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Parade Line-Up
(as of April 13, 2005)

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PARADE SEATING $20 ($25 if available at the gate) On Mission between 21st & 22nd Street facing the New Mission Theatre (East Side)

Roberto Hernandez of Latinzoneroberto-ccar.jpg Productions produces
Carnaval San Francisco
for Mission Neighborhood Centers. Since 2002, Roberto has been the Artistic Director as well as responsible for  sponsorship income. According to his vision, Carnaval will finally give the SF Bay Area a great world class annual event through investment in cultural arts programs with a Spring (Carnaval) recital. 
Caribbean Carnival on Parade
Jan McDermott writes about the festival arts from the English speaking West Indies and Puerto Rico you can expect to see during the Grand Parade on Memorial Day Sunday May 29, 2005. Also check out the camera's view on the growing Caribbean presense in the parade

Carnaval San Francisco is the largest BOLIVIAN PARADE outside the Andes with more entries in 2005 then ever before

by Monica Conrady who has been covering Carnavals around the world for us since 1992

&  Who's not here?
SOCA GOLD 2005 - ID: 13669

SONGS of the SEASON from Trinidad Carnaval 2005

Blanche Brown
will dance with
Rara Tou Limen (#45)  One of Carnaval SF's most celebrated figures will take to the streets to mark the return of a Haitian contingent after 5 years absence

  1. Walden House
  2. Xiuhcoatl Danza Azteca performs 1000 year old prayers in dance form Give Thanks to the 4 directions mother earth & creation
  3. Monroe Elementary School
  4. Grand Marshal with Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble of SF 
  5. Pollo al Kerry – Italian Masque
  6. Buena Vista Elementary School
  7. Inspirations Car Club
  8. Carnaval San Francisco King Paulo Silva & Queen Vanessa Mosqueda
  9. Space Cowboys
  10. Mixtiso Latin Hip Hop Group presents Dance With Me This is 2005 Queen Vanessa's contingent Mixtiso Latin Hip Hop group
  11. Grupo Cultural Bolivia Andina
  12. Comcast, Fox en Espanol & California Soccer Association North
  13. DownloadMission Cultural Center for Latino Arts with the Association of Colombian Americans & Tambores de Colombia Barranquilla Baila (Quien Lo Vive es Quien Lo Goza" or He who lives it is he who enjoys) A salute to
  14. Barranquilla Columbia, home to one of the world's greatest Carnivals. 3 Columbian music forms will be played: Vallenato, Cumbia & Garabato
  15. Baby Buggy Brigade
  16. Sambao Para o Povo
  17. Inspirations Car Club
  18. Consul General of Nicaragua
  19. DownloadQuimbanda [kim-ban-da] & Gamo Da Paz presents A Tribute to the Orixa Ossain whose realm is the forest, herbs & medicinal plants
  20. Bolivia
  21. Cesar Chavez Elementary School
  22. James Lick Middle School presents UNO DOS Y TRES 4TH year live comparsa band exploring African influenced Latin American music
  23. Inspirations Car Club
  24. SambAsia presents Heartbeat, Dance of the King
  25. Energy & YO!SF
  26. Gloria R Davis College Preparatory Academy
  27. African Outlet [ ] & Dancers of the Mystic Sun [] present Dance for our Ancestors
  28. Malcolm X Elementary School Polynesian Dance Club
  29. Mara Reggae
  30. Yellow Cab Coop
  31. Download Brazil Culture & Arts presents Respeite a mae natuza -Respect Mother Nature a celebration of the earth and the beauty and diversity in it inspired by the Rio Carnival and led by the great Mestre Beicola
  32. Dance Kaiso
  33. Inspirations Car Club
  34. Loco Bloco, Leonard Flynn Elementary School & Mission Girls  DEFENDING CHAMPION
  35. Pistahan Parade & Festival  Filipino American Arts Explosion
  36. Conjunto Folklorico Panama America
  37. Babatunde Lea & Admiral Faragut Elementary School, Rhythm of the African Diaspora drumming program
  38. Aquarela Brazilian Dance Ensemble
  39. Univision
  40. Everett Middle School
  41. Samba do Mar presents Power of the Yabas  starring Dandha Da Hora and Sambada
  42. El Zorro & El Zorro, Jr
  43. Bolivia Corazon de America
  44. Ginga Brasil
  45. Azteca America
  46. Rara Tou Limen presents Through Unity We Are Strong Instructors Portsha Jeffeson & Colette Eloi dedicate this Karnaval celebration to the hurrican victims in Gonaives and to all the Rara bands in Haiti
  47. Buena Vista International Dancers
  48. Grupo Aztlan de San Francisco
  49. Mixcoatl Anahuac
  50. El Tecolote
  51.  Sistas wit Style & Associates presents Dances of the Caribbean [ ]
  52. Grant Union High School Pacer Posse
  53. Energia do Samba
  54. San Fran Lords Car Club
  55. Bissap Baobab Marco's
  56. DownloadClub de Amigos Bolivianos          
  57. Todo Mundo
  58. Fogo Na Roupa
  59. San Fran Lords Car Club
  60. Jaime Martinez’s Latin American Workout presents SALSA ZONA
  61. USDA & USFDA
  62. Mas Makers Massive
  63. PFG Xelaju
  64. 3NI Productions
  65. DownloadWest Coast Lion Dance Troupe                                           
  66. Banda Remelexo
  67. Wells Fargo
  68. BART
  69. Bolivians of Southern California
  70. All Ah We
  71. Hot Pink Feathers/Blue Bone Express
  72. Islands of Fire
  73. San Francisco Day Laborers
  74. Norcal Waste Systems
  75. El Show de Vanessa
  76. DownloadSuper Sonic Samba School  
  77. San Fran Lords Car Club
  78. Tales of the Seven Seas
  79. Socaribbean International
  80. Operators of the Cable Car Division
  81. Bay Area Caribbean Connection
  83. San Fran Lords Car Club
  84. San Francisco Puerto Rican Club
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2005 Parade Contingents || May events || Festival || King Paulo || Queen Vanessa
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