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willie brown
Mayor Willie L. Brown
City & County of San Francisco

jerry brown
Mayor Jerry Brown
County City of Oakland,
Alameda County

ron gonzalez
Mayor Ron Gonzales
City of San Jose , Santa Clara


As the Mayors of the three urban centers which define the San Francisco Bay it is our pleasure to jointly ask you to join us in a saluting what may be the greatest multicultural show ever, the special 20th anniversary of CARNAVAL-San Francisco.

As the new Mayor of San Jose I look forward to working with my two famous urban Mayor colleagues to solve some of our citizens most pressing needs. San Jose is the capital of Silicon Valley, the engine of the new global economy. Our success in creating high-tech jobs is now shared with all twelve Bay Trade counties and now we must also create the enabling cooperative government capable of moving forward on the major transportation and housing issues we face. However, first let us first toast our friendship, we invite you to May’s #1 Cinco de Mayo celebration as well as the Carnival Afrobean festival later in August where you can see many great Carnaval groups including defending champion D'Midas International.

The people of Oakland and their Mayor share the vision of new paths to the old truth of a revitalized City center, rich in diversity with room for everyone. Both downtown Oakland and the historic Mission district where Carnaval explodes on Memorial Weekend are great multicultural arts centers whose unfolding stories can show us a third way of solving our problems. We invite visitors to discover these innovative charms. Come join us in Oakland the day after CARNAVAL-San Francisco for Carijama in downtown’s Mosswood Park.

The Mayor of San Francisco leads a magnificent city perched on the edge of the earth at the center of the Bay Area. San Francisco is known throughout the world for magical light, inimitable views, cultural richness and the openhearted nature of its people. The New Economy has chosen us as its capital and we must embrace its values of teamwork, flexibility and innovation. Restoring rail transit on the Bay Bridge and expanding Bay ferry service are important first steps in keeping opportunities available to all and realizing the vision of San Francisco as the Golden Gateway of opportunity between the Pacific Rim and the New World. No event communicates these possibilities better than CARNAVAL-San Francisco.

The dawn of the 21st century is upon us and while we ready our children for tomorrow and hurry to meet the demands of the moment it is important that we take time off to forget our cares and woes. We need to simply celebrate life and discover who we are through the great festival arts of the New World represented in CARNAVAL-San Francisco.

For now it is our great pleasure to be able to invite you to join us for the 20th annual CARNAVAL-San Francisco on Memorial Weekend '99 at the birthplace of the Bay Area in the San Francisco’s Mission district. Congratulations to the parade founders, Mission Neighborhood Centers and all the many groups who make this spectacular, joyous parade possible.

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As the Mayors of the three urban centers on the San Francisco Bay it is our pleasure to jointly toast one of the world's most spectacular displays of unity in diversity known as
CARNAVAL-San Francisco.

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