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Aquarela Muse Micaela
SAN FRANCISCO - Carnaval parade and party warms crowds
Delfin Vigil, SF Chronicle, 05/28/07
Thousands of people lined Mission Street in SF on Sunday to mark the end of the two-day party that is the annual Carnaval with a four-block parade featuring a haunted pirate ship float, marching salsa bands and lots of dancers in G-strings
 LOS LONELY BOYS TRUE TO ROOTS Chuy Varela, San Francisco Chronicle, 05/20/07
When Enrique "Ringo" Garza was a struggling Tex-Mex musician around the West Texas town of San Angelo, he sang a song called "Lonely Boys." "We're just lonely, lonely boys. ... We ran away from home ... so I could be on my own. Nobody cares, nobody cares...
THE BADGE by John Koopman, SF Chronicle, 05/28/07
Carnaval starts at 1 a.m. There are no floats, no scantily clad women in flamboyant gowns, no Tecate for sale and no fish tacos. Carnaval starts with a squad of SF police officers setting up metal barriers along Mission and 24th streets.
SAN FRANCISCO - Ethnic treats, politics, dancers ... CARNAVAL! - Mission District resplendent as crowds pack streets
Keay Davidson, SF Chronicle, 05/27/07
Thousands packed the opening day of Carnaval on Saturday on closed-off streets in SF's Mission District featuring loud music, kiddie rides, T-shirt vendors, corporate hucksters, and enough ethnic fast food to give bellyaches to every wide-eyed.
DON'T MISS - Carnaval
by Lisa Hix, SF Chronicle, 05/24/07
Los Lonely Boys headlines this year's Carnaval, Love Happens 2007, which originated as the Brazilian Mardi Gras, complete with samba dancers in skimpy, flashy and feathery costumes. Here, in SF, Carnaval has been moved to the warmer post-Lent May
Carnaval festival and parade FAST FACTS
MoAD throws itself a mirthful birthday benefit Carnaval style
Catherine Bigelow, San Francisco Chronicle, 05/01/07
Who: Swells and samba dancers What: Diaspora Carnaval Where: City Hall, San Francisco When: March 10 Why: To celebrate across cultures A colorful cultural kaleidoscope greeted 700 revelers at City Hall for the Carnaval-themed soiree to celebrate the first...
Event Listings: -Memorial Monday  come Monday, remember Memorial Day.
Let's do flickr
by special combo

From 2006 SF Carnaval by Tu Foto, our first Flickr contributor. 2005 album here.

Best of
Do you have a Flickr account? Would you like your photos to be featured on and We now have a Flickr account where you can check out some of our best shots, find other Carnaval photographers, and submit your own photos. If you would like your photos to be featured, please contact us on Flickr, or tag your pictures with either "carnaval pix" or "sf mission pix." Make sure to use a Creative Commons license for these fotos!

Check in here for 2007 fotos & flyers


RIP: Carnaval San Francisco's great Carlos Aceituno  passed on September on Tuesday September 26, 2006.
The leader of Fogo Na Roupa was loved by all as an inspirational mentor, teacher, and creative force whose everyday example of living life in the present and coming together joyously  through the power of song dance and community at Carnaval time will long be remembered.
Tribute to Carlos Flight of the Quetzal

"We can now remember that SMILE and all his LOVE that he gave to our community throughout his lifetime through memory. El Es Dios! "
 - Roberto Hernandez, Artistic Director of Carnaval SF

Ballpark Carnaval Night
May 5
--See your contingent leader for a chance to perform on the field.
--Pregame drumming in Willie Mays Plaza
--bleacher drumming to be determined

Join In Carnaval 2008 wants you  

Ohlone Indians

This was the 29th Carnaval as well as the 40th Anniversary of the summer of Love.  For many millennia, before the Mexicans and Spaniards arrived in 1776, this was the land of the Olhone. A peaceful tribe who lived as if this was the Garden of Eden, wearing few clothes and easily harvesting all they needed from nature's bounty. One of the more remarkable song lyrics to have been passed along to us was: "Dancing on the edge of the earth" - a reference to the special place we inhabit on the planet. Plenty is said about the San Francisco Bay Area being the creative center for cutting edge technologies and every so often others address our claim to also being the spiritual center. We think these words especially hit the mark in this regards.



"America's unique creed of science and religion. Here literally on western edge of the North American continent - the European enlightenment meets Asian spirituality, Einstein confronts Walt Whitman, Calvinism takes on mysticism, and secularism encounters the divine. It's a wild ride, filled with ironies and tensions, but it's also America at the start of the 21st century, and perhaps the future of the world."
-Robert B. Reich

To this we add the syncretic traditions of the American hemisphere, the spectacular Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Caribbean   Carnival traditions who occupy a central place in defining their  cultures and contributions to world culture and who compete for top prizes and students in the SF Carnaval parade. The conquerors could destroy most of the old world but the dances, costumes and songs live on in the hearts and spirit of the natives Within Carnaval San Francisco is the greatest Bolivian parade outside the Andes mountains and its continues to grow to six groups in 2007, the spirit they display is also their ancestors reaching back through the millennia.


2007 SF Parade Hot Clips Presented by

Love:  It could spark in a flash, filling one's life instantly with a blissful radiance, or it could blossom over a long stretch of time, building with a rhythmic intensity much like the beat of a drum.  In San Francisco this May, love happens all weekend long when Carnaval San Francisco, California's largest annual multi-cultural celebration, embraces the Mission District for its 29th annual celebration over Memorial Day weekend, May 26 and 27. 

Cinco de Mayo on the Bay 2007 || USA

Our Latin neighbors begin the month with biggest parades and festivals in our three metro centers of San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco. In San Francisco, Cinco de Mayor is held at Dolores Park, the site of the Bay's first post-Columbian community and widely acknowledged earth power spot especially during earthquakes.

Three of San Francisco's best arts festivals choose May and feature Mission venues. Mission Creek, Artsfest and International Arts Festival

In 2007, while Precita Eyes went low key on their Mural Month, the 2nd weekend which is best known nationally as mother's day and locally for KFOG's Kaboom Fireworks show, the Mission added MissionArts Open Studio 

May Weekend 3 is anchored by the wild wacky Bay to Breakers race which, as a huge costume parade and wild party atmosphere could also call itself a Carnaval. 


 Carnaval SF
Awards Ceremony
(Saturday, August 18)
Yerba Buena Gardens
760 Howard St between 3rd & 4th
Getting There
San Francisco, CA

Saturday, August 18, 2007 1:00 to 5pm
This year's awards program will place an emphasis on performance featuring the excellent grassy amphitheatre and amazing dressing rooms behind the much loved Martin Luther King waterfalls. 2007 Awards

Carnaval San Francisco explodes every 4th weekend in May beginning on the Carnaval Thursday before the 4th Monday in May- Memorial Day

Check out the video explosion at
Carnaval SF 2007 in Photos has been featuring the SF Mission's Carnaval San Francisco since 1996. Click through to the gallery at the right to discover over 4000 related pics. There is a great wealth of talented photographers documenting this event, we're trying to keep up with them beginning with our flickr accounts. Here's a bit more about a few of them

what is Crusher? Our site allows anyone to make free pages and share them with whomever they want, just like we've done here.  Mainly though, Crusher is for creating free invitations to your events

SF Sentinel 2007 Carnaval Photos KF3R7154r_800.jpg

Kenneth Tham  at pbase.


 "This event truly represents the spirit of San Francisco and particularly the Mission. In traditionally amazing weather, everyone -  from excellent professional dancers, bands and drummers (we ARE the Latin music Mecca) to talented and/or charming kids from local schools - shakes their booty and laughs and smiles and shows their love of life and our fair city." Ivana I. [More reviews @]

Carnaval Music & Dance Festival
on Harrison St. between 16th & 24th St
For 2 days on Memorial Weekend Saturday 26th & Sunday 28th of May from 11am to 6pm

Carnaval San Francisco 2007 Festival experienced a new higher level as strong performances enlivened seven stages  Harrison Street on Saturday, May 26 and Sunday, May 27. 


[complete entertainment lineup by time and stage]

Queen Marina and King Danilo : Video


2007 Carnaval Queen Marina

Marina  Junqueira  was elected 2007 Carnaval Queen March 31st 2007 by a distinguished panel of judges. She was crowned by the elegant smiling 2006 Queen Monique. She becomes the 8th Queen or King to win the competition while a member of the Aquarela Brazilian Dance Troupe.  May we suggest that while you wait for more complete pictorials and biographies on both the Brazilian born King and Queen you visit this page on the unofficial Brazilian National Anthem: Aquarela do Brasil

King Danilo Macarrao
The energy moves up a notch, as contestant Danilo
commanded the full space at the Fanatics Sports Entertainment Complex. Recently settled in the Bay Area after  six years of touring with the critically acclaimed performing Brazilian/modern dance company, DanceBrazil.  The expectant father has decided to settle down and apply for the open seat of top Brazilian male dancer of the Bay Area. Originally from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, Danilo Macarrao has over 20 years experience in the Brazilian martial art form of capoeira.
Queen Marina King Danilo


d of Carnaval 200
Queen Marina   

  Top 4 Finishers: King || Queen

Grand Marshals

Carlene Wells



Carlene is considered the Queen of Chutney Soca in her native enchanted land  of Trinidad and Tobago. Besides being beautiful she a song writer and music composer. Chutney Soco is East Indian Soca which is up-tempo, dance music accompanied by the dholak, the harmonium and the dhantal. She is also a rising force in Reggae music.
Chutney-soca crossover style of music incorporating Soca elements and Hindi-English lyrics.  Caribbean  Reggae music keeps being accepted by all cultures and finding a special season after Carnaval for the many outside of organized religion

the Oakland Steelband Carnaval Band Mo Love is proud to announce that their prominent brother from New Orleans, the Stiltwalker/ Mokojumbie has been named a 2007

Shaka Zulu the African warrior King by wikipedia
Benefit for Jorge Alabe 
On Friday, July 28, 2007 there will be a benefit for
Brazilian master drummer/singer/dancer Mestre Jorge
Alabe. Mestre Jorge has contributed much to the San
Francisco Bay Area's thriving Brazilian music and arts
scene. Presently he is recovering from recent heart
surgery so now it's our turn to give back. The event
will take place at Il Pirata on 16th Street in San
Francisco. Time and line-up of performers has yet to
be determined. Information will be listed and updated
on the website >>


Who won? Fogo na Roupa threepeats as Grand Champion in 2007. Find All the Awards here

 Performers in the Carnaval SF parade have often wondered why results cannot be announced later at the festival on Sunday. Now they are really wondering what's up with no announcement 2 weeks after  the parade finished. Seems the Carnaval Advisory Committee voted to create a system to penalize groups who delayed the parade and created gaps. This group headed by longtime parade Marshall Alina Laguna has been reviewing its own data while the rest of us wait.

Film Fest Capital here now: To appreciate the power and spirit of Carnaval you must appreciate the ability of song, dance and story to best penetrate the cosmic consciousness filled with the rhythms of nature, and stories of our ancestors. It is more powerful than even film. Still film is the most influential medium of our generation and we are blessed to live in the independent film capital of the world in Northern California.
This has also made us the film festival capital of the world and as such we are pleased to offer you our comprehensive guide to stories at the edge of the earth at the dawn of the 21st century.

Power to the People: The ability to distribute this potent film medium to a global audience is possible but not certain. Net Neutrality is about internet service providers blocking access to services like revenue threatening competing services like and high bandwidth content like film. We are close to a duopoly in the City San Francisco with the only significant ISP's being COMCAST & AT&T/Yahoo.  These folks have openly admitted they want a tiered system that will charge premiums for full unfiltered access to the internet. This is why the municipal free wifi proposal for the City of San Francisco is a critical step in maintaining a free internet and net neutrality. This is a global issue where San Francisco will write an important chapter. Invest in knowing the players and making it an issue determining who you support politically. Follow this live feed: 
OperaDoloresPark.jpgLiberty Hill surrounding San Francisco acclaimed Dolores Park will be alive with the sound of the San Francisco Opera as it chooses to give a rare free concert on the Mission's busiest day--Carnaval Sunday. [more]

June summer begins
Brazilian Music


KRON TV Channel 4 broadcasts SF carnaval live on Sunday May 27th and will be doing pre-parde reports on their News from 8:00 to 10:00 then break for a 30 minute paid program and be back with 90 minutes of live parade coverage between 10:30 & 12 noon
Telemundo (KSTS, Channel 48) will also be doing in Spanish a highlight special at 6pm later that day.
You can also find lots of special coverage of the unique Carnaval San Francisco season locally on

COMCAST the Bay Area's cable broadcaster has returned as a major underwriter for 2007 and is joined in the major funder category by Washington Mutual and Macy's

VIP Grandstand Carnaval SF 2007 Parade Seating
Enjoy the best seat in the house next to the media and judges porta-potty & food-booth. These seats across from Medjool on Mission btwn
 21st and 22nd Streets. Click here to view map. No tickets are mailed. When you make your purchase, your name is entered into the will-call list.  [more]


Parade Contingent Leader Meetings are held the third Thursday of every month, unless otherwise notified.


Gala Holiday Party at Brava Theater (December 21)


* First Monthly Contingent Leader Meeting (January 18)
* Kickoff  Carnaval Cultural Arts Education Program with SFUSD


* Contingent Application, Grant Request, Budget & $25 Fee due by 5:00 pm to MNC, 362 Capp St, SF 94110 (February 9)
* Contingent Leader Meeting (February 15)
* Technical Workshop for Contingents (February 17)
* Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras  (February 20)

MARCH 2007

* Junior King & Queen/Prince & Princess Orientation at MNC  (March 16)
* Contingent Leader Meeting (March 15)
King & Queen Competition at Fanatics Sports Entertainment Complex (March 31)

APRIL 2007

* Contingent Leader Meeting (April 19)
* Junior King & Queen/Prince & Princess Contest at Everett Middle School Auditorium (Sat. April 21)
450 Church Street, SF
KICKOFF Conga Line
April 20 - April 29, 2007 Find out more at
Voice of DanceBay Area
National Dance Week

MAY 2007

* Carnaval Night with the SF Giants at AT&T Park  (May 5)
* Mayor’s Reception at City Hall (Evening TBD by Mayor’s Office)
Mandatory Contingent Leader Meeting (May 17)
*Carnaval @ City Hall
Friday Noon May 18th
VIP Party & Raffle (Carnaval Thursday @ Medjools)
Festival (May 26 – May 27)
* Grand Parade (May 27)

May 28 Can Oakland Carnival rise at the shoreline -artist party email Theo @

JUNE 2007

* Contingent Receipts due for Grant Balances (June 9)
23 June
7 pm
Carlinhos Brown
plus Ojos de Brujo Masonic Center, 1111 , SF
Timbalada founder revisits San Francisco.
SF Jazz


* Awards Ceremony
Yerba Buena Gardens starting @ 1pm
760 Howard St
San Francisco, CA
Academicos Estrada Real had a claim through its prior name of Escola Nova de Samba to being the oldest contingent in Carnaval SF. Leaders Josephine Morada and Rudy Ortiz are enveyed as among the original 1000 founders at Precita Park in 1979. However, 2006 may mark their last year in an historic run. more This would make Mas Maker Massive the oldest band in the parade as well as the group most actively promoting Caribbean Carnival.

2006 Parade Fotos

2005 Parade Fotos

 Monday, May 28, 2007
10:30 am – parade at the Presidio Main Parade Ground
11 am – program at SF National Cemetery at the Presidio [more]

Cesaria Evora; Tcheka

Cesaria Evora from Cape Verde one of the least known Carnaval cultures.
The Jazz Festival brings The "Barefoot Diva" back to the
Masonic Center with her definitive interpretations of Cape Verde's traditional morna. The New York Times noted that "Evora sings with a liquid melancholy, gliding up to notes and lingering as if each one held memories of a tearful farewell."

2007 Youth Royalty

The winners of the crowned court are Prince Raymond Lyons (8 years old from Oakland), Princess Onaja Waki (11, Oakland), Junior King Amoya Walker (17, Oakland), and Junior Queen Yanneth Alvarenga (16, San Francisco).
article by Jamie Windborne at which also was published in the Mission Dispatch ||

Live Best of the Fest: Video for the Carnaval Countdown to the 2007 May Mission Miracle  

Clcik Reload on your browser for more Carnaval clips!




The festival grounds will offer exciting events planned for the whole family, from children activities, to local visual artists displaying their art, to contingent artists performing at several stages, and many local businesses given an