1997 San Francisco Carnaval Grand Parade
Official Awards

Queen Milanda Moore

queen1.jpg (7803 bytes)Milanda occasionally emerges from her mysterious secret identity to dazzle in Aluadumar Dance Company

King Roger  Dillahunty

king1.jpg (5849 bytes)When not reigning, Roger commands moves from his students at dance Mission

Grand Champion Contingent : Mas Makers Massive
2nd Overall & Best Brazilian:
Samba Do Corac„o
3rd (Tie): D'Midas
International-California & Fogo Na Roupa
GIANT COSTUME: 1st-All Ah We 2nd-Mas Makers Massive 3rd- (BACC) Bay Area Caribbean Connection
FLOAT: 1st-Buena Vista 2nd-Fogo Na Roupa 3rd-Mara Reggae
'97 Carnaval BRAZILIAN:

brazilian.jpg (17791 bytes)
Best Brazilian: Samba do Coracao performing Heart of the Jaguar (2nd overall officially) directed by Mary Dollar & Fernando de Sanjines starring Lisa Silva on vocals. Few individuals have devoted as much passion to enhancing a Carnaval San Francisco overall presentation as Mary Dollar and her husband Fernando (shown accepting the award.) '97's movement was powerful in all four judged categories with exciting, original songs working as a whole with beautiful costumes, excellent synchronized choreography and a determined, winning team spirit.

DANCE: 1st-Samba Do Corac„o 2nd-Fogo Na Roupa 3rd-Mara Reggae
MUSIC: 1st- Sambao/ Aquerela/MILA 2nd-Samba Do   Corac„o 3rd-Fogo Na Roupa
COSTUME: 1st-Mara Reggae 2nd-Samba Do   Corac„o 3rd-Fogo Na Roupa
VISUAL: 1st-Samba Do   Corac„o 2nd-Mara Reggae 3rd-Sambao/Aquerela/MILA
'97 Carnaval CARIBBEAN:caribbean.jpg (15502 bytes)
Mas Makers Massive are one of Oakland’s most important cultural resources. Producing in'97 the top Caribbean Ball with Leon Coldero United Sisters. Lady B & Tigress and Pan Exstasy at the California Ballroom as well as a weekend T&T Mardi Gras at the Oakland Museum. No Carnaval Group works with more students and schools than MMM either. Above Stephen "D'Fireman Tiffenson holds Grand Prize plaque and wife Colleen is surrounded by cultural ambassadors from Trinidad.
DANCE: 1st-Mas Makers Massive, 2nd-Mas Salsa 3rd-D'Midas Int'l
MUSIC: 1st-Mas Makers Massive 2nd-D'Midas Int'l 3rd-Bay Area Caribbean Connection
COSTUME: 1st-Mas Makers Massive 2nd- Bay Area Caribbean Connection 3rd-All Ah We & D'Midas
VISUAL: 1st-Mas Makers Massive 2nd-D'Midas 3rd-All Ah We
'97 Carnaval OPENopen.jpg (14230 bytes)
Best Youth: Loco Bloco  has steadily become the pride of the Mission. Led by two charismatic talents Jose Carrasco & Heather Watkins, this group has been dancing the drumming the promising talk of youth arts which former Mission resident Whoopie Goldberg rode to become at superstar when she starred in Disney's Sister Act filmed at 29th & Church. Their Carnavelesco Pete Gallegos who coordinated '97's "We Are All Related" is wearing the white hat
DANCE: 1st-Cheapskates 2nd-NORCAL/Sunset 3rd-Mission Youth
MUSIC: 1st-Mission Youth/ Loco Bloco 2nd-Oya Nike 3rd-NORCAL/Sunset
COSTUME: 1st-NORCAL/ Sunset Scavenger 2nd-Mission Youth/ Loco Bloco 3rd-Star of Gladness
VISUAL: 1st-Oya Nike 2nd-Star of Gladness 3rd-Mission Youth & Le Glamour Production
trad1.jpg (4033 bytes)trad2.jpg (3795 bytes)'97 Carnaval TRADITIONAL
Xiuhcoatl Danza Azteca
directed by Miguel Perez preserve the past for the sake of the future as we get ready for the cataclysmic changes ahead at the dawn of the 6th Age of Humanity
DANCE: 1ST-Xiuhcoatl 2nd-Renacer Folklorico Bolivia 3rd-Grupo Aztlan
MUSIC: 1st-Viva Panama 2nd-Xiuhcoatl  
COSTUME: 1st-Renacer Folklorico Bolivia 2nd-Xiuhcoatl Danza Azteca 3rd-Viva Panama & Grupo Aztlan
VISUAL: 1st-Renacer Folklorico Bolivia 2nd-Xiuhcoatl Danza Azteca 3rd-Grupo Aztlan & Viva Panama


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