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San Francisco Bay City Guide

The world wild web is the first media to be considered both print and broadcast, so we think it important to tell you that we are organized around the metro center best known globally as the San Francisco Bay Area. As a web guide we make extensive use of locally oriented web resources and we organize around the three metro centers and professional sports namesakes of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. The broadcast media of radio and TV does so as well. However, print media has a narrower agenda which seeks to create conflict by fanning the flames of regional conflict. With no regional government and plenty of State and federal funds to be disbursed there is much at stake. Just as Carnaval unites the world, we support the efforts of the three metro center Mayors to unite the Bay Area. It is a fascinating story you can only find here.

Northern California contains a bounty of world class destinations for travelers:  wine country, white water, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Gold Country, Redwoods, Pacific Ocean and so much more. We got started on our best of the best of the web but expect this section to expand significantly for your benefit over the course of time.
This is our ninth and final Carnaval City of the new millennium and our home town as well. Our home town is defined by the 94110 zip code; it is an artist-ethnic neighborhood called the Mission District which any traveler would not want to miss. Your best guide is here. 


The City / North Bay / Peninsula
sfgate_blk.gif (1281 bytes) Chronicle || News || Sports || Traffic || Search || Index || Bay Area TRAVEL || Visitors' Guide || SF Neighborhoods || Maps || Transportation || Shopping || Entertainment
While many criticize the state of journalism is the Bay Area, this has become a very popular news site. Features both news from the San Francisco Chronicle, and exclusive online columns.

San Francisco || SF Independent || Asian week
All owned by the Fang family. The Examiner has been plagued by petty political issues over the past few years. Low point among many has been  movie star Sharon Stone,  the woman most admired by Princess Diana being sophomorically ridiculed by the Fang's for being married to the Hearst's star editor  Phil Bronstein  Mercury News is operated by Knight-Ridder, one of the countries largest and most respected newspaper chains. The move of its HQ from Miami to San Jose in 1998 may have been more significant than Bank of America's much lamented move to the other East Coast would-be global city, Charlotte, that same year. The Mercury's growing campaign to build market share within the cultural and financial capital of the Bay Area, the City of San Francisco was launched in August of 2000. Our main complaint is no on-line archive access beyond 7 days.

sfweekly.gif (3515 bytes) || Archive
A looker with flash and young smart-ass edge. On the hunt for any moving targets which refreshingly includes other media - especially arch rival Bay Guardian. 
Owned by of LA & more.

Our Media Guide TV Radio & Print 
The Bay Area contains lots of creative energy, much of it connected to a thriving and diverse media scene.

sfbhome.gif (1256 bytes)news ||  Guides || extra ||  Nude Beaches || masthead || arts & entertainment ||  searchit ||
The locally owned Bay Guardian is proud of sticking to its progressive (more liberal than thou) hell-raising principles. Publisher Bruce Brugman is solemnly unapologetic about emphasizing advocacy journalism, but few believe all they read anymore anyway. Search from 1995! Obsessively detailed lists. || lasvegas || sacramento || fresno  (a&e only)
Great database of resources and events and continuing to expand to new communities as it becomes less editorial and more yellow page like.

station.gif (10627 bytes)SF Station
Independent voice doing an excellent job covering arts, culture, entertainment, food, and city happenings.  We love their logo, featuring the Mt. Sutro Tower-- the forgotten sacred center of the Bay Area and a meditation on threes up close.

Official Information: San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau || Conv.Cal.II
201 Third St., Ste. 900, San Francisco, CA 94103
415-391-2000 | Fax: 415-974-1992

Stop by the visitor center (415/974-6900) at Hallidie Plaza, at Powell and Market BART Station for free maps and advise. 


The Rest

"America's favorite city sits at the edge of the Western world, a location that lends even greater romance to its legend. Pastoral, cosmopolitan and surprisingly small, San Francisco is a ravishing city, conforming to every cliché the tourist board can throw at it and acting as a magnet for nearly three million visitors a year. Famous for its liberal attitudes, radical politics and eccentricity, it occupies a special place in the hearts of Americans and is considered the last bastion of civilization on the lunatic fringe that is California." 

Yahoo's list of San Francisco City Guides || SF Bay Area
Over 65 for the city, 230 for Bay Area as of June 2005. San Francisco
Richard Petersen's much celebrated web guide.

Metropolitan by Boulevards || Best of the Bay Area for Santa Cruz, Sonoma & Silcon Valley || || SFmetro || Silicon Valley ||  Sonoma || Metro Santa Cruz
Publishes 10 local papers and emphasizes 4 of the 12 Metro Area Counties.
Their on-line directory is matched by their guide in most hotels

logo_80x80.gif (2042 bytes)Bay Insider
Presented by KTVU News.



Foreign Language

San Francisco Chaperon

French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese  detailed maps, walks, excursions and practical information. Foreign Language Audio Tours
3.5 hour tours depart daily at 9:15am. Narration available in French, Italian, German, Korean, Spanish and Japanese.


Silicon Valley/ San Jose/ South Bay
High Tech Capital of the World
Home to the San Jose Sharks hockey team and the Earthquakes soccer team. Just 45 minutes southeast of San Francisco and filled with casually dressed professionals focused on accelerating the rate of change in the information society. Still looking for a symbol for people to find their way to Northern California's largest city, and the apex of the triangle of metro centers which make up the 6.5 million Bay Area population. 

San Jose Mercury News
Knight relocated here in '98. After all, as San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzalez points out,  Silicon Valley is the engine around which the global info economy spins. The Mercury was one of the first dailies on the web and has many new web initiatives, including being the dominant print/on-line media in the Bay Area.

Official Information: Convention & Visitor's Bureau
333 W. San Carlos Suite 1000, San Jose, CA 95110

Visitor Links
A webguide like us from Boulevards.

San Jose by yahoo


( for the engine around which the global economy spins )



BAYTRADEby Knight-Ridder With the coming baby bullet train Monterey will be an even more integral part of the metro area community-links

 Where To Stay

80% hotel occupancy makes booking well in advance a wise move.

San Francisco Hotels || San Jose Hotels || Oakland Hotels
Sort by SF Neighborhoods with reviews, price & phone. B&B websites by City & County.

Using the less common Amadeus database will give you fresh options if you desire. Nice visuals and printout, but the back button can run into expired pages that you still wish to consult. No links, but does list hotel phone/fax. Fast at non-peak times. Hit reload if you get server busy message. || Extended Search
Use the extended search to get exactly what you want. This Swiss interface for the Pegusus/Sabre database is more capable than TravelNow's version but can sometimes be too slow. Check for in house specials, find the elusive hotel contact info here. Also nice job on foreign languages.

Local organizations that help host foreigners's superlist #708
Youth hostels
Find 11 options beginning at US$13/night. I.D. required
AYH has 230 beds downtown at $19 per night and friendly advice if they're full up. 312 Mason,SF (415) 788-5604

Camping sites accessible by transit
Find 8 parks with camping in the Bay Area. The state parks use Destinet for reservations, which charges  $6.75 plus the $12-$16 per night cost.
San Francisco Hostels by
20 listed as of June 2005.


Where To Eat

San Francisco can stake a claim to the title of Dining Capital of the World. The birthplace of numerous trends (like California and fusion cuisine)  and the most restaurants per capita in the USA, you'll often find  open kitchens and chefs who are considered stars. Yet San Francisco's greatest dining attractions are the many excellent ethnic restaurants who serve delicious food at a fraction of the price you can find elsewhere. Along with the heavy Pacific Rim influence, you'll find Indian, Mexican, Ethiopian and mushc more in abundance. has the most listings by far in the most cities with no log-in required, but search criteria is limited. Customer comments not edited and plentiful.
Restaurants by Citysearch || late-night eats || mission taquerias || Indian || Pacific Rim Dining
Very comprehensive and outstanding search.
sfgate_blk.gif (1281 bytes)
Most authoritative and influential
sfweekly.gif (3515 bytes)  Restaurants by
Mostly SF & some East Bay Picks

Dining by South Bay's Best Bet

Delivery for South Bay by

CuisineNet  San reviews
Check other diners opinions, SF & East Bay, with yahoo tie-in.

Vegan Restaurants by Aug.'97 || list by 2002 || ||
Listings of the many Bay Area vegetarian and vegan restaurants. 
if you have the patience. 

How to Make Authentic San Francisco Sourdough French Bread


Getting Around
passport image, 6K gif || Map || by county ||  MUNI Passport || BART

Both the taxi and SF MUNI bus system are
much maligned
but are now running better than anyone can remember following reform under former Mayor Wilie Brown

Car Reservations in association w\ Travel Now
Car reservations from over 60 different companies. Compare prices and make reservations directly online.

Car Rentals by
Get a handle on your many options.

Transportation who's who by sfgate


With 17 different Bay Area transit districts it can be complicated using public transit however the web resources are top notch. Check them out for the metro area in Travel Tools and locally for the Mission Neighborhood.

The Bay Area and Northern California will not disappoint you. 
Carnaval Events Guide and Annual Events Guide have additional resources that cut across a broad cross section ||
Radio || TV
Does San Francisco and the North Bay best  eGuide Categories - Also located at the bottom of the page.
This Month  in SF for Tourists by sanfranciscoonline.comfont>

San Jose/Silicon Valley/South Bay

In association with Knight-Ridder's and the Contra Costa Times.


Movies, Music & Nightlife
San Francisco's nightlife demands far less money and attitude than New York or the increasingly less despised Los Angeles. Unless you're part of the thriving rave scene, you'll find the less-than-24-hour pace casual and contagious. Good food is everywhere when you start your evening and scarce at the end. There is an abundance of live music everywhere in every format for little more than a drink. San Francisco hosts world class symphony, opera and ballet companies at the Civic Center. Theater is thriving, although it's best to get advice before you commit to the many options which will include just a few familiar titles. The San Francisco Bay Area is home to the planet's third largest concentration of creative media talents. Among their passions is film, and you'll be amazed at the options available -- make sure to catch one of the many Film Festivals throughout the year. 

Movies by || Buy tickets at || Our Bay Area Film Festival Guide || Henry's Live Music Picks
|| Music at


Bass Tickets   
BASS Ticket Centers including  Tower Records  and The Wherehouse Controls the big venues in association with Bill Grahm presents
. || SFBay
The Online Ticketing Alternative TM
based in the Bay Area and serving smaller venues for an affordable cost. Has dome more to promote the music and the arts globally than virtually any other entity in cyberspace. 
Ticketmaster Ticket Centers, Rite AID, and Ritmo Latino select locations
Theater tickets can be found at half price at the Tix booth on Union Square in SF
Ticket Swap by
The Fillmore
Box Office is open on Sundays 10-4 for Warfield & Fillmore shows only. No Service Charge.

Bluegrass Venues || Reggae Venues ||
Bay Area ClubGuide Links for World Music
by and (please note that lists date from '98)

Clubs by || Entertainment || Reggae
How to be cool without so much effort 

SiliconValley Bars & Clubs || Bars & Clubs Index || Metro || SF Club Guide by the Metropolitan


Classical music in the Bay Area
San Francisco Symphony || San Francisco Opera Company || Oakland Symphony || Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra  || San Francisco Early Music Society


Jazz in the Bay Area

Jazz Net-West
Dedicated to  improvisational jazz and other forms of creative music San Francisco Jazz Clubs || SFStation Jazz Guide


Alternative/Independent Music
Very happening web site club with instructor listings, band profiles and interviews, audio clips, reviews and more.
radio,  TV and netcasts on SFRaves || The alt.rave FAQ ||
Network with an awesome link list. A collaborative publishing effort by over one hundred volunteers.
" Our mission is to give a home to alternative culture, music and expression. Subscribe as well."
Funk-punk-thrash-ska dates
The List

Funk-punk-thrash-ska LIST of who-where-when
With a South Bay emphasis || concerts || clubs 
"The guide to all that's dark in the Bay Area."
Karaoke bars in San Francisco
The Mint on Market near Guerrero wins. 7 SF clubs listed
Nice list of Link directory Artists, Radio station, & local labels


Dance & Theatre
Bay Area Dance Directory
by ||
Dance Companies
by ||
Theatre Companies



Free & Cheap Things to Do In San Francisco & Beyond 
|| Beaches || Stairways || Free Museums || Free Days at Museums || Free Tours compiled by 


San Francisco || East Bay || South Bay 


San Francisco || East Bay | UC Berkeley || South Bay || Stanford ||Santa Clara || Santa Cruz || San Jose 


TOURS | Tour Marketplace | Water Tour Marketplace

Related Web Resources

aForum for  the arts || Links || Event Guides 



24-hour bowling alleys by
Find 6 including Japantown bowl at 1790 Post in S.F. (415) 921-6200

SFStation Sports & Pool Hall Guide || SFGate Sports


Amusement Parks

Paramont's Great America
Great America Parkway, Santa Clara (408) 988-1776)
Raging Waters - 2333 S. White Road, San Jose (408) 654-5450
Santa Cruz Beach & Boardwalk
400 Beach Street, Santa Cruz (408-423-5590)
Marine World Theme Park
Marine World Parkway, Vallejo (707-643-ORCA)  
Video arcades in SF & East bay



Rummaging Through Northern California
Bay Area resale, surplus, salvage and second-hand shops.

Shopping on Craigslist
An amazing array of goods on sale from around the Bay Area Shopping Guide || Visitor's Shopping Guide || Shopping || Shopping


Day Trips
Companion to popular TV-Show. See in video or review the text.
Day Trips from


Photos & Live Cam

Photography Links of San Francisco by

Extensive listing of photo galleries. || Favorite Photos
City & Bay Cam's and links to more
Virtual Tours of San Francisco Landmarks


Kids & Families

San Francisco by GoCity Kids
Family-friendly guides to San Francisco.


Latin AmericanSF Hispanic Chamber

Bay Area Latin Events/font> in our
Cinco de Mayo Links   Lots more to choose from here

The Mexican Museum DIEGO RIVERA
The museum is planning its expansion to become the most important Mexican  Museum outside of Mexico. You can be part of the campaign. The Diego Rivera legacy includes some of San Francisco's greatest murals. Images of his wife Frieda Kalho can be found throughout the Mission District.


African American
Begin at the Martin Luther King Waterfall at Yerba Buena Center. Be sure to add beautiful St. Patrick's Church, where former Mayor Willie Brown was inaugurated. IAnd remember Oakland is just a short BART ride away.
Center for African & African-American Art and Culture
Promoting & delivering African and African American art and culture.

Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement || American Visionaries: Frederick Douglass by
While California doesn't have any Hereabouts, we do have 3 of the countries greatest National Parks.


Gay & Lesbian
Gay & Lesbian Directories on yahoo 
 The market leader with the great url that's like having your home page already loaded in browsers.

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