2006 Carnaval San Francico
King Luis Fernando


Luis Fernando knows that patience and hard work are often rewarded. He first entered the contest in 2004 at the urging of the 2003 King of Carnaval Antonio Naranjo.
"I took 3RD place in 2005. I spent six months making my first costume. "
Born  on the West Coast of Mexico
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Born in Culiacám the capital  Sinaloa which is also home to the largest Carnaval on the West Coast of the Pacific Ocean in Mazatlan Mexico
Luis left at 19 years of age to attend to University Toluca Edo. De Mexico near Mexico City. A good athlete he excelled at volleyball eventually playing professionally.  "Volleyball takes a lot of energy." he fondly reminisces.

After his time at school, he ended

Luis at the King & Queen contest in 2004 held at Patio Espanol in San Francisco where he finished 3rd.

 back home where his mother urged him to immigrate to the United States.

" I danced last year with Maisa and Energia. " Maisa (Queen 2002) says the King


 The new King enjoys all types of dancing including samba, cumbia, and hip hop. In his winning performance, he begins as an Aztec dancer but he transforms himself into an ebullient personality when he dances his samba. For the Carnaval parade, when there are no costume changes the King will be wearing  a samba costume.
"I am going to come out in a samba costume. I like samba because there is a lot of energy with the drums."
Nitish Naharas has a brilliant set of photos of the 2006 King and Queen contest up at www.naharas.com

Luis feels very fortunate to have been able to live in the small town of Kensington for most of his years in California. Kensington is best know for its magnificent views of the Golden Gate bridge and the San Francisco Bay as well as a strong sense of community. It is easy to walk to Berkeley,  El Cerrito or where he works in Albany from most blocks in the small town of Kensington. "It is more relaxed here for me. " says Luis

Although he works most days, his job allows him to take care of a friendly group of regulars at the center of one of the East Bay's busiest intersections. Many of his regulars  turned out to support him in his quest to rule the rhythms of Spring here in the Bay Area on April 1st at Sweet's ballroom in downtown Oakland.


"I encourage others to participate in the contest.

I hope everyone can realize of enjoying everyday of your life. Nobody knows maybe you die tomorrow maybe you die tonight."


Luis credits Antonio Naranjo (King 2003) for encouraging him to compete in this year's competition and then working closely with him on his King performance including doing the choreography which included Antonio and a female dancer in supporting roles dressed in black.
"Antonio is my best friend. He made my costume too. He is also my personal trainer....
That was only the first time I danced with Antonio except for something fun on New Years. "
"Antonio is the best dancer I know and now he is growing as a choreographer. Now I dance with Antonio. I think he may have his own group."

Antonio Naranjo, the King of Carnaval 2003. is pictured at left of King Luis. Here's what sfgate had to say about 2003 pageant


The Mission neighborhood of San Francisco is a worldBART  renowned as a center for the lively arts in part because of its status as the only neighborhood on the  system with two BART stations. 2006 King Luis is able to make his rounds efficeintly since he lives close to two East Bay Bart stations.
King Luis works nearly everyday  from 5am to 1pm at the  Royal Ground Coffee
1127 Solano Avenue at San Pablo in Albany near the busy intersection at San Pablo.
1997 Solano Stroll Poster, Planet Solano
This neighborhood has one of the East Bay's best parades and festivals which often features contingents from Carnaval San Francisco. The Solono Stroll 2006 is on Sunday September 10th starts at 8 a.m. with the traditional pancake breakfast at Veterans' Memorial Park in Albany, followed by the opening of Stroll booths at 10. But the real kickoff is the costume theme parade at 11. The 2006 theme is Send in the Clowns [more at solanoave.org ]
2003 Solano Stroll Poster, Imagine
 In 2005, Solano Ave which is in both Albany andDownload Berkeley joined many other neighborhoods in instituting the great Mexican Day of Remembrance for ancestors and loved ones with their own Dia de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead.

Having just completed his three year quest to rule the Carnaval days of 2006 beyond time and space, we asked Luis what his next goal would be after his reign is complete.

"I want to go to Brazil." said 2006 King of Carnaval Luis Fernando          

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