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Carnaval San Francisco 2004


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Santa Cruz Carnival June 12th

Who's doing what by Jan
When: May 30th, 2004 @ 9:30am - 12:30pm
Where: Begins at Byrant & 24th St and turns north on Mission at the 24th St BART Plaza. Proceeds up Mission to 17th Street and turns toward festival on Harrison Street. 
Parade Seating  $20
On Mission between 21st & 22nd Street facing the New Mission Theatre (East Side) Tickets can be mailed

  1. Mixcoatl-Anahuac and Xiuhcoatl Danza Azteca
  2. Dance Kaiso 2(A) Pooper Scooper
  3. Buena Vista Elementary School
  4. Grupo Cultural Bolivia Andina
  5. Baby Buggy Brigade
  6. Sambão Para o Povo
  7. Malcolm X Academy Polynesian Dance Club
  8. Mo’ Love
  9. Good Samaritan Family Resource Center and Bryant Elementary School
  10. Ghungroo Dance Academy
  11. Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble of San Francisco 11(A) Miraloma Steppers 11 (B) Honor Students, SFUSD
  12. Monroe Elementary School
  13. Grupo Aztlan de San Francisco
  14. SambAsia
  15. Carnaval King and Queen 15(A) Space Cowboy
  16. Aquarela
  17. Brazil Culture and Arts
  18. Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
  19. Consul General of Nicaragua
  20. James Lick Middle School
  21. Spirit of Polynesia 
  22. Association of Colombian Americans of San Francisco
  23. Grand Marshal: Orlando Cepeda with the San Francisco Giants
  24. BrasArte/Ginga Brasil
  25. Conjunto Folklórico Panama America
  26. Bolivia Corazon De America
  27. Quimbanda
  28. San Fran Lords
  29. Oya Nike
  30. Academicos da Estrada Real
  31. All Ah We
  32. Loco Bloco and Mission Girls 32(A) John O’Connell High School 32(B) Leonard& Flynn Elementary School
  33.  Everett Middle School
  34. Babatunde Lee
  35. MaraReggae
  36. Grant High School Marching Band
  37. Explendor Azteca Xipetotex
  38. Low Riders
  39. Fogo Na Roupa Afro Brasilian Grupo Carnavalesco
  40. Tales of the Seven Seas
  41. Club de Amigos Bolivianos
  42. SF Municipal Railway Cable Cars
  43. Super Sonic Samba School
  44. Mas Makers Massive
  45. Yellow Cab Cooperative
  46. San Francisco Taiko Dojo
  47. Pistahan Filipino Festival & Parade
  48. Latin Cabaret
  49. DJ Clay & Tapeo Restaurant
  50. P.F.O. Xelaju
  51. Mixtiso Group Latin Hip-Hop
  52. Jouvay.com
  53. 3NI Productions
  54. Bustos for Supervisor
  55. El Zorro & Zorro Jr
  56. Club Puertorriqueño de San Francisco
  57. Bay Area Boricuas
  58. Sotaque Baiano
  59. Foundation for Discovery/Sacred Journey
  60. FDA
  61. Chinese Drummers
  62. Low Riders
  63. Dave & Thomas Floats
  64. San Francisco Day Laborers
  65. Peruvian Contingent
  66. West Coast Lion Dance Troupe


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