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COMINO’s Blue Lagoon and Santa Marija Bay are sought for their unspoilt beauty. With no cars, no roads and only two hotels that keep a seasonal schedule, the whole island is a wildlife sanctuary. Named after the cumin herb once grown here, Comino is the perfect retreat - carefree and car-free. You can best appreciate the island's charms before or after the crowds arrive and the sun is transitional.

The Blue Lagoon, a sheltered inlet of shimmering aquamarine water,Download  is the main attraction on the tiny island of Comino. It is a popular day trip for cruises. The Lagoon and the isle's other bays with their crystal clear waters make Comino the ideal choice for most kinds of water sports, especially diving and snorkeling.

 The 3.5 sq. km  island has just two beach resort hotel. The Comino Hotel runs a ferry service to the Island with departures to and from both Mgarr, Gozo, and near Cirkewwa, Malta. The service is free to hotel guests but there is a small charge to non-residents. For more information and timetable, contact the Comino Hotel  (356) 21529821.

You can also take a day trip on an island cruise boat leaving from
 Sliema and Bugibba in Malta and from Xlendi in Gozo. These excursions generally head forthe  but take in other bays on Comino.

Only a handful of farmers live there and neither cars, nor other noisy activities disturb the peaceful tranquility of this little paradise.

Before Restoration

 Santa Marija Tower in Comino   The Santa Marija Tower on Comino formed part of the early system of towers which the Order set up to facilitate defence and communication between the Cittadella in Gozo and Mdina.
It was featured in the movie the Count of Monte Cristo. Restored in 2005

FOTOS: by Blue Grotto Boat trip views, Views from above, Wied iz-Zurrieq.

Blue Lagoon, or  Harbour & Island Cruises for more.

MOVIES ON MALTA Hollywood of the Mediterranean  | TOP||
In 2002 Madonna & husband Guy Ritchie filmed a remake of "Swept Away" about rich bored 40 somethings on Comino & Malta. Star Bruce Greenwood web site has all the details. Guy Ritchie had also chosen Malta for “Love, Sex, Drugs and Money”,
Opening scene: boarding the boat

 which also starred Richie’s wife, Madonna.

The Great Siege of Malta of 1565, considered the last major battle of the Crusades,  had been scheduled to begin shooting in 2002 and be directed by Mr. Ritchie but the project has been put on hold indefinitely. Guy Ritchie in a newspaper interview on why he expects to do more filmmaking on Malta:
"Malta is inexpensive and the labour is good. Not only that, the locals are just plain fun. It's been a case of home away from home here"

Also on Comino is St Mary’s Tower, which is featured in The Count of Monte Cristo. More at MaltaMovieMap
iNTERNET mOVIE dATABASE: for Filmed on Malta includes Troy in 2004 “Gladiator”, “U571”, in 1999 and before that such classics as “Midnight Express,” and Robert Altman’s “Popeye.”

Malta many dramatic Attractions as well as the skills and good humor of the locals make movie making a thriving industry "the producer's right hand in Malta"

Malta is world-renowned for its special effects facility situated in the south-eastern side of the island.  Mediterranean Film Studios (MFS) boasts one indoor tank and two large exterior water tanks situated along the coast and therefore enjoying a natural horizon.  In size the tanks are only second to Fox Studios' water facility in Baja, Mexico. moviesmadeinmalta/ Location guide by regular visitor
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"The vast number of underwater caves and caverns have claimed their fair share of victims, too. As a result, it's recommended that all visitors dive only with a qualified guide who knows the area well. "
Learn about 12 Malta, 14 Gozo and 4 Comino dive sites

Malta offers some of the best scuba diving conditions and instruction in the world.  There are around 25 registered dive centres on the islands. Many water sports centres and diving schools offer lessons and scuba diving equipment rentals.

An all-year-round Centre for the diver. Even in a severe winter (which is extremely rare) the sea temperature never drops below 13° Celsius. Diving in winter offers the advantage that many species of fish move inshore to shallower, slightly warmer waters and as they are not disturbed by swimmers during this season. Temperatures in summer are about 23°

Underwater visibility is usually excellent and rarely influenced by tide and current although it does depend on location and the time of year. Generally the further you are from any major rainwater run-off, the better the visibility. During the summer visibility hardly ever exceeds 25m (80ft) but it can soar staggeringly in the winter from November to March to as much as 45m (150ft)....
All visitors wishing to dive independently must apply for a Maltese diving permit


the diving off Gozo is delightful, and the cliff-lined coast near Zurrieq is pocked with several Blue Grotto-like caves where you can swim in what’s been called "stained-glass" blue water.

A Guide To Shore Diving the Maltese Islands
by Peter G. Lemon.

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Malta Diving Guide by Ned Middleton Paperback 168 pages (August 6, 1997)

Paul and I went diving in Malta armed with this guide. Before we went we read it and it gave us a good feel for what to expect. Once we had dived there we agreed that the book gave an accurate reflection.

There were a few times when the schematic maps of the dive sites weren't quite accurate, but in general one was able to picture the dive by the drawings in the book. A reader from London


The Dive Sites of Malta, Gozo and Comino by Lawson Wood
Paperback 112 pages (May 1, 1999)

Lawson Wood enjoys a much deserved fine reputation as an underwater photo-journalist and author and with the aid of his wife has produced yet another excellent product.

After the customary "How to use this book" (and explanation of the abbreviations and symbols used throughout), we have an introduction to the country which includes information on most topics the visitor wants to know followed by an equally informative introduction to the diving one can expect to find.

"As the author of the Maltese Islands Diving Guide (the very first diving guide to Malta), I was unsure as to whether I should review this title or not - but having been sent a complimentary copy, it would have been churlish to ignore the book altogether." Reviewer: Ned Middleton from British professional underwater photo-journalist & author


Then we get down to specifics. The next chapter details no fewer than 38 dive sites found around the coast of Malta. This is followed by chapters on Comino (13 dive sites) and Gozo (30 dive sites) giving a total of 81 sites altogether. The information on each site is brief and to the point with as many as 4 complete dive sites appearing on a single page.

Each of these chapters in interrupted with green pages on different subjects



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