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Brazilian music is full of passion, of sentiment, of joy. It is the result of a long simmering mix of heritage from AmerIndian, Portuguese and African sources meeting global influences to create a magical, mystical music. Yet it is the constant search for new forms within Brazil's diverse musical heritage that most captivates us and influences musicians around the world.  Wherever you go in Brazil there is always the music. Whether it is the poly rhythms from  percussion instruments at a street corner or a sophisticated discussion of the current year's Carnival songs, the culture shares a common inspiration through their music.
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The Brazilian Sound on
by Chris McGowan and Ricardo Pessanha "Music is part of the Brazilian soul, and rhythm is in the way people speak, in the way they walk, and in the way they play soccer."

Just Brazilian Music Webzines in English by   Try their for music news

UPTOLOGO001.JPG (15346 bytes) || English
Brazilian Music magazine updated weekly with lots of pics interviews, news, and CD reviews.

CD's and lots of historical content. Brought to you by MangoTree and Brazil On line whose mission is "Preserving and propagating Brazilian Culture incentivating and promoting its artists." || Music & Folklore || Brazilian-American Sheila Thomson's is constantly improving and growing her Culture of Brazil web site which she began in '95. Her music section is now among the web's best and is enhanced with Real Audio.

World Music Webzines (with Brazilian Presence)

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)|| Luna Kafé|| LunaKafé
A leading e-zine dedicated to world music and moonthly publication ( on all 13 full moons of the year). The Brazilian archives feature nearly thirty articles submitted over the last three years (the first was published on the "full moon night of 11/25/96" Consider becoming a Lune Cafe contributor besides being read you could eventually expect CD's to be sent to you directly by record promoters. Operated by the Norwegians Knut Tore Breivik  and Håvard Oppøyen. por_only.gif (293 bytes)
Classical music, classy site.
MuSiCaLiDaDe por_only.gif (293 bytes)
A nice looking webzine all about the music scene in Brazil.

List of Links 

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)New and fast growing webguide.  List maintenance is by webmasterChris McGowan who authored the just updated  book on Brazilian music The Brazilian Sound at with A must for your library, widely considered the best book on the subject yet published (Temple University Press, 1998)
Latin American Music Web Resources by  
Cade is the yahoo of Brazil just like is the Yahoo for Carnivals.

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Brazil: Which is wilder - the jungle or the people?
Brazilian Music at wikipedia's playlist

Bossa Nova & Tropicalismo
Bossa Nova was introduced to the world as ultra-cool modern samba  through the classic 1959 movie Black Orpheus.

"Bossa Nova is a happy kind of music, a positive music, it's a kind of music that takes you to the sea, to the beach, to make love, to get married, to be happy. Brazil must deserve bossa nova, to be happy."
Caetano Veloso.
Tropicália was born in 1967 when Brazil was ruled by an oppressive military dictatorship.
"Tropicália brought a new attitude, a new way of looking at music within the culture, a feeling of plurality and democracy." Gilberto Gil.

Authoritative quote and link filled web site to accompany an educational film on Bossa Nova.

João Gilberto on may98 by Daniella Thompson
O Rei da Bossa (The King of Bossa), O Mito (The Legend), Il Maestro Supremo (The Supreme Master), and O Zen-Baiano (The Zen-Bahian). 
The inventor of Bossa Nova along with Tom Jobin
Tropicalismo: Celebrates 30 years  by Bruce Gilman for brazzil.com12/97
Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso were the Bahian  pioneers of the music which followed Bossa Nova and represented a new cultural perspective.

Clube da Esquina ("Corner Club")
Clube da Esquina originated in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, and It also is the name of a 2 LP double album from 1972 by Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges.

The style mixes progressive rock, bossa nova and other jazz-based styles, Brazilian country folk music, and some kind of Classical music such as Medieval or baroque. The Beatles was the greatest influencer of Clube da Esquina.
more at wikipedia

Roots Music

Music Roots 1 of 3 from Maria-Brazil
Indian + African + Portuguese =Brazilian
Chorro: Crying High by Bruce Gilman for Dec.'97
Which literally means " crying" is a delicate, intricate instrumental  sound with Tango influence. It originated in Rio de Janeiro in the 1870's as a new way to play European dance music.
Egídio Leitão
for fuzzlogic Jun '97.

usica Popular Brasiliera)
The military dictatorship ran from 1964 to 1985 and is not given credit for too many things but MPB is one of them. A combination of many styles featuring leading artists Joao Bosco, Dori Caymmi, Gal Costa, Djavan, Ivan Lins, Edu Lobo, Milton Nascimento, and Elis Regina.

Milton Nascimento wins Grammy for Nascimento
"It was the fifth time Milton was nominated for a Grammy and the first one he snubbed, ignoring the New York ceremony and choosing instead to go partying with friends in the Salvador (state of Bahia) Carnaval.
Minha página Dedicada à MPB
por_only.gif (293 bytes)
Nearly 50 links with commentary dedicated to MPB
mailto: Patrícia Coelho
Find the links to over 40 MPB artists

FAQ's by
On the parts of an escola, parade rules, bateria instruments.
From Sacred to Samba by Bruce Gilman for Sept.'98
The story behind the rare authentic voice of new Bahian sensation Virgínia Rodrigues and her debut CD
Sol Negro. Interview too
Blue Jackel records for Real Audio
Casa de Mãe Joana (House of Mother Joanna) is a bar in the São Cristóvão neighborhood of Rio where some of the greatest samba masters jam by Egídio Leitão for lunacafe Dec. '98

Originally meaning a celebration with lots of food, music and dance, it originated in the Rio de Janeiro region as a variation of Samba with other African rhythms. In the 1990s the music started to include electronic instruments.
more at

The baião is a Northeast Brazilian rhythmic formula that became the basis of a wide range of music. The main baião instrument is the zabumba, a flat, double-headed bass drum played with a mallet in one hand and stick in the other, each striking the opposite head of the drum. T he indigenous elements are flutes and wooden shakers; African-influenced baiãos are accompanied with atabaque drums and include overlapping call and response singing; and European influnces include dance music such as the polka, mazurka, schottische, and quadrille, as well as Portuguese contest singing and accompaniment with one or two pandeiros playing the baião rhythm. The baião is very much a rural music and for a long time was eschewed by the urban upper classes.
more at

Capoeria Music
In capoeira, music sets the rhythm, the style of play, and the energy of a game.

A roda will usually commence with a ladainha (litany). These songs may be improvised on the spot, but are often famous songs written by an earlier mestre. After the ladainha has been sung, the same singer will usually sing the chulas. The chorus repeats each line of the chula after it has been sung. Finally, corridos will be sung while the game is playing. In most rodas anyone can sing a corrido, though most often they will be sung by the members of the group playing instruments, the bateria.
more at

Choro (Chorinho)
Its origins are in 19th century Rio de Janeiro. Originally choro was played by a trio of flute, guitar and cavaquinho (a small chordophone with four strings). Other common intstruments are the mandolin, clarinet, and saxophone. These instruments are backed by a rhythm section composed of guitar, 7-string guitar (playing bass lines) and light percussion. The cavaquinho appears sometimes as a melody instrument, other times as part of the rhythm. Much of the success of this style of music came from the early days of radio, when bands performed live on the air. By the 1960s, it had all but disappeared, being displaced by Bossa Nova and other styles of Brazilian popular music. However, in the late 1970s there was a successful effort to revitalize the genre, through TV-sponsored nation-wide festivals in 1977 and 1978, which attracted a new, younger generation of musicians.
more at

Forró is the most popular genre in Brazil's Northeast. Traditional forró, played with only three instruments (accordion, zabumba and a metal triangle), is now known as forró pé-de-serra. Forró lyrics are usually about love and romance, passion, jealosy, or reminiscing about an ex-lover. Forró is danced in partners, usually man and woman, close together. The man's right leg is between the woman's legs and her right leg is between his. His right arm wraps around her waist and he holds her right hand with his left hand off to his left side. Dancers move in sync with one another. The steps for the man (opposite for the woman) are simply right-left-right,(hold), left-right-left, (hold) and repeat. Learn by watching a couple dancing and pay attention to the hips. Hips are key.
more at


Bahian Music

Bahia is the largest of the 7 Northeast states of Brazil. The capital city of Salvador is the creative cauldron for Afro-Brazilian music
Bill Hinchberger for fuzzlogic June '97
A short history to the present covering the relationship between the generations of music icons as well as the types of Bahian Carnival music: frevo, Axe, samba-reggae and pagode. Plus an appreciation of that "wide-hipped, bleach blonde back-up dancer named Carla Perez"
Jan 2001:  Brazil based journalist Bill has launched Brazil-Max under the slogan "Intelligence on Brazil for people who know better." He says he hopes to update his article soon but wishes that something new would come out of Bahia first.


The word comes from a ritual greeting that means "good vibration" that is used in the Candomblé and Umbanda religions. Originally, anything recorded in Salvador was nicknamed axé. Starting in about 1992 and peaking in 1998, axé became one of the most popular genres in the Brazilian music scene. The root of axé is in guitarra baiana, a 1950s guitar style that used electric guitars to play the frevo from Pernambuco. This genre was purely instrumental, and remained so until the 1970s, when Moraes Moreira (of Novos Baianos) began singing.
more at wikipedia

Also known as Brazilian tango, it originated in Rio in the 1870s. It is influenced by lundu, polka and habanera, and is danced in 2/4 time. It is one of the dances that has influenced samba and lambada.
more at

Lambada (Zouk-Lambada)
A sensual and romantic dance, which either originated in Brazil or Bolivia. Originally danced to Lambada music, it is now danced commonly to Zouk.The Zouk-Lambada style is popular in countries such as Brazil, the UK, Holland, Denmark, USA, Japan and Australia.
more at

The Lundu, originally a dance done by African slaves in Brazil, also gained popularity among the white middle class and upper crust and became Brazil's first national dance. A flirtatious couple dance, usually accompanied by a guitar, but sometimes a thumb piano or drums, Lundu is related to the Spanish fandango and other new-world dances like the Argentine Zambacueca and Bolero - they all involve, to some degree, handkerchiefs, castanets, and holding ones' arms above their heads.
more at

Maracatu (Maracatu nação/Maracatu rural)
Maracatu nação (also known as maracatu de baque virado) refers to both an Afro-Brazilian performance genre and the groups that perform it. The origins lie in the investiture ceremonies of the Reis do Congo (Kings of Congo), who were slaves that occupied leadership roles within the slave community. After the abolition of slavery, nações continued to choose symbolic leaders and evoke coronation ceremonies for those leaders. Although a maracatu performance is secular, traditional nações are grouped around Candomblé or Jurema (Afro-Brazilian religions) terreiros (bases) and the principles of Candomblé infuse their activities. The musical ensemble consists of alfaia (a large wooden rope-tuned drum), gonguê (a metal cowbell), tarol (a shallow snare drum), caixa-de-guerra (another type of snare drum), abê (a gourd shaker enveloped in beads), and mineiro (a metal cylindrical shaker filled with metal shot or small dried seeds). Song form is call and response between a solo singer and (usually) a female chorus.

Today there are around 20 nações operating in the cities of Recife and Olinda. Although one or two have an unbroken line of activity going back to the 1800’s, most have been set up in recent decades. Each year they perform during the Carnival period in Recife and Olinda. Maracatu Nação Pernambuco, while not a traditional maracatu, was primarily responsible for introducing the genre to overseas audiences in the 1990s.

Maracatu rural is also known as maracatu de baque solto, maracatu de orquestra, and maracatu de trombone. It is rooted in the Pernambucan interior and evolved in the early 20th century as a fusion of pre-existing forms of Carnival revelry. It is considered to be Afro-indigenous in origin. Its members, typically sugarcane workers, are involved with the native-influenced Catimbó religion. Maracatu rural has a high participation rate with dozens of groups operating all over the state.
more at


Brazilian Rock
The first Brazilian rock records were released in 1958, and it soon became the most popular form of music among Brazilian youth. The genre truly came into its own in the '80s with the Rock in Rio event, which drew over a million people during the 10-day event.
more at wikipedia

Brazilian Jazz has been receiving increasing recognition as we begin 2001 with a look at 2000. Besides João Gilberto's João Voz e Violão Grammy Award,
Downbeat Magazine gave rave reviews Milton Nascimento's Milton, and Virgínia Rodrigues' Nós

Afro-Brazilian Jazz  by James Clyde Sellman
"Afro-Latin jazz emerged during the 1940s, primarily from the confluence of American jazz and Afro-Cuban music. In the early 1960s, Brazil succeeded Cuba as the dominant influence in Latin jazz. .... Brazilian jazz is a musical hybrid that reflects borrowings from two directions: American jazz musicians appropriated Brazilian musical forms, and Brazilians adopted jazz improvisation and American popular music conventions, ultimately producing an eclectic musical genre. Brazilian jazz initially grew out of samba, a Brazilian dance music that gained worldwide popularity during the 1940s."
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Many articles on Brazilian music.
Brazilian concerts, events and restaurants in Southern California.'s SF Clubs & Venues ||
For Brazilian, Caribbean, Latin and World Music

Favorite All-time CD's
Chris McGowan of The MPB Zone has compiled 6 all-time lists from a distinguised group of experts. The all-time most popular CD (appearing on 5 out of 6 lists is Elis Regina and Tom Jobim, Elis & Tom (Verve 824 418, 1974) Carlinhos Brown also wins for most favoritealfagama.jpg (19994 bytes) recent CD with 3 votes for Alfagamabetízado. Chico Science & Nação Zumbi's Afrociberdélia (Sony, 1996) was the other recent standout.  Bruce Gilman, Music Editor for Brazzil magazine is willing to get closer to the present with two '97 picks: Paulo Bellinati and Monica Salmaso, Afro-Sambas (GSP, 1997) and Lenine, O Dia Que Faremos Contato (BMG, 1997)

If you're less than 13 try ||
Drums Not Guns - Drumming for World Peace is a NGO devoted to stopping violence among our youth through the power of percussion.

sonyworld.gif (1130 bytes)
Sony represents many of Brazil's most important artists
Broad group of artists many w/ AU sound files which require no plug-in and can be replayed like a juke box following download
Pixinguinha, Dolores Duran, Cartola, Jackson do Pandeiro, Benito De Paula, Angela maria, Elisete Cardoso and others

Important company does nice job displaying their CD Art
Kuarup Records || Lumiar Records || Natasha Records
Labels: U.S.A./International

plogo.gif (6008 bytes)
Music has always been the quintessential world traveler, transcending borders and interacting with distant cultures.  The new Putumayo Odyssey Series presents regional musical connections and reveals the way in which music supersedes political boundaries and brings people together. Their CD's will contain material from artists who have never had albums released in the U.S.A. alongside more recognizable names who serve as icons for the regions being covered.
Blue Jackel Records  
Producing Jazz and World Music from  Brazil & around the world since '95.

ECM Records || Fantasy Records || Living Music || Lyrichord Records || Rykodisc  ||Verve Records

    Percussion || Store
Drum Corps International a good model for introducing Brazilian Festival Arts into USA higher education || Drum! magazine's website
Great resource for Drummergirls  and Women who persevere|| Brazil || rhythm people || links 
Devoted to the divine art of rhythm.

Q: What's the best way to confuse a drummer? A: Put a sheet of music in front of him.
    Radio Shows around the World
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Some Brazilian Stations on the web: || || 97 FM || Band FM || Ipanema || Jovem Pan || Maringá FM || Mix FM || XFM

Brazilian Shows by ||
Including Australia, Germany, Japan & France

Brazil Radio in the USA by

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Find 300 digital audio related links at this high tech wonder.
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A central reference point to learn the basics about Compact Disc development and production technology and the industry.

Samba Schools
rio2000sbhome.gif (17055 bytes)No other Carnaval web site enjoys more links. Webmaster David de Histler is now organizing the greatest gathering (Encontro) of the samba tribes ever for Rio Carnival 2000.

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AU files of the main instruments like SURDO- [SORE-doe], PANDEIRO- [pahn-DAY-roe],   CUICA-[KWEE-cah],

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Brazil's Home Page/Brazil Music
Find 4 90 second AU songs
as performedby Maestre Camisa in .WAV & RA files
|| mailto:Jorge Mercanti
Samba, Canção & Bossa Nova  You can download all (todos) 59 MIDIs as a 270K zip file. An official member of the notorious MIDI Ring.
These samples in AU and WAV (no plug-in needed) from this CD demonstrate the luxuriant diversity of Brazilian nature also expresses itself in the huge variety of bird songs. Sambista Phil Smythe believes it remarkable how similar some of the sounds are to samba music.

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Musicians & Instruments Makers Forum
An active, very comprehensive webx conference like's

A forum for music teachers to express to our drumming community methods that work for them.

  Words to the Songs
Saudosa Maloca ||  mailto: Warren Charles Kennell
Lyrics to 77 songs and links to sites with more
Arquivo MPB || por_only.gif (293 bytes) || maito: José Alexandre Campoe
Find the words to thousands of songs from nearly 150 Brazilian artists here on this University of South Florida server.

Music Marketplace
On-Line Music Stores: Brazilian has affiliate relationships with, CdUniverse, Barnes & and in one our many as yet unrealized attempts to try to pay for our this Carnaval web endeavors. Sometime in 2001 we will launch our meta search engine which will allow prices comparisons between the services. 

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Latin America and Beyond-Se Habla Español ~ Fala-Se Português.  Large selection of on-line hard to find CD's  Egídio Leitão's monthly edition of Terra Brasilas can keep you up to date on the latest from Brazilian music artists  Based in Austin, Texas USA.

  Now being run by German media giant who bought Napster.



Here you will find nearly 270,000 music entries. Specializing in hard-to-find music from all parts of the world. Olodum search turned up 11 matches with CDs priced from $25 to $29s. Little detail offered

logoSide.gif (3688 bytes) 
Claims to be world's largest online database of import compact discs, LPs, tapes, videos, and music-related merchandise with 860,000 items and counting. However while our '98 Olodum searches yielded "33 Items found" we could not get past the first page of 10 matches and 6 of the 10 matches were offered at prices of $29.95 or higher with minimum detail. Based in Florida USA ||
The Brazil Music Enterprize CD catalog carries a wide variety of hard-to-find Brazilian CDs (from the BME, Collector's Tempo, Primo Enterprises and FUNARTE catalogs) good descriptions. Priced $17 to $21 Shipping: consult for costs Based in Washington State USA.

Brazil CD pricing from $5 to $44 with an average around $15. Failed to retrieve any notable Brazilian artists but is a web resource to keep an eye on. Based in Angelus Oaks, California USA
Olodum at CDU 4 CD's including the new Liberdade priced 17.65 to 23.97 Mostly on backorder they charge $2.95 for USA shipping No matches for Olodum but Daniela Mercury returned  4 matches including her '98 release.
dustylo.gif (6814 bytes)  ||
"Our love of Brazilian music spans a range that includes bossa nova, batucada,Tropicalia, jazzy fusion, and heavy duty  funk"   One Olodum CD "Egito Madagascar" for $15.99 Much commentary on hundreds of CD's  Also find Soul, Jazz, Latin, Brazil, Funk, Acid Jazz and Old School Hip Hopon from all over on albums 45's and CD's. Now featuring French and Out Sound as well.


The Brazilian Sound is represented here with a chapter on the History of Carnival in Rio and Brazil called  Dionysus Rites hosted by In addition two other excerpts include the story of the late singing spokesperson for the uncommon dignity found among the working people of the rural NorthEast,Luiz Gonzaga and more on fermentation of the wonderful music served from the hot dry interior of the The NorthEast called the Sertão. Also here's Chris McGowan speculating on the future of MPB as it entered in nineties A Nation of Cannibals.

Compiled from usenet postings.

Classes & Workshops

Soul of the African Drum for everyone interested in drum, dance and sacred ritual. Carole and Ayo Adeyemi  invite your to their Southern California space.

Percussion Instruments

Lark in the Morning Music Catalog ||
A place to buy percussion instruments of your own
Its fun to play the menu drums ||
Our team of Native American drum makers all live in Taos, New Mexico known worldwide for its fine drums and long-standing drum making tradition. Find out about the drumming in the year 2000 event.

As mankind has been drumming since the beginning of time so the art of drum making  is as old and as varied as the art of drumming itself. At Remo we create instruments to meet drumming's ever-growing, ever-changing needs, we've been bringing the world of percussion together for over 40 years.


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