G.R.E.S. Samb„o Para O Povo

SF Carnaval 2005 Presentation

"Ritmo E Magia"

G.R.E.S. Samb„o Para O Povo is proud to present "Ritmo E Magia", a Brazilian Portuguese phrase for Rhythm and Magic!
Our "Enredo" or "Theme" forms the title of a song composed especially for the SF Carnaval Parade by singer/composer Luis Dib.
The lyrics describe the "delicious" and "contagious" "poetry" that is created by the dancers as they "swing" to the rhythms of the
rums (see lyrics and translation below).  The theme was chosen to illustrate and support the overall theme of the
SF Carnaval 2005 Parade, "Baila Conmigo! - Dance with me!"

G.R.E.S. Samb„o Para O Povo is a non-profit organization dedicated to community participation and to promoting Brazilian music and dance.
Our song begins with the dancers entering the avenue and goes on to describe how there would be more peace in the world through dancing
and drumming.  The message of the song coincides directly with our group's "mission".

Our parade contingent is lead by the G.R.E.S. Samb„o Para O Povo banner followed by the first "ala" (or wing) of dancers known as
the Comiss„o de Frente, the greeting (or front) committee.  Wearing traditional Rio style costumes designed by Anthony Richards of Sequin Queen
and Samb„o dancer Aki Ueno, these dancers set the foundation of this year's color scheme of Turquoise with Hot Pink.  They are followed by
additional "alas" of dancers, each having their own distinct costumes.

This year's choreography is created by Sandy Del Rio - Sambao's dance instructor and 2001 Rahaina de Bateria.

The dancers are followed by the Porta-bandeira (flag bearer) who, accompanied by the Mestre-sala, present the school's "crest" on a special flag.
The couple is portrayed this year by long time Samb„o lead dancer Nicole Marinkovich and her newly-wed husband and long-time friend
of the group, Jeff Smith.  Samb„o's "bandeira" was created for the 2003 SF Carnaval parade following the traditions of the Rio Samba Schools
with the school's official "crest" framed by brilliant rays of our school colors, Turquoise and Red.

The Bateria (or drum battery) comprised of forty plus musicians comes next lead by the Rainha de Bateria (Queen of the Bateria), a highly energetic
dancer charged with providing inspiration for the drummers to play loud and strong.  Leading the Bateria once again is Regente (or Director)
Brad Hamilton who is performing in his 17th consecutive SF Carnaval Parade.

The contingent is anchored by a float that re-enforces our theme by depicting a giant dancer emulating the main costume.  The float is also
decorated to support the overall color image presented by the contingent.  In addition to the sound system the float carries the musicians
and singers (or puxadores) that "pull" or drive the bateria with their repetitions of the Enredo lyrics and melody.

Behind the float the group's color guard concludes the presentation wearing the school colors and bearing additional G.R.E.S. Samb„o Para O Povo
ceremonial flags.

G.R.E.S. Samb„o Para O Povo is a non-profit [501 (c) 3] corporation dedicated to providing recreational activities by promoting
Brazilian music and dance.  The group is lead by President Glenn Evans, Secretary Lisa Ruiz, and Treasurer Ted Syrett. Samb„o is based in Mountain View, CA, and provides music and dance classes all year round on the peninsula in addition to performing at many festivals and shows throughout the SF Bay Area.  For more information or to contact the group,
please visit the web site at www.sambao.org.

*[G.R.E.S. = GrÍmio Recreotivo Escola do Samba (Recreational Group Samba School)]

"Ritmo E Magia" (Enredo or Theme Song) Lyrics and Translation

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