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KQ-2004-167.jpgAll Hail the King of Carnaval
San Francisco Bay Area 2004

May the reign of his royal highness bring peace and prosperity to all who are blessed to gaze upon his greatness. ---

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  "VICTOR TEMPLE," the ceremonial name only hints at the original yet authentic regal performance the  dancer regaled the cheering crowd of Carnavalescos with as he became the third professional dancer in a row to prance away with the Crown which awards charisma, crowd reaction and history as well as dance performance.

Much of King Temple's preparation was spent reading about Kings and their mannerisms. All  people dream about their place in the royal scheme of things and Victor's moves were carefully sculpted to elicit a reaction to his majestic gestures. A processional entrance behind ahead of live drumming, perfumed water sprinkled on the anointed front rows, surprise ballet moves with fellow Oakland Ballet alumni, Jenna Johnson, a reserved demeanor where flash was  carefully measured to spectacular effect had Victor finish 2 points ahead of his nearest competitor Paulo Roberto Silva from Aquarela.

Victor Temple's parents were born in Jamaica but they had immigrated to the South before giving birth to their son, Victor. The entire Temple family loves movement and dance and at family gatherings it was not unusual to move tables and chairs out of the way quickly if a great song was played. The King's first paid performances came following an uncle tossing a quarter at him and saying; "Here dance for me."

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The 2004 King of Carnival has asked Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown to rename his City's  leading ethnic Dance Center after this great African guide to forgotten worlds of enrichment and excellence.
"Malonga was an arts pillar of not only Oakland but California, the USA and the world. He introduced Congolese dance to the world." 
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Malonga Casquelourd & Alice Arts Center

As a 12 year old he was into individual team sports like running track and wrestling. However one day, a girl he liked said if he wanted to get better at sports he would take ballet.

He discovered he loved it and did not mind being the only guy in a class of 30. As a 15 year old, his mentors thought enough of his talent to see that he enrolled in the Ruth Page School of Dance in Chicago.

From the age of 16 till his 25th year he was a member of the Dance Theatre of Harlem. Victor graduated from Princeton University with a Phd in Fine Arts. In 1996, the King found his first full-time teaching  position in China where he spent four years in Huhhott, Mongolia and Zheijian Hongzhou. His role was to teach dance and choreography to young people. 

"I didn't know how to eat with chop sticks, but I learned quickly since there was no fork or spoon to be found anywhere following a 22-hour flight." he recalled. "Some of the best lessons are learned out of necessity, like on my first day of teaching I learned how to count in Chinese."

He worked primarily with the Central Ballet of China and the Hongzhou Song and Dance Group teaching ballet, jazz and hip hop. "They loved it, They love the west." he said

His introduction to Brazilian Dance came by way of Carlosclick pic for more GO  FOGO Aceituno of Fogo na Roupa. After many months of observing the popular Aceituno classes from the periphery, Carlos approached the enigmatic future King with a simple proposition; "Either you dance or you go."

"I just fell in with them, going every Sunday. In 2002, I filmed them. In 2003 I considered myself a member. In 2004, everyone was shocked when I announced I was running for King." Victor recalled.

Many at the King and Queen contest held Saturday April 10th at the San Francisco Gift Center were surprised when Victor Temple's regal performance was not awarded with a prize. Committee Chair Peter Balogh Esq. in consultation with the CAC Carnaval Advisory Committee and MNC Mission Neighborhood Centers Inc. determined that a "computational error" had occurred. Judge Carlos Aceituno the founder/director of Fogo na Roupa had not been able to vote for KING VICTOR yet the new King's score had been divided by 11 rather than the 10 that was right. The CAC has announced a CPA firm will handle computation in the future
"When I first came here I didn't like Oakland. Now I really love Oakland.. It's the underdog city. It's an unpolished gem. Other people may look down, meanwhile we'll have out smug attitude sharing our little paradise among ourselves"
King Victor Temple

Victor Temple is able to focus on his work as a professional dancer because of the support given by the Alice Arts Center which also provides housing. The program, modeled after those in New York City and Europe has no other equivalent in forwardDownload thinking Northern California. As a resident, the careful study is able to offer stage management services to many of the resident companies at Alice Arts Center. He is also able to pursue his dance career. Currently he performs as guest dancer for several companies on the West Coast. He is also hopeful that the Oakland Ballet will find its fiscal health.

 "My moves come from how a King would move.....As a King, your entrance is very important, in a 3 minute grand performance. he said. He also wanted to surprise the audience and with fellow Oakland Ballet corps member Jenna Johnson worked in some stunning ballet moves. Most Americans credit the Greeks for laying the foundation of Western Civilization but many of the great Greek minds were schooled in Egypt also known as Northeastern Africa. This is where the King's family lived before being transported as slaves to Jamaica. In studying for his performance, Victor imagined himself as an Egyptian pharaoh.

"I want to be King of the people, for the people. Parties are fun but we have to concentrate on the ones who are less fortunate than we are.
I want to raise the bar a little. I would like to meet every religious leader I can"


2004 KING of CARNAVAL Victor Temple
is a proud
member of

Carlos Aceituno founder/director of the great Bay Area Samba School Fogo na Roupa

Regina_Calloway is co-director of Fogo na Roupa and involved in planning the 2004 Carijama/Oakland Carnival. She also can represent Victor     vivaARTS@Hotmail.com  
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