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 Val Serrant winner and monarcrch for the 1st Annual 2006 SF Bay Area Vintage Calypso Competition

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 2006 by Monica Conrady
Caribbean Carnival on parade by Jan McDermott
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Mas Makers Massive 2007 presentation

"For The Love of...."

designed by Master Designer Kyle Hill

All the costumes predominantly RED, the color of LOVE,  Each section gives tribute to things we love.
For the love of ... our origins "Bright Africa",
For the love of ....
our native homes,
"Island Vibes", For the love of ....the material things we crave "Precious Jewels," For the love of ...the intangible qualities we yearn for "Beauty & Elegance" For the love of .... battles fought  "Freedom",  For the Greatest Love of All .... our Children "Joy and Happiness"


Our children's section " Joy and Happiness" will feature a float sponsored by American Licorice Company accented by brightly colored balloons, candy and toys.  All the things that children love


A series of interactive workshops on the calypso art form, hosted by Mas Makers Massive in collaboration with Carnaval San Francisco and the Alliance for Cultural and Traditional Arts. The date of the symposium coincides with Carnaval San Francisco and and will support our to be held at Laney College Theatre, 900 Fallon Street in Oakland.

Master Artists and leading calypso scholars will present a series of interactive workshops,to explore the multifaceted history and aesthetics of the African rooted carnival arts tradition of calypso from the early twentieth century to the present as follows:

Tamboo Bamboo to Steelpan” –An examination of the roots of calypso in drum dance songs, stickfighting and other folk traditions and how rhythms were incorporated into music once African drums were banned.

Griot, Chantuelle and Calypsonian” -details the history of the art form, the language of calypso, lyrical structure composition and gender issues;
Soca, Rapso and Chutney”- documents rhythmic innovations, the African-American musical idiom of blues and soul and East Indian cultural influences that were outgrowth of calypso
Part II
culminates on Saturday with our
2nd Annual

Vintage Calypso Competition

 guest performances/ adjudication or present the prizes to the winners

Finalizing details with Chalkdust and Brother Resistance, Other artists involved in the presentation are


Mas Makers Massive
May Saturdays

Sunday May 13th 1pm
Mother's Day GLOW [wear WHITE!]

Brunch & Spa Day with Massage, Hot Tub & Make-up $10 Donation 4500 Tulip Ave, Oakland

Saturday May 19th 2pm-2am
BBQ Fundraiser & Fete
Preorders available
5419 Ygnacia Ave, Oakland, CA

Saturday May 26 2pm -10pm
Calypso Journey

All day workshops and evening concert with Brother Resistance, Tigress and more
Laney College Theater, 900 Fallo St. Oakland,

$25 Adults $15 Students & Seniors Children Free
Calypso Symposium  + Calypso Contest 2007
 more info:

For the Love of
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Few calypsonians are as immediately recognizable as "Chalkie"


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