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Carnaval-San Francisco is Sunday May 28th 2000 Map
Parade is always the 4th Sunday of May or Memorial Weekend

 and begins at Bryant & 24th at 10am and heads down the Mission Street to 15th...Festival on Harrison between 16th & 22nd Streets.till 6pm) Carijama at Oakland's Mosswood Park on Monday
on Monday on Monday May 31st Map 10am to 7pm Parade at 11am on Monday  on Monday May 29th Map 10am to 7pm Parade at 11am on Monday 

Mayoral Carnaval 2000 Proclamation 

willie brown
Mayor Willie L. Brown
City & County of San Francisco

jerry brown
Mayor Jerry Brown
County City of Oakland,
Alameda County

ron gonzalez
Mayor Ron Gonzales
City of San Jose, 
Santa Clara County

official site www.carnavalsf.com

It's Carnaval Time by Monica Conrady
The global information economy is expanding at an ever increasing rate with the San Francisco Bay Area at its center. It is more important than ever that we take time out to pause, reflect  and celebrate life. Carnaval San Francisco wants you to let the good times roll. Jump up and find the rhythm that makes your soul happy. We are a Carnaval of many cultures and many newcomers who hope to make a contribution to whatever the Nueva Ciudad shall be.  If you can't join us be sure to make your Memorial Day weekend memorable.

A Shared Story for the Millennium 
red_star.gif (2190 bytes)The Judgment of Governor Gray 
adopted from Homer's prelude to the Trojan War--The Judgment of Paris and starring the Triple Goddess 

aForum for what's new on Metro Mayoral Tribunal and the Three Brown Mayors on da Bay 
Yes, our heroes did overcome a half century of balkanized feuding between 99 cities in 12 counties as Governor Gray Davis funded dozens of projects including SF-SJ Baby Bullet,  BART of San Jose, Bay Water Transit and regional express buses in a major effort to keep the Bay Area moving. 

Mayoral Tribunal on Transit 
a handy who's who for the billions now on the table

Books about the Three Bay Metro Mayors- SF-SJ-Oakland 

Official MECA Media Advisory on Carnaval-SF  
Carnaval is produced by MECA Mission Economic Cultural Association and is a project of Mission Neighborhood Centers Parade begins at 24th & Bryant at 10am and dances its way down Mission to 15th street 
( Carnaval.com is not the official web site) 
Carnaval Parade 2000 Official Line-Up 
The 2 mile route has few gaps at the beginning on 24th and some real big ones toward the end of the parade on the end of the parade route. Makes for a good opportunities to support the local merchants 
PARADE SEATING between 20th & 21st Streets 
Carnaval San Francisco is a project of Mission Neighborhood Centers Inc. and produced for it by MECA. This is the official parade seating. First come First Serve Tickets available  morning of the parade

Carnaval Music Festival 2000 is on Sunday May 28th (11am to 6pm)
Also news about the parade and festival producer MECA.  2899 24th St. SF CA 94110
The festival is a one day event on Harrison between 16th and 22nd Street

Oakland Carnival
Carijama Slide Show ||
Carijama in aforum.com 
The Day after on Monday

King & Queen

King Jim  and Queen Elisa || red_star.gif (2190 bytes)what's new in aforum 
By day he's a dot-com corporate counsel and  she supervises attorneys, by night it's a completely different story
Queen Elisa is the toast of
her hometown 
Bluefields, the Carnaval Capital of Nicaragua 
the Queen would also like to thank her fellow hometown Bluefields native for all his support---SF Giant Marvin Bernard

Grand Marshal 
Lacking official word otherwise we'd like to nominate the triple Goddess featured in the 2000 Flash movie above

Carnaval Countdown
Carnaval Countdown with Jan, Chris  & Monica 

The best way to get in the rhythm is to get out and about and our Carnaval Event Announcement Board  can help

Carnavals of  California in the news

 Carnaval parade makes joyful noise
What motivates him to make the annual pilgrimage is "the diversity of the place, the blend of people you bring together here," 
Not to mention the music.
 "It's like that samba music is hard-wired to your nervous system," he said. "If you can't dance to that, you can't dance to anything." said Culbertson, 52, a professor in the School of Public Health at Tulane University Medical Center.

IT'S CARNAVAL TIME Dance, music, floats fill streets in S.F. Festival
``It's a time to release. To express yourselves, ``The hardest part is convincing people to let themselves go, but when they finally do let go, watch out.'' Celisse Johnson, who was with the Bay Area Caribbean Connection float said. 

Syncopated Spectacle:'98 review at sfgate

Music plentiful as  revels fill the Mission '98 review by eXaminer.com
"This is one of my favorite human endeavors, a day when all the great exhibitionists come out," said Vicky Doubleday, who has attended the parade since its inception. "For a moment, everyone believes in this fantasy that life's a carnaval."
Carnavalers let it almost all hang out '97 at sfgate.com
It really epitomizes the cultural expansion and openness of San Francisco, It's such an expansive event. Where can you see something like this besides San Francisco?
" said Phil Alalya 

SAMBA CENTRAL Thousands revel '97
at sfgate.com

Included in the parade were floats championing Propositions D and F, measures on the June ballot that would authorize a new stadium for the 49ers. Both propositions are trailing in the polls, and the crowd seemed less than enthused by the political boosterism.


red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Abada.org  || info@abada.org 2376 Mission Street 415-284-6196 Directed By: Marcia Cigarra and Tania Santiago
Afro-Brazilian Carnaval   Presenting Capoeira, Maculele, and Samba.
red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Enter All Ah We's Virtual Domain!AllAhWe.org || events || Classes || hotropic@allahwe.org.
Umaga: sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't. Umaga asks us all to treasure our natural resources and to enjoy the present, wonderful moment 

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Aquarela.com || sounds & video
Brazil's best know cyber samba babes.
Celebrating Brazil 500 years; all the races, all the colors, all the carnavals, all the people. Joined by MILA and a live Samba band from LA

A Waking Dream
Lichen's North Mission band is coming at you 

Bay Area Caribbean Connection || kaisodanz@trinimail.net
Tropical Treasures  Directed By: Celisse Johnson 510/653-7582

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)BirdsSF.com 
 New web site this season and starring some of the most beautiful bodies & costumes in the parade For 2000 we salut
Carmen Miranda, a modern myth, representing the Spirit of Carnaval. Birds are also headlining the Starting Line at the Carnaval event the weekend before www.BaytoBreakers.com 

Bolivia Andina Caporales Direct  from LA
|| email  || Fotos Amazing synchronized dance moves and ancient Egyptian costumes Directed by Dan Ransom

Academicos da Estrada Real formerly Escola Nova de Samba || rtelesfo@yahoo.com 
Warriors of
Samba have invaded San Francisco. They are like us but more highly evolved, here to propagate and spread the news of the "New Mentality
Carnavalesca Josephine Morada is the  wizard who constantly amazes us with visually  dazzling  costumes and choreography. Maestro Rudy Ortiz is  fresh  from the Quadras of Mocidade

Conjunto Folklorico Viva Panama || mamagrande@aol.com
 Directed By: Grace Casey 831-384-4084 
Showing off the culture inc.  Polleras, Diablicos, and Congos.

carnaval.com/DMidas || DMIDASCAL@AOL.COM ||
Tribal Rage  Directed By: Tomi Seon Deborah is webmistress of their active site. Winningest contingent is also most active year round   

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)GoFogo.com Events, Trips & Workshops || 
Class Schedules || Fogo Hotline: (510) 464 - 5999 || Webmistress Carol Frank Technativenology: the age of a primal future Combining the community's raw spirit with the technical expertise of its Founder and Artistic Director, Carlos Aceituno along with leading Bay Area talent Regina Calloway

Ginga Brasil  Presents; Honoring the indigenous peoples of Brazil  Directed By: Consecao Damasceno  510/428-0698

Loco Bloco Drum and Dance Ensemble and the YWCA 
Directed By: Jose Carrasco 415-626-5222
 Large growing youth coalition rising from the Mission Street Beacon Program, The Cell 

 MaraReggae   || directed by Rhoda Stagnero Low  Wilson Low, and Wendy Miller   ORI: Birth of a new Millenium competing in Traditional rather than Brazilian category more || Vivendo de Pao  People of spirit everywhere  join us in celebrating ORI.

"The Spread of Africa" 
Imoya is the wind that goes from  Africa through to your community

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Mission Cultural Center on citysearch 
Sign yourself up for one of the many Latin programs at the convenient  24th St BART center. Theatre & Gallery too directed by Ruben Aponte & Jenny Rodriguez

Norcal Waste Systems 
Precision Drill Team and Antique Garbage Trucks   Directed By: Brian Block Now a familiar parade feature in SF but they debuted there act here.  Directed By: Brian Block

Oya Nike Cultural 3274 23rd St SF 94110 415/821-9127
 Directed By: Ruben Texidor and always a parade within a parade with Belly Dancers, comparsas,  African Costumes and Orixas

 Renacer Folklorico Bolivia || IMANALUTHI@aol.com
Bolivia is the hemisphere home to our oldest dances, music and myth. 

Sambao: Silicon Valley's Samba school at brazilca.com
Featuring much collaboration with Stanford U. and Southern California sambistas Rio style samba school based in the peninsula.
In the beginning of time, everything could and would dance. We look backwards and forwards to a time when the all will dance as one.

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Super Sonic Samba School from San Diego 
with special guest appearance by Sambala's puxador David de Histler 

purpletop.gif (4386 bytes)SFBike.org || Chain of Events ||  Dave Snyder  
Appearing with Loco Bloco and pulling a giant float and many other amazing theatrics. Considered the nation's premier bicycle advocacy organization,  The SF Bike coalition is also the main local sponsor for the national event in May known as Bike-to-Work Day.

Xiuhcoatl Traditional Danza Azteca
Culture of Ancient Mexico Directed By: Miguel Martinez  415/333-0487

Almost but not quite 
|| Our CD] [Carnaval] [Band Members] [Schedule] [Guest Artists] [Photos

Jim Munsenrider 's popular Chabot College program peaks for Carnaval weekend with a concert featuring steelpan legends. 

Carnaval.com/SambaDoCoracao || Sambadocoracao.com/ 
See if their new site is happening yet. Their percussion was featured on a number of Carnaval.com Flash movies in 2000.  Did a tour to Bolivia's Carnaval in 2000.  They invite you to join them for June's  New Orleans on the Bay
1999 Carnaval San Francisco Parade Contingents  

Carnaval Performers Association (CPA)  Update: 
As the top ethnic event on the West Coast and the only annual unity event in the Bay Area the performers believe the growth and success of Carnaval should be a goal for elected leaders. They have written  SF Mayor Willie L. Brown to ask his help in bringing new energy to the parade and festival. They'd also suggest that all these 
dot comers taking over the Mission might like to try a little rhythm & motion on for size or at least sponsorship.  Likely get them a lot further than their debut parade effort called the
Santa.com  parade More info

Carnaval San Francisco Concentration Game
Test your memory skills against the clock and the spectacular beauty of our 17 '98 Queens & Kings. Press reload or refresh if you start playing to soon and experience difficulty

May in the Mission
Cinco de Mayo
The Merry month of May kicks off throughout the Mission. Enjoy the delicious fresh Latin food and fine selection of tequila mexican beers  and your favorite refreshment.  The parade starts at 10am and is over before 11am on the first Sunday in May 
Cesar Chavez Walk 
Organized by UFW and Roberto Hernandez and part of dedication of the change by CalTrans for the Mission District offramp to Cesar Chavez Street from Army
PrecitaEyes.org  and May is Mural Month


The New Mission News distributes 18,000 copies every month though out the Mission, Noe Valley, Castro, Bernal Heights, SOMA and Potrero Hill. This is the heart of Bay Area Carnaval country and one of the best known ethnic and arts neighborhoods in the world.


Check here for the first batch of 2000 pics  

Paco's D'Midas '99 another Grand Champion Year 
Frank "Paco" Hannigan

Carnaval Festival '99 
Nobody & Fogo on the 16th & Harrison stage
Aquarela '99
Open Netscape to view slideshow

A Fogalistic Photo Gallery
Click pic for some nice one
TheSensualImage.com/Carnaval.html ||  Toys on Parade ||
specialize in pics of BirdsSF.com and promise a big 2000 showing

Carnaval San Francisco Photo Gallery 99
fotos from Carnaval '98 and the countdown season to '99
Aforum for what's New CARNAVAL-SF Photos on the web
New web sites w/ photos appear here first

Sambao & Aquarela at Carnaval'98

3 nice ones mixed with many excellent Latin themed pics

JimHair.com's Carnaval '98 pics ||  including including Bay to Breakers ||St Stupid's Day & Gay Pride jim@jimhair.com Bay to Breakers ||St Stupid's Day & Gay Pride jim@jimhair.com 

 Carnaval SF'95 by zpub 
Shown at left is Queen Rosanna Brito. Zpub likes to be known as "an eclectic guide for an eclectic city"

Two Queens (Silvana & Maria from Aquarela) & a Mayor Willie

Cali & Julio, 1994 (141745 bytes)

"Let us not forget the spirituality of the music. Whether in the context of ritual, meditation, or simply to uplift the joy that often gets lost deep within ourselves, music heals. We frequently purport to teach music. But it is the music that teaches. We have but to listen. To feel. To dream. "  John Santos
|| Machete Ensemble || machete@earthlink.net
A band that cuts both ways-playing concert music that deserves cool attentive listening and churning out sizzling rhythms that urge the listeners to rise up out of their seats and writhe in sympathetic motion.         ...Derk Richardson, SF Bay Guardian
Vivendo de Pao

Bay Area Carnaval's most popular musical group

 Espiritu de Samba  Espiritu de Samba || Listen to Espirito de Samba using QuickTime 3.0 or Real Audio || espirito@flash.net || directed by Ken Campagna. Dance classes every Sun., 4:00 pm at the Bay Club, 150 Greenwich St., SF, CA, with Tedje Rose 
Nobody from Impanema || home || shows
No girls either in Bay area Brazilian pop & funk band.  Find samples from 4 songs in wav & au format

Emiliano.com || UPCOMING GIGS || E-MAIL
Brazilian percussionist Emiliano Benevides performs with Lisa Silva & R.I.P.E. as well making lots of hearts throb as a model

King of Millennium Carnaval 2000 Jim Sowers is also a dj with extensive interests in the music and dance of the African Diaspora

Music of the world Links by kpfa.org   || David McBurnie || Luis Medina - comboson@aol.com ||   Spliff Skankin'& Javier   
94.1 fm on your dial the venerable station is trying to figure out how to SavePacifica A lawsuit seeking to restore representation
to the Pacifica National Board is moving forward.
aboraPueblo.com/  by KPFA DJ  Jose Ruiz   || Events
A Latino music potpourri: Son, Rumba, Guajira, Bomba, Vallenato, Samba, Batucada, Soca, Calypso, Flamenco, Rancheras, Norteñas, Tangos, Boleros, Nueva Canción y mucho mas!
The Hear and Now
with Derk Richardson at SFgate.com 
Weekly column enhanced w/ RealAudio

Afro-Beat-2 Generations
A World of Sound Derk's Best International Music, '99

SF CARNAVAL BAY AREA-Events Board ||  Latin Events || Dance Events Our Carnaval.com system gives you the most information and options for optimizing your evening

Bay Area Annual Events starring the month of May which begins with May Day and Cinco de Mayo

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Calendar of Bay Area Ethnic Events by calacademy.org
Exhaustive list minimum description, contact #'s
SF Dept. of Health Annual Events List

tbiglogo.gif (36805 bytes)Salsasf.com The complete San Francisco  Bay Area site for the Salsa & Latin Jazz music and dance scenes! Baile!

Alegria.org/Calendar of Mexican Folk Dancer  

SFbayou.com/ || Bay Area Journal | Bay Area Clubs  |  Bay Area Resources  for the latest on one of the most active Cajun and Zydeco music and dance scenes outside of Louisiana
March 2000: Your editor and his wife Wendy on their annual Carnaval journey did a gulf coast swing from Cajun Carnival to Mobile finishing at the epicenter of New Orleans. Check out 
 Wendy's Carnival photo essay

SF Brazilian Consulate Cultural Events Page  

Events of Special Note

Under the leadership of Roberto Lima, the Bay Area Brazilian Club has promoting Brazilian culture in the Bay Area for over 30 years and hold the biggest pre-Lenten Carnaval at the Galleria every year. 

Saint Stupid's Day Parade April 1,

Carnival rituals in downtown esseff

Easter in the Castro
Ferndale Kinetic Sculpture Race Memorial Weekend
A 3-day contest of sorts about 4 hours North of the Golden Gate

in Mountain View
Jul. 29-30

The Afribbean Festivals celebrate music and culture all over the Bay Area. Learn more about African Rhythms.
  On the main stage reggae, calypso, and salsa bands are playing throughout the day Music, Entertainment, Bands  
San Diego  Carnaval Ball   
Keeps growing  and now includes a downtown parade in the gaslight district 
celebrating its 17th year September 8, 9 and 10, 2000! approximately 25 blocks of San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter for 100+ artists performing on approximately 15 stages to an expected attendance of 100,000.

5th Annual Carnaval:
Long BeacH
Sept. 17, 2000


David de Hilster
SambaLá President

& Magic 2000

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Trickster at the Crossroads  
Why does everything feel so charged up at Carnaval Time? One reason is the Esu is much more out and about. Esu might be considered the father of Thoth who beget the Greek's Hermes who beget the Roman's Mercury (at right) According to lore the trickster can change fate. A good deity to know as we stand at the threshold of a new age for humanity 
by Erik Davis originally published in Gnosis Magazine

Myth & Magic '99 12 stepping with the Orixas in Brazil
These psychic energy models are probably the oldest living deities inspiring both the pre-Christian Egyptian and Greek societies who were famous for their Carnavals. Jungian analyst John Burns updates the most successful model of drug treatment with spectacular orisha illustrations by  Francisco Santos

Myth & Magic '98 || More on Latin American History
The Black Queen Califa is the only deity with a state named after her. One of our most linked to pages

Dance & Percussion Classes
SF-Bay Area Dance Directories at aforum.com ||
East Bay
|| San Francisco  || South Bay
The Bay Area is one of the world's most important dance centers. We have linked to the link directories and highligted the dance instructors and studios who inform their work with the joy of the Carnaval spirit 

Sambafrog.com || Carnaval Events 
When in doubt visit King Jean Luc's web site, who besides teaching dance at Dance Mission also offers French lessons and massage  

Awards and fotos too 

Capoeria Directory for the West Coast
You may be one of the many becoming more interested in how your rhythm is affected by other rhythms. Begin your journey here


RIP King SHIMON Carnaval '98 by aquarela.com
Shimon Craig van Collie
passed away in February of 2000 following a sudden one year struggle with cancer. His indomitable, infectious Carnival Spirit will long be remembered. 
A journalist who often wrote about tennis and sailing you can find many long lived articles under his byline on the web. He also published a book on enjoying the health benefits of an active life. 
Carnaval San Francisco: the early years
by Richard Reniceros
Escola Nova=s 15 Years of Carnaval History
By Escola member
Rick Telesforo 
History of Carnival by allahwe.org
Carnaval-San Francisco 1997
Carnaval San Francisco '98 Parade Contingents

Multicultural & Carnaval Arts

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)The New Age of Carnival 
The past in the future what can be more certain
Community Festival Arts & The Arts on aforum.com

Best Carnavals on the web
While Carnaval.com  is based in San Francisco's Mission District we are also the web's leading directory for Carnival everywhere. Here's are a few of our favorite sites.
Global Carnival Calendar by So Yu going to Carnival magazine
The only International Guide to Canivals

Carnavals are the original celebration manifested from the urge to rejoice at the rebirth of life in Spring from the death of Winter. May is Spring's finest month and home to some of the best Carnavals like Atlanta Carnival ,  Aalborg, Denmark   and Berlin 

We are particulary taken by the differences and depth of the Carnavals in Spain and Italy  The only site to share our Britannica.com for Carnaval
/ is

theentertainers-angle2-t.gif (20362 bytes)CarnivalofVenice.com
| English | Italian | French | German | Spanish | Russian
You will discover through history and culture how the Carnival used to be celebrated and how it is celebrated today

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Foundation European Carnival Cities (FECC)
The planet's leading organization for people's events ||  President  Henry van der Kroon
F.E.C.C.@hot.A2000.nl ||
 Phone: 011
        31 20 616 8047

International Caribbean Carnival Association (ICCA

President Henry Antoine at 2susieQ@synpatico.ca

Sambista Network||www.worldsamba.org || Federation  
We're hot and we can't be stopped

BookcoverTENNIS: THE LIFETIME SPORT by Shimon Craig van Collie

 Brazilian in the Bay Area

Consulate General of Brazil in San Francisco || brazil@crl.com ||  Events in the Bay Area ||

Brazilian feijoada in the Bay Area by sfbg.com 
In SF: Cafe do Brasil, Cafe Mardi Gras, Canto do Brasil, Mozzarella di Bufala Pizzeria, Terra Brazilis and opening fall 2000 on Octavia is Destiny In the Eastbay try Berkeley's Nino's Brazilian Restaurant and Pizzeria 

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)"Woman on Top" the movie
Film about a Bahian girl finding herself in San Francisco scheduled for release by Fox Searchlight in July 2000. 
"Brazil is not only a country--it's a state of mind. Brazilians write songs, poetry about their country, not as patriots, but as if Brazil were a lover."


Go to Brazil TV - Nacional.BrazilTV.com/ 
dedicated to the Brazilian Community and anyone interested in the Brazilian culture. Aired weekly mostly in Souther Cal but trying to expand



Search: Enter keywords...

Amazon.com logoCarnaval  



www.sfcitystore.com || info@sfcitystore.com
with four locations to service you plus cyberspace,the store employs formerly homeless who want to join Civil Service


RIO del Val FASHIONS    "Barbie goes to Brazilian Carnaval"  

Sambas de Enredo 2000Samba CDs at worldsamba.com 
5 CD's here but follow the links for RA & MP3 samples and more options. At left is the Helsinki Finland Carnaval soundtrack put out by their Finnish League of Samba Schools 

SambaLa Video  
Pick from amongst 72 recordings in their archives

SF Bay Area Travel Books

www.GotCostumes.com ||  FootliteSF@aol.com   aka Footlight Costumes 
180 Sutter Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104 (415) 421-5657(800) 322-7856 Brazilian Cultural Network
Largest collection of Brazilian-American contact information by LA based A.C. Costa

Wonders of Brazil Imported Brazilian Arts & Fine Gifts

 www.ARTmosfera.com/  Visit the gallery 



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