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Cartagena, Murcia mor

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#1 in Spain

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Fiestas Patronales de La Virgen de Gracia
September. Albacete, Castilla y La Mancha.
With more than 400 years of tradition behind them, the Fiestas of Caudete are celebrated every year to honour its Virgin, La Virgen de Gracia. The main components are the fireworks, gunpowder, music, procession, and flower offering to the Virgin.

Feria de albacete
September 7 to September 17. Albacete, Castilla y La Mancha.
A wide variety of social activities and entertainment are provided following the annual celebration of Santa María de los Llanos. Originally conceived as a display of cattle and agricultural products, it has become a fully comprehensive "feria," a holiday period when all kinds of leisure activities and fiestas are included, the most remarkable of which is bullfighting.

Carthaginians and Romans Festival
Cartagena, Murcia

During the second half of September, the normally tranquil citizens of Cartagena don
their tunics and togas to re-enact events which took place between 223 BC, when the city was founded by General Asdrubal, and 209 BC, when the city fell to the Romans. During the festivities, thousands of local people head for the streets dressed in typical costumes from the period, representing the famous

......September arrives. We make history. The curtain rises..

 personalities, the different social groups, the Carthaginian troops and the Roman legions who played a part in the city's history.

There are numerous events during the festival, including a Roman circus and the wedding of the Iberian Princess Himilce and the intrepid Carthaginian General Hannibal. After each of these events, the crowds head for the 'camp,' where the different groups have their own 'field headquarters' and a party atmosphere is guaranteed.

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    For several years Hannibal will fight in Italy and  Scipio in Hispania with the intention of making their respective empires bigger, but they are destined to face each other. It will happen in Carthage, in the plains of Zama, where destiny will give to Scipio the victory which will mean the beggining of the Carthaginian end. This is the depiction of the history, from the Foundation of Kart-Hadasht by the Carthaginian Hasdrubal until its conquest by the Roman Scipio and his later occupation.

Fiestas de Nuestra Senora de La Merce
September 24. Barcelona, Catalonia.
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The human tower building competition should not be missed. You can find this spectacle in the Placa St Juame. The  towers can reach up to eight levels.

The Fiesta de la Mercé is held in Barcelona each year, with all it's associated events spread over a few days leading up to the 24th of September. La Mercé is one of the most important fiestas amongst a wide array on offer in Barcelona, as it honours the city's most popular unofficial patron saint and protector, the Virgin of la Mercé.

The majority of the activities associated with the fiesta take place in the historical district of Barcelona. During the day, huge crowds are drawn to the Plaça St Jaume to witness teams of castellers in traditional red and blue costumes attempting to build the tallest human tower possible; some reach seven or eight human stories high. The Centre de Cultura Contemporànea de Barcelona boasts all manner of street theatre, the Moll de La Fusta offers circus acts, and the Plaça St Rei gives centre stage to a number of dance troupes and performing artists. Live musical performances play a central role throughout La Mercé, with orchestras, DJs and high profile bands converging on the city to ensure that the revelry continues into the early hours of the morning. Events take place by day and by night. Particularly spectacular is the Carrefoc, a midnight train of dragons, eagles and devils that make their presence felt on the streets to a backdrop of fireworks. Considered by many to be the great city's main annunal celebration --and most of it is for free!

  • The Madrid Autumn Festival.
    Mid-September to early October.
    Concerts, opera, theatre, classical and modern dance.

    Fiestas de la Vendimia Riojana/ La Rioja Wine Festival
    September (around the 21st, the Day of San Mateo). Logrono, La Rioja.
    Harvesting festivities of one of the most renown wine regions in Spain. The Rioja is the center of a very important wine culture.

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    Erotic film festival
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    Valladolid International Film Festival

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    Tuldela, Province of Navarra

    Fiestas en honor a Ntra. Señora del Pilar, Zaragoza




    All Soul's Day
    October 31-Nov 2nd Officially commemorated on November 2 (All Souls' Day), the three-day celebration actually begins on the evening of 31, followed by All Hallows Day on the 1st. Designed to honor the dead who are believed to return to their homes on Halloween, many families construct an altar in their home and decorate it with candy, flowers, photographs, fresh water and samples of the deceased's favorite foods and drinks. Many people go to the cemeteries to place flowers on the tombs of their relatives and friends.


    "In Spain, the dead are more alive than the dead of any other country in the world. "
    Federico Garcia Lorca

    This has become more of a Christian holiday than a pagan one. The Church celebrates a mass in memory of all saints. Although these are typically quiet days of mourning and prayer, there is also room for the traditional dessert: "los huesos de santo" or "bones of the saint," which is made with egg whites and sugar. Cakes
     known locally as "panellets" are also eaten.

 & its sister site have extensive pages devoted to the cycle of life which inevitably includes death.
    In San Francisco All Hallows Eve has become one of the great spontaneous holidays of the year (Halloween in the Castro) followed 2 days later by the much more somber Nov. 2nd Day of Dead Procession produced by the Mission district's Latino community. Dia de las Muertos traditions include plentiful representations of skulls and skeletons in decorations and food, and visits to family graves to clean and decorate them. The focus is on joyfully remembering family members who have died.

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    National Short Film competition

    Alcalá de Henares
    by RoughGuides

    Gijón International Film Festival


    Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona


    Festival de Jazz, Barcelona

    Barcelona by RoughGuides/


    The feast of San Martín,
    on 11th November, Andalucia.
    This is the occasion for the slaughtering of pigs in preparation for the winter-time drying of hams and sausages, at a fiesta called la matanza - literally, the killing - in all the towns and villages of the mountain areas of Andalucia. The day begins with the killing of the pigs and is spent butchering the carcass and stuffing sausages and black pudding. A great deal of eating and drinking accompanies these events.


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