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NYPD & Public Assembly

"I already have a permit for my camera," says 's Beka Economopoulos
"It's called the First Amendment."
[more] Aug-07 Proposed new onerous  regulations were taken off table ---for now
Artists Call on NYers to Send Mayor A Vision of His Crazy New Restrictions on Street Photography Jul-07
NYPD Denies Parade Permit to African Immigrants Group, No Compromises Jul-07
132 Arrested for Unlawful Assembly at Puerto Rican Day Parade Jun-07
Caught On Tape: NYPD Assaults Videographer, Steals Camera Dec-06
 Protesting the NYPD's Parade Permit Proposal Nov-06 | NYPD Proposes Changes to Parade Permit
...restrict/define "to peaceable assemble". By Adrienne
NYPD & Parades
NYPD Parade Permit Form
NY State Laws regarding nudity in public
The decision-COURT OF APPEALS OF NEW YORK July 7, 1992


3rd Annual 2007 Art Parade September 8, 2007
As London checks out its parade chops by growing its two August Carnaval events as it readies to host the world for its 3rd Olympics [1908 & 1948] on the auspicious occasion of  mythical beginning year of the new age in 2012, it must be casting a jealous eye towards its rival for capital of the world New York City.  New York is far and away the parade capital of the world with more than 80 major parades including some exciting fresh new spectacles highlighted nicely by web through yahoo's street photo pros and video on google's

New York is a city whose residents enthusiastically and constantly celebrate the identities that define and differentiate them. This is a big part of how they all get along.

Don't bother requesting yet another procession on Fifth Avenue. The city has banned any new parades there. And forget any other place and time that has traditionally hosted another event, because those are off-limits too. In fact, NYPD has been accused of being particularly unfriendly to the 1st amendment right to assemble in 2006 and 2007. 

On 29 December 2006, the New York Times wrote an Editorial stating
"The department’s proposed parade law — which would greatly restrict the right of assembly for even small groups — goes overboard and isn’t likely to stop the monthly [Critical Mass] rides anyway. Considering that more than 200 cyclists have died in traffic in New York over the last decade, including two hit by motorists on a bike path recently, the department should have better priorities."

For the full text of the NY Times editorial, download a pdf copy or view it on the NY Times site after completing their log-in process.

The changes were triggered by the spontaneous bike ride when early in 2006, in regards to Critical Mass, Criminal Court Judge Gerald Harris determined that the parade permit law is “hopelessly overbroad” and “constitutes a burden on free expression that is more than the First Amendment can bear.”

New NYPD Parade Assembly Rules:
Here in the parade capital of the world, NYPD has new tools for keeping order with a clearer threshold for arresting groups of people they have a problem with.

Ray Kelly and the New York Police Department, with the blessing of Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, have pushed ahead with new parade permit rules which threaten the exercise of  free speech rights. On January 28th, 2007 the NYPD moderated the new rules somewhat to require groups of 50 or more to obtain a permit if they want to gather on a sidewalk, in the road, or in the parks. The rules effect pedestrians, vehicles, and cyclists alike. The NYPD began enforcing these rules February 25th 2007

It all starts with an application to the Police Department. A parade permit — and a new NYPD proposal says any congregation of 50 or more people or 30 or more bikes constitutes a parade — requires a jam-packed one-page application. The form demands details ranging from the "character" of the applying organization ("social, political, etc.") and the expected number of participants to the type of vehicles and/or animals included in the event.

The city provides cops and sanitation for parades, and it picks up the tab. The NYPD won't discuss deployment specifics, but it has some presence at all permitted parades. [more]


rss Parade & NYPD News
The new regulations, by adding further bureaucratic hurdles, are aimed at restricting spontaneous political rallies,  dissuading organized marches and particularly clamping down on bike rides which cause traffic chaos in their wake or seek the disruption of normal patterns by everyday citizens. The old rule did not designate a numerical limit, an ambiguity judges used to throw out criminal cases against participants in the monthly Critical Mass bicycle rides. Opponents were successful in raising the number by pointing out that rules restricting the right to assemble also have the potential of encouraging the routine stopping and searching minority residents in certain communities for no legitimate reason and that overbroad statutes that criminalize non-criminal behavior in the name of public safety often threaten far more people than they protect.

March-2007 The 5BBC and several other plaintiffs are suing the NYPD to block implementation of the NYPD's parade rule changes. A statement by 
For more info:  http://assembleforrights
[creative commons license]Also see

2007 Coney Island Mermaid Parade



Our 2007 Mermaid Parade MOST MOST INTERESTING AWARD goes to psychic_heart aka nina westervelt a Brooklyn ace photographer who placed 5 of her brilliant shots in the TOP TWENTY.ants89 has this to say about her---
"Nina is a woman with a great eye for a good photograph and a talent for using "toy" cameras. I enjoy browsing her stream which is full of good stuff like cityscapes interesting dyptichs and candid portraits. I love how she is devoted to simple film cameras and how she uses them so masterfully."

LarimdaME or Gene Han has top spot in the FLICKR FOTO WATCH of our Mermaid Parade. LarimdaME's is a very popular photographer on flickr for his self-deprecating humor as well as his photographic knowledge and skill

 MOST INTERESTING" flickr.COM FOR THE SEARCH TERM ---Mermaid Parade--- These are the twenty who have garnered the most attention among the 30 000+ submitted using their proprietary algorithm not most hits or votes.

The Mermaid Parade is now using the tag line "the nation's largest art parade" but the NYC art parade news is the fecundity of the art scene growing on parade as we countdown to 2012. One of the most important hallmarks of an annual Carnaval is the rebirth of new creativity so we love art parade at and count them among our number more than just any annual event. We

ABOUT THIS COVERAGE:, like the Olympics is more attuned to Cities and we take a special interest in Carnaval-like parades, festival arts programs in the schools, film festivals or other annual events where stories are shared.  You can find the most in-depth coverage on the web in English for 9 Carnaval events in 9 special cities: NYC, San Francisco, Toronto, London, New Orleans, Veracruz, MX; Port of Spain TnT; Salvador, Bahia; and Rio de Janeiro. [If you'd like us to give special consider adding your Carnaval foto to our global album here [especially if you do not use a creative commons copyright]; then at flickr add a "" and/or " tag to your submission. ]

Resources: NYC Parade & Festival 
  Parade Permits
A permit is required to conduct a procession, parade or race within the City of New York and must be obtained from the Police Commissioner.
Click Here for a Parade Permit [pdf]

The following instructions are provided for the completion of a parade permit application:
  • 1. Complete all captions and abide by all notes on application
  • 2. Prepare three (3) copies of application with original signatures, ONE COPY MUST BE NOTARIZED.
  • 3. Forward completed application to:

    NEW YORK, N. Y. 10038

  • 4. For inquires regarding the application process, call (646-610-6952) Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. -4 p.m

More FAQs including press passes

Festival and Event Guides

New York Parades & Events by
We've got your best best online here and there is also this other directory in our image server with additional and new sources
To find a listing of permitted events, also see Parade Listings by Community Assistance Unit. offers a comprehensive listing if you search the Events calendar.  

Also worth a look :
Jim's Deli is a NY city guide that offers a monthly breakdown of street fairs, as does offers a listing of annual street festivals, though it doesn't offer as many details as Jim's Deli. World Guides New York offers more general coverage, but is a good resource for those visiting the Big Apple.
New York Event Guide Network focuses its coverage on the few big mainstream events happening each month.
New York's Street Fairs (by is worth a look. Certain sections of this site are out of date, but they do maintain a current street fairs section.
Staying updated is

Its legal to bare your chests on the street in the state of New York
In 1992 a state appeals court ruled that if men could expose their chests in public women could not be punished for doing the same. Thus it is legal in New York State for women to be topless in public as long as this is not part of a business venture
In 2003, high-profile lawyer Ron Kuby had used the law change to win a $10,000 settlement from the city for a model who'd been busted wearing a thong and body paint to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade
Download Download
June 17, 2007 -- NYC paid a $29,000 legal settlement for illegally busting Phoenix Fee when she lawfully bared her bosom and went for a stroll two years ago.

Jill Coccaro, a 27-year-old East Village artist who now goes by the name Phoenix Fee ley, went au naturel on Aug. 4, 2005, when she pulled down the front of her painter's jumpsuit during an art-show promotion to cool off.

Later that evening about 1:30 a.m. while strolling topless on Delancey  Street a  cop spotted Feeley and told her to cover up.

Feeley refused - informing the officer she had a legal right to be naked to the waist, just like a man. The officer then arrested  for indecent exposure. The next 12 hours Feeley spent in custody was an ordeal in part because she was not provided anything to cover up with. Eventually  the officer told her the District Attorney's Office had declined to press charge

"I did not do anything to anyone on that street, I did not harm anyone," she recalled. "I was so not resisting arrest."

Feeley said she's gone bare-breasted before - after running the 2004 New York City marathon - without cops bothering her.

"I've always just felt
Download that was something natural," Feeley said of baring her breasts. "I've kind of always done it out of practicality."

The city agreed to settle, without admitting any fault, on June 4.

"I felt like I deserved it," Feeley told the NY Post's Kathianne Boniello

Newest Event Image
rss Live Music NYC,


The Art Parade 2006
3:29 Added:  September 13, 2006 From:  myhumancomputer Remarkable editing of striking images with nice music track from Music: Liars "Be Quiet Mt. Heart Attack!" &
The Bear Quartet "Loneliness Abandons the Lonley"

Here's 30 seconds of a band in costume on a float ||
Colossal Squid Candy Cart in the 2006 Art Parade || Deitch Art Parade 2006 - Chariot Tank Crew || A few more outtakes
the Dance Parade

--a chance to dance down Broadway at the dance & cultural capital of the world

- historic 1st ever was Saturday May 19th 2007
Dance Parade is New York's first ever parade and festival of such scope and scale. We are celebrating everything from Break dance to Ballet with Burning Man Spirit and Love Parade Energy. On Saturday May 19th 2007 we will join colorful floats, live bands and dj's to dance in the streets to Salsa, Contra, Disco, Clogging, Ballroom, Irish Step, Hip Hop, Swing, Tango, Ballet, Break dance, Japanese, Sufi, Samba and more - over 49 forms demonstrating that Dance is a vibrant, expressive form of art.

Our wonderful parade route starts at 32nd Street, heads down Broadway to Union Square, swings West to Fifth Avenue and triumphantly dances itself through Washington Square's memorial Arch. Inside the park we have a unique Dance Festival with many forms of performance and social dances on as many as four stages!


 Video of Dance Parade


02:25 1st Annual NYC Dance Parade - Freedom Williams 1 Featuring Alkebulan
One Night of Fire : 2006
3:17 Added:  July 11, 2007From:  thedangernyc  
In New York City two thousand revelers took the Brooklyn Bridge, the trains and the boardwalk at Coney Island and created an infamous party of renegade performance, guerrilla art and massive fire performance. Details can be seen at:
Video edited by: Irene Kotnik
Artists Wanted: We are in the thick of a New American Art Boom; with art being sold at records rates, new artists quickly acquiring international fame and dynamic new artistic directions being explored. However, we believe many of the best new artists remain undiscovered. Our job is to get your work seen in the most powerful way possible.


"It starts with a spark.

Our best moments are ignited by simple ideas. You are invited to be a part of a renegade parade of guerrilla art and performance, spontaneous acts of kindness and indelible moments of beauty. In this era of conflict, One Night of Fire is our indulgence in the best we have left.

One Night of Fire
This Saturday, July 14th, 7:57pm


Fire is our metaphor for the blood and fervor that this city seems to celebrate and choke with every passing moment. Dozens of artists and performers are collaborating to create the experience we love: a free-form carnival of decadence, risk and grandeur.

Expect: crews of drummers + stilt walkers + fire spinners + renegade aerialists + fireworks & rocketships + gifts of liquor + brass march bands + a liberated water-front + the unending spectacle of sparks and flame shining in the faces of you, me and a thousand of our friends.

In an era of darkness, we light our own flame.

The Theme: Fire. Liberation. Paris, July 14th 1789, but this time it's the battle for Brooklyn.

Dress: In white (the more costumed the better, you are the Angels that keep this city alive and untamed.)

Bring: Drums, Parasols, Refreshments (discreetly), Music, Gifts to Share, Friends, Lovers and your Metrocard.

Cost: Absolutely Free.

The Start: We will meet at sunset (7:57pm sharp!) on Saturday July 14th, rain or shine. The location will be posted Friday after 3pm at:

The Renegade: The soul of this event is that we don't ask permission to host it. In the past the police have worked with us politely and we have returned the favor by respecting them. Please, watch for yourself and others. Be respectful and don't do anything that you'll regret when you're 50.



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