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A public celebration is a rope bridge of knotted symbols strung across an abyss. We make our crossings hoping the chasm will echo our festive sounds for a moment, as the bridge begins to sway from the rhythms of our dance.
The Lifeblood of Public Ritual Ronald Grimes


Carnival today may be a more organised event, but it has not lost any of its spontaneity and energy of carnivals past. Two main carnival processions take place: one in Valletta; the other in Nadur, a small village in Gozo where the festivities are renown for their sometimes-darker overtones. edrichton.com//Carnival



Saint Andrew (The First Apostle) is the Patron Saint of the Parish of Luqa and for Saint Andrew, the Luqa villagers celebrate every year in: THE WEEK OF THE FIRST SUNDAY OF JULY. Although the original Feast day of Saint Andrew is November 30th, since the Feast in the old days was on many occasion hampered by the weather, it was transferred to the first Sunday of July. November 30th is still celebrated with Church functions and some small external celebrations.


Philharmonic Society
Our Lady of the Star of the Sea

Our Lady Star of the Sea “Stella Maris”. The origins, history, development and traditions related to the “Festa” are given much exposure, as Our Club since its foundation in 1914 had the encouragement of the feast of Stella Maris as its main objective. You can also find information about the cultural, musical, religious and social activities held throughout the year.
FESTAS (feasts) in Gozo
  St. Paul, Munxar
  Last Sunday of May

  Christ the Savior, Ghasri
  First Sunday of June

  Saint Anthony,
  Second Sunday of June

  Sacred Heart, Fontana
  Third Sunday of June

  St. John the Baptist,
  Fourth Sunday of June

  I-Imnarja (St Peter & Paul),
  June 29

  Visitation of the Virgin Mary,
  First Sunday of July

  Virgin Mary of Succour,
  Second Sunday of July

  St George, 
  Third Sunday of July

  St. Margaret,
  Fourth Sunday of July

  Sacred Heart, Comino
  Fourth Sunday of July

  St. Joseph,
  First Sunday of August

  St. Lawrence,
San Lawrenz
  Second Sunday of August

  Santa Marja (Assumption),
  August 15

  Santa Marija,
  Third Sunday of August

  Virgin Mary of Loreto,
  Fourth Sunday of August

  Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel,
  First Sunday of September

  September 8

  Virgin Mary of Graces,
  Second Sunday of September


and Malta Music
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FESTA SEASON: OVERVIEW (by Blanche Gatt) DATES FOR FESTAS (Malta - Gozo & Comino)
Each village has a nucleus of ardent supporters who willingly and volontarily go about through all sorts of hassle for one single reason; the glory of the village patron saint. These supporters (young and old) start to prepare for the great day weeks (if not months) ahead. Band clubs practice the musical programs and marches which will be executed on the feast day throughout the streets, others gather funds for the fireworks, the rest take care of decorating the streets and the church facade.
Malta also boasts a full calendar of cultural events, bustling open-air markets. The Maltese love festivals and the warm Maltese climate make it possible to enjoy these colorful events throughout the whole year.

During the summer season there is a festa day practically every weekend and no visitor to Malta should leave the island without experiencing one. The five-day festivities include the triduum, the eve of the feast, and the feast day itself. The celebrations revolve around the saint and his place in the village church. Besides the special Church services there are outdoor festivities, with band marches, food and drink and spectacular firework displays.

The Maltese specialize in the manufacturing of fireworks and, in Maltese inter-village rivalry; fireworks often constitute the benchmark for comparing the success of the various festas.

The village church, which is the pride of every villager, is draped with red damask and decorated with beautiful flowers. All its gold and silver treasures, as well as crystal chandeliers, are put on display thus creating a fitting setting for the statue of the patron saint which is placed in a prominent position in the church. The church facades are illuminated with hundreds of multicolored bulbs, as are the streets, across which are suspended massive and colorful drapes. Hundreds of flags are flown on rooftops while drapes and light bulbs are hung across the width of the covered balconies - typical of traditional Maltese houses. The climax of each festa being the pontifical high mass celebrated in the mornings (09.15hrs) and in the evenings (19.00hrs). A religious procession ensues whereby the statues of the patron saint is carried shoulder high through the village streets.


1st January New Years Day

Carnival is observed at its traditional period as the 5 days before the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday.
It celebrated in some fashion all the towns with the keynote event being a televised International Float Parade in Valetta featuring magnificent floats representing hundreds of hours of work by professional artisans. Many summer Carnivals will send performing companies to enliven the entertainment. It has been celebrated in Malta since at least the arrival of the Knights of St. John in 1535, but some studies even date the first carnival revelry back to the year 1470 and it is not a stretch to say this is the home of the world's old Carnival when you realize that Carnival is merely the most common name given to the festival all people celebrate when they mark the rebirth of life in the annual calendar
The 2nd City of Gozo, Nadur hosts 5 nights of spontaneous Carnival where your object is not to be identifiable but also to interact. Lots of full face rubber masks here but also many clever individual costumes. The palpable energy brings many back night after night for revelry.

MaltaMarathon.com Malta's largest annual running event

10 February    Feast of St. Pauls Shipwreck

19 March Feast of St. Joseph 31st March Freedom Day

MARCH: Maltese and Mediterranean gastronomy




he Good Friday pageant where Christ's passion and crucifixion are depicted by statues born aloft through the streets of Valletta and many other towns.  Last Supper Table Displays in the capital and in the outlying villages, including one in Zebbug made entirely of pasta.

Village Festival (festa) Season
The soul of the island can be best seen during the summer festas. Every village has a festa honoring the parish patron saint (some of the celebrations date back to the 1500s), and the weeklong merrymaking includes decorations, street processions, concerts, and a fireworks finale.

Feast of St Publius in Floriana kicks off the  on the first Sunday after Easter. Every village annually honors its patron saint

1st May Workers Day

weekend nearest MAY 1st

MAY Feast Days Island of Malta
May 02 St Joseph Hamrun
May 03 Holy Cross B'Kara
May 09 Our Lady Of Liesse Valletta
May 16 St Augustine Valletta
May 22 St Rita Valletta
May 23 The Annunciation Tarxien
May 23 Our Lady Of Fatima G'Manga

7 June Sette Giugnio 1919


29 June Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul
The "Imnarja" (a corruption of the Italian "luminara" - illumination), a harvest festival which is celebrated on June 29th, is characterized by a nightlong picnic at Buskett Gardens, Rabat, on the eve of which the native dish, stewed rabbit, is consumed in large quantities accompanied by equally large volume of wine. Exhibits of local produce, marching bands, decorated carts and folklore-singing competitions enliven the nightlong proceedings. The following day, the festivities reach a climax when bareback donkey and horse races are held in the streets leading to Rabat. The prizes for the winners of these races are the "palji" (brocaded banners), which the winners traditionally donate to their village church.

JUNE FEAST DAYS Island of Malta
June 06 St Anthony Of Padova B'Kara
June 06 St Philip Zebbug
June 06 St Joseph Ghaxaq
June 06 Holy Trinity Marsa
June 13 Corpus Christi Rabat
June 20 Our Lady Of The Lily Mqabba
June 20 St Catherine Zejtun
June 20 Christ The Redeemer Senglea
June 27 St Nicholas Siggiewi
June 27 St George Qormi
June 27 Our Lady Of Sac.Heart Burmarrad
June 29 St Peter & St Paul Mdina

Download 3rd weekend Valetta


JULY FEAST DAYS Island of Malta
July 04 Our Lady Of Lourdes Qrendi
July 04 Our Lady Of Sac.Heart Sliema
July 04 St Paul Rabat
July 04 Immaculate Conception Hamrun
July 04 St Andrew Luqa
July 04 St Joseph The Worker B'Kara
July 04 Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Fleur De Lys
July 11 St Joseph Kirkop
July 11 Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Fgura
July 11 Annunciation Balzan
July 11 Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Gzira
July 16 Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Valletta
July 18 St Sebastian Qormi
July 18 St Joseph Msida
July 16 Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel B'Kara
July 18 Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Mdina
July 25 Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Zurrieq
July 25 St Anna Marsascala
July 25 Christ The King Paola
July 25 Our Lady Of Sorrows St Paul's Bay
July 25 St Joseph Zebbugg
July 25 Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Balluta
July 25 St Venera St Venera


  • Re-enactment of a historical military parade. At Fort St. Elmo in Valletta.
Aug 01 St Dominic Valletta
Aug 01 St Peter Birzebbugia
Aug 01 Our Lady Of Pompei M'Xlokk
Aug 01 Our Lady Of Lourdes San Gwann
Aug 06 Trans. Of Our Lord Lija
Aug 08 St Gaetan Hamrun
Aug 10 St Lawrence Vittoriosa
Aug 15 The Assm. Of Our Lady Ghaxaq
Aug 15 The Assm. Of Our Lady Gudja
Aug 15 The Assm. Of Our Lady Mosta
Aug 15 The Assm. Of Our Lady Mqabba
Aug 15 The Assm. Of Our Lady Qrendi
Aug 15 The Assm. Of Our Lady Attard
Aug 22 The Assm. Of Our Lady Dingli
Aug 22 The Assm. Of Our Lady Mgarr
Aug 22 Our Lady Of Lourdes Paola
Aug 22 Stella Maris Sliema
Aug 22 St Helen B'Kara
Aug 29 St Paul Safi
Aug 29 St Julian St Julian's
Aug 29 St Dominic Vittoriosa
Aug 29 St Joseph Manikata
Aug 29 St Bartholomew Gharghur
Aug 29 Maria Regina Marsa


8 September Victory Day
The Regatta  in Grand Harbor celebrates Malta's victories during the Great Siege of 1565 and the Second World War. The magnificent Fort St. Angelo provides an imposing backdrop to the sleek and colorful Maltese boats. In the afternoon, rowing teams from the cities bordering Grand Harbor take part in a number of very exciting races marked by keen competitive rivalry between participating teams and their respective supporters. Festivities are also held at Senglea, Naxxar and Mellieha in Malta and at Xaghra in Gozo.


Sept 05 St Catherine Zurrieq
Sept 05 St Gregory Sliema
Sept 05 Our Lady Of The Girdle Rabat
Sept 05 Our Lady Of The Girdle Gudja
Sept 08 The Nativity Of Our Lady Mellieha
Sept 08 The Nativity Of Our Lady Senglea
Sept 08 The Nativity Of Our Lady Naxxar
Sept 12 Our Lady Of Graces Zabbar
Sept 19 St Leonard Kirkop

21 September Malta Independence Day Malta attained its Independence in 1964.  

Downloadthe Malta International Airshow Site

DownloadRolex Middle Sea Race rolexmiddlesearace.com produced by the Royal Malta Yacht Club  rmyc.org Yachts race counter clockwise around Sicily (607 nautical miles)

DownloadOCT-NOV: Gozo Festa -- the time of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Oct 03 Our Lady Of The Rosary Gudja
Oct 03 St Francis Of Assisi Sliema
Oct 17 Our Lady Of Good Health Rabat

8 December Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Dec 08 Immaculate Conception Ibragg
Dec 08 Immaculate Conception Cospicua

13 December Republic Day

25 December Christmas Day
During the Christmas holidays
streets all over the islands are decorated with lights and many windows highlight the birth of the baby Jesus or other holiday themes. Bands play and march in Valletta every evening.
On Christmas Eve (24 December), boys parade through towns and villages with statues of the infant Saviour, and the 360 churches fill for Midnight Mass.




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