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Mas Makers
Lady B Dies In Brooklyn (Sept 5, 2001)
by Terry Joseph
Beulah "Lady B" Bobb By Wayne Bowman
Singing Sandra Discography at calypso

References for discography obtained online: Calypso Archives compiled by Dmitri Subotsky and Ray Funk
Singing Sandra -who oftened appeared at the SF Carnaval as part of United Sisters became the first woman to win the Calypso Monarch crown in 2003
Female calypsonians

 Female calypsonians have continued to make inroads om what is considered a male dominated genre since  Calypso Rose longtime undisputed Queen of Calypso won the first Calypso Monarch Crown in 1978. Singing Sandra, Tigress. Lady B and Marvelous Marva are joined by Lady Wonder, Singing Francine and those who choose to retain their christian names: Ella Andall, Denise Plummer, Denise Belfon, Faye Ann Lyons, Sanelle Dempster.

United Sisters or members of the group have made more appearances during the week of SF Carnaval group than any other musical act.

97csf230.jpgMas Makers of Oakland, California has never been content to just parade in de Carnival. The leadership consisting primarily of Stephen and Colleen Tiffenson tour year round to Caribbean Carnivals never missing highpoints like the Trinidad and Brooklyn Carnivals or Northern California's Reggae on the River

United Sisters consisting of  Marvellous Marva, Tigress, Singing Sandra and Lady B  joined forces in 1991. That year they won the National Song Festival and 2nd in the Caribbean Song Festival singing Ambataila Woman. Their career climaxed with Whoa Donkey in 1993 but all members of the groups have further distinguished themselves with their entertainment and cultural careers  

In the late nineties Tigress migrated to the USA and the other sisters concentrated on their solo career. 


Carnival again, rocking out in Port of Spain
Whoa, donkey, whoa, whoa, donkey
Just climb up pon de man back
Blame the Soca for doing dat
Whoa, donkey, whoa, whoa, donkey
I know you like to whine, but not this time
We changing it around, I want to ride
I want to ride, I want to ride I want to ride

Whoa, donkey, whoa, whoa, donkey (twice)
Whoa, donkey, whoa donkey, whoa donkey (twice)
Whoa donkey, ride that donkey
We ridin, donkey galloping
We ridin, we ridin
Written by Mystro D and Barnett “Preacher” Henry and considered a response to Ronnie McIntosh's hit song.



Marvellous Marva
Marva.jpgFrom representing the village of Penal-Fyzabad, Marvellous Marva (Marva Joseph) invaded the calypso world in 1979 at Sparrow’s Young Brigade with Hall of Fame. Always a force to be reckoned with, she contested several Queen and National competitions without gaining the highest accolade. She always impressed though, with her positive stage presence and distinctive voice.

tigress.jpgThe baby of the group, Tigress (Joanne Rowley) made her debut in 1988. She was promptly voted the most promising female and made it to the National Finals. Her  Kaiso House Calypso tent homed stage presence  and powerful spirit have alwasy served her well. Blessed with as powerful a voice as her shapely frame, she earned a creditable second place later that year in the Caribbean Song Festival and continued to justify the expectations of the calypso cognoscenti.

Singing Sandra
The most successful of this foursome is Singing Sandra (Sandra Des Vignes). From a relatively inauspicious start in 1984 she quickly rose to prominence three years later with the classic Sexy Employers (a.k.a. Die with my Dignity). She won both the National Calypso Queen and the Queen of the World
Click for 20 second movie clip of Singing Sandra in her winning performance of Song of Healing

 competition in St. Maarten.

 On February 14, 1999 she joined the small circle of women when she was crowned the National Calypso Monarch  singing Voices from the Ghetto & Song of Healing, to become the second female to rise to that pinnacle, a full twenty-one years after the country's first woman calypso monarch, Calypso Rose.. Remarkably she became the first woman ever to repeat this feat in 2003 singing For whom the bell tolls and Ancient Rhythms.
In 2007, the first year competing calypsonians were allowed just one song,  Singing Sandra performed
"Sudan" in the Calypso Monarch Finals. Coming on stage with a huge banner that asked, 'Is it poor health care or genocide', Singing Sandra argued that Sudan existed right at home in Trinidad and Tobago.

Lady B


Lady BLady B, a true true calypsonian and ambataila woman passed away on September 3, 2001 in her Brooklyn home among loved family members while the local Brooklyn Carnival reached its zenith. Calypso Rose, during the last year of her life, had made special efforts to honor her contributions to the artform.



Calypsonian, actress, dancer, composer, sports enthusiast, social worker, Bobb was a woman of many dimensions. Most important to her, however, were her God, her people, her family and the culture. It mattered not which cultural expression, as far as Bobb was concerned, be it African, Indian, Syrian or Chinese; as long as it represented the heritage of any one facet of the nation, it was Trinidad's culture and she appreciated it.

Wayne Bowman for
Trinidad Guardian
September 5, 2001

Lady B was the first of the United Sisters to enter the calypso arena. At age 17, already a veteran Best Village performer, she joined the Tobago Young Brigade before travelling to Trinidad to join the Original Young Brigade and eventually Kaiso House. In 1977, Bobb made her first appearance at the National Calypso monarch semi finals. She captured the Tobago monarch title in 1978, singing "Message from meh Granny" and "Carnival '78", and successfully defended her crown the following year with "Dread Message".

Mighty Sparrow saw Lady B performing and invited her to work at his Sparrow's Young Brigade Calypso Tent in 1979. She did several drama and theatre courses and produced the Best Village queen shows. Bobb was featured on the local television series Turn of the Tide, playing the role of Nora, from 1981-1983.

In 1986 she won the National Calypso Queen title with "The Queen Coming" and "True Trinidadian".She won the National Calypso Queen competition in 1986 and competed in the National Semis on some 20 odd occasions. She was a clever and prolific composer and was known for her scathing political lyrics. She was the main composer for United Sisters. In 2001 when 15-year-old Patrice Roberts, another Toco Composite student, captured the National Junior Calypso Monarch title, both of her selections were composed by Lady B. They were "Peace song," a clarion call for national unity; and "Doh Go Dey," a patriotic item. One her earliest compositions and United Sisters best known compositions was "Ambataila Woman"

Ambataila woman we are big and strong
We ah working whole day on a plantation
Ambataila woman we full ah power
Ambataila woman we come to take over…

Honor the past, respect the present
as we move forward together
into the future