FESTAS (feasts) in Gozo

  St. Paul, Munxar
  Last Sunday of May

  Christ the Savior, Ghasri
  First Sunday of June

  Saint Anthony,
  Second Sunday of June

  Sacred Heart, Fontana
  Third Sunday of June

  St. John the Baptist,
  Fourth Sunday of June

  I-Imnarja (St Peter & Paul),
  June 29

  Visitation of the Virgin Mary,
  First Sunday of July

  Virgin Mary of Succour,
  Second Sunday of July

  St George, 
  Third Sunday of July

  St. Margaret, Sannat
  Fourth Sunday of July

  Sacred Heart, Comino
  Fourth Sunday of July

  St. Joseph,
  First Sunday of August

  St. Lawrence,
San Lawrenz
  Second Sunday of August

  Santa Marja (Assumption),
  August 15

  Santa Marija,
  Third Sunday of August

  Virgin Mary of Loreto,
  Fourth Sunday of August

  Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel,
  First Sunday of September

  September 8

  Virgin Mary of Graces,
  Second Sunday of September


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MAIN BUS TERMINUS is in Main Gate Street, Victoria.
Buses in Gozo are grey with a central red band and show the route number on the front. Gozo buses operate along circular routes, leaving from and returning to Victoria without scheduled stops at termini.
A regular service runs to and from Mgarr, route 25, and is timed to coincide with the
ferry timetable

With a population of around 4,000, Nadur is Gozo's 2nd largest City with a proud reputation as Gozo's Festival City.  The name Nadur means `look out' in Maltese as Nadur hilly position provided an excellent viewpoint to spot any unfriendly navy ships or pirates raiders.


The Gozitan village of Nadur is the World's Carnival City 2005 as the host of the largest annual gathering of Carnival Cities sponsored by the FECC. The grotesque and macabre Carnival in Nadur is a unique experience and for the 5 days of Carnival it becomes one of Europe's biggest spontaneous events. Nadur is also well known for its village festa and Easter Holy Week Last Supper Exhibit.



Patron Saint : Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Bus Number 43
Passes through:

Radju Luminaria - Nadur MT

Contact: Nadur Local Council
Triq it-Tigrija
Nadur (Gozo) NDR 104
tel: 21 558080
fax: 21 558055


 The parish church of St Peter and St Paul was designed in 1766 and is a mix of baroque and 19th century. The facade and dome make it one the most grand and monumental of Gozo's churches.

 The landmark Kenuna Tower was built as a telegraph link between Gozo and Malta.

Ir-Ramla Bay can be reached through Nadur. This is Gozo's largest and prettiest sandy bay. Nadur also includes the coastal area of San Blas, and Dahlet Qorrot - both are small coves perfect for snorkeling.



Take the road from Nadur it's narrow and windy but worth the drive.
"The cove is used by a small number of fisherman who have turned some caves into boat houses and storage areas for fishing gear. ..The water in the cove is deep and as clear as crystal. Not too many people visit the cove since there isn't a beach and there are no amenities.... Steps have been hewn out of the rocks on the east side of the cove. "


San Blas Bay is one Gozo's undiscovered and unspoiled gems.  A fertile valley sweeps down into a small but magnificent sand beach. The valley is very rich and many fruit trees grow in the small terraced orchards. Although there are some small signs pointing the way to the bay, reaching the beach is not easy.
This small almost deserted bay can be reached via the town of Nadur by a very steep and bumpy track about 600ft or 185m long.


Ir-Ramla Bay


Ramla BayRamla Bay has been voted by international travel journalists as one of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean. Gozo's longest and best red sand beach offers splendid views, a summer snack bar, water sports, sun beds and umbrellas

Maltese people often refer to this beach as the "Ramla il-Hamra" - the Red Sandy Beach. The are around the beach is quite interesting and provides some very rich historical treasures. Amongst these are the Roman remains close to the beach as well as the famous Calypso's Cave at the top of the cliffs on the Western side of the beach. "


Anthonys Wine Bar Restaurant Pizzeria
Cuisine: Italian and Local 20/21, Madre Gemma Camilleri Street situated in the heart of Nadur village in a quaint square behind the church
Martin's Diner
Cuisine: Gozitan  Overlooking the Mgarr Harbour and enjoying spectacular views of both Comino and Malta

Rabokk Pizzeria
81, St. Peter's & Paul's Street, Nadur, Gozo
Tel: (+356) 2155 8337

opposite the church is Rabokk Pizzeria



-the 5 nights when Malta's 360 churches go dark

At sunset, the maskarati (people wearing a mask and clothes to disguise themselves), used to come out into the streets, shouting, whistling and doing things which would be regarded as strange, during the normal days of the year. Sometimes, they used to throw sweets, while those who could afford them, used to throw sweet almonds. At those times, the streets of Gozo used to be poorly lit. This helped in encouraging these maskarati to put aside their habitual shyness and throw themselves along with the others, enjoying the outraging happiness

 Nadur by visitmalta

"This was to be the Carnival of the past, a Carnival with no set of rules and organisation. But it was a spontaneous Carnival, a Carnival inspired from the psychological needs of the people who used to live a very hard life, full of restrictions and limitations.
"In Nadur the purposes of costume is disguise, in other words, simply not to be recognized. Consequently grotesquely disguised crowds overrun the streets; the costumes consisting mainly of haphazard, coarse guises made of sack, sheets, wigs and incongruous make-up. The local participants are often silent for most of the time in order to make sure that they remain unidentified - so much so that is sometimes referred to as the Silent Carnival
Fotos by Carnival 2003 & Carnival 2004


Does it anything goes for Nadur Carnival 2006? Fr Joseph Rapa, Nadur.  asks the





The annual Cena tas-Sinjur (the Lord’s Supper) is organized every

the Last Supper Exhibition.
First and only Good Friday exhibition in Gozo with life size figures of Jesus and the apostles - all work created by young Nadur artist James Azzopardi

“We want people to come and experience and not just to see,” Mark Azzopardi, spokesperson said. "This Last Supper Exhibition is a path into biblical times harmonizing imagination, culture and history. For a few minutes we try to take the visitor into another land…”

WHEN: exhibition is inaugurated on Palm Sunday and remains open till Good Friday 
WHERE: annual Cena tas-Sinjur (the Lord’s Supper) is organized every year at the Centre for Christian Doctrine (MUSEUM) in Nadur supper

 year at the Centre for Christian Doctrine (MUSEUM) in Nadur, Gozo. Hundreds of people from all over Malta visit this special room during the last week of Lent to experience the Last Supper Exhibition.



I-Imnarja FESTA (St Peter & Paul)  June 29 


360 view of Ta' Kenuna by

The Azure Window a giant rock arch in the cliffs of the Dwejra coastline and the Inland Sea, a secluded pool of clear water and pebbly sand, sheltered by sheer cliffs.
Nearby is Fungus Rock upon which, recorded since the times of the Knights of St. John, grows a very unique type of fungus withAfter Restoration therapeutic properties. The Knights, in days gone by, would confer the collected potions upon fortunate crowned heads of Europe.

Dwejra Tower by  restoration work completed in'97

Ghajnsielem Gozo is home to a Black Madonna, Our Lady of Loreto in Ghajnsielem Cathedral, just off Mgarr harbor
Ghasri  home to the first lighthouse and the northernmost point of the Maltese islands
Gharb (pronounced "arb") The Church of the Immaculate Conception is just the beginning of the strong spiritual feeling here. Two famous characters of Gharb are venerated in tiny museums :

Basilica ta' Pinu, Malta's pre-eminent shrine to the Virgin Mary. Ta' Pinu isThe image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.located in the valley separating Garb and Ghammar . The basilica is isolated and except for a small one-story building on the road leading to the church, there are no other buildings. The church is surrounded by terraced fields and the deep blue Mediterranean is visible behind the basilica. On a hill just to the right of the basilica, there are white marble statues depicting the fourteen stations of the cross. The church dates back to 1920 and is built around a small, barrel-vaulted votive chapel which dates back to the sixteenth century.
The Image of Our Lady Ta' Pinu was crowned in 1935 by Cardinal Alessio Lepicier after a special Papal Decree of Pope Pius XI and Pope John Paul II in 1990, after Concelebrating Mass at the Shrine, he decorated the same Image by five golden Stars studded with precious stones. Many miracles of healing, have since been attributed to the intercession of Our Lady of Ta' Pinu.
 In addition to being visited for its healing qualities, the Ta' Pinu shrine is sacred to sailors. Inside the shrine there is a corridor filled with paintings of shipwrecked sailors being saved by the Virgin Mary.
In 1883, a local woman, Karmni Grima heard the voice of the Virgin.
Karmni Grima Museum
 her lovely house has been  delightfully converted into a folklore Museum.
Gharb Road, Gharb Tel (+356)21556187 Opening hours; Winter: 8.30am - 16.30pm  Summer: 8.45am - 18.30pm Entrance: Free
Folklore Museum
99, Church Square, Gharb (+356) 21561929
An old eighteenth century house, exhibiting various characteristics of local architecture, trades, crafts, food, costumes and local life.

Patron Saint:The Visitation of Our Lady (Mary) to her neighbour, Saint Elizabeth

Frenc Tal-Gharb Museum Frenc tal-Gharb Gozo's most famous faith healer, and an apostle of Our Lady of Ta' Pinu. His house has been converted into a historical and folklore Museum. Situated at 74 Rock Street - Gharb Tel (+356)21562384 Opening hours; October - June: 13.00pm - 16.00pm  July - September: 11.00am - 16.00pm Entrance: Free

Chapel of San Dimitri. According to legend, the small chapel was built on the cliff side by a woman whose son was freed from captivity by St. Demetrius.

"The village square, so quintessentially Gozitan, has become the view on many a postcard.



Marsalforn, 10 minutes by car from Victoria, is Gozo`s largest resort. The former fishing village has filled its rocky shores with hotels, apartments, shops and restaurants. The small Marsalforn beach attracts crowds, but travel north west to find quieter bays of Qbajjar and Xwejni

Marsalforn the former fishing village on the north coast  has developed into Gozo's most popular sea resort.Venture to the north west and you will find the bays of Qbajjar and Xwejni, much quieter for swimming.
"enjoy the sounds of the waves hitting the pebbly beach. The smell of the sea water and the cool breeze adds to the atmosphere making this quite an enjoyable experience. The air is fresh, and although the promenade can get crowded on warm summer nights, you can still get the feeling of being away from it all."

MGARR   Dominating the scene are the Churches of Our Lady of Lourdes, on the cliffs above the village, and neighboring Ghajnsielem

Qala EmblemQALA

Qala is located on the eastern tip of Gozo, two miles from Mgarr. and also reached from Nadur. Farmland surrounds the church and most well-known landmark, an 18th century windmill

Qala church dedicated to the immaculate conception but known as Santa Marija tal blat (St. Mary of the rocks). This Church faces Comino and it is said that it was built so that people of that island would follow mass from across the straits when rough weather precluded a priest from going there.

Dahlet Qorrot a small cove directly north of Qala, you can see traditional fishing boats rocking in the clear blue waters. By: Wilfred L. Camilleri.

San Lawrenz 
 tal-harrux Remains of a Carthaginian temple complex in use between 300BC  and 100 AD survive at 


Sannat   the parish church, dedicated to St. Margaret and built in 1781
The huge and ornately embellished baroque church of our Lady of Victories forms the focal point of this sprawling hilltop village where Malta's most visited attraction resides. Xaghra contains the most famous of all the prehistoric sites, the temples of Ggantija, and the Neolithic site of Santa Verna, which lie nearby but visitors should not miss the town itself.

Lady of Victories: The present village while it became a parish in 1688, its church was only built in the mid 19th century. This is one of the most beautiful on Gozo with a richly-decorated interior, gilted sculptures, Italian marbles and paintings.
The village also has two unusual museums: a Toy Museum
Ta' Kola Windmill a wheat-grinding windmill still in working order. It has been fully restored and houses a collection of agricultural and domestic artifacts from centuries


Good Friday Procession

 Ta' Xerri and Ta' Ninu, are two curious cave grottos, both of them beneath private houses but open to the public. The grottos have remarkable stalactites and stalagmites.

Calypso's cave, of mythical fame, also lies within Xaghra in the cliffs.  Look out for the unforgettable view from Calypso cave overlooking the beautiful and distinguished red sands of Ramla Bay on the northeastern coast.
The myth seems to have deep origins: as long ago as the 3rd century B.C., the Greek scholar Callimachus said the nymph lived here in a cave on the north of the Island. calypso by  



Ggantija Temples
Two temples built next to each other, are the most impressive of the islands' temples. These temples are the most visited site in the Republic and are recognized by The Guninnes Book of Records as the oldest free standing in the world.
Dating from 3600BC, they are huge, round stone-built structures set on abarren hillside overlooking the Gozo Channel.

the Mediterranean’s

 earliest civilization 

humankind’s oldest calendar still marks equinox and solstice sunrise after more than 5,000 years.

This is the planet's earliest temple built by piling huge rocks on top of each other . They did not have nay carving or decoration. Later temples, such as the one at Hagar Qim, in Malta were made of huge stones fitting in very closely together and ornately decorated. Carving was done with only very primitive flint and obsidian tools

Situated at Xaghra
Tel (+356)21553194 Opening hours; Winter: 8.30am - 16.30pm  Summer: 8.45am - 18.30pm Entrance: Lm1.25
Ggantija Temples

Xewkija home of the dome
The ferry terminal to Malta is here

Patron Saint : Saint John The Baptist

The Dome of Xewkija,  is the 3rd or 4th largest in Europe and one of the biggest in the world yet, for most Gozitans, it is not quite big enough; the intention was to exceed the dimensions of the Mosta Dome in Malta, which it succeeds in height but not in diameter.

Ta’ Pinu the pilgrimage church is noteworthy

xewkija by


Xlendi Bay

The delightful sea inlet, known as Xlendi Bay, lies at the end of a deep, lush ravine which was a river bed. Until the mid 20th century, Xlendi was a small fishing port and a restful summer resort for a few locals and Maltese but now it is Gozo's main waterside resort. On the promontory is Xlendi Tower, built in 1650.

The seven-story hotels, which frame the little cove of Xlendi, haven't detracted from this inlet's natural beauty. Have lunch on the terrace and a dip with the locals in the pale green water.The shingle beach , rocky shore and clear waters are good for swimming and the caves and rugged reefs provide ideal conditions for snorkeling and scuba diving.


Zebbug  (pop: 1600)
 An old hilltop village with exotic views once famous for its olive trees

AfterChapel Of St. Roque St Roque is considered to the protector of those suffering from the plague. This chapel was built in 1592 during the first bubonic plague epidemic to hit the Maltese Islands. It also houses a museum showing the achievements of various Zebbug personalities. preserved through the work of

"Their religious values are untarnished, as judged for example from the high priority given to the maintenance of street  niches. " 
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