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Wemerson Nader finished just out of the winner's circle in the 2005 King of Carnaval Competition

Ivan Pandolfi (King of Carnaval 1991) and Alex Saporetti, one of Carnaval SF's great costume desingers retired in 2004 and turned over leadership of their many  Birds of Paradise Carnavalesco to Maisa and Energia do Samba. Carnaval.com visited them in Feb 2005. Watch for fotos to come in the brazil section of our image server. or visit their web site here
MAISA at the Queen competition in 2000 competed as a member of Aquarela with  fellow troupe member Carlos Silva, (reigning King  1999). MAISA joined Samba do Coracao before eventually coming out with her own band as a wing of Birds of Paradise.
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“The Carnaval is a day that everybody is a king or queen for one day,
where we share this beautiful and fun energy with other people. If we
are able to put a smile in somebody’ face, we can say that our mission
is accomplished.”

Maisa Duke in the image server

The  Rehearsal are in Class, Mondays and Fridays.
We want to take this Carnaval to the next level. We want to every
single person in the group to look amazing. So if you are willing to spend a little of money we can make you look your best.it's very
important that everybody comes to the  Classes rehearsal so you can
learn the choreography. We don’t want to complicate things but we want
to make a simple, effective and fun choreography.


If you have any questions please call Me at (415) 793-1754,or visit
the new web site

We are looking forward to see everybody again. 
Let’s join for the spirit of Carnaval, where all the people from 
different background and ages are welcome.
Like we say in Brazil: Just SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE it.
The party continue after the Carnaval parade. We are going to have a
barbecue that will be held at 7 Fair Avenue (off of Mission Street, at
the intersection where Mission and Valencia Streets meet.
Maisa Duke

Maisa Santana Duke
Samba Queen of San Francisco Carnaval 2002Download
Founder/Choreographers/artistic director of E.doS.


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