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Lafitte the gentleman pirate of New Orleans
Pirate Images
Pyrate Terms:
ye = you, vixen = fierce women
n' = and, wench = young lady
thar = their. avast = attention



Gasparilla Pirate Fest - Tampa, FL (January)


The Pillage of the Village at the Florida Renaissance Festival - Deerfield Beach, FL (February)


Pirates sack St. Augustine, Florida (Searle's Raid) - Tampa, FL (March)


Buc Days - Corpus Christi, Texas (April)
Cutthroats of Corona "A Golden Age Pyrate Festival" - Corona, California (April)
Greenville/ Pitt County Pirate Festival - Greenville, NC (April)
Lee Island Pirate days Festival - Ft.Myers, Florida (April)
Baltimore Pyrate Invasion - Baltimore, Maryland (April)
Pirate Con 2007 - New Orleans, Loiuisana (April)


Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival - Fernandina Beach, FL (late April- May)
Info found at the Fernandina pirates club page

Pirates invade Tennessee Renaissance Festival - Nashville, Tennessee (May)
Lohn John silver's Pirate Invasion Weekend at Scarborough Faire - Waxahachie,Texas (May)
Charleston Maritime Festival - Charleston, South Carolina (May)
Contraband Days Festival - Lake Charles, LA (May)
Cap'n Nick's Newport Pirate Walk presents PirateFest - Newport, RI (May)
Queen Bess and Pyrates Renaissance Fair - Bakerfield, California (May)


Hampton Blackbeard Festival - Hampton, VA (June)
Port Washington Pirate Festival - Port Washington, WI (June)
Northern California Pirate Festival, Vallejo, California (June)
Annual Harborwalk Festival - Georgetown, South Carolina (June)
Annual Sea Music Festival - Mystic Seaport, Connecticut (June)
John Levique Pirate Days - Madeira Beach, Florida (June)
Sprint Billy Bowlegs Festival - Fort Walton Beach, Fla. (June)
Big Bear Pirate Fair - Big Bear, California (June)
Drake's Raid - St. Augustine, Florida (June)


Niagara Pirates Festival - Newfane-Olcott, NY (July)
Pirate invade the Great Lakes Medieval Faire - Cleveland, Ohio (July)


Bill Johnston's Pirate Days - Alexandria Bay, NY (August)
Privateer Day - Baltimore, MD (August)
The Pirate Festival at Historic Fort York - Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Aug-Sept)


Salem Pirate Faire - Salem, MA (September)
Portland Pirate Festival - Portland, OR (September)
Pirates Weekend at Pennsylvanis Renaissance Faire - Mt. Hope, PA (September)
Sea Chantey Festival - San Diego, CA (September)
St. Louis Pirate Festival - Wentzville, MO-West of St. Loius (September)
Toshiba Tall Ships Festival - Dana Point Harbor, CA (September)
Howard Pyle Pirate Festival - Rehoboth Beach, DE (September)
Gold Coast Pirate Faire - Ventura, CA area (September)


Pirates of the Intracoastal pirate faire - Boynton Beach, FL (October)
Tybee Island Pirate Fest - Tybee Island, Georgia (October)
Annual Buccaneer Days at Two Harbors, Catalina Isle, CA (October)
Invasion of the Pirates Flotilla, Wilmington,NC (October)


Nov: St. Petersburg Florida

St. Andrews Fall Seafood and Pirate Fest - St.Andrews/ Panama City Beach, FL (November)
Florida Pirate Festival - Clearwater, FL (November)
Pirates Week Festival - Cayman Islands (November)
Pirates in Paradise Festival - Key West, FL (late Nov-Dec)


Pirates in Paradise Festival - Key West, FL (late Nov-Dec)
826 Valencia runs San Francisco's "only independent pirate supply store." Located in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District, sfmission.com the store is the front entrance of the tutoring center and has the look and feel of an authentic pirate shop. The store sells pirate clothing, eyepatches, compasses, spyglasses, pirate dice, skull flags, and secret treasures. It features handmade signs, scattered around the store, offering tongue-in-cheek wisdom, such as "Uses for Lard" (#5: "Lard Fights") and "Guidelines for New Shipmates" (#4: "No forgetting to swab"). Unsuspecting visitors are sometimes treated to surprise "moppings."

"I am a free prince, and I have as much authority to make war
on the whole world, as he who has 100 sail of ships at sea

--- Capt. Bellamy




Buccaneers and Pirates of Old

Books, Plays, & Poems (Literary & Cultured Piracy)

Pirate Movies

Pirate Museums, Groups, Festivals and Shows
(looking to join up with a crew, visit our Crews to sign on with  page)


Individual Pirates

Privateering and Letters of Marque
(of course, many of the sites above deal with privateers - these are sites that specially focus on privateers)

Pirate Study Lessons class handouts and for lesson plans.

Modern Piracy (yes - they are not pirates of the Golden Age, but they are real!)


Piracy in Other Languages
(some sites can be translated roughly using the Alta Vistas Babel Fish Translation Site, or other translation software)

Other Pirate Sites

Musical Pirates, and Salty Songs with a Roguish Touch
( more on musical pirate groups and recordings - Music to Maraud By)

Swashbuckling Artists, and Illustrated Pirate Tales

Games, Puzzles, Jokes and Frivolous Activities

Misc. Piratical Endeavours

Celebrating Voyages of Old

Sea Songs & Shantys


WILLIAM KIDD. America's most famous pirate, William Kidd was a wealthy man. He was a privateersman hired by Lord Bellomont, Royal Governor of Massachusetts, to seek out and capture Blackbeard. Failing to capture Blackbeard, Kidd became a pirate himself - although he denied being one until his dying day. Returning to Boston in 1699, Kidd was arrested and shipped to London for trial. He was sentenced to be hanged at Execution Dock in London on May 23, 1701. On the first attempt, the rope broke, but the Sheriff's men dragged him back to the gallows and hanged him successfully the second time. Kidd's body was painted with tar, wrapped in chains and placed in an iron cage on the river bank. For almost twenty years, his body remained gibbeted as an example to other would-be-pirates.



Tall Ship Sites

Most of these tall ships are replicas, as most of the originals have not survived the trials of time. Still they help re-create the nautical experience of buccaneers.  We recommend you visit these ships when you have a chance to do so.  More about tall ships No Quarter Given has been associated with.

Staged Combat and Historical Fighting Styles

Costuming & Outfitting for Pirates

If you want to play pirate, you'll need a swashbuckling outfit. These sites might help you decide what is the proper loo, and some give advice on construction of such.. Also, peruse our listing of Merchants and Smugglers for sources to acquire costumes, supplies and props:





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