: 001 868 639-9592 ..summit-to-sea-level runs on sheer trails, barreling through dense jungle and emerging on white-sand beaches. In the knobby-tire world, this is loosely characterized as "island biking" terrain!


Places to Visit
Castara, Parlautvier, Englishman's Bay: all quaint little fishing villages that are really interesting to see and explore.

Crown Point: Tobago’s tourism mecca is at Crown Point. Here you will find many hotels, guesthouses and beaches. Store Bay is one of the most popular beaches on the Island. Known for its excellent snorkeling, it is a haven for brain coral, trunkfish, parrotfish and baby squid. Families will enjoy Pigeon Point, where the waters are calm and watersports, restaurants, entertainment and shopping are all within close proximity.World famous Pigeon Point Heritage Park is also here.


The small capital town of
Scarborough houses 18,000 locals. The commercial centre of the island is better known for its shopping than it beauty. Cruise passengers frequent this port of call for shopping. Visitor attractions include the Botanical Gardens, Fort King George and Tobago Museum where you can find a fascinating if small collection of Amerindian artefacts, satirical colonial prints from slavery days, and African drums. Find the Tourism offices of the Tobago House of Assembly, on the third floor of the NIB Mall.

The Lowlands
Tobago’s biggest resort project can be found at the Lowlands. The Hilton Tobago houses 200 guestrooms and a championship golf course. The additional phases are scheduled to include a 120-berth marina and a yacht club.

Charlotteville  on Man O' War Bay is Tobago's foremost fishing community - more than 60 percent of the island's total catch is brought in by local fishermen. Fifteen minutes' drive from Speyside, picturesque Charlotteville will charm you with its attractive hillside houses and twin beaches. Charlotteville is actually one of Tobago's oldest communities, first settled by Caribs and then by the Dutch in 1633. Increasingly popular as a retreat, accommodation gets booked up quickly. In July, Man O' War Bay is the site of Tobago's most popular fisherman's fete, held to celebrate St Peter's Day.

Speyside  is in northern Tobago. It lies on the leeward coast, across from the island of Little Tobago (for which it's a departure point), 26 km NE of Scarborough, overlooking Tyrrel's Bay. Diving on Tobago tends to be centered at Speyside, almost diametrically across the island from the airport. The coral reefs are much less disturbed than the more famous Buccoo Reef in southwestern Tobago. This is world-class diving home to the world's largest brain-coral, and the enormous number of manta rays that are frequently encountered

Windward coast by rough guides > Windward Road > Charlotteville

Castara is an attractive fishing village that's slowly developing a nonchalant tourist-friendliness; low-key guesthouses are scattered on a hillside, while visitors dribble in to swim at the marvellous beach or splash in the nearby waterfall. Fishing remains the main earner at present, and the beach is one of the best places to participate in the pulling of a seine net, still in constant use by the supremely friendly posse of Rasta fishermen.
The village abandons its languid air each August, when the beach is packed with revellers attending the Castara Fishermen's Fete - one of Tobago's biggest. It's also the only place along this stretch of coast that has accommodation for the foreign visitor. The Blue Mango cottages are the best option if you can afford them.

Eating & Entertainment
Tobago’s top restaurants are mostly between Crown Point and Mount Irvine. Find the best nightlife in Crown Point

Favorite Restaurants by Visit this page for access to a comprehensive list of restaurants, including those closed.
MyTobao likes:
Arnos Vale Waterwheel, Arnos Vale ||  La Terrazza, Buccoo || Bird Watchers, Speyside ||   Mauragarite's, Castara || Bonkers, Crown Point ||   Panache Creole, Crown Point || Cafe Coco, Crown Point ||   Ru-B-Lou's, Shirvan Road || Cappuccino Bar, Charlotteville ||   Salsa Kitchen, Scarborough || Ciao Café, Scarborough ||   Seahorse Inn, Grafton || Gails, Charlotteville ||   Sharon & Pheb's, Charlotteville || House of Pancakes, Bon Accord ||Shore Things, Lambeau || La Tartaruga, Buccoo


Eating And Entertainment by roughguides  A Lowlands restaurant at the Oceanpoint Has recipes [* Callaloo * Oil Down* Coconut Bake* Stewed Chicken* Jerk Chicken* Curried Chicken* Red Snapper* Crab Backs ] and more online

"Nobody goes to Tobago for the nightlife. The island is so laid-back and relaxed that most people are in bed by 10:30pm"
Tobago Travel Agencies & Tour Specialists
Essentially Tobago
Essentially Tobago provides active vacations featuring horseback riding, diving, and sailing. We offer great villa accommodations.
Full service incoming tour operator at the A Scarborough Cruise Ship terminal - handles cruise ships, hotel representation service, island tours, rentals, weddings, and all services on both Tobago and Trinidad. English and German spoken.
Personalized flexible itineraries and wide selection of pre-arranged activities - transport, tour guide and hotel pick up included. Taxi service, Auto rentals, airport shuttle, tours to Trinidad also offered. 10% discount for On-Line bookings.
"Join us for a vacation of fun laughter education and relaxation in an environment of peace on the islands of rhythm and romance"

Sunbird Holidays
Your personal assistance in Tobago

Sun Fun Tours ||
(868) 639-7461 | Fax 639-7564 Crown Point, Tobago
"If there is no room in heaven, just send me back to Tobago!"

Places to Stay in Tobago
Selection of self catering holiday accommodation at villas, apartments, self catering and cosy guest houses - in the Store Bay and Black Rock area. Variety of prices offered. Auto rental services plus tours and activities available.


Tobago B&B's (26)


Trinidad & Tobago by Precision Reservations (5 in Tobago only) On-line live operator and regular e-mail helps Precision regularly exceed expectations in both price and service.

Tobago Guest Houses by ( 10 all on Tobago)
Places To Stay
Tobago offers close to 2,000 international standard visitor accommodation-rooms. near the Airport around the island's flat south-western end is where most Tobago hotels are found. This is a popular beach region with Store Bay-Crown Point-Bon Accord. Other popular holiday resort areas are at Speyside, Charlotteville, Castara, Turtle Beach and Grafton Beach.
To the north, the roads veer into a tumult of hills, twisting up to a virgin rain forest and swerving down to the small fishing villages where a more traditional way of life can still be found
Atlantic Echo - Luxury villas, Tobago Plantations

Two luxury Villas on Tobago's Atlantic Coast beside the Hilton Tobago, in a serene natural setting. Fully serviced and completely outfitted.
Araliya Villa, Scarborough.
A dream Tobago family holiday home rental with all modern conveniences and Caribbean appeal. Located in upper residential neighbourhood of Signal Hill, 5 minutes from Scarborough.
639 –2839 (T) 639 – 4157 (F)
Host is Marion Mc Kay Adventure Farm & Nature Reserve, Arnos Vale Road, Plymouth. Email:adventure tt$75US – Summer $92US – Winter per person per night
Arnos Vale Hotel 
Nestled against the gentle slopes of a 450 acre tropical paradise
teeming with rare and beautiful birds, the Arnos Vale Hotel itself
is set into the hillside overlooking the Caribbean Sea, whilst the beautifully landscaped gardens slope gently down to a secluded, sandy beach.  
"This is not a resort for children if you want 'kids club' kind of stuff, but there is a great pool, bar in the middle for us (!) and the hotel is right on it's own beach. The hotel was lovely, extremely peaceful, beautiful and spotlessly clean."
Birdies Nest Holiday Apartments, Black Rock
3 Beach front apartments on Great Courland Bay beach where turtles nest sunsets abound and starry nights are gorgeous. Simple, clean, comfortable and BUDGET PRICED.
BLUE HAVEN HOTEL  51 rooms Scarborough
Blue Mango cottages
Location : Bay Road #2, Castara, 
be surrounded by a tropical rainforest with exotic birds and fireflies at night.
You won’t need air conditioning or TVs or phones! Nature provides fresh pure breezes and bird song and fantastic views all day long. 
Blue Waters Inn by 38 rooms Batteaux Bay, Speyside especially good for bird watching, with over 50 species of birds commonly seen around the property throughout the year. The hotel is located directly across from Little Tobago
Coco Reef 135 rooms, suites and villas, 114 have ocean views. Coconut Bay,  6.5 Miles Northeast of Scarborough
Ideally set between two of Tobago’s most magnificent beaches; to the West, Store Bay and to the East, the world famous Pigeon Point, the hotel overlooks its own white sand Coconut Beach. The hotel’s Classic Rolls Royce will pick you up at the airport.
The Crown Point Beach Hotel
 Tobago's most historic hotel where the rich and famous have stayed for half a century. Built around 1961/2 just in time for Tobago’s worst ever hurricane Flora to come along in 1963 and demolish its top floor. These days many visit the hotel's modern Royalton Casino to try their luck.
Cuffie River Nature Retreat romantic and secluded tropical rainforest and exotic birding resort located at the edge of Tobago's main ridge - the oldest protected tropical rainforest in the western hemisphere.
Enjoy exotic birding and tropical rainforest tours, romantic and secluded weddings, honeymoon and anniversary experiences, comfortable accommodation and wonderful cooking.

Grafton beach resort www.grafton/  78 Rooms Black Rock Across from a lovely beach Stonehaven Bay | Black Rock, PO Box 25, Scarborough "best combination of hotel and beach on the island"

"Friendly staff, good food and plenty of it. In our opinion the beach was one of the best in Tobago (we visited most of them). The rooms have all you need, although the bathrooms are looking a bit tired but spotlessly clean." Sep 25, 2006:  Visitor from Berkshire, England

1 of 115+ reviews-click logo for more

HILTON TOBAGO 198 rooms 660-8500 Lowlands, Tobago Situated on 20-acres of gorgeous beachfront property  Located only a short distance from Tobago Plantation's 18-hole PGA-designed golf course. There's full range of family-friendly  amenities and services especially for younger guests and parents like baby sitting services and exciting children's program, which includes and interactive learning center. Spa Amenities include massage, spa and whirlpool
Horizons Tobago, Bacolet
4 luxury vacation rental apartments in Tobago. 1 & 2 bedroom air conditioned apartments with patio, swimming pool and gazebo in a tropical landscape.
Humming Bird Hotel, Crown
A small, intimate Caribbean hotel near two popular Tobago tourist beaches Pigeon Point and Store Bay - 10 comfortable rooms, swimming pool, restaurant  Kariwak Village Hotel and holistic haven

Jimmy's Holiday Resort  * Rooms: 18; Store Bay Beach Road, Crown Point, Tobago - (868) 639-8292

Top 10 at

"Jimmy's is great! Cheap, Clean, Cheerful.
Family run by Jimmy and his daughter. We have stayed twice now, but have know them for 10 years.
Look out for The Professor in Jimmy's restaurant, he'll try to getting you drinking at breakfast time!!
Tobago is paradise, and you don't need to stay in an expensive 5 star hotel to enjoy the country"
Kariwak is a special place - 24 room holistic hotel providing all comforts, pool, large garden jacuzzi, open air restaurant and bar with weekend entertainment. Kariwak's cuisine features fresh ingredients using it's garden herbs. Holistic activities include massage, yoga, TaiChi, meditation and gentle exercises.
Meeting/conference facilities Store Bay Local Road, Bon Accord
kevin’s court  7 rooms Lowlands
Mount Irvine BAY HOTEL  105 rooms at Mt. Irvine

Naturalist Beach Resort  Naturalist  at
Castara Bay Road, * Rooms: 5 More about Castara

Top ten at
"We had a wonderful time at the naturalist. The hotel is litterally 15 sec from the beach. It's a small resort that is ideal to relax. It is located in a small fishermen village and you can hear the sea when you're sleeping. Ancle (the manager) is a very relaxed and interesting man and the staff is like everyone else in and not in any rush. Just take your time and enjoy...We loved everything about it...and the food is GREAT. Try the nearby restaurant, the Almond Tree, where Vera will cook the best fish in Castara." ||Multimedia|Tobago
Tobago Ocean Front Hotel 
Very good accommodation that is reasonably priced and the best hotel web site in TnT.
Located in the Lowlands: Just eight minutes drive away from the airport, five minutes drive away from Scarborough (the bustling capital of the island), two minutes walk away from Tobago's longest beach, and right next to a PGA designed Championship Golf Course
Palm Breeze Villa, Bon Accord

Unwind, relax and soak up the sun at this luxury 3 Bedroom villa near Pigeon Point with palm trees, small pool and private gardens. Restaurants nearby.

Palm Haven  199 Riseland
Patience Hill; with 3 rooms

Plantation Beach Villas, Grafton

6 luxurious colonial-style villas located on the beach at Grafton. Receptionist and full villa service plus beach bar with pool. Honeymoon specials - island weddings arranged.

Plantation condo (17b) 3 condos at 17b Tobago Plantations, Lowlands

Petit Careme Villa  Jacamar Drive,
Mt Irvine
Under a bamboo canopy teeming with birds and forest life take the trail to a rainbow-coloured waterfall beside a pretty river. Stay at our country Inn and enjoy this serene setting
Angela & Noel Sosa Golden Grove Road,Canaan.
P.O.Box.322, Scarborough,Tobago. $30 - $50 US [in 2005]
Sandy's Bed and Breakfast, Scarborough

Cosy and comfortable bed and breakfast home in Scarborough beside the Blue Crab restaurant - convenient for Bacolet beach, the Fort, cruise port and ferry terminal, also day trips around the island.
Stonehaven Villas, 
Grafton Road, Black Rock, Stonehaven Bay
Situated on a hillside just a few minutes from the beach – enjoying stunning views of the beach, the ocean and amazing evening sunsets.
     The resort consists of fourteen spacious and luxurious villas, all with large living areas, 50 ft covered veranda, private pool, fully equipped granite kitchen and three large air-conditioned bedrooms with en suite facilities – the ultimate in luxurious living
Rated #1 by members at

Sugar Mill suites + Villas  50 2 & 3 bedroom condominiums

Sunrise Apartments at Canaan

Newly built, well furnished holiday apartment rental units in quiet Canaan - walk to No Man's Land beach and Buccoo. Sunrise Car rentals offer holiday package deals.
Daniel Boodram villa rentals

There are 4 Villas for short-term holiday rental, all are modern in design and newly built with all amenities and swimming pool.
Top O'Tobago Villa Guest house

Villa with main house and 3 cabanas and large pool, beautifully perched atop a hill with 360 degree view of Caribbean sea and Tobago's countryside. Economical rates.

Toucan Inn & Bonkers  Store Bay Beach; walk just a little further to the famous
Pigeon Point Beach where your white sandy beach awaits.

Rated top ten by
"Great rooms and pool (even though it closes at 6PM as do many other pools on the island). The food at the restaurant is very good and the service overall was good. I would recommend renting a car if you stay here or almost any hotel for that matter since the beach is a bit of a walk and it is only one of the great beaches that deserve your attention during the trip. "
Lords Tobago guest house, Store bay
A quiet oasis in the midst of the Store Bay area, Lords Tobago guest house has 6 cheerful rooms nicely furnished. Very convenient for the beaches, airport, restaurants and local activities.
Tobago Pink House - Narayana

Secluded Caribbean cottage beside hilltop villa - private, restful, well furnished. Healing therapies and treatments also available on site - packages can be arranged.
Sunset Reef Villa
4 ensuite air-conditioned bedrooms with pool, maid service and Caribbean sea views. Fully fitted and furnished villa with private grounds, tranquil setting, near the beach. Sleeps 10 persons. Airport pick up included.

Casinos offer a free hotel pick-up
  • Royalton Casino, at Crown Point, t 631 8500.the newest
  • Kaiso Club on Milford Road in Canaan  631 1000.
  • Crystal Palace is in Scarborough. 
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