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Who will challenge the juggernaut of the Ghetto Nation? Loco Bloco will go for its 4th consecutive championship title in 2005

Carlos Aceituno leader and founder of Fogo na Roupa for 27 years has lived the big dream of Carnaval San Francisco Bay Area. His wisdom,  energy and ability to maintain a fogalistic upbeat vibe for countless presentations by his many performing groups throughout the year is truly remarkable. As both shaman and master teacher,  he encourages children, youth and adults to partake in Brazilian cultural arts with passion and joy. Mr. Aceituno currently teaches at the Mission Cultural Center in San Francisco, and Malonga Casquelourd Center in Oakland.

Carnaval San Francisco Royalty
1990 Michael Jenkins & Sweetwine 
1991 Neuza Brown & Ivan Pandolfi,
1992 Rosana Brito & Ian Del Silva
1993 Jacque Barnes and Jaime Martinez
1994 Denise Joseph and Mario Chacon
1995 Jean Luc Stora and Maria Souza  
1996 Mercedes Stubbs & Silvana Souza
1997 Milanda Moore & Roger Dilahunti
1998 Staci Townsend & Shimon Van Collie
Blanche Brown will dance in the 2005 Carnaval SF parade.
Blanche's students have long represented the Haitian dance contribution to Carnaval. Blanche is is a dancer and teacher of 25 years in the fields of jazz and traditional Haitian dance. She has taught workshops in diverse places throughout the country. Ms. Brown currently teaches at Rhythm and Motion studio in San Francisco, Motion Pacific Studio in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara University. She was reappointed as City arts commissioner by Mayor Gavin Newsome giving the board continuity since she began her term as a appointee of her husband the former Mayor (da mayor) Willie Brown. The California Dance Educators Association selected her as the Artist-Educator of the year in 1996 for artistic contributions and leadership in dance at the local and state levels.
Including her years as a member of
Wajumbe Cultural Dance Ensemble, she has been studying and teaching Haitian dance since the 1970s. Her teachers include Serge St. Juste, Jean Leon-Destine and Mona Amira.  Her company, Group Petit Le Croix (formerly Roots of Haiti) has appeared in several San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festivals. the Ethnic Dance Festival
Reggaeton is a new genre of music in SF combining the dance grooves of reggae with hiphop, spanish lyrics and a mix of Latin rhythms.  will host the official after party at Club NV, 525 Howard on Sunday at 9pm
Promoters who bring in international talent for large concerts or even who hire lots of local Carnaval San Francisco talent to take advantage of the largest multi-cultural party on the Left coast are encouraged to contact the producers of Carnaval SF.

Byron Lee:  Carnival Amabassador
Byron Lee founded Jamaica Carnival [] in 1991 and has watched it grow to become Jamaica's top visitor promotion tool. This year their happening web site has a message we could all benefit from, about taking the Carnival to the next level,
2005 Come Alive
Since his debut single "Dumplins" in 1960,
Byron Lee has grown a successful, enduring career and has become an entertainment legend. His studio offerings include an annual "must buy" release of remakes of Trinidad's top Carnival songs featuring a scantily-clad beauty on the cover. Some say he has appropriated the music from "other people's cultures" in Jamaica and Trinidad for his own gain while others believe that Byron Lee is the most successful musical ambassador for bringing Caribbean music to the rest of the world. 
Bryon Lee in San Francisco in 2001 At this same event, the SF Caribbean community recognized several individuals for extraordinary achievement.
These were Newton C. Gordon || Ann Marie McClure || Percy C. Hintzen || Suzanne Ludlum || Luis E. Medina  || Celisse  Johnson || Andrew Monero || Roberto Y. Hernandez

Oakland Carnival 2005 CANCELLED
City fathers, still unsettled with police issues, and concerned for another repeat of the pattern of outside youth looking for

"This is more than a mere academic argument. Upon its resolution rests the future of Oakland’s economy and, more importantly, its soul."

 action after the event's conclusion elected to just say no. This is the same story that led to much lamented demise of Fesitval at the Lake more.   Fruitvale's kiddie Carnival will also not be happening


PARADE SEATING $20 ($25 if available at the gate) On Mission between 21st & 22nd Street facing the New Mission Theatre (East Side)
Music for the 2004 and 2005 Carnival Flash Movies created by local musician and artist, Cubik. He is one half of electronic duo Cubik and Origami, which is releasing its debut on Wide Hive Records in late June 2005.

May 29th, 2005

The Official Carnaval SF After Party!!!

Featuring: LDA (NYC), Jowell & Randy (Puerto Rico) and Platano (Miami)
Hosted by Boy Wonder (Chosen Few)

Club NV, 525 Howard Street, SF
Doors Open 9PM-2AM. 21&Over.
Download Dandara & Ginga Brasil The Bay Area's most talented and enticing entertainer at
Rincon (formerly Ganesh)

Fridays at 16th & Harriosn weekly lineup (415)437-9240  Including CARNAVAL FRIDAY
May 27th

MAY trumps JUNE
with two new Arts Festivals in the merry month of May

The Ethnic Dance Festival began in the Mission at the Victoria Theatre (16th & Mission) which will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2006. Originally founded and produced by Grants for the Arts of the San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund, the 1978 Festival was the first multicultural, city-sponsored ethnic dance festival in America.

The Ethnic Dance Festival can have the Presidio, while the new SF International Arts Festival and artSFest will bring these arts to the Mission District and smaller venues in better located for tourist and transit venues took over production in 1982 and for many years has produced 3 June weekends of Ethnic dance performances at the Palace of Fine Arts on the edge of the Presidio. The competition to appear every year is stiff and heated. Occasionally they support dance companies which also appear in the Carnaval parade at the birthplace of the Bay Area. , In 2005, again no Carnaval groups are performing. but there is  more hope than ever as the future beckons new producers onto the inimitable stage know worldwide as:
 "San Francisco"

In 2005 the festival has focused on Asian arts while for 2006 and 2007 the emphasis will be African Diaspora and Latin-American art presentations. According to executive director Andrew Wood, a former Carnaval Sf Board member, he would like to expand the number of venues in the artist, transit served Mission neighborhood as well as the downtown arts neighborhood surrounding the Yerba Buena Gardens. Participating Mission organizations are: dancemission.comDance Mission Theatre 3316 24th Street (@ Mission St); Lola Gallery
2517 Mission Street (@ 21st Street); New College of California 766 Valencia Street (@ 19th Street); odctheater.orgODC Theater 3153 17th Street (@ Shotwell); Project Artaud Theatre 450 Florida St (@ 17th Street)

ArtSFest 2005 will shine a spotlight on fresh talent, in venues across the Bay, for one art-charged month of MAY

" is all about emerging artists. The ball is to raise awareness of the festival, which should have something for every taste." said Organizer Brad Nye to the reporter at the April Gala Ball

Participating arts organizations are: Anon Salon ;Black Rock Arts Foundation  ;Business Arts Council;Gallery Culture  ;Gen Art ;Gigs List ;Institute for  Unpopular Culture; San Francisco Art  Institute ;SF Grotto ; &Theatre Bay Area


 Karol An Meir is the main gate keeper for Carnaval San Francisco. She works full time for Mission Neighborhood Centers (MNC) primarily as executive assistant to CAO Sam Ruiz. The organizations gain leaves her little time for helping her longtime samba school Fogo na Roupa, but her passion has always been to see Carnaval to the next level at the center of Bay Area culture. foto by Peter Ballogh
Voices of Latin Rock: About the Mission's music scene in the 60's & 70's which came at the tail end of the flower power revolution and ended spectacularly with the Jonestown Purple Koolaid massacre and the Moscone-Milk Murders of 1978.. This same  creative cauldron,  the SF Mission District would then give birth to the first Carnaval in 1979 at Precita Park.   [Click through or reload for more] Download


"Carnaval Performers
Maintain forward motion" 
Alina Laguna Esq.
President of the Carnaval Advisory Board (CAC) and prosecutor of the dreaded GAP perpetrators

DownloadJOIN the Birds
 Paradise Canavieiras, Bahia

Ivan Pandolfi (King of Carnaval 1991) and Alex Saporetti, one of Carnaval SF's great costume desingers retired in 2004 and turned over leadership of their many  Birds of Paradise Carnavalesco to Maisa and Energia do Samba. visited them in Feb 2005. Watch for fotos to come in the brazil section of our image server. or visit their web site here




Carnival Cities International

Ms. Odessa Pegus (Oakland)  a member of the C'SF Carnaval Advisory Committee (CAC) is the General Deputy for USA to the leading International Carnival organization, the FECC. She recently congratulated Mayor Willie Brown on his great work establishing the Museum of the African Diaspora (MOAD ) which will have a permanent Carnival exhibit.
Her good friend and cousin, former Oakland Mayor Elihu Harris, following a meeting in his office with representatives of the Bay Area Trinidad Carnival  community in 1992, called for regular meeting between mayors of the three metro centers of the San Francisco Bay Area; San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco. The impetus brought forth the best examples of a regional leadership model to date, with the tangible benefits of Bay Trade which beget  and took the first steps of expanding ferry transit on the Bay [ ]. Oakland Carnival was helped along on a upward trajectory until its cancellation this year under Mayor Jerry Brown.
Carnaval San Francisco continues to point out its opportunity to play a leading role in unifying the Bay Area regionally around the largest most inclusive event in the Bay Area which celebrates diversity in unity and the best we all have to give.  Learn more at or
Jim Sowers (dj spincycle) and Josephine Morada (director Academicos) were the MC's for the 2004 Carnaval SF awards at Roccapulco in late September. in association with the Mission Merchants produced a 2004 DVD featuring all dance & music following an odd broadcast by KRON Channel 4 which prominently featured talking heads.


Apparently show producers feared our scintillating samba dancers might trigger a 250K 2nd offense fine from the Michael Powell FCC. The other network broadcasting, Telemundo has expanded its coverage area and hopes to continue to build a loyal following among Spanish speakers which will exceed viewership for the Indy 500 on the same day.
Telemundo reaches 91 percent of U.S. Hispanic viewers in 118 markets through its 15 owned and operated stations, 32 broadcast affiliates and nearly 450 cable affiliates. Telemundo is wholly-owned by GE (NYSE:GE) and is managed by NBC 51 TV stations

Malta: host of the 2005 Carnival Cities Convention
MALTA carnival  ggantiga_Goddess  aquarius 
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