Parade Line-Up
    (as of May 1 2006)

    1. Walden House
    2. Xiuhcoatl Danza Azteca
    3. DORA the Explorer – Grand Marshal
    • Junior King Alex Hernandez & Junior Queen Merissa Lyons
    • Prince Tymothi Hall & Princess Mayela Carrasco [learn more]
    1. Baby Buggy Brigade
    2. Monroe Elementary School
    3. Mission Neighborhood Centers
    4. Comunidad Yucateca
    5. Samba do Mar
    6. Buena Vista Elementary School
    7. Aquarela Brazilian Dance Ensemble
    8. Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble of San Francisco
    9. Bolivia
    10. James Lick Middle School
    11. Association of Colombian Americans
    12. Bolivia Corazon De America
    13. Consul General of Nicaragua
    14. Mixtiso Latin Hip Hop Group
    15. Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
    16. BART
    17. Mara Reggae
    18. Low Riders
    19. Carnaval SF King Luis Fernando & Queen Monique Perry
    20. Proyeccion Folklorica Guatemalteca - Xelaju
    21. SambAsia
    22. San Francisco LGBT Pride
    23. Sistas-wit-Style and Associates with

      Grand Marshal Congresswoman Barbara Lee

    1. Yellow Cab Cooperative
    2. Loco Bloco  with Leonard Flynn Elementary School & Mission Girls Services
    1. Grupo Aztlan de San Francisco
    2. Everett Middle School
    3. Conjunto Folklorico Panama America
    4. Montclair Elementary School Oakland  & Dancing Planet
    1. Energia do Samba & Jorge Alabe’s Quilombo
    1. “Mo’ Love” of Steelband Oakland
    2. Cougar Cadet Corps
    3. Ginga Brasil
    4. Tales of the Seven Seas
    5. Quimbanda Grupo Carnavalesco
    6. Nueva Middle School Mas & Steel Band
    7. Mixcoatl Anahuac
    8. Banda Remelexo
    9. Bay Area Caribbean Connection
    10. Bolivians of Southern California
    11. El Tecolote & Academicos da Estrada Real
    12. Latin American Workout

      Bryant Elementary School

    1. Club CAB
    2. 3NI Productions
    3. Drug Free Marshals
    4. Hot Pink Feathers & Blue Bone Express
    5. Maracatu Nacao Casa Real Cazadero
    6. Mission Arts Performance Project
    7. Morenada-Bolivia
    8. Norcal Waste Systems
    9. Cultural Guatemalteco
    10. Rara Tou Limen
    11. Fogo Na Roupa
    12. Bay View Boat Club
    13. Mas Makers Massive
    14. Mission Housing Development Corporation
    15. California Soccer Association North with Mission High School
    16. Todo Mundo
    17. Zorro & Zorro, Jr.
    18. African Outlet

      Kipp Bayview Academy

    1. City College of SF African Drumming Ensemble
    2. Kip Farris Memorial Dream
    3. Sambao Paro O Povo
    4. Caballo Negro
    5. Bissap Baobab
    6. Super Sonic Samba School
    7. Oya Nike
    8. San Francisco Day Laborers
    9. Bay Area Boricuas
    10. USDA & USFDA
    11. West Coast Lion Dance Troupe
    12. Esplendor Azteka – Xipe Tptec
    13. San Francisco Cable Cars
    14. Prince Ice
    15. El Show de Vanessa
    16. Western Addition Drill Team Beacon Center
    17. San Fran Lords Low Rider Club
    18. Alternative Fuel Technology


    Carnaval 2006 features the theme
     Land of Childhood Dreams,
     a world where all dreams are possible.

    Fogomorphosis of the Monarch
     This year's theme subliminally honors Fogo Na Roupa's community members who have passed, but more directly focuses on the transformation that accompanies death, symbolized by Nana and the Monarch butterfly.

    Of those to whom this year's contingent pays tribute are the late Icelya Hernandez, daughter of Carnaval pioneer, director and number one promoter, Roberto Hernandez; Kip Farris, director of Batu Pitu and long-time Fogo member, master craftsman and engineer of endless Carnaval floats; Patricia Vattuone, a dynamic warrior, dancer, mother of four, and activist; and Gyasi Ramos, a young artist who dedicated energies and boundless creativity to the manifestation of Fogo's 2005 award winning Spirit Tracker float.
    Marra Reggae 2006:
    Each one of us is born into this world with a divine mission.  The soul is the inner fire that gives us warmth both to our worlds and to our hearts.  It is a creative power, a passion and a guiding force.  Our presentation honors the "Sacred Fire" in all of us and the passions and dreams of our childhood.
    Sambao Carnaval San Francisco 2006


    African Outlet (6)
    Aquarela (19)
    Bolivia (9)
    Bolivia Andina (6)
    Bolivia Corazon (8)
    Bolivianos Amigos (7)
    Bolivians SoCal (8)
    Brazil Culture Arts (12)
    Dance Kaiso (6)
    El Tecolote (6)
    Energia Do Samba (10)
    Foga Na Roupa (12)
    Ginga Brazil (5)
    Hot Pink Blue Bone (7)
    Latin Am Workout (10)
    Lick Middle (7)
    Loco Bloco (14)
    Marra Reggae (9)
    Mas Makers (14)
    Mission Cultural Center (9)
    Mixcoatl Anahuac (6)
    Quimbanda (7)
    Rara Tou Limen (7)
    Samb Asia (5)
    Sambao (7)
    SF Lords (9)
    So Carribean (8)
    Xiu Coatl (7)


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