Loco Bloco Carnaval 2005

Loco Bloco will appear in SF's Carnaval 2005 with partner organizations Community Bridges Beacon, Mission Girls Services and Leonard Flynn Elementary, and participating groups Precita Center, Columbia Boys and Girls Club, Windsor Bloco, and after school programs at Horace Mann Middle School, John O'Connell High and Alvarado Elementary.

Loco Bloco's choice of theme for Carnaval 2005, "Regeneracion", reflects our vision of bringing balance to our relationship with Mother Earth, and healing her wounds caused by the chemical poisoning of the land, water and air, the rapid depletion of the protective ozone, the massive destruction of the world's forests and animals. We believe that the first step in creating the new is to envision it. Join us in this outpouring of passion, color, hope and dreams!

Loco Bloco 450 Church St. Room 19 San Francisco, CA 94114 415-626-5222
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Loco Bloco's dance and choreography represent a fusion of Afro Brazilian, West African, Hip- Hop and Cuban traditions.
Executive director Jose Carrasco (upper left below) Artistic director Heather Watkins (shown lower left below) Musical Director Pedro Gomez Costume designers Christina Allen, Heather Watkins, & Jasmin McLain are all key contributors to this very special phenomenon which serves mainly low-income youth.
Loco Bloco has participated in Carnaval since 1994, beginning as a volunteer led class for kids in the Mission district. Growing steadily until 2001 when they became the parades largest with over 250 contingent participants. They have won the Grand Prize in 2001, 2002 & 2004. (The 25th silver anniversary there was no judging.)
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