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PICO Search has most of's pages indexed and will serve then up as frame sets while Google has only about a third but has indexed many of our photos at Tradeday. It will also automatically sense your browser's language 
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Sorry for's 1000 plus pages you must go to ...

  Try the aForum search which has more Carnaval related pages than, is constantly updated and allows you to post announcements and enjoy lots of powerful search features once you register.
Carnaval Site index is best for non-frame viewing access to our major pages 
 We also have integrated content from our two sister sites featuring empowering global travel tools and thousands of Carnaval pics as well as  the famous multicultural arts and Carnaval neighborhood in San Francisco where we are locatedWelcome to has image archives with thousands of Carnaval jpeg photos. You can find links to these in our archives area on aforum (requires log-in) 

We do get confused a lot with the Carnival cruise line which might also consider itself the people's cruise since they are known for great parties and good prices.'s most requested links 
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naval vs. Carnival:
  The way the majority of folks from the Western Hemisphere (who speak Spanish & Portuguese ) spell Carnaval is not so nearly with ambiguous as the English spelling. Getting the inflection or emphasis right on the middle "na" syllable is kind of fun too. 


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The search engine uses a syntax similar to many of the popular Internet Portals. Documents containing any of the words that you enter will be returned or searches may be further narrowed through the use of "special" characters. The table below provides some common examples:
Single Word run A Single Word search will return documents containing the word or forms of the word. If you were to search for run, you would find documents containing "running", "ran" and "runner" as well as "run".
Accrue bill clinton An Accrue search will return all documents containing any of the words given.
Phrase "on error" A Phrase search—enclosed in quotes—will return documents containing instances of the exact string only. The given phrase must appear in documents together and in the exact order.
Wildcard *ful
A Wildcard search will return documents containing the word or letters provided plus any combination of letters in place of the asterisk. (i.e. text in blue replaces the asterisk in the example: beauti-ful ; ful-fill ; art-ful-ly)
Boolean +bill +hillary
+clinton -gore
A Boolean search returns documents containing words under conditional criteria. A word preceded by a plus (+) indicates that the word provided is mandatory to any documents returned; while a minus (-) returns only those documents that do NOT contain the word that follows it.

NOTE:  Minus (-) takes precedence over plus (+).

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