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  16 eyewitness accounts
Lady Diana Spencer,
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Besides Dodi's dad, Ali Fayed
 much of the continuing interest in conspiracy theories regarding Diana have been fueled by her butler Paul Burrell

Princess Diana was the daughter of the
8th Earl Spencer
she made her home at Kensington Palace next to Hyde Park
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her marriage with the Prince_of_Wales
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produced two sons
HRH Prince William of Wales,
News: Prince William
born on 21 June 1982
HRH Prince Henry of Wales aka 'Harry'. NEWS Prince Harry
15 September 1984
Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the Royal Family News about the Queen
Camilla_Parker_Bowles was not found to be suitable mate by
Lord Mountbatten of Burma
Diana Spencer had two elder sisters Sarah (born 1955), Jane (born 1957) and her younger brother Charles (born 1964),
Accident or assassination?
Debate rages between those who believe she was assassinated, and those who believe she died as the result of an accident.

 the car slammed into the 13th column

The French investigators' conclusion that Henri Paul,
driver of the Limo was drunk was made largely on the basis of an analysis of blood samples, which were stated to contain an alcohol level that (according to Jay's September 1997 report) was three times the legal limit. This initial analysis was challenged by a British pathologist hired by the Fayeds; in response, French authorities carried out a third test, this time using the medically more conclusive fluid from the sclera (white of the eye) which confirmed the level of alcohol measured by blood and also showed Paul had been taking antidepressants. It is known that Paul had consumed two drinks at the hotel prior to the departure,  however as a pilot, he passed a health check two days before the accident. His liver showed no signs of abuse on post-mortem and alcohol blood levels are known to rise upon death.

There continues to be distrust of the official findings. The other white car involved in the crash has never been located. Paul's bank accounts indicate a source of income beyond what he earned as head of hotel security, with the most popular theory for its source being that he was a French government undercover agent.

 The samples were also said to contain a level of carbon monoxide sufficiently high as to have prevented him from driving a car (or even from standing). Some maintain this  indicates the samples were tampered with. No official DNA test has been carried out on the samples, and Henri Paul's family has not been allowed to commission independent tests on them.

White Light- Some witnesses describe a bright white light just preceding the crash.

"I said to my wife that there must be big shot behind us with a police escort. Then l went down into the tunnel and, again in my rearview mirror l saw the car in the middle of the tunnel with the motorcycle on its left, pulling ahead and then swerving to the right directly in front of the car . . . as the motorcycle swerved and before the car lost control, there was a flash of light but then l was out of the tunnel and heard, but did not see the impact . . . l immediately pulled my car over to the curb but my wife said 'Let's get out of here. Its a terror attack' " (Francoise Levistre (or Levi)Reuters, Paris, Quoted on Internet 4/9/97).

The families of Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul have not accepted the French investigators' findings. In the Scottish courts, Mohamed Al-Fayed applied for an order directing there be a public inquiry and is to appeal against the denial of his application. Fayed, for his part, stands by his belief that the Princess and his son were killed in an elaborate conspiracy launched by the SIS (MI6) on the orders of the "racist" Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, apparently believing the Duke abhorred the idea of his grandsons potentially having Muslim or half-Arab siblings. (Al-Fayed has repeatedly claimed that the Duke of Edinburgh controls SIS.)

Motivations which have been advanced for murder include suggestions Diana intended to convert to Islam, and that she was pregnant with Dodi's child. In January 2004, the former coroner of The Queen's Household, Dr John Burton, said (in an interview with The Times) that he attended a post-mortem examination of the Princess's body at Fulham mortuary in which he personally examined her womb and found her not to be pregnant.

Later in 2004, US TV network CBS showed pictures of the crash scene showing an intact rear side and an intact centre section of the Mercedes, including one of a unbloodied Diana with no outward injuries, crouched on the rear floor of the vehicle with her back to the right passenger seat — the right rear car door is completely opened. These pictures caused uproar in the UK, and spurred another lawsuit by Mohammed Al-Fayed.

Rumours and conspiracies aside, it must be noted Diana, Dodi and Paul were not wearing seat belts when the car crashed. Rees-Jones, the only survivor, had his seat belt on. Also, the underpass at the Place de l'Alma is known as an accident black spot; it is on a stretch of high-speed road but only has limited visibility ahead in places; and there are square-shaped pillars in the central reservation which could lead to collisions.

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DownloadPrincess Diana's only brother, EARL Spencer defended his letter sent in April 1996, 16 months before Diana's death - which were revealed in a Daily Mirror serialization of butler Paul Burrell's book.

He said in an interview on American TV: "I suppose all the loving letters I sent don't have the sell-ability of this one, which was a genuine bid to try to help her when she was at her most complex.

"The pressures on Diana were huge and immense and there was a stage where I felt that things needed to be addressed."

"I know how manipulation and deceit are parts of the illness. I pray you are getting treatment for your mental problems." wrote the Earl Spencer

The earl told NBC he not believe conspiracy theories that the Paris crash was murder. The family was "absolutely certain" it was an accident.

Spencer also said Diana's letter to Burrell predicting her death in that way was just "bizarre coincidence".

Download "People thought she was messing with things that were far from the Royal Family."  said  Paul Burrell himself to ABC TV and that Diana thought she was at risk because she was deemed a "loose cannon".

The Death Of Diana by

In 2004, British Prime Minister Tony Blair said that he found it “distasteful” that CBS aired photos of Princess Diana as she lay dying after a car accident.

Dr. Hasnat Khan

Download “Very near the end of her life, she said to one of her friends, ‘I’m no longer lonely. I know what love is now,’” says author Kate Snell. “And I think that’s the gift that one man gave her. And that one man was Dr. Hasnat Khan.”
Snell says not only that their breakup happened just days before Diana’s kiss with Dodi Fayed was seen around the world but that Diana herself  arranged for the photographer  to get just the right shots to make Hasnat jealous.

Hasnat Khan, a distinguished Pakistani heart surgeon working at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London refuses to talk with the press about the relationship

“She was not in love with Dodi. She was in love with Hasnat Khan,” says Snell. “She wanted to get back to Kensington Palace. And she enjoyed being with Dodi, but when she got back home, Dodi would be a past chapter in her life.”




34. I am aware that there is speculation that these deaths were not the result of a sad, but relatively straight forward, road traffic accident in Paris. I have asked the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to make inquiries. The results of these inquiries will help me to decide whether such matters will fall within the scope of the investigation carried out at the inquests.  Coroner of The Queen's Household H.M.Coroner for Surrey
Tuesday, 6 January 2004
Openings of the Inquests into the deaths of  Diana, Princess of Wales Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London and of Dodi Al Fayed;Wray Park, Reigate, Surrey || Princess Diana Inquest

The Will of Diana, Princess of Wales
When Princess Diana died tragically on August 31, 1997 she left behind a 21.5 million pound (approximately $35 million) fortune, most of which was bequeathed to her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. The inheritance will be held in trust for the two princes until they reach the age of 30. In her will made public on March 2, 1998, Diana also left 50,000 pounds to her former butler, Paul Burrell, and set aside personal momenta for her 17 godchildren
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