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 Official List of Sound Systems Locations 2007 by
All sound systems in Carnival are authorised by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster in conjunction with the is the official BASS site
BASS - the British Association of Sound Systems
is the official static sound system organisation for London's annual Notting Hill Carnival.
Learn more about DJ Glen T and AJ Franklin and Winston Francis Loud'n'Lively
- Musi c for the People; site of Ramjam's own DJ Camman.
 Sound_system_(Jamaican)  n the context of Jamaican popular culture, a sound system is a group of disc jockeys, engineers and MCs playing ska, rocksteady or reggae music. The sound system scene is generally regarded as an important part of Jamaican cultural history and as being responsible for the rise of several modern Jamaican musical genres.
 Sound system (DJ)
BBC London
house music
Notting Hill Carnival
a large dance music festival featuring DJs and live acts. It is held annually on the UK's August Bank Holiday weekend in Daresbury, Warrington Cheshire, England, near to Runcorn, button




You likely know  the big names like Goodtimes, Sancho Panza, Rampage & Mastermind but you find one to make everyone in your family as they  really do offer something for everyone. Click the icon to be taken to their own URL.
4 Play -
House and Garage, R’n’B hip hop, bashment ( hard-core reggae ), and old skool.
West Row at the junction of Kensal Road, the Harrow Road end of Ladbroke Grove
Aba Shanti  
Over the last 10 years Aba  has developed a following covering the widest spectrum of Jah's humanity. Black/ White/ Asian /Young /The Not So Young /Rastafarians /Bald head /Dread. All races. All creeds. In the last 3 years we (Aba Shanti-I & Falasha recordings) have been the subject of 3 television programmes: 1 German - Deep in Dub, 1 French - Aba at Carnival, and 1 domestic - Urban Rites Big Issue Film Unit Series.
East Row j/w Southern Row (Monday only)
Bass by any means necessary
Funk, Jazz, Soul Afro-funk, Brazilian funk, Batucada, Samba Reggae, Latin funk and soul, Salsa, Soca, Cumbia.
Ledbury Road j/w Lonsdale Rd.(K&C)
Underground dance sounds from the Dreem Teem and more.
Adela Street  (rear of)
Channel One 
Roots and Culture.
 37 Leamington Road Villas o/s. No. 176 Westbourne Park Road


(Westminster) St Lukes Road facing Lancaster Road 
Drum ‘n’ Bass / Jungle Confusion- line dead
All Saints Road opposite Pelican PH 
Different Strokes
Reggae, Soul, Garage, Calypso, anything that gets them moving
Alderson Street (rear of)
Disya Jeneration Website for BASS member Disya Jeneration sound system (Michael Temple) Powis Terrace o/s no. 12 (stall o/s no. 19) 
Fun Bunch 
R ‘n’ B / Hip-hop / Old Skool Soul.
41 Talbot Road j/w Sutherland Place 
Gaz’s Rocking Blues
Classic sound systems tunes, live bands, guest DJ Duke Vin, first DJ in Jamaica in the 1940’s   
Talbot Road o/s no.103  outside the Globe Pub
Glady Wax
Roots Reggae + Sha
Portobello Road adjacent to 304/306
DownloadGood Times
Garage, Soul, Funk, Jazz, and Hip hop.
Norman Jay

Headed by the legendary Norman Jay this is one of Carnival’s most popular sound systems and a great place to find your groove in vibrant carnival style. 
 BBC London 94.9FM
Norman's Sunday night show 7-10pm
The BBC website describes his music as "the cream of 70s disco with the latest club anthems." Meanwhile the Good Times brand has extended into a series of compilation CDs.

West Row j/w Southern Row (on precinct)
Heritage Entertainment 
Reggae, Soul, Soca, Zouk, mixture
Clydesdale Road o/s Clydesdale House
DownloadJah Observer 
Dub Sounds
Website for BASS member Jah Observer sound system (Austin Palmer)
 40 Ledbury Road j/w Talbot Road
DownloadKCC & the Rocking Crew 
The spectrum of House and Garage, a little bit of everything, all the classics, full on party tunes from way back to present day.
Wornington Road
All types of dance music
St Lukes Road o/s Metro Club site 
Latin Rave
Latin Jazz
Portobello Road o/s no 335
Level Vibes
All types of music, Reggae, Salsa, Swing, House, Garage.
18 Oxford Gardens facing St Lawrence Terrace
Lord Gelly
Ragga, Reggae, Soca, Garage, Soul
Cambridge Gardens o/s No. 47
Reggae, Ragga, Soul, Lovers Rock.
Golborne  Reggae radio station, owned by BASS member/Love TKO sound system leader Glen T; also, host of the BASS website.Download Winston Francis and AJ Franklin are  recording artists as well as Presidents of Ramjam Radio
Gardens j/w Hazelwood Crescent (on precinct o/s Hazelwood Tower)
Mangrove Sound 
Soca and Ting.
All Saints Road o/s no. 3 
Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, House, R ‘n’ B, Garage.
 Cul-de-sac beside Sainsbury’s, o/s Canalside House [Canal Way ]
Ragga, Revival, Swing, Soul, R ’n’ B. Metro Glory.
Telford Road near j/w Lionel Mews
Metro Glory Muzik Express
Everything, all the street music, House, Garage, Jungle roots.
39 Ledbury Road j/w Westbourne Park Road (K&C)
 Midnight Express
Soul, Swing, Old Skool, Reggae.
Southern Row j/w Middle Row
One Love  All Saints Road o/s no.11
Music Incorp
Soul, Swing, Old Skool, Reggae
38 Aldridge Road Villas j/w. Westbourne Park Road 
Nasty Love
Reggae, R ‘n’ B.
Colville Gardens (Middle)
Pineapple Tribe East Row
Revival, Soca, Ragga, R ‘n’ B.
 j/w Southern Row (Sunday)
Southern Row near j/w Bosworth Road
Drum ‘n’ Bass, Garage, Hip hop, Rap Reggae.

 Rampage has been a key feature of the Notting Hill Carnival for over 10 years, regularly attracting crowds of devoted partygoers and live acts. Past acts include Ms Dynamite, Sean Paul, Mos def and Dizzee Rascal, and for 2008 you can see the likes of Mike Anthony, Treble T, D Nyce and Leggz.

j/w Colville Terrace o/s No1 Colville SQ
Sunday: 70’s funk, 80’s Boogie, classic dance floor anthems, rare grooves. Monday: The history of House and Garage from 80’s to present. An uplifting and raunchy affair.
All Saints Road o/s no.23
Rough but sweet 
Soulful Garage / Sexy house / Sweet vocals.
Conlon Street j/w East Row
Reggae, Dancehall reggae, Dub plates.
St Lawrence Terrace north of j/w Chesterton Road
DownloadSancho Panza
House Music in all its genres.  Website for BASS member Sancho Panza sound system (Jim Angell)
Middle Row facing Conlan Street
Soul, R ‘n’ B, Hip-Hop, Soca, Garage.
Bonchurch Road j/w Portobello Road
Sir Lloyd  Tavistock Road/ Leamington Road Villas o/s no. 54
Sir Valdez  Golborne Road(on precinct at back of Prince Arthur PH)
Souljazz Slug and Lettuce junction of Hereford Rd & Westbourne Grove
Studio One
Garage, Reggae, Soul, a bit of everything
Powis Square (east side)
Vacant  Hazlewood Crescent j/w Bosworth Rd
Soul, Swing, Ragga, Reggae
Outside People’s Theatre, facing across Oxford Gardens

   "When the needle drops, the bullshit stops"

Ricky Belgrave is Chairman of the British Association of Static Sound Systems (BASS) & was also the 1st Chair of ECCA (Executive Committee of Carnival Arts) representing the Static-Sound System Arena.  He is also RapAttack and a historian of the sound system art form
Come on Mr. DJ
Hey we've got the fire
Play something we know
Making us part of the show

Norman Jay 2006 Carnival
|interview with the
I’m more than happy with the way carnival has evolved. Yes, it’s bogged down with legislation, health and safety issues and other things, but that’s all part and parcel of living in London in the 21st Century.” more at
Norman Jay MBE, ‘The Peoples DJ’
more at

 The sound system concept originated in the 1950s in Kingston, Jamaica. DJs would load up a truck with a generator, turntables, and huge speakers to set up street parties. The sound system scene is generally regarded as an important part of Jamaican cultural history and as being responsible for the rise of modern Jamaican musical styles such as ska, rocksteady, reggae and dub. When Jamaicans emigrated to the United Kingdom, the sound system culture followed and became firmly rooted there in the button
"The dance floor is supposed to be somewhere you can just let yourself go and just really flaunt it out, sleaze it out, filth it out, dirt it out, just get down and enjoy. What is really, really important for me is to get the dance floor sexy and to get it filthed up. “Let’s have a party.”" (Lawler - Metro Mix Radio interview)
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"Get ready for  a day out! There's nothing better than spending the day in a park with thousands of fellow souls dancing to your favourite beats! Bring it on!"
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