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The beautifully restored turn-of-the-century Alice Arts Center is one of the area's busiest performing arts facilities Spaces available for rent include a 400-seat theater, five dance studios, meeting rooms and rehearsal spaces.

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Seeking Volunteers for the 2005 production Honoring MALONGA CASQUELOURD

This event is OUR Weeds-Off ritual in the Congolese tradition for MALONGA, which is an essential dimension of the indigenous Congolese culture. Among many things, it provides a communal support for the bereaved family to officially end mourning and focus on living. Information on volunteer opportunities and contacts is here.

The Alice Arts Center

has been renamed in honor of

 Malonga Casquelourd.


Keep the legacy alive!
Oakland City Council votes to rename unanimously


Malonga Casquelourd, San Francisco State University professor, world-renowned master dancer, drummer, choreographer and founder of Fua Dia Congo, was tragically killed by a drunk driver in a car accident on June 15, 2003. For close to 30 years, Malonga offered his culture and traditions for all to share.
Mr. Casquelourd was the co-founder and Director of the Congolese Workshop the first and longest running African Dance and Drumming workshop in the US. He was also a former lead dancer with the Congolese National Dance Company. He taught at Stanford University was a faculty member at San Francisco State University and taught at Oakland's Citicentre Dance Theatre. Mr. Caquelourd also served as the Artistic Director of Fua Dia Congo.
Casquelourd was a pioneer in bringing African dance to the Bay Area in the 1970s, along with Ladzekpo and Zak Diouf, founder of the Diamano Coura West African Dance Company. Casquelourd helped introduce Central African artistic traditions locally where they were warmly embraced and extended.

It is for this and a host of other reasons that we seek to pay tribute to his artistic contributions and leadership by renaming the Alice Arts Center the Malonga Casquelourd Centre for the Arts. This triumphant act would not only preserve the memory and honor the name and accomplishments of Malonga Casquelourd but further solidify our place in this community. nthia Phillips at (510) 821-6166

Malonga Casquelourd was born in Douala, Cameroon in 1947. As a principal dancer of the National Congolese Dance Company and as a resident choreographer and performer with Le Ballet Diaboua, a Congolese repertory company based in Paris, he attracted an international following.
Malonga leaves an impressive legacy of institution-building as the founder of Fua Dia Congo, a nonprofit performing arts company
 winners formed in East Palo Alto (1977) and currently based in Oakland; Congolese Dance & Drum Camp, the first and longest running Aftican dance, drum and percussion workshop (1979); and Ballet Kizingu, the youth division of Fua Dia Congo (1994). He co-founded Tanawa, the first professional Congolese Dance Company in New York City (1972), and Diata Diata, an all women's Congolese drum ensemble (1990). He was instrumental in establishing Everybody's Creative Arts Center, known today as Citicentre Dance Theatre in downtown Oakland, and the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival. He served on the faculty at many institutions, including New York University, Stanford University, and San Francisco State University, where he taught for 26 years.
A pioneer, cultural ambassador and visionary leader, Malonga welcomed artists from every continent, challenging all to engage in dialogue and build bridges for cultural exchange. He encouraged the elimination of barriers between continental Africans and African Americans.

Malonga died on June 15, 2003. His last projects included Kusum Africa, a dance-theater performance showcasing the collaborative works of African director/choreographers; Malaki Matanga 2003: Congo of Yesterday & Today; and Wa Dia Fua Yiko Dio, a project exploring themes of cultural inheritance and exchange between urban/hip hop culture and traditional Congolese culture, to be completed in the Summer of 2005."

``He was my best friend, a great person with a great sense of humor,'' says CK Ladzekpo, who directs the African Music Program at the University of California-Berkeley. ``He loved life. We used to say that we would bury all the kids and still be here.'' ``He was a powerhouse known for his enormous energy,'' says Lily Kharazzi, program director for World Arts West, which produces the Ethnic Dance Festival.
Fua Dia Congo performed 9 times in the Ethnic Dance Festival. Casquelourd's performances there were legendary because he would still be dancing furiously when the curtain came down.
This page was created as a tribute to the King of Carnaval 2004; King Victor Temple. A dedicated and contributing member of many arts groups supported by the City of Oakland's Alice Arts Center
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How can you help?

Write, call or email your local Oakland City Council member to voice your support in renaming the Alice Arts Centre. A hearing was held  May 13 by the Oakland City Council.  The community will return to the City Council o to respond to several questions raised at the meeting. City Hall, City Council Chambers, 3rd Floor Thursday , May 27, 2004, at 10:30am.

Call or Email Mayor Jerry Brown to ask him for his support.  At Malonga's funeral, Mayor Brown stated that he wanted the Alice Arts Center renamed for Malonga.  Now is his opportunity to help make that happen by letting City Council members know his views.  Mayor Brown can be reached at 510-238-3141 or by email at

District 1: Jane Brunner, (510) 238-7001,

District 2: Danny Wan, (510) 238 7302,

District 3: Nancy Nadel, (510) 238-7003,

District 4: Jean Quan, (510) 238- 7004,

District 5: Ignacio de la Fuente (510) 238-7005-

District 6: Delsey Brooks, (510) 238-7006,

District 7: Larry Reid, (510) 238-7007,

At Large: Henry Chang, (510) 238 7008,

For more information and future meeting dates after May 13, contact: Kiazi Malonga at (510) 290-4262 or , Regine Ndounda at (510) 754-3197 or Cy

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