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Left Coast Capoeira in association with the #1 Brazilian event in North America at the end of May, Memorial Weekend's
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 [F] Capoeiria Bulletin Board for what's new & EVENTS
The history of capoeira, ironically through its' destiny, reflects the actual jogo (game) de capoeira. In some ways it's a charade and full of mandinga (secrets/deception).
Capoeira's History at CapoeriaSJ.com visit the The Little Capoeira Museum in San Jose CA
"I feel that the dance culture can be a force for positive change in society and an outlet for fun, energy, and creativity for the individual"

"I Love This Art! Just imagine it! A martial art which is so beautiful that it can be interpreted as a dance, and is yet so deadly... This art is called Capoeira, and I plan to give you some knowledge of this incredible fighting style" Nate's Capoeira Page

San Francisco

Abada.org || Samba at BCA by TV4
Metranda Márcia Cigarra abadasf@aol.com (415) 284-6196 is the highest ranked woman in Abadá and operator of the Brazilian Cultural Academy 2376 Mission St. SF 94110 (near 20th) An excellent facility with dance instruction by Silvana Souza,Tania Santiago and others.
Kid's Capoeira includes games & exercies emphasing music and acrobatics--working both physical coordination & mental abilities. Covers basic capoeira techniques, rhythms, instruments & songs.  
No FEE for teens is partially funded by the CAC & NEA

omulu@omulu.org ||SF State U
P.O. Box 460552  SF, CA 94146 (phone) 415-285-6689 (fax) 415-647-0703 Founded by Mestre Preguiça in 1986,  
Instructors include Pam Stewart, Carlos Aceituno, Oscar Baeza. Program also serves at-risk youth by working in collaboration with local social service agencies

"Push the boundaries of the traditional art form of capoeira by working in new ways, creating work with other artists and applying the philosophy of the art form to solve real urban problems such as youth violence and substance abuse"

To Capoeira Class ScheduleCapoeira with Carlos Aceituno
Omulu Group, Kintuari Chapter
Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts 2868 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA  94110    (415) 821-1155
CitiCentre Dance Theatre  (at Alice Arts Center)1428 Alice Street, 2nd Floor  Downtown Oakland    (510) 451-1230
No FEE for Youth Classes (ages 7-18)  NO FEE         

CapoeiraUSA.com urubumalandro@hotmail.com 
Mestre Urubu Malandro at MNC Capp Street Center 362 Capp St. San Francisco 94110

 [F] City of San Francisco Ethnic Dance Classes

East Bay

Capoeira Mandinga.org  
Mestre Caveirinha, Marcelo Pereira
- The Capoeira Institute, Berkeley,   (510) 655-8207 

"A Capoeirista must be a chameleon,
"We practice creativity; expressing ourselves through capoeira. We believe in diversity. We must play whatever game is called by the berimbau and that is appropriate to the context." 

CapoeiraArts.com United Capoeira Association
By Bira Almeida - Mestre Acordeon Berkeley California - 

FICA (International Capoeira Angola Foundation)
We are based in Oakland, and also practice in San Francisco. Our teacher is Rogerio Teber

C. K. Ladzekpo - African Music and Dance
One of the Bay Area's cultural treasures, performer, choreographer,  composer as well as faculty member and noted scholar of African performing arts and youth-to-adult Rites of Passage sacred rituals at University of California at Berkeley (UCB)
Cascos Martial Art Academy,
Bill & Mary Owens.  7415 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland, CA 94605, (510)638-9990.

 [F] East Bay Dance Classes

South Bay
Capoeirasj.com of San Jose || Michael ||  red_star.gif (2190 bytes)funstuff/  
Mestre Wagner Vaguinho Bueno of San Jose | (408) 298-4-art One the the deepest and best Capoeira web site for many years running 

Abadá Capoeira Santa Cruz (CA)|| Capoeira@bnbcomp.net  
One of the first Capoeira web sites launched by Karen Richardson ABADA Capoeira was established by in 1988 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil I Instructor Papiba Itabora , Indio, Roda Capoeira now: Capoeira Raizes Do Brasil (Mestre Ralil, Brasília)

Capoeira Narahari with MESTRE BEIÇOLA Fotos
Mestre Biquinho
A Silicon Valley based martial arts school under the umbrella organization of Brazil Culture and Arts Classes are held at Stanford University, California State University-Hayward, the University of California, Berkeley's University Village Community Center and the City of Palo Alto

 [F] South Bay Ethnic Dance Classes

North Bay 

 [F] North Bay Ethnic Dance Classes

Northern California & Great Northwest
Capoeira in Sacramento, CA with Professor Galego 
Patrick Hilligan (Professor Galego) has been training in Capoeira under Mestre Acordeon and Mestre Ra for 9 years, and has been teaching Capoeira for 3 years

Grupo de Capoeira Regional do Brasil (GdCRdB) Portland (OR) Mestre Almiro (Associação de Capoeira Mestre Bimba)

palmares@u.washington.edu || mandinga@snc.org ||vadiacao@hotmail.com Seattle, Washington.
Led by Contra-Mestre Pererê (Eric Johnson) one of the few North Americans to have earned the level of Contra-Mestre in the art of Capoeira Angola. Perere is dedicated student of Mestre Nô of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, the grand master of Capoeira Angola Palmares also holds classes in Portland, Oregon, led by instructors David Allison and a small group trains in Bend, Oregon led by instructor Tanya Ignacio

Mestres Teté and Barrão in 2000AxeCapoeira.com/ 
Canada’s first Academy of Capoeira
Grupo Axé Capoeira
695 Smithe Street (3rd Level), Vancouver, B.C. V6B 2C9
(604) 669-3135  mbarrao@intergate.bc.ca

Mestre Merrinho de Caio Professor & Lua Branca in Seattle, Washington & Vancouver, B.C.The history of Quilombo do Queimado begins in the mid 1960's of Quilombo do Queimado begins in the mid 1960's

 [F] Seattle, Vancouver & the Great Northwest 
Brazilian Caribbean and Latin cultural and event links in aforum

Southern California & the SouthWest 

 [F] Los Angeles, San Diego & Southern California 
Brazilian Caribbean and Latin cultural and event links in aforum

SambaLá - Capoeira comes to Long Beach Carnaval -
Mestre Amen & Nilton stars of Hollywood Martial Arts Films have taught this class! 
GINGA USA . World Beat Center || bigginga@yahoo.com 2100 Park Boulevard . Balboa Park . San Diego, California 92101, you can experience the truly extraordinary benefits and enjoyment of Capoeira "HealthErcize."


Mestre Marcos Barrao's international Grupo Axe Capoeira.  in the Phoenix area

Hawaii & Farther West
Capoeirahawaii.com is Capoeria Batuque  
Mestre Kinha a native of Rio de Janeiro received his master degree in Capoeira from Mestre Beiçola in 1994

Capoeira Batuque was founded in 1994 by Mestre Joselito "Amen" Santo and Mestre Ronaldo "Beiçola" de Sá. The mestres who represent two very powerful complementary schools of Capoeira joined their academies to create this organization

"The roda is a metaphor for life,"
"A place where you have to face your fears and insecurities, where you may be embarrassed and look foolish. The good thing about it is you learn to hold your ground, to take up a challenge, to move in rhythm."

Bira Almeida author & operator of the Capoeira Arts Cafe in Berkeley California & CapoeiraArts.com 

More on Capoeira Books 
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COMPARE PRICES cover Capoeira,
a Brazilian Art Form :
History, Philosophy, and Practice at amazon

by Bira Almeida

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red_star.gif (2190 bytes) capoeira.com  see if its back yetCapoeira's one time most active bulletin board 
Capoeria at Carnaval.com's Aforum.com

Located in the CarnavalCities/Salvador section. PlanetCapoeira.com  
A rather quiet "most active" board

"Students cannot jump from one plateau to the next but must climb through them slowly and carefully, following a natural process that comes from dedicated training and a feeling of well-being in the art."
|| PHOTOS ||
by Jon Wave from Spain

Some new mpeg movies Nathan Charles Bellinger made at the class in Virginia Beach

http://www.grupocandeias.8m.com/  Site of "grupo Capoeira Candeias" Picture that defy gravity

||Laurence Edward Leong aka Larry aka Chimp aka Escovinha Mandinga Capoeira of Berkeley and Marcelo Pereira 
"For your convenience I have removed all of the stupid pop-up Geocities ads from my galleries pages" Thank you Escovinha

ladzekpo.gif (17700 bytes)
WARRIORS at the Edge of the Rainforests | Video QT Clips
A collaborative piece by CK Ladzekpo, master drummer and choreographer from Ghana, and Bira Almeida, Capoeira mestre from Brazil

|| Best Capoeira Web Sites ||
Capoeira San Jose:
Capoeira museum is a don't miss. Beautiful graphics& refined animations cross all borders

While we wait for post May 2000 update they wait for a viable web business model 

Huge yet well organized site with and exhaustive set of capoeira links and much more to discover. Major update promised for May 2001 "probably"

Vampthor's Capoeria Page

Keeps growing & growing
Capoeira "Jogo Da Vida" || Capoeira Corner
Brilliant animated GIFs
from Austria: A comprehensive site with excellent information on basic movements including sketches and animation. 

ABADÁ Capoeira - official site 
The world's largest capoeria group 

capoeira.com || ABADÁ Capoeira - New York City, USA - Bom Jesus 
abadacapoeira.com  || ABADÁ Capoeira - New York City, USA - Mestranda Edna Lima
www.abada.org   || ABADÁ Capoeira - San Francisco,- Mestranda Márcia

Capoeira Brasil 3D-logoGrupo Capoeira Brasil- Netherlands || Capoeira Animations coming mid 2001;
You you will enjoy these beautifully done pages and learn something too

Capoeira Angola Palmares or capoeria-life.com
Meste João Grande: QT-Movies of the famous Mestres 

Palmares, the largest free community of escaped slaves thriving for almost one hundred years in the backlands of Brazil. Our group honors Palmares as a tribute to the courage of the human spirit in the fight for liberation, a form of self defense disguised as playful dance, was developed by African slaves in Brazil. Angola is the traditional form of capoeira emphasizing a flowing dialogue of attacks and escapes, favoring intelligence and strategy over speed and force.Palmares, the largest free community of escaped slaves thriving for almost one hundred years in the backlands of Brazil. Our group honors Palmares as a tribute to the courage of the human spirit in the fight for liberation."
Capoeira Angola

Capoeira Angola-Germany
Winning photo section!

Capoeira in Nizhny Novgorod Russia
-- http://capoeira.narod.ru  in Russian & English

|| Capoeira Music ||
Song Lyrics. Here you find a collection of the most common songs we sing in the Roda. If you want you can download the lyrics in one time, in
- Information on Capoeira music. Capoeira songs. How to play the berimbau. Different berimbau rhythms. Brief history and information on capoeira. CapuraGinga and BYU Capoeira Club links.

berim- bau red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Media section: Real Audio, lyrics, Real Video at capoeiria corner 

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Songs by Albuquerque NM Capoeria || now over 75

The Music of Grupo Candeias 
Clips from both the first and second CD,

butterani.gif (9287        bytes)
WAV & RA file
Capoeira CHS Style
With a history and a selection of songs

;Capoeira Music: MP3 and lyrics. Capoeira pictures, videos, animations, history, schedules, and links.
as performed by Maestre Camisa
ItacareCapoeira Itacaré (BA) -Listen to the berimbau! .AU 3 seconds Au is a java sound file which can be played by your computer without a plug-in

 [F] Capoeria Music at amazon.com

|| History ||
Mestre Bimba Founder of Capoeira || History
The father of modern day Capoeira is Mestre Bimba 1899-1974 whose Capoeira Regional used berimbau rythms and fighting sequences. "By banning Capoeira, the Europeans had transformed the art into a symbol of freedom"
A Brief History of Capoeira by ABADA Santa Cruz
Early African Brazilian Colony of Quilombo dos Palmares
Open Directory Project Sports: Martial Arts: Capoeira  (72) || Associations  (8) || Clubs  (37)
Often updated part of our top resource for capoeira on the web

nice work as always

Capoeria Web ring List of Sites || More options here
51 as of May 2001

Capoeria Directories

Capoeira Links atmicrobiol.org/vl.martial.arts  
last update nov. 1999 The Virtual Library: Martial Arts /  

 [F] Brazil in New York     [F] Capoeira in New York
2nd most important center for the art form outside Brazil

 [F] Brazil in London 

Brazil in the San Francisco Bay Area 
Your Carnaval.com is based in the SFmission.com 
The birthplace of this very special planetary center for new thinking and movement

|| Marketplace ||
Capoeira Books & Reviews by Carnaval.com & amazon.com
Your  patronage will help us to further develop Carnaval.com's capoeira section
|| cbc@mandinga.org
1999 will be the 3rd Annual Capoeria, Brazilian Dance and Percussion gathering under the redwood trees in Cazadero, California Join us the week before Labor Day (August 30th - September 5th) call Marcelo at 510-655-8207 or send email to Your   organizers: Marcelo Pereira and Dennis Broughton in association w/ Mandinga Capoeira Berkeley
capoeira pants || cabreezyday@yahoo.com
Cabral Bonner Availability varies, please give 2-3 options

Fundraiser for kids attending
Capoeira Encounter/Samba Summer Camp

Complete sets available for $11.65. Californians add 8.25% sales tax. Donald Coley, 969 62nd St, Oakland, CA 94608-1360

 [F] Percussion Instruments MARKETPLACE 
Our Music Marketplace has more options here 
Lark in the Morning's: Latin Percussion || Lark Main Menu:
Leather Maracas, Shakka Shakerz, Bongos, Ricardo CongasCombo, Congas, Brazilian Basket Maracas, Pandeiro, Berimbaus, Ganza & Caxixi, Surdos, Shekeres, Afuche, Multi Guiro, Metal Shaker, Cuica, Agogo Bell

 [F] Capoeria Music at amazon.com
Mercado by CapoEuropa or capoeuropa.com  || capoeuropa@compuserve.com
RODA de Capoeira - (/Fax +49-40-317 35 38; featuring their own CD. Diretor Geral:

More martial arts links and articles 

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