2008 Brooklyn Labor Day Carnival
2008 Brooklyn Labor Day Carnival



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Labor Day Carnival

2008 Summer Olympics closing ceremony
Usain "Lightning Bolt"
 Sound_system_(Jamaican)  n the context of Jamaican popular culture, a sound system is a group of disc jockeys, engineers and MCs playing ska, rocksteady or reggae music. The sound system scene is generally regarded as an important part of Jamaican cultural history and as being responsible for the rise of several modern Jamaican musical genres.
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J'Ouvert in Brooklyn Carnival: Revitalizing steel pan and ole mas traditions Summer 1999 by Allen, Ray
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Blog from handover ceremony @ official london2012.com website ,
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2008 news and images for New York's Annual Events featuring Brooklyn's two world class parades WIADCA's Brooklyn Carnival and the Coney Island Mermaid Parade

London 2012 Handover Ceremony

 is panned from many viewpoints. We fault it for missing its opportunity to highlight Carnival festival arts.

Surreptitiously timed to match the Notting Hill Carnival, the largest street festival in Europe, the chance to tie into Jamaica's most glorious global moment and its major influence on global culture through dj sound systems from Jamaica
World Record 9.69 100 meters
Usain "Lightning Bolt" moments after capturing Gold Medal in 100 meter at 2008 Olympics [more]
Media has enjoyed debating whether the most memorable athletic achievement was by swimmer  Michael Phelps or this 6ft 5in Jamaican who sprinted his way into history at the 2008 games. Mr. Bolt does appear to have captured the imagination of the world with some Carnival like characteristics. He seems to want to dance as much as run as he repressed an urge to showboat long enough to set a world record in the 100 meter race,  most prestigious event of the Games.

However, the 1.5 billion watching the Olympics on TV saw the people of London gathered in downtown London at  the "VISA London 2012 Party" which featured record gold medal setting  American Michael Phelps. Although he talked about his hopes for attending the 2012 games, some wondered why was not Mr. Bolt also being toasted.

The West Indies Island of Jamaica has long been one of the world's most musically influential. One of the reasons for this are their massively portable Sound Systems, made to create a party atmosphere on the streets. No world class festival anywhere else in the world shows off this dj centered art form more than the Notting Hill Carnival which was at peak levels during the handover ceremony.
Jamaica is a country, like Trinidad, which has made major  contributions to the global culture far beyond its relative size. There are few Trinidadians who do not know that their master designer, Peter Minshall, has been part of opening and closing ceremony design for the Atlanta and Barcelona Olympics.  Had the visuals been coming from the huge crowd gathered before the big screen at the Notting Hill Carnival they would have been surrounded by a wall of sound from the djs who make the Notting Hill Carnival unique.
There is still almost four years before the world's eyes will be as focused as they were during the handover ceremonies. The  event planning will have a few more go rounds at the Notting Hill Carnival which suffered its most significant youth gang problems following the Carnival in many years.
More at carnaval.com/london
Britons proud of their athletes' achievements have vented their frustrations at being left "the laughing stock of the world" by the show, which featured rocker Jimmy Page, X-Factor winner Leona Lewis and footballer David Beckham.

The routine, which also included a performance by urban dance troupe ZooNation and the use of a red London bus, was meant to showcase the capital as the new host city of the Games.

But many have objected to its informality - and the scruffy state of Mayor Boris Johnson waving the flag - compared to the neat choreography of the Chinese display.

The official London 2012 website , the BBC and other sites received a huge number of negative comments;
"Boris was scruffy, commuters littering the streets with their newspapers, Leona could not be heard, and what was the young girl walking on the backs of the oppressed workers all about?" ....the fact that a dancer in a wheelchair got out of the chair and climbed the bus? What is that all about? A load of precocious, performing arts students sprawling around-surely London has more to offer?

Others were more philosophical or positive. Many comments at the official web site were encouraging; "Seeing the bus driving just sent me back to being a kid. The modern feel to it all was great. We've seen with Sydney, Athens, and Beijing such a strong presentation of the past and then try to explain that what's important is the children (the future). It's refreshing to see a presentation with children with a MODERN feel. I'll be there to watch in 2012!"

The Titan Sports Daily dismissed Page and Lewis as "not famous enough" and went on: "Unlike the Chinese custom, which tends not to reveal their weakness to the outsiders, the British seem to like to laugh about their stupidity in a funny way. During the performance, when the London bus pulled over, all the passengers waiting for the bus rushed into the door at the same time, which truly damaged the British image."

A spokesman for the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (Locog), which organised the show, said: "When you have a global audience of 1.5 billion people, you aren't going to please absolutely everyone, but the general response has been positive and we were very pleased with the reaction the show received in the stadium and from the feedback we have received since, both in the UK and around the world."

London 2012 Countdown begins at the largest street party in Europe [more]

The Notting Hill Carnival with its 2008 theme of "Welcome the World " showcased London's culture and diversity as a plus for holding the Olympics there in 2012.

Chief organizer Liu Qi at the closing ceremony of the Games held in the National Stadium in north Beijing on Sunday night said "One World, One Dream" in Chinese, English and French, stressing that the world today is in need of mutual understanding, inclusiveness, cooperation and harmonious development.
Trinidad & Jamaica
One of the world's great rivalries was on display at the 2008 Olympics
Trinidad and Tobago’s 100 metres silver medallist Richard Thompson made a come from behind dash to lead the 4x100 metres relay team to a second place win in the final at the Olympic Games. A minor fumble with the baton on the last leg of the team’s run set them back in their bid for the gold medal which went to Jamaica
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rss Brooklyn West Indian Carnival on Google News

rssNew York Carnivals on Google News

Carnival Village

Come Sunday nearly three million people are predicted to turn out for the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade  but there's  a four-day celebration behind the famous Brooklyn Museum leading up to it. Enter through the main doors of the museum for the Panorama on Saturday otherwise its around the back for spicy food, colorful costumes and calypso, soca and much much more. It all begins on NYC Carnival Thursday, and ends with the parade along Eastern Parkway from Utica Ave to the Brooklyn museum.

 at the Carnival Village at the Brooklyn Museum
41st Anniversary

5 days of great
Carnival Events

Thursday Friday
Carnaval Saturday Sunday Monday

Click the image to open in full size.

For more information including the Results from the 2007 Carnival Competitions vist the WIADCA web site
Brooklyn (West Indian) Carnival 2007: Labor Day Weekend top button

The parade takes place on Labor Day, September 3, and will draw approximately 2 million to Brooklyn.

While we wait for news on the 2007 Carnival, check out the news feed, visit our events section, or see the results for last year's Panorama and Mas competition.

Brooklyn West Indian Carnival on Google News


World's Largest  J'Ouvert Parade

Get funky beginning pre-dawn labor day morning and go till day-break

While 4AM is too early for most, there's an increasing number of folks who have made Brooklyn's J'Ouvert a can't miss on the annual festival calendar.  Here you can immerse yourself in magic of steelband music, and become one with the passionate dance of Caribbean carnival.
 J'Ouvert City International
Presented by J'Ouvert City International, the annual celebration of satirical costumes, steel drums and other non-amplified music begins at 2 a.m. on Labor Day and ends just before the big West Indian-American Day Carnival Parade kicks off.

J'Ouvert City International holds competitions for steel bands and mas bands in a number of categories. For information on the awards event or the J'Ouvert Parade, call president Danville Williamson at (347) 605-3159, vice president Yvette Rennie at (718) 636-8029 or secretary Hazel John at ( 347) 601-0859.

For 2008 there's been plenty of public print and you can expect about 18 steel orchestras and 14 masquerade bands to be part of the procession. No amplified music is allowed for this procession which encourages crowd participation.

The J'Ouvert Parade that takes place pre-dawn on Labor Day morning and is best found by bringing your body to Grand Army Plaza at Flatbush Ave. and Eastern Parkway well before 4am.

The Brooklyn J'Ouvert has come into its own as a major event and rather amazing big city phenomenon as it welcomes Labor Day and the Grand Parade of the WIADCA Brooklyn Carnival. Like most of the Caribbean Carnival traditions gloriously on display during Carnival week, it was a tradition began in 1937 as part of the Trinidad Carnival.  Folklorist Stephen Stuempfle has called the J'Ouvert  an "underworld dimension of Carnival" with "grim and sinister characters, dirty and coarse costumes, and aggressive verbal and physical action"

 Over the past decade Brooklyn's J'Ouvert has grown from small groups of Dimanche Gras (Fat Sunday) revelers to a massive predawn celebration attracting nearly 100,000 steelband and old mas enthusiasts.

The predawn celebration begins around 4am although activity begins after the Dimache Gras show concludes at the Brooklyn Museum about 2am. The best place to hook up with friends is at the Grand Army Plaza by the Library. The parade begins here and travels through Flatbush to Empire Blvd, and ends on Nostrand Avenue and Linden Blvd.

A Few Tips:
  1. Dress to Impress or Mess? While J'Ouvert is a casual event, if you want to mix in you well and be a participant you should put some effort into what you wear but prepare for it to get messed up. Expect it to be smeared with paint that may not be water soluble. Powder and mud are also distinct possibilities so don't wear cloths you do not mind getting messy. Better still hook in with a steel band or Jouvay Carnival group.  J'Ouvert costumes are inexpensive and are often creations that mock political issues, celebrities, and prominent events. It's OK for you and your friends to make your own and come along too.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes. The route for J'Ouvert is long and public transportation is not too accommodating. After this over people return home on foot. If you plan to go to the parkway in the morning, the last thing you want is sore feet.
  3. Join In! In keeping with tradition, steel drums are the only forms of music that will be played. Many steel bands have an 'engine room' with percussion instruments made form everyday items that can maintain the rhythm for tunes played by the steel drummers. It is the practice for revelers to complement this rhythm section with their own percussion even it is only  a bottle and spoon. No amplified music is allowed and there is a large NYPD presence.
  4. Dance and the world will dance with you. its Carnival Day
WIADCA, Producer of the Brooklyn Labor Day Carnival seeks Executive Director
Yolanda Lezama-Clarke,  President of WIADCA
For the 41st year in a row, Carnival lovers and revelers from across the United States, and abroad will converge in Brooklyn, New York in celebration of the West Indian Carnival Festival & Parade.  The annual Brooklyn celebration begins Thursday, August 28th with events and concerts on the Brooklyn Museum grounds, and culminates on Monday, September 1st with the renowned Labor Day Carnival Parade on Eastern Parkway.  This year’s theme One Caribbean, Many Cultures” embodies the beauty and unity of the Caribbean and its’ people.

The Labor Day Carnival Parade showcases the unique, vibrant and energetic Caribbean cultural heritage in New York City.  Grand Marshals for the Carnival Parade include Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor David Paterson, Dr. Elizabeth Nunez, Provost –Medgar Evers College and Les Slater, Folklorist.  The Grand Marshals will lead the festivities alongside Honorary Grand Marshals, Congressman Rangel and Comptroller Thompson.  WIADCA president, Yolanda Lezama-Clark will join the Mayor & Governor to kick-off the festivities by cutting a ribbon at Utica Ave & Eastern Parkway at .  The line-up includes hundreds of VIP’s, Sponsors, over 70 Floats and thousands of colorful masqueraders depicting spectacular and breathtaking creations.

Over 3 million people are expected to attend again this year. Visitors from all across the USA, Canada, the Caribbean and other international locations attend the weekend celebration as part of their vacation holidays. Last year, an estimated 100,000 individuals attended the events during the five day weekend and millions of revelers are expected to celebrate during the Carnival celebration on Labor Day.

Island Mix Forum ---
BEST way to keep up with the local Carnival season for the countdown to mas on the Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn.  Island Mix has a long history of working for the attention of your eyeballs.  In return a lot of influential hotties do share their thinking with thousands. There are active sessions on innumberable topics and the Brooklyn Carnival is one them. These are just a few of the veteran hostesses for Labor Day Carnival.
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