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2012 London

The Kensington & Chelsea Council is hoping that west London will be at the heart of the `cultural Olympics.
Hyde Park is a proposed venue for Olympic events and can be accessed via South Kensington Station and Exhibition Road.
Cllr Merrick Cockell, Leader of the Royal Borough is proposing that London Exhibition Road and its surroundings, to create one of the finest streetscapes in London and a greater awareness of the world-class institutions based around it.  

Londonís Olympic bid thankyou


West London knows how to host large crowds, having grown the largest street festival in Europe from its humble beginnings on mainly narrow streets of London's W10 and W11 districts


Location MAP
The map prepared by the transit authorities incorporates the water closet information.
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Come get some Jouvay on
Sunday before the break of day!

In London the festival starts  before dawn but officially is set as 6am to 10am on Ladbroke Road in Notting Hill for Carnival Sunday.
Part of the tradition involves smearing paint, mud, or oil on the participants known as Jab Jabs.
Brooklyn New York is home to the 2nd largest J'ouvert after Trinidad's Port of Spain. No amplified music is allowed letting the steel bands dominate the vibe.
J'ouvert is celebrated on many islands, including Barbados, Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Thomas St. Lucia and the Grenadines, St. Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.
The fellow above is from the July 2006 J'ouvert  held in St.

These are located at:

  • At the junction of Conlan Street/East Row, W10
  • Southern Row - located by block 67 -95, W10
  • Munro Mews - Portobello Road end, W10
  • Powis Mews - next to 20 Powis Mews towards Westbourne Park Road junction, W11
  • St Luke's Mews - junction with All Saints Road, north side, W11

Permanent Toilets

These are located at:

  • Bevington Road Public Toilet - at the junction with Golborne Road W10
  • Westbourne Grove - Emerald Isle Public Toilet near junction with Portobello Road

Chemical Toilets

These are located:

Note: Addresses which have an image of a wheelchair are accessible for people using wheelchairs.

  • Wheelchair Adair Road - at the back of Bosworth House, W10
  • Wheelchair All Saints Road ion the west side between Tavistock Road and Tavistock Crescent, W11
  • Wheelchair Cambridge Gardens - south side between 31 and end of Portobello Green W10
  • Wheelchair Colville Gardens on the garden side from opposite number 41 to the north end, W11
  • Wheelchair Colville Road between Lonsdale Road and Westbourne Grove East side, W11
  • Wheelchair Colville Terrace north side between Portobello Road and 14 Colville Square, W11
  • Wheelchair Cornwall Crescent - south side between Ladbroke Grove and St. Mark's Place
  • WheelchairEast Row - east side from central gate of the Spanish Garden southwards to approx 10 metres south of the entrance to the park keeper lodge W10
  • Wheelchair Golbourne Road outside Trelllick Tower, east side, W10
  • Wheelchair Kensington Park Road - opposite Latimer House W11
  • Wheelchair Kensington Park Road - outside the Notting Hill Community Church, W11
  • Wheelchair Ladbroke Gardens (outside number 30) to the junction with Stanley Gardens, W11
  • Wheelchair Ladbroke Grove at junction with St John's Gardens W11
  • Wheelchair Lansdowne Road outside Holland Park Station, near junction with Holland Park Avenue W11
  • Wheelchair Lansdowne Walk at Junction with Ladbroke Grove W11, north side, pavement
  • Wheelchair On Taxi Rank in Kensington Park Road W11
  • Wheelchair Outside no. 100 Notting Hill Gate outside Burger King W11
  • Wheelchair Opposite the Fire Station in Faraday Road near junction with Ladbroke Grove W10
  • Wheelchair Pembridge Gardens (west side) by Notting Hill Gate W2
  • Raddington Road, W10
  • Wheelchair Silchester Road - rear of sports centre - car park
  • Wheelchair St Charles Square - central arm north side W10
  • Wheelchair Treverton Street - north side, W10


Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea
The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea provide temporary toilets for Carnival participants and visitors. These consist of chemical toilets and pissoir type urinals. Two permanent manned toilet sites are also open for Carnival.

The Council will provide 266 Chemical toilets and 5 pissoir/urinal type toilets for male visitors. There will also be a number of wheelchair accessible lavatories.

To site these toilets some resident bays and Pay and Display bays must be suspended. The Council places prominent parking suspension signs in the affected areas giving residents advance notice of the temporary loss of parking. Once the toilets are in place, the Council will check each site and remove any suspension notices that are no longer needed.

To assist the public to find the toilets over 100 signs are attached to lampposts pointing to the direction of the nearest toilet.

During the Carnival, two officers are employed to monitor all toilets. They ensure the sites are open and are clean. Two plumbers are also employed to carry out repairs and ensure the all the appliances function properly.

Toilet Hire UK and Best Loo Ltd., provide staff for the temporary toilets and the two permanent facilities from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm. Their role is to keep the toilets secure, clean, ensure all consumables are replenished and that defects are reported for repair.

The supplier will maintain the Chemical toilets and they will be cleansed every hour. The Pissoir/Urinal facilities will also be monitored.  

Download and print a list of the Toilets' locations during Notting Hill Carnival

Disclaimer: This information may change, it was correct at the time publication [PDF file information]

Better Pubic Services
British Toilet Association - Campaigning for better public toilets for all

British Toilet Association - Campaigning for better public toilets ...
"Our mission is to represent the interests and aspirations of 'away from home' toilet providers, suppliers and users of all types and to act as the catalyst for change in the pursuit of standards of excellence in all areas of public toilet provision and management. "

For more information or to evaluate your impression of this year's effort please contact
 Notting Hill Carnival 2005


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