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ALL Hail
2009 Carnaval San Francisco Royalty



Carnaval SF 2009 Parade Line Up
Sunday, May 24th

  1. Walden House
  2. Xiuhcoatl Danza Azteca
  3. Buena Vista Elementary School
  4. Comunidad Yucateca
  5. Los Bomberos de San Francisco
  6. Comcast Ben Ten
  7. Marshall Elementary School
  8. Everett Middle School
  9. Quimbanda Grupo Carnavalesco
  10. Adela Chu and the Roots of Carnaval
  11. James Lick Middle School
  12. Norcal Waste & Trash Mash Up
  13. Brazivedas
  14. Association of Colombian Americans (ACOAM)
  15. Grupo Samba Rio
  16. Sambao Paro O Povo/King and Queen Float
  17. African Outlet
  18. Hot Pink Feathers
  19. Angels and Demons at Play
  20. Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
  21. East Bay Community Samba School
  22. Noche de Fiesta Chapina
  23. Samba Mundial
  24. Grupo Aztlan de San Francisco
  25. Grand Marshals
  26. XOLO Sacred Dance/XOLO Club of America
  27. Jatun Marka
  28. BART
  29. Loco Bloco, Windsor Bloco, Flynn Elem, Galileo Hi,
  30. Columbia Boys & Girls
  31. Bolivia Corazon de America
  32. SF Public Library Bookmobile & Mission Branch
  33. Caribbean Roots and Culture
  34. Mixtiso Latin Hip Hop, Moscone & Sanchez Schools,
    & Marsh Youth Theater
  35. PFG Xelaju
  36. San Francisco Cable Cars
  37. Ginga Brasil/BrasArte
  38. Yaocuauhtli Danza Cultural
  39. Mara Reggae
  40. Univision
  41. Aquarela Brazilian Dance Ensemble
  42. Latin American Workout (LAW)
  43. Rara Tou Limen
  44. Bolivia Unida
  45. Foga Na Roupa Grupo Carnavalesco
  46. Sistas-wit-Style
  47. Kaanoi Kai
  48. Tambores de Julio Remelexo
  49. Viejita Car Club
  50. Mas Makers Massive
  51. Sambamora/Out of Site
  52. Samba do Mar/SambaDa/Energia do Samba
  53. Rhythm & Motion/ODC, Mission Boys & Girls Club:
  54. Brasil Cuba SF
  55. Maracats/Oba Moro
  56. Bay Area Caribbean Connection
  57. Colombian Soul
  58. Grupo Todo Mundo
  59. Nueva School Mas and Steeldrum Band
  60. Club CAB
  61. Nicaraguan (NIE) Float
  62. Los Angeles Carnival on Tour
  63. Taylor Boys
  64. Agrupacion Llajitamasis
  65. Zorro & Zorro
  66. California Soccer Association North
  67. Zona Verde
  68. Pirates of Emerson


Congratulations to pikabon with the most "most interesting" pics on page One for the search terms "Carnaval + San + Francisco + 2008" Pikabon placed 7 in the top 25 from a pool of 5,983 results. Also placing more than a single foto were davidyuweb and Super G. Special acknowledgment to agi500 with the #1 B&W Mission statement as well as to the 2007 winner shapeshift [11 of 25] who managed to place even though he did not upload till March 2009. The family of annual festival websites [,, & flickr/aforum] is pleased to buy pikabon a flickr pro account and send a small token of our esteem for this work promoting the Spirit of Carnaval. Joy in the present! --- C M Collins publisher. May 24, 2009
2008 Flickr Foto Contest results
Flickr rules and we'll being doing this again for 2009. Here are the current standings

One of the city's most spectacular traditions, Carnaval San Francisco showcases the very best of Latin American and Caribbean cultures and traditions with a diverse array of food, music, dance and artistry, including works created by the talented community of Mission District residents and Bay Area artists.

On Saturday and Sunday, May 23rd and 24th, the Carnaval San Francisco Festival will offer food, music, dance, art, crafts and other fun activities and events on several stages for the entire family to enjoy. Spanning seven blocks, the Carnaval San Francisco Festival will take place on Harrison Street between 16th and 22nd streets (10 a.m.-6 p.m.).

On Sunday, May 24, the Carnaval Grand Parade starts at 9:30 a.m. at the corner of 24th and Bryant streets, where it will proceed west to Mission Street. From there, the parade heads north on Mission down to 17th Street, where it will turn east and flow into the festival area.

Jazz & the Birth of Carnaval

Celebrating the life of the community by  suspending daily cares for as long as the festival lasts is an ancient African tradition.

 Taking the cake

 "If you haven't been on a second line, there's something about jazz you don't know....We've gotten to think of dance music as something dumb, something that just goes thump-thump-thump, but dancing is an intense listening state.

---Ned Sublette


Celebrating the life of the community by  suspending daily cares for as long as the festival lasts is an ancient African tradition. The five days of Carnival ending on Shrove Tuesday as a time for merry making and release marking the beginning of a more solemn pre Easter Lent season in the Catholic Church was a match made in heaven for displaced African communities.  The collective African soul carries  an ancient tradition of parading and moving in circles through villages wearing masks and costumes.
The practice was believed to heal problems, chill out ancestors and fellow tribe members who had passed to the spirit world and bring good fortune. This is a time of masking, where the crossover between sacred and secular reveals another character to the mask wearer.  The parading is also accompanied by dressing up with special wear which may have spiritual significance. These elements can still be found in today's New World Carnival traditions as the product of a jazz like mix with European traditions within the Caribbean, Latin, Brazilian and Creole cultures of the Americas. As most agree, humanity began in Africa, these syncretic Carnaval traditions represent the completion of a cycle as we move forward in the 21st century.

Official Events
Mark Your Calendar 
Apr 29th AT&T SF Giants Ballpark Sat  
May 2nd
Cinco de Mayo Festival Dolores Park
May 08 2008
Msy 15,
May 23 2008
May 24 2008
August 16 2008

Grand Stand Parade Seating

Grand Parade
Sunday, May 24th, 2009 Starting at 9:30 am.
Queen Kellita and King Everett will be the first ever Royals to reign twice at City Hall on Wednesday May 8 at City Hall

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Grand Stand Seats will not be pre-assigned.
Once you purchase your tickets you must retain a copy of your receipt to exchange at an onsite ticket booth.
If you would like to sit with a particular group of people, you can purchase all of your tickets on one transaction otherwise you MUST show up together to guarantee that you can all sit in the same section if your seats were purchased separately.
Each Grand Stand area will be marked and only those with the correct pass will be allowed into that section