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This is web's largest collection of Carnaval fotos and a visual travel link guide to adventure culturally based travel. Almost 7,000 SF fotos with lots of Carnaval SF & Mission District history. Carnaval History
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Carnaval-San Francisco Parade is always the 4th Sunday in May on Memorial Day Weekend May 27, 2012  begins at Bryant & 24th at 10am and heads down the Mission Street to 17th...   Map by yahoo

Golden Gate Jubilee 2012 – ---Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge!

  • Grand Parade will be May 27, 2012 at 9:30 p.m. starting from 24th. and Bryant.
  • Golden Gate Jubilee – Carnaval’s Salute of the Golden Gate’s 75th. Anniversary. To be held April 7, 2012 from 1 -4 pm. at the Golden Gate Park Concourse.
  • Mayor’s Reception TBD (keep watching this space)
  • Carnaval Day at the Giant’s May 16
Festival May 26th & 27th 2012
A Saturday & Sunday day time event in the San Francisco Mission district on Harrison between 16th & 24th Streets.  Spanning eight blocks, the festival takes place on Harrison Street between 16th and 24th streets between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m
The festival grounds will offer exciting events planned for the whole family, from children activities, to local visual artists displaying their art, to contingent artists performing at several stages, and many local businesses given an opportunity to participate as well. There will be music on three stages and through the 5 block long 2-day festival, ethnic food, art and lots of fun to be had by all.


Producer of 2012 San Francisco Carnaval
San Francisco Cultural Arts Traditions
1380 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Call for information on SF Carnaval
Telephone: 415-642-1748
stay current at

email: contact [at]
 The 2 mile route has few gaps at the start on 24th and some big ones toward the end of the parade on the end of the parade route. Makes for good opportunities to support the local merchants. 
Introducing  Carnaval San Francisco by wikipedia


King & Queen   || TOP||    

King Jay & Queen Elya of SF Carnaval 2011

2011 King & Queen Competition    

The eyeballs are moving to the internet and with regret the 2010 edition of the Carnaval San Francisco will not be traditionally televised as in year's past on Channel 4 of Telemundo [part of NBC] Thus will be making a greater commitment to round up the video you produce and put up on the internet
See this video in greater resolution at

 || TOP||

For the last couple of years, the Carnaval parade has not been televised. hopes you will thus make a special effort to get it on the internet.

Carnaval San Francisco at by google search
There are many other options besides google's youtube. We tested a few with our 2007 hot clips. During the test we were pleased to not the addition of a high res version of our clip [click bottom right of player] at youtube.  We think, that you, like us, will enjoy playing this clip many times.


 Bands/Contingents  || TOP||
Parade Line-UP 2009 in fotos & video @

Artist Stipends were an important part of the Carnaval from 2002 to 2008 beginning when parade producer Mission Neighborhood Centers [MNC] took over management in 2002. Awarding over $80,000/year in grants of $500 to $2000 to 2/3 of the 70+ groups scheduled to appear in the Grand Parade has been instrumental in building up many children and youth programs as well as assuring floats and sound systems meet a high standard. With the carry forward deficit from 2008 these have been eliminated in 2009.

Carnaval San Francisco Concentration Game
Test your memory skills against the clock and the spectacular beauty of our 17  Queens & Kings. Press reload or refresh if you start playing too soon and experience difficulty. Visit your next Carnival City as well

May in the Mission
Overflowing from April onto and beyond May day is the country's oldest film festival (San Francisco Film

film_festivals in SF Bay Area

 Festival was 50 years in 2007). Along 16th St. - the Bay Area's oldest street-  are 3 old theatres often used to host Film festivals including San Francisco's finest -the Castro. The Victoria Theatre is celebrating its 100th year in 2007 and the 2-screen Roxie has just been renovated by its New College owners.  Also Carnaval SF groups participate in the keynote celebration of National Dance Week. No event owns May Day here but around the world it is associated with May Queens, International worker's day and the decriminalization of the miracle weed best known as marijuana
Cinco de Mayo on the Bay || USA
Our Latin neighbors begin the month with biggest parades and festivals in our three metro centers of San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco. In San Francisco, Cinco de Mayor is held at Dolores Park, the site of the Bay's first post-Columbian community and widely acknowledged earth power spot especially during earthquakes.

Three of San Francisco's best arts festivals choose May and feature Mission venues. Mission Creek, Artsfest and International Arts Festival

In 2007, while Precita Eyes went low key on their Mural Month, the 2nd weekend which is best known nationally as mother's day and locally for KFOG's Kaboom Fireworks show, the Mission added MissionArts Open Studio 

May Weekend 3 is anchored by the wild wacky Bay to Breakers race which, as a huge costume parade and wild party atmosphere could also call itself a Carnaval. 


Photos  || TOP||
A Fogalistic Photo Gallery  ||  2000
Click pic for some nice ones. Grand champs 2005, 2006, & 2007

3x Grand Champions

  IMAGE SEARCH "Carnaval San Francisco"











  Google is not able to index our image server or aforum pages but we're working on getting more Carnaval SF images indexed using tables with an image & name plus  text links to single photo pages & suggest other Carnavelesco webmasters do the same. We'll keep track of our progress on this page


Fotos what's new SF   
Top level in aforum but go direct to the image server to check for the freshest stuff. top level || SF Bay Area 
Carnaval San Francisco  by
The collection of  Carnaval San Francisco photographs at the internet's #1 photo site is dominated by Shapeshift with almost half of the top 25 "most interesting" fotos but there has been a shift in this landscape as our sister site takes a closer look at the favorites from the 2008 C'SF parade where fotos more than doubled to about 6k and C'SF specialist Pikabon has 6 of her pics in the top 25.
Tu Foto's Carnaval SF collections nice ones from 2004, 2005 & 2006 photos.html for RAYMOND HOLBERT PHOTOGRAPHS
Most Popular Images 
in the world's greatest collection of Carnival fotos at


Xochiquetzal: Aztec goddess of spring in 2009 passed the many Brazilian muses to become our most popular image
Check today's ranking here  
Winner of most popular C'SF foto. Click pic to enlarge.


Rio vs. San Francisco Queens & Muses has a space @ and we have to be impressed by the popularity of these famous Rio Carnaval Muses as well as the company they keep ---with the San Francisco Bay Area Carnaval muses!
 GRAZI: Rainha da Bateria da Grande Rio Viviane Araújo Luma de Oliveira
Luiza Brunet: Queen of the Drummers Raíssa de Oliveira: Queen of the Drums Adriane Galisteu
Click thru to learn more about these household names in Brazil, famous for their stature in the great Cathedral of Carnaval-the Sambadromo: The place where your heart beats loudest
Queens & Muses of SF Bay Area
All aspiring Carnavals compare themselves to Rio Where do we rank in terms of beauty and power. takes a special interest in Brazilian , Latin and Caribbean and Cajun music but we subscribe to the description of Carnaval music as sounds that make you want to jump for joy with others.

Brazil on the SF Bay

Mexico on the SF Bay

The trendy Latin Explosion has been happening on the streets of the Mission since well before Carnaval's birth in 1979 but here's the two web guides which can will bring out the best for you.

Sounds || TOP||

MPB - Brazilian Popular Music - the essence of our music. Bossa Nova, created in bars of Rio during the 50's. Axé Music, a style born in the state of Bahia with great influence of African rhythms. Samba was the first Brazilian style to become popular globally and has never lost its popularity with the youth.  

 DownloadSince 1998 Eric Crawford's url   has been worthy of a bookmark as the best source on local Brazilian Music

Music of the world Links by

S  by KPFA DJ  Jose Ruiz
A Latino music potpourri: Son, Rumba, Guajira, Bomba, Vallenato, Samba, Batucada, Soca, Calypso, Flamenco, Rancheras, Norteñas, Tangos, Boleros, Nueva Canción y mucho mas!

Events  || TOP||

We can add your Carnaval or World music event here. Simply send with jpeg file to 

Also come to the Bay Area's world music entertainment district - the [ click for neighborhood events board]

 [F] Carnaval Related Annual Events in Northern California 

Bay Area Annual Events starring the month of May which begins with May Day and Cinco de Mayo.

Don't miss anything, join an E- List
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Events of Special Note  the Bay Area Brazilian Club holds the biggest pre-Lenten Carnaval at the Galleria every year. 

PRIDE Parade 4th sunday in June
Dia de Los Muertos/ Day of the Dead
Life's greatest fundamental repeat themselves annually and Carnaval invites you to celebrate life or more accurately the rebirth of life in the cycle of life -death & rebirth.

Myth & Magic   || TOP||
Talk about long and windy road! For these 2008 editions, we went back to the Isis story and visited Tunisia whose pre-Moslem past had her as great crossroads between Africa, Europe and the Phoenicians who ruled the seas before the rise of Rome and the Roman Catholic church which followed. Many believe the true history of Carnaval is most connected to a parade tradition venerating this goddess who threatened control of the Roman empire.
With the magnificent winning performance by our 2008 King and Queen having clever costume changes called a striptease by the leading paper we thought we'd better hurry along on the history of the body which brought us to focus on the three key cultures of Brazil  , France and Rome.  The year 2008 is the 50th anniversary of    which had its global introduction with Black Orpheus and spurred the thong upward with its signature tune the Girl from Ipanema.
2007: An amazing story being written as an opening chapter of the 21st century with a connection to the SF Bay area as the North American capital of the progressive left.
Do you know the way to 3 corners on
Mount Roraima || drum
2006: We started digging last year in the 4th century when the first congress of Cardinals created Carnaval as it related to Lent. There is still amazing nuggets to mine particularly from the land of Isis, pyramids and the fields of the Da Vinci code. 


LISTEN to Brazilian Music at these artist sites


The Bay Area is one of the world's most important dance centers. We have linked to the link directories and highlighted the dance instructors and studios who inform their work with the joy of the Carnaval spirit.

Dance & Percussion Classes  || TOP||
East Bay Classes || North Bay & South Bay Classes || Aforum || Carnival Music Terms in Our Bahia Glossary || Bay Area Dance in Imagefolio

Capoeira  || TOP||
Capoeira Directory for the West Coast
You may be one of the many becoming more interested in how your rhythm is affected by other rhythms. Begin your journey here.

History  || TOP||
Carnaval San Francisco: the early years
by Richard Reniceros
KING 1998: Shimon van Collie
Escola Nova=s 15 Years of Carnaval History
By Escola member
Rick Telesforo.
History of Carnival by
Carnaval-San Francisco 1997 ||  1999 
2000 ||
King Jim & Queen Elisa: Carnaval 2000
King Theolonius I & Queen Elizabeth in 2002.
2002 || King Norberto & Queen Maisa 
2003 ||
Queen Iya & King Antonio
2004 || Queen Micaela || King Victor ||
Malonga ||
awards  || events || festival || groups || parade_order || rhythm_magic
the hot 2004 DVD
King Paulo || Queen Vanessa ||Fotos SF 2005 ||2005 Parade Contingents ||May events ||Festival || King-Queen contest ||CAribbeanS on Parade ||CACHAO  ||GLOBAL MAGIC 2005:  Age of Aquarius ||Temples of Rebirth ||drum
2006 ||
2006 King Luis Fernando & Queen Monique Perry ||Youth Royalty 2006


2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000


King & Queen of Your Rhythm
from Jay Kinney for C'SF 2004

Carnaval Versus the Klingons
from Tomas Paine for C'SF 2003
A special 2002 expanded ion to open 10 year countdown to 2012
Trickster at the Crossroads
  by Erik Davis originally published in  Gnosis Magazine 

12 stepping with the Orixas in Brazil 
Brazilian Jungian analyst John Burns updates the most successful model of drug treatment with spectacular orisha illustrations by  Francisco Santos. The similarity between these deities and those of early Greece and the relationship to Egypt is a new topic in academia

The Black Queen Califa |
Learn the fascinating story about the Goddess the state of California was named after. Throughout history, Black Madonnas have often inspired heroism by historic figures.

Multicultural & Carnaval Arts
 || TOP|| ||
Karen Lusebrink/ costume designer for All Ah We, children's book illustrator and Carnaval artist

Ron Seawright
larger than life cartoonist brings his art form to the streets
Community Festival Arts & The Arts on

The New Age of Carnival

The past in the future what can be more certain.

Carnaval of Cultures on the web  
|| TOP||
In 2003's we explored the nation of explorers who triggered the collision of the hemispheres which has made us who we are today.

For 2004 we journey to the land of the two most well known Carnaval deities Orpheus and Dionysus
For 2005, we will be visiting the site of the earliest sacred shrine on the island of Gozo, Malta 

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)  (FECC)
The planet's leading organization for people's events as well as
(Federation of Every Carnival City) who invite all Carnival people to an annual Carnival City Conference. Last year in 2009, the world's newest country, Montenegro was the host. This year's host is Patras, site of the first FECC congress, and Grecce's finest carnaval.
Sambista Network || || Federation  


Chalo Eduardo, C'SF founder and REMO drum spokesperson is looking forward to the Drum Circles at the 2004 festival and invites you to bring your drum to the festival Drum Grove  or the REMO booth for a lesson

Click pic for 15 seconds of Chalo performing with his pandeiro in the 2002 parade with Samba do Coracao. the most played movie in our image server in 2003 & 2004

Awards  || TOP||


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