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Mission Month of May
countdown to carnaval san francsico and the summer fun
"Interest in art breaks down barriers," Brad Nye chuckles. "It's intoxicating and brings people out to commune."

  Jane Ganahl sfgate
"an enormous potential boon for the entire Bay Area beyond the sheer pleasure it brings, in terms of the significant benefits of breaking through the shell of our provincial isolation and offering chances for artistic cross-fertilization. "
Robert Hurwitt sfgate  &
Rachel Howard sfgate

Rita Felciano at
Two new arts festivals with many small venues throughout San Francisco make May the best month to visit the SF Mission district

16th Street BART PLAZA
through June 2005
on the public boards at the top of the escalator, later in 2005 the opposing Northeast Plaza will under renovation featuring a striking new piece of artwork


The 2005 Cinco De Mayo San Francisco Celebration will be held from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. at Parque De Los Niños located on 23rd Street, between Treat and Folsom streets. The Cinco De Mayo SF Festival will offer food, music, dance, art, crafts and other fun activities and entertainment on the main stage for the entire family to enjoy.
WHAT: Cinco de Mayo San Francisco – Annual Celebration
WHEN & WHERE:10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

New from Latin Zone Productions and Mission Neighborhood Centers is

still under construction but featuring many committee contributions like
Make your own pinatas


Carnaval San Francisco is California’s Largest Annual Multi-Cultural Celebration



SF Bay Area Mural Awareness Month

Since 1989, the Annual San Francisco / Bay Area Mural Awareness Month is an extended celebration held annually during the month of May to increase public awareness of new and existing murals, promote community mural art, as well as to honor San Francisco and Bay Area muralists.

"The community mural process makes art more accessible; it brings art into the lives of people who didn't have it," said Susan Cervantes, ensconced in her cluttered office at the back of the center's current paint-spattered shop and studio on 24th Street. "There's kind of a mural magic that happens.We love to share that with people."
MISSION Celebrating art that draws people together by Tyche Hendricks, Chronicle Staff Writer Friday, May 6, 2005

  Mural Awareness Month is a series of events celebrating the wealth of murals throughout the Bay Area and honoring the muralists whose outstanding work has had an affect on the communities that surround them. The events educate and involve the community by enabling people to view the murals first hand, by teaching about the process and content of the murals, introducing the muralists and explaining why they created their murals.
For more information about these events, as well as additional tours and workshops, call Precita Eyes at (415) 285-228

 -Mural Awareness Festival
@ Precita Park
Saturday May 7th, 2005 1:00pm-5 p.m
Mural painting competition, community "paint-in," kids' art, live music and food. Precita Park, between Folsom and Harrison streets. Free.  Live Music & Food Free

Monumental Mural Bike Tour, noon May 15. Tour starts at Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center, 2981 24th St. (at Harrison). $10.

 -Panel Discussion (5-6:30 pm)
followed by
Mural Awards Ceremony Dinner & Dance (6:30pm-Midnight)
Saturday May 21st, 2005
Precita Valley Community Center
534 Precita Ave.
Tickets only $ 20.00
This year's mural awareness month whas a special poignancy:
Luis Cervantes the co-founder of Precita Eyes recently passed away  at the age of 81.

Award winners 2005

  • -Master Muralists: Ernesto Paul whose art has been transforming the Bay Area for over 20 years
  • -Children's Mural Award: "Remember Cesar Chavez" 2004. Directed by Halsey Chait, Abbie Gordan, Sophie Gross & Raloca Ioanid. Designed by 33 4th graders from Rm. 51, Cesar Chavez Elementary located at 960 17th. street Richmond, CA

  • -Youth Mural Award: "Unity" Mission Mural Series (#1) 2004. Directed by Jason Treas. Designed and painted by local youth at the Columbia Park Teen Ctr. Boys & Girls Club, Valencia between 16th & 17th Sts. SF, CA

  • -Public Community Mural Award: "The Blues Evolution Part 1 + Part 2" 2004, by Santie Huckaby. Back wall of Hamilton Ctr. 1900 Geary Blvd. between Post and Steiner Sts. SF, CA

  • -International Mural Award: "Spirits and Folklore of Ghana" 2004. Directed by Laurel True with Lillian Sizemore, Anna Webb and Community Members of Nungua, Ghana. Tile/ mixed media mosaic mural at Aba House Cultural Center, Nungua, Ghana W. Africa.

  • -National Mural Award: "Monarch Landscape" 2004 Directed & designed by Esther Grillo. Painted by the John Adams HS, ASPIRA club; students from Beach Channel HS & neighborhood volunteers. Located at Beach 76 th. street & Shorefront Parkway, Rockaway, Queens.

  • -Special Recognition Award: "Market Street Railway Mural" 2004 Directed by Mona Caron. Located at 300 Church @ 15th. St. SF, CA


 Monday, May 9

- The sights and sounds of Carnaval San Francisco come to SBC Park.


Carnaval Queen 2002 Maisa  warms up the crowd  Maisa's Energia do Samba  is one the Bay Area's favoritite Brazilian Dance Performing Companies

The percussion drummers outside of the ballpark, and a pre-game performance with Carnaval Dancers and extravagant head dresses bring the festive Carnaval atmosphere to SBC Park. Carnaval themed prize packs will be given away during the game. Purchase your specially priced ticket now for this fan favorite. for only $10 (normally $19)!

El atractivo Carnaval de San Francisco regresa el lunes, 9 de mayo al estadio SBC con sus sonidos rítmicos. Los tambores de bongo sonarán afuera del estadio, habrá una presentación de los Bailarines del Carnaval antes del encuentro con extravagantes vestimentas sobre la cabeza que brindará una atmósfera festiva de Carnaval en el estadio SBC. Durante el juego se obsequiarán paquetes premiados con el tema del Carnaval. ¡Los boletos están ahora disponibles por un precio especial de $10 dólares! Para mas información llame al 415.972.2012.

Carnaval Night at the Baysball Stadium debuted in May 2004. Click through for a who's who pictorial featuring the stunning

2004 Queen Micaela Mazzini

 Giants take on the Pirates at 7:15 or  today to get your tickets, or for more information call 415-972-2012.

If you build it they will come

"There’s a man out there on the lawn." Ray leaves the house and steps onto the liminal space of his porch. Because Ray has heeded a voice saying,
"If you build it he will come," this otherwise sensible farmer has plowed up a large section of the family cornfield to construct a baseball diamond, complete with lights. As he flips on the diamond’s lights to see who is there, they frame the entire baseball field on which stands a lone figure--an ordered cosmos "of light beyond which lies the chaos" of the boundless midwestern cornfield (30). Ray enters the field and starts to play ball with the figure, whom he discovers is the long-dead Shoeless Joe Jackson, banned for life from baseball as a member of the legendary "Black Sox" team of 1919
In a final long shot with the house out of focus and Shoeless Joe heading into the cornfield, he turns and asks the question with which I began above,
"Is this Heaven?", to which Ray answers, "No, it’s Iowa."
The American heartland is thus redescribed as sacred center. The scene which began with the profane world and its financial worries ends with Ray and Annie reaffirming their commitment to keeping this field, at all costs. For it has been seen as it really is, a sacred space, indeed the very center of what matters most.

Teaching Field of Dreams
as Cosmogonic Myth

 by Mara E. Donaldson       
Something the local droves of campaigners who took impassioned trips to the swing red states like Iowa and Michigan in the 2004 Presidential election to save us from our fate of the reelection of President George W. Bush
and ended up alienating the fence sitters.

What's the answer?
Since 1979 the Carnaval Community has been pointing the way to a different path. This one is respects the past with ancient festival dances of rebirth, finding itself in the Dionysian syncretic rhythms of the new world, and the collective dreams of a new world of  unity in diversity. 


2nd SUNDAY before CARNAVAL Sunday
SEARCH 2005 || FOTOS || SEARCH 2006

RACE DAY - SUNDAY, MAY 15  is the only public nude run literally traversing the width of a major world class city before many tens of thousands of spectators and live T.V. The Boosters' text is unique.
There's nude and then there's exhibitionist. Some of the guys are getting kind of rude and over the top wagging their tings.  We moved out the nudie shots (to the left) to the member's only section except for the painted bodies.

Carnaval San Francisco 2005 is going to City Hall!
Imagine dancing down the steps of the grand rotunda in City Hall!

Mark your calendars for this incredible performance and reception with Mayor Gavin Newsom on Wednesday, May 18 from 12 noon to 1:30 pm. Contingents leaders are welcome to invite everyone in your contingent to participate. Questions or need more information, contact
Karol An Meier 415.920.0122
Invitation Only Event
STRUTTING DOWN THE GRAND STAIRCASE: One of the great public buildings on the planet, symbolizing the glamour and vitality of the City by the Bay that knows how it includes one of the most spectacular sets of stairs in any world-real or imagined .
Saturday before Carnaval
Abada Capoeira Brazilian Arts Center
3221 22nd Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Sat 05/21/05 (2:00-5:00pm)
General: $10-$15 Sliding Scale » Available at the door, no pre-saleSenior: $5 » Available at the door, no pre-sale
Children: $5 » 12 years old & under
Phone: 415-206-0650
DownloadA batizado, (literally “baptism”), is a traditional ceremony of initiation and growth for students of the powerful art of capoeira. In a batizado, new students receive a capoeira nickname and play with a Master or instructor, symbolically welcoming them into the capoeira community. For continuing students the batizado is a time of celebration and recognition of their growth in capoeira. Some new and continuing students will receive a cord that represents their level and growth in capoeira. ACSF’s acclaimed performance ensemble will open the Batizado. The batizado is a wonderful opportunity to witness the historical and traditional aspects of capoeira and to join ACSF’s strong Mission District-based community in celebration of its growth and accomplishments.
ACSF is proud to announce that over half of the participants in the Batizado ceremony will be members of The RAY (Reaching All Youth) Project, ACSF’s program offering free capoeira classes to low-income youth aged 5-19.

18th & Alabama


Come help us celebrate the Bike Kitchen's two-year anniversary. Last year's party was a success, but this year's will be even bigger and crazier. All ages are welcome to compete in our bike challenges, everything from the Slow Race to the Tube Patch King to the Huffy Toss. Cyclecide will of course be there with a bicycle-powered ferrris wheel and other extra-terrestrial contraptions, and we'll also be offering bicycle blended smoothies.

At 3pm, judging will begin for the HOMESTYLE BIKE COMPETITION. We have a panel of judges made up of some of the brightest Bay Area bike luminaries. So bring your fanciest, nuttiest or classiest homestyle bike and your could win our grand prize: $100 cash. And of course it wouldn't be a party without a barbecue, music, and a raffle with tons of great prizes. Train-wreck DJs Nathan and Jef Leöpard will provide the tunes.
Outstanding storytellers from around the country and around the state visit the Bay Area each Spring to spin yarns and share stories. Settle in and listen as they bring to life tales old and new: folk tales, family stories, fables, recollections, ghost stories, tall tales, fairy tales, and classic stories from many different cultures.

Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area
510-562-PARK San Pablo Dam Road
Pinole, CA 94803

Sat 05/21/05 (10:00 am to 7:30 pm)
Sun 05/22/05 (10:00 am to 5:30 pm)

PIERS 30-32 San Francisco's
 most spectacular Fireworks Display
 and free concert!

KFOG KaBoom! opens - 4pm

KFOG KaBoom! Stage

4:30pm - 5:30pm      Kathleen Edwards
6:00pm - 7:00pm      John Butler Trio
7:40pm - 8:55pm      The Wallflowers

Children's Stage

4:30pm - 5:00pm       Captain Jack and Maynard the Monkey
5:15pm - 5:45pm       Mr. Horsefeathers
6:00pm - 6:30pm       Penney the Clown
6:45pm - 7:15pm       Mr. Miraculous
7:30pm - 8:00pm       Boswick the Clown

KFOG KaBoom! Fireworks - 9:00pm

What to Bring:
Sweater or jacket;
Radio and headphones tuned to KFOG 104.5 FM;Bicycle or motorcycle;
$$$ for food or a picnic lunch (see restrictions below);Blanket or low lawn chair (no taller than 36");

What Not to Bring:
Dogs (they don't like fireworks anyway!);Coolers / ice chests;Bottles, cans or alcohol;Barbeques;Tall lawn chairs;
Skateboards;Roller skates;
Frisbees;Beach balls;Balloons;
Any type of projectile
located at Piers 30/32 on the Embarcadero at Brannan, just north of SBC Park. Last year's KFOG KaBoom! attracted over 300,000 spectators, so remember to take public transportation, as parking is extremely limited.

take BART, SF MUNI, AC Transit, Caltrain and other public transportation.
  • SF MUNI, 415-673-MUNI,
    Take the N-Judah streetcar that runs along the Embarcadero and get off at the Embarcadero/Brannan stop.
    The N-Judah runs approximately every ten minutes. MUNI bus 10 stops near Piers 30/32. MUNI bus 12 stops at Embarcadero and Harrison (approximately 2 blocks from Piers 30/32). MUNI buses 30 and 45 stop at 4th and Brannan (approximately 6 blocks from Piers 30/32).
    From the East Bay
  • BART, 510-465-2278,
    Take BART to the Embarcadero stop in San Francisco. After exiting, go up one level to MUNI and take the N-Judah line to the Embarcadero/Brannan stop. BART trains run approximately every 20 minutes on Saturdays.
  • AC Transit, 510-891-4777,
    AC Transit provides bus service from many East Bay cities to the Transbay Terminal at Mission and Fremont Streets. This is a short walk to Piers 30/32. Call or check their website for schedules and information.
  • Alameda / Oakland Ferry, 510-522-3300,
    Ferries will leave from Alameda and Oakland to the San Francisco Ferry Building throughout Saturday afternoon. Please call or check their website for schedules and information.
  • Golden Gate Transit / Golden Gate Ferry,
    Golden Gate Transit and the Golden Gate ferry will be running buses and ferries throughout the day. Please check their website for schedules and information. They will not be running transportation after the event. for additional information about the special ferry service.
  • SamTrans, 1-800-660-4287,
    Take SamTrans Route KX or Route 292 from the Peninsula to the Transbay Terminal at First and Mission Streets in San Francisco. Route KX will run from Stanford Shopping Center to the terminal, and Route 292 will run from Hillsdale Shopping Center to the terminal. Return buses leave from the Transbay Terminal—the KX bus will depart at 8:55 pm, and the 292 bus will depart at 11:56 pm. Call the number above for additional information.
  • Caltrain, 1-800-600-4287,
    In addition to the regular schedule, Caltrain will operate one extra train leaving San Jose Diridon Station at 2:30 pm, making all local stops. In addition, the regular Northbound trains 435, 437, and 439 will have added capacity.


The 1st Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration...Sunday, May 22nd,
from 11am-6pm in Japantown
(Post Street: Laguna and Fillmore) in San Francisco.
TUESDAY May 24th
Brazuca Brown and
The DRUMS of Fogo na ROUPA
  • a pre-Carnaval show9pm
  • ELBOW ROOM 647 Valencia near 17th St.
  • info: 415-552-7788
VIP Reception Thursday, May 26, 2005  
Medjool 2522 Mission Street @ 21st St San Francisco

THE CARNAVAL RAFFLE the major fund raiser for participating artists and the Carnaval Cultural Arts Fund will take place. Prizes include a guitar donated by former SF Mission resident Carlos Santana. has also donated 50 2004 Carnaval DVDs

Mission street Merchants Carnaval Window Winners announcement by MEDA

Medjool Review by Mission Despatch

CARNAVAL SF's first night PARADE ever!
from 24th & Bryant to Medjool led by Loco Bloco.

"because Carnaval is nighttime"

Jose Carassco


Special performances by:

  • King Paulo & Queen Vanessa of Carnaval 2005
  • Loco Bloco
  • Carnaval All-star Bateria
  • DJ Bobby A.
May 27th

Download Dandara & Ginga Brasil
The Bay Area's most talented and enticing entertainer


Fridays at 16th & Harrison
weekly lineup (415)437-9240

csflogo2.gif - 3987 Bytes FESTIVAL 2005
Carnaval San Francisco is pleased to announce that the City of San Francisco and SFPD-Mission has allowed the festival to expand into the side streets allowing Harrison Street to become a thoroughfare
When: Sat. May 28th & Sunday 29th, 2005
Where: Harrison Street, between 16th & 23rd streets

Festival and Parade are FREE
VIP grand parade seating: $20
      Click for FestivaL INfo

Saturday May 28th  Elbow Room
Samba DA & Universal Language

Saturday May 28th @ Jelly's Cafe

295 Terry Francisco Blvd. Pier 50, SF

DJ Music with Wicked YB Ubald -- Special Guest Band from Haiti LAKAY
also featuring DJ KOFI from Ghana
Live performance by Fogo Na Roupa
Doors open at 9pm, show time at 11 pm ($10 before 11 pm/$15 after 11 pm)

The Carnaval Parade on Sunday, May 29 starts 9:30 a.m. aticket_parade_seating.gif - 11928 Bytest the corner of 24th and Bryant streets where it will proceed west to Mission Street. From there, the parade heads north on Mission down to 17th Street, where it will turn east and flow into the festival area.
The Official Carnaval SF After Party!!!

Featuring: LDA (NYC), Jowell & Randy (Puerto Rico) and Platano (Miami)
Hosted by Boy Wonder (Chosen Few)

Club NV, 525 Howard Street, SF
Doors Open 9PM-2AM. 21&Over.

 SF Memorial Day Ceremony
Honor the men and women who have died in the Iraqi War and all Americans who have given their lives in past conflicts

A sketch of a soldier with bugle in the foreground and the American flag in the background.Monday, May 30, 2005
Presidio Main Parade Ground and San Francisco National Cemetery
10:30 a.m. – parade
11 a.m. – program

The event begins at 10:30 a.m. at the Presidio Main Post Parade Ground. A parade will proceed to nearby National Cemetery for the 11 a.m. formal ceremony, which includes a traditional military “flyover” and a 21 gun salute by the 91st Division USAR.

At 12:30 p.m., National Park Service rangers will lead cemetery walks highlighting the final resting place of Medal of Honor recipients and historic figures. The From Above exhibit featuring aerial images by famed photographer Robert Cameron will be open in the Presidio Officers’ Club from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Park near the Presidio Officers’ Club, 50 Moraga Avenue, on the Main Post. The free PresidiGo Shuttle will take visitors from the Lombard Gate to the Main Post and National Cemetery every 30 minutes. For more information, call the Events Line at (415) 561-5500.

Download United Nations 60th Anniversary Celebration (June 5) 
Significantly 2005 is the first time in the event's 33-year history that the big show will be held in the United States. 2005 is also the 60th anniversary of the United Nations which was founded at a charter convention in San Francisco in 1945
World Environment Day 2005 in SF June 5th also 60th anniversary of UN in SF
Ongoing until 07/15/05 - Pulse: a Stomp Odyssey at San Jose's Tech Museum of Innovation is an exploration of the sights and sounds of continents and cultures, guided by the internationally acclaimed performers of the sensational off-Broadway show STOMP, a show that has toured throughout North America and the world to rave reviews and sold-out performances. Audiences will travel a world brought brilliantly alive on the large-format screen and will discover the universal language of rhythm. The film is a unique and extraordinary large-format experience -- a visual and auditory celebration of diversity and culture, rhythm and humanity -- encouraging the viewer to the listen to the world in a new way. It will introduce audiences to percussion groups from locales and backgrounds as disparate as Timbalada of Brazil to the Kodo drummers of Japan, from the American Indian Dance Theater to the Jackie Robinson Steppers of New York. It is a different kind of journey, one that connects the audience with the pulse of the world.'s on-line guide featuring local global personalities. will be visiting in 2005
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