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Immigrant Rights March in Oakland Cheers greeted Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s statement pledging solidarity “against any immigration bill filled with injustice and inhumanity,” and calling for “liberty, justice and freedom for all.”  @ 
"The House took an important first step regarding the war in Iraq. It voted in favor of an important amendment to the Iraq supplemental spending bill that I introduced .The amendment we offered was very simple: it stated that no funds from this spending bill will be used to enter into military base agreements between the United States and Iraq. Stating this will clearly indicate that the U.S. has no intention of maintaining a permanent military presence in Iraq. I’m pleased to say that the House unanimously approved this amendment.

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The Caribbean Diaspora
2005 Brooklyn Carnival Parade Grand Marshal
2006: Campaign to Establish Caribbean Heritage Month
House Congressional Resolution 71 Passed by the House and Senate [14FEB2006]
2005: nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize along with women from 150 countries as part of the international project, 1000 Women for Peace.
2005:Congresswoman Lee has been active in fighting to protect individual rights by
opposing the PATRIOT ACT
supporting greater financial privacy. 
promoting free speech by opposing media consolidation. 
2005: New Partnership with Haiti (H.R. 945)
2004: She was one of only several members of Congress to formally object to the certification of Ohio's electoral votes in an effort to push electoral reforms to address the widespread voting irregularities in Ohio and elsewhere during the 2004 Presidential elections. 
2002: On September 15, the US Congress approved a resolution authorizing President Bush to use "all necessary and appropriate force" against anyone associated with the terrorist attacks of September 11. The measure passed 98-0 in the Senate and 420-1 in the House. The lone dissenting vote was a colonel's daughter and longtime maverick from Oakland, California
The term diaspora (Ancient Greek διασπορά, "a scattering or sowing of seeds") is used (without capitalization) to refer to any people or ethnic population forced or induced to leave their traditional ethnic homelands; being dispersed throughout other parts of the world, and the ensuing developments in their dispersal and culture.



Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Democrat from Alameda County is the Grand Marshall of the 2006 Carnaval San Francisco Bay Area Festival, the largest ethnic event on the West Coast.

As the most senior Democratic Woman on the House International Relations Committee and the bipartisan Caribbean Caucus she has authored a bill establishing Caribbean-American month  Lee’s bill (H. Con. Res. 71) was approved by the House on June 27, 2005 and had 81co-sponsors and support from more than 40 non-governmental organizations working on CARIBBEAN-American issues. The Bill has passed the Floor of the House in June 26th and passed the Senate by Unanimous consent on February 14, 2006.  The Bill now awaits a Presidential Proclamation.  President George W. Bush has threatened a rare veto and all who enjoy the spirit of community expressed through the fun and joy of jumping up in the streets in fancy dress are asked to invite the President to also participate in the inclusive Spirit of Carnival by signing this act of Congress.

Congresswoman Lee, through her leadership roles in the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Progressive Caucus,  has been a leader in the fight for civil rights and civil liberties. 

Congresswoman Lee was born in El Paso Texas.  She graduated from Mills College in Oakland and received her MSW from the University of California in Berkeley.
Congresswoman Lee began her political career working in the office of her predecessor, Congressman Ron Dellums, where she eventually became his Chief of Staff.  Before being elected to Congress, she served in the California State Assembly from 1990-1996 and in the California State Senate from 1996-1998. When Dellums retired in 1998, Lee easily won his seat; she was reelected in 2005 with 85 percent of the vote.


a compelling vision of a different America where we all share an American Dream
of Diversity in Unity

State of the District               March 23 2006
“We are a nation in profound crisis. The authority of the President, the corruption, oversight by Congress, the role of government, even the meaning of our constitution – all of these things – are in question as we speak.”

… “The mess in Iraq, the warrantless surveillance of Americans, the Abramoff corruption scandals, the massive tax cuts for the wealthy in the face the abandonment of Katrina survivors, these are not isolated events. They are the predictable results of a neo-conservative, right wing government.

“The crisis I am talking about is not a crisis of events. It is not the result of September 11th, or hurricane Katrina, but rather a philosophy of government that threatens our democracy and places a priority on the interests of the wealthy few over those of the majority.”

… “It is common to hear pundits these days say that the Democratic Party doesn’t stand for anything. I don’t believe that…and I believe that our work together and the work I have described to you tonight represents a set of core principles that stand in stark contrast to the cynicism and corruption of the Bush administration and Congress.

“In the face of lawlessness and corruption, we represent a deep belief in serving the public trust and the common good.

“In the face of abuse of power, we represent the democratic insistence on accountability, checks and balances and the rule of law.

“In the face of a reckless unilateralism that has squandered our nation’s standing and left us alone and vulnerable in the world, we represent robust international leadership.

“In the face of an indifference that abandoned African Americans and the poor long before hurricane Katrina tore back the curtain, we represent the belief that every man, woman and child deserves the opportunity to take part in the American Dream.”

"I'm convinced that Congress's role in this is to look at every dimension of international terrorism and to help develop a strategy to combat it, to stamp it out, and ensure the safety of our country"

Eyes of Sorrow
by Naomi Drexler
(oil pastel, color pencil, watercolor). 9th Congressional District constituent Naomi's portrait will be on display through 2006 in the Nation's Capital as winner of the 21st Annual Congressional Art Competition

For Congresswoman Lee, building healthy communities goes beyond her protecting our environment and fighting against pollution and environmental racism. It means supporting violence prevention programs, programs that help lay the foundation where a strong community can grow. It means working to eliminate disparities in quality and access to healthcare and protecting women’s right to make their own decisions about their reproductive health. It means recognizing the contributions of the entire community and supporting just immigration policies. It means working for quality education and smaller class sizes, making sure that the door to opportunity is open to everyone.

She led the fight to create the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS and to bring affordable generic AIDS treatments to impoverished regions. 


Alternatives to War at

"B. Lee says No to big oil" at

Speaking Truth to Power:

 "This amendment is not about the war, though I offered an alternative to keep us out of Iraq. This amendment is not about bringing our troops home, though I believe we should. This amendment is not about holding the President accountable for misleading us into an unjust and unnecessary war, though we should.

Barbara Lee opposes Permanent Bases in Iraq 

"As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore." 
Congresswoman Lee's willingness to stand on principle earned her international attention when she was the only member of Congress to vote against the resolution authorizing President Bush to "use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations or persons.



Congresswoman Barbara Lee
California's 9 Congressional District encompasses most of Alameda County,  including the Cities of Albany, Berkeley and Oakland to the North and Ashland and Castro Valley to the South. Alameda County is one of 9 counties which make up the San Francisco Bay Area.
Colleges in the 9th Congressional District
  1. University of California at Berkeley
  2. Laney College
  3. Chabot College
  4. College of Alameda
  5. Ohlone Community College
  6. Wright Institute
  7. California School of Professional Psychology
  8. Mills College
  9. Merritt College
  10. Vista Community College
  11. Patten College
  12. Holy Names College
  13. Samuel Merritt College
  14. California College of Arts and Crafts
 Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), we are prepared to help lead our caucus in forceful, impassioned and organized opposition.
The Progressive Promise is rooted in three core principles:

Fighting for economic justice and security for all;
Protecting and preserving our civil rights and civil liberties; and
Promoting global peace and security.
Representatives Barbara Lee (D-Calif.)and Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.)  —co-chairs of the 62-member Congressional Progressive Caucus—present an alternative vision for the country
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Marin & Sonoma
"Where others have been cautious, we have been bold and outspoken. Where others have been afraid to say “the emperor has no clothes,” we have been honest enough to shout that if the hopes of Americans—rather than their fears—are the clothes of a Presidency, this President is truly naked!"
Progressive State of the Union 2006 with Barbara Lee
"Our nation faces a crisis, and we stand at a crossroads. Will we continue to be a nation of laws, or a nation where the executive claims the privilege of lawlessness? Will we be nation run for the benefit of big corporations and wealthy donors, or a nation of opportunity, where people who work hard are rewarded and everyone has a shot at the American dream?"
Progressive State of the Union 2006 with Lynn Woolsey

2006 Progressive State of the Union

Currently, there are 43 members of the CBC.  CBC Members are advocates for the human family nationally and internationally and have played a significant role as local and regional activists as well.  African American members have worked diligently to be the conscience of the Congress, but because all politics are ultimately local, they also provide dedicated and focused service to the citizens and Congressional districts that have elected them.

The vision of the founding members of the CBC to "promote the public welfare through legislation designed to meet the needs of millions of neglected citizens," continues to be a beacon and focal point for the legislative work and political activities of the Congressional Black Caucus today.


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