2008 Notting Hill Carnival
2008 Notting Hill Carnival Bands
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Notting Hill Carnival Bands 2008
Carnival Village reopens the Tabernacle
Tube Station Closures
UK Centre for Carnival Arts
Muslim Carnival
Carnival City Congress
Future Canivals in Trinidad
Notting Hill Carnival Band History:2007 || 2006 || 2005 MAS BANDS || 2002  || 2001  || 2000  || 1999 || 1998
2006 Carnival Video
2007 Carnival Video
Yaa Asantewaa
A Dictionary of Carnival Terms
by Carnival scholar Dr. Patricia Alleyne-Dettmers
- Bat2k (Southampton)
- Bloco-do-Sul (Dorking)
- Bloco Fogo (Tunbridge)
- Carnival Collective (Brighton)
- Maracatu Estrela do Norte (London)
- Rhythms of the City (London)
- Rhythms of Resistance (London)
- Samba Ya Bamba (Glasgow)
- Sambuka (Hemel Hempstead)
- Solsamba (Oxford)
- Stroud School of Samba (Stroud)


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Notting Hill Carnival groups remind you it is the journey to Carnaval day that provides the greater reward. So find a group to join in and keep the notorious crowds on the other side of the barricades and out of your mas camp.  Come join in this New European spectacle of exuberance and joy. Rediscover London's peak annual energy point in the famous Notting Hill neighborhood. 
Notting Carnival Bands 2008
Click the foto to go to band website
DownloadArawak Mas Band
2008 THEME: Viva Las Vegas
Established in: 2000
AUC Mas Band
2008 THEME: Creatures of the Earth
 a small band of just 30 masqueraders
Arte Neuvill Carnival Band
Established in: 1970.
Mas Camp: 16 Buttermew Walk, Dalston, London E8
Batala.jpgBatala Liverpool is 2008 THEME: A celebration of the Afro-Brazilian culture of Salvador de Bahia

part of a larger Batala family created in 1997 by Giba Gonçalves. Born and raised in Salvador, Bahia in Brazil, Giba was living in Paris when he first had the idea for the band. Open to anyone with an interest in learning the samba-reggae beat, the band started off with 60 people.

From Paris it spread to other cities in France, Belgium and the United Kingdom. In 2003, the band finally made its way back to its origins, brought to Brazil by Paulo Garcia, also the founder of the Portsmouth Batala. Composer and musical director, Giba enlisted the help of friends from the bands and from Salvador in order to create the visual identity of the band. The instruments and clothings are all manufactured in Salvador, Bahia, where the band has a social program that gives jobs to many families. From there they are shipped to the bands around the world.
In 2007 they paraded with a record 150 drummers in Notting Hill Carnival
Batala UK Batala France
Batala Liverpool Batala Paris
Batala Portsmouth  Batala Nantes
Batala Barmouth Batala La Rochelle
Batala Lancaster Batala Clermon-Ferrand
Batala Bangor  

Bachanal Mas
2008 THEME: Paradise
 a big group of more than 350 masqueraders, divided into five sections: Temptation, Heaven Sent, Enchanted Dream, Bird of Paradise, and Fool's Paradise.
Barbados Carnival Committee
2008 THEME: Bajan roots and rhythm
 the band straight out of Barbados!
B Dark Inspirations Carnival Band
2008 THEME: The Rhythm of Life
 big wings and costumes in bright yellow, green, red or white. They won last year’s Best Adult Small Band category.
Established in: 2003
Mas Camp: 12b Asylum Road, Peckham SE15 2RL
Established in: 2006
DownloadBeeraahaar Sweet Combination
2008 THEME: Tutti Frutti Sweeties
 a teaching band who promote the traditional art of mas making throughout the year; they have been ‘on de road’ for 15 years.
 a registered charity, providing workshops for both children ad adults in the skills of carnival craft. Teaching the art of the carnival, the composition of carnival music and street parading. They take part in over 25 events every year both National and International.
Established in: 1993
Mas Camp: 6 - 8 Palatine Road, Stoke Newington, London, N16
DownloadB-DARK InspirationS since 2004
 big wings and costumes in bright yellow, green, red or white. They won last year’s Best Adult Small Band category.
The Bride
2008 THEME: It’s a new season, it’s a new day
Band Leader Angela Essien
Burrokeets UK
2008 THEME: The Symphony Of Life
 eye-catching piano-key costumes.
celebrate the cultural tradition is carnival and soca dance
Established in:1990
Mas Camp: Unit 2, Tottenham Green Workshops, 2 Somerset Road, Tottenham. London N17
NOTE NEW STARTING POINT: After 17 years of starting off from Sainsburys, Canal Way we have found it necessary for Health & Safety reasons to change our starting point. We have deliberated long and hard about this decision and feel we have no alternative but to move. For 2008 we will be setting off from Latimer Road W10 and joining the carnival route at the junction of Bassett Road and Ladbroke Grove.
Calabash Carnival Club
2008 THEME: Jab jam mas
 a rapidly improving band since their 2003 debut.
Established in: 2003
Mas Camp: White City Community Centre, White City, London, W12
China Arts Carnival Club
2008 THEME: Painted faces and waist drumming
 the only Chinese mas band.
Coco Tea Mas Band
2008 THEME: We welcome the world
 a small group of 35 led by Maureen Mahon.
2008 THEME: Spirit of the Caribbean
 the leaders of the soca parties in pink, blue and purple costumes.
Dragons Sporting and Social Club
2008 THEME: Masque of the Red Death
 around 150 masqueraders, led by Peter Winchester.
DUKA Mas Domnik UK
2008 THEME: Reunite and celebrate
 the ones celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of this charity.
Europe's premiere steel band... Ebony Steelband has won the
Panorama Competition at Notting Hill Carnival more than any other band and often tours the world for competitions and youth exchange proprams.  Founded in '68 they also offer accredited courses in music arts
Flamboyan Carnival Band
2008 THEME: Come celebrate with us
 their red flamenco-style costumes. These are a veteran bunch and elders in the Carnival community.
Established in: 1986
Mas Camp: 1 Fernhead Road, London W9 3EU
DownloadFlamingo Arts Carnival Club
2008 THEME: Best of Flamingo
 the band celebrating 25 years of Carnival.
Mas Camp: C/O 78 Yeading Lane, Hayes, Middlesex, UB4 OEY
DownloadFox Carnival Band
Established in: 1997
2008 THEME: Bag it up!
 Fox waging a war against plastic bags by turning them into costumes!
DownloadFusion Community Carnival Arts
Established in: 1999
Mas Camp: 385 Wilesden High road NW10 2JR
2008 THEME: Rise of the Phoenix
 this Neasden-based community group.
Genesis carnival Band
Mas Camp: Baseline business Studios, Whitchurch Road, London, W11 4AT,
2008 THEME: Ancient Warriors
 a band with a legacy. They were founded by none other than early Carnival’s Vernon Williams. Today it’s his children who
man the ship.
Glorious Backstage Arts
2008 THEME: Back From Space
 black and white sexy cows, adults in reds and blacks, kids in pink and green and the large samba group Rhythm of the City.
Goldstars Vision Mas Band
2008 THEME: Sankofa (or ‘back to basics’)
 50 Ghanian masqueraders bringing Africa to the streets of Notting Hill.
Heritage Social Arts and Dance
2008 THEME: Egyptian
 stunning costumes in celebration of Hatshepsut, ancient Egypt’s first female pharaoh, from this vibrant young mas group based out in Bethnal Green.
Image Mas Band
2008 THEME: African culture troops
Inspiration Arts/Trinbago Carnival Club
2008 THEME: International tribal journey
Band leader Roland Noel.
Invaders Mas Band
The Invaders Mass Band grew out of the Invaders Sound system also known as Soca on the Move Sound system.
Mas Camp: St Mary's Primary School, Mayo Road, Harlesden NW10
2008 THEME: Celebration Time
ISIS Carnival Band
2008 THEME: The Golden Legacy
 bikinis with beautiful beadwork and families participating together.
Itchi Baba
Established in:1987
Mas Camp: 367 Caledonian Road, London N7 9DQ
Jamaican Twist Carnival Club
2008 THEME: Streamertail (the Jamaican humming bird)
 350 dancers from Jamaica, the South Pacific and Brazil.
Jamboulay Carnival Arts promote carnival arts by developing work shops in dance/drama and design skills.
Established in: 1992
2008 THEME: Somewhere (a melody)
 a young urban band.
Jun Mo Generations Carnival Group involves not just Carnival, but also Wing-Chun martial arts and performing arts.
Kuumba Carnival Band celebrates historical African and Caribbean cultural traditions.
Lagniappe Mas Band
2008 THEME: Bird Sanctuary
 1,000 paraders wearing vivid red and gold costumes.
La Trinity Carnival Mas passes the art of carnival to a new generation.
Established in: 1996
Mas Camp: 18 Lowman Road, Holloway, London N7 6DD
2008 THEME: Bat
Band leader Thomas Antoine.
07956 141 078
LewQuash Nostalgic
2008 THEME: Spirited Bliss
 a real olden-times atmosphere, this family-run band aims to recreate the original spirit of Carnival.
DownloadLondon School of Samba offer public drum and dance workshops, and year-round performances.
Established in: 1984
2008 THEME: The Green Man
 costumes representing the passing of the seasons.
Mahogany Carnival is a community based volunteer organisation, bring Carnival arts and workshop programmes to the youth and wider community.
Established in:1989
Mas Camp: 28 High Street, Harlesden, London NW10 4LX
2008 THEME: Bling
 last year’s large adult and large children’s band winners.
Majestic Carnival Club
2008 THEME: Far East
 Carnival atmosphere – Grenadian style – from this flamboyant group.
The Mangrove Mas and Steel band Downloadare long running participants at Notting Hill Carnival, as well as performing at a widevariety of prestigious events, venues both in the UK and around the world.
Established in: 1978
Mas Camp: Tabernacle, Notting Hill
2008 THEME: Home for Carnival
 one of the longest running mas and steel bands, established in 1978.
DownloadMash Carnival Band
The Mash Carnival Mas Band debuts at the Notting Hill Carnival 2007 with the theme 'We Outta GT'.
Established in: 2006
2008 THEME: Peaceutopia
 seven different costumes each with spectacular feathered headwear.

Masquerade 2000 was formed in 1992 by Lincoln Rahamut, and has been offering carnival services and workshops on the carnival arts.
Established in: 1992
2008 THEME: Ole
 one of the largest bands with a long history of winning trophies; it’s always hard to miss this energetic young band.
Next Level (Poison UK)
2008 THEME: Forbidden
 more than 800 girls in Vegas-style green or pink headgear, kids in purple.
Nostalgia Steel band Carnival Band one of the longest running Mas bands in the UK, perform at local events, schools, regional events and carnivals.
Established in: 1964
Mas Camp: Maxilla Social Club, 2 Maxilla Walk (under thr flyover) Latimer Road W10
DownloadOxygen Mas Band is a young vibrant, energetic band with a great Caribbean vibe.
Established in:
Mas Camp: BB’s Restaurant, 3 Chignel Place, London. W13
2008 THEME: Jewels of the Caribbean
 sapphire, amber, emerald and amethyst outfits.

Paddington Arts Elimu

Established in:
Mas Camp: c/o 20 Meadow Way Wembly Middlesex HA9 7LG
2008 THEME: Canboulay
 Miss Trinidad and Tobago contestants.
AMAZONIA - Nature's Paradise
DownloadPeoples World Carnival Band has a wide membership with people from all ethnic backgrounds, cultures, ages and abilities.
Established in: 1983
Mas Camp: The Old Brewery, 676a High Road, Tottenham, N17 0AE 2008 THEME: The Journey
 paraders from all backgrounds, ages and abilities.
Perpetual Odyssey
2008 THEME: Paradise Garden
Band leader A McDonald.
07956 864 055
Phoenix Carnival Costume Band
Established in: 1989
Pioneers and Their Offspring
PATO carnival club celebrates Mas band tradition and runs workshops throughout the year.
Established in:
Mas Camp: 7 Queens Gate Villas,Victoria Park Road, London E9 7BU
2008 THEME: Safari
 one of the oldest bands in Carnival.
DownloadPoison Uk/Next Level
Established in: 2003
Mas Camp: 21 Fulham High Street, London SW6
2008 THEME: Forbidden
 more than 800 girls in Vegas-style green or pink headgear, kids in purple.
Pure Lime
2008 THEME: No Knives But Chocolate
 A j’ouvert band, stand too close and get covered in chocolate!

DownloadQuilombo do Samba celebrating Brazilian
 Carnival Culture

DownloadRampage Carnival Club is a UK touring Mas Band
Established in: 1988
Ruff Diamond
Mas Camp: Craig Park youth Centre, Lawrence Road, Edmonton, London N18
2008 THEME: Down Memory Lane
 300 paraders celebrating their tenth birthday.
Saga Boys Mas Band
2008 THEME: Soca Army Invasion
Band leaders Ryan Harewood and Rena Williams.
Shademakers Carnival Club
2008 THEME: The Clan II: Stone Age, a time before empires
 this long-running German mas band.
DownloadSouth Connections
2008 THEME: Aztecs: the lost empire
 last year’s best adult historical band winners.
specialised in both children's Carnival and adult Carnival masquerade, and offer carnival workshops during carnival season and in schools and community centres during the rest of the year.
South Connections Carnival band has been in existence since 1985 and has some 250 members. The band has always supported innovative costume design, and has worked in the past with Niki Lyons, Keith Khan, Ali Zaidi and Clary Salandy. 
Mas Camp: www.ovalhouse.com Oval House, 52/54 Kennington Oval, London SE11 5SW
St Clement and St James Carnival Band celebrates mixed cultural tradition with at least 30 children making up the carnival band.
2008 THEME: Island life
Stardust Mas
2008 THEME: Thank You For The Music
 the other half of the Stardust Steel Band.
Mas Camp: Acton Vale Community Centre, off Beech Ave, W3 7JZ
Sunshine International Arts
2008 THEME: MaMa Look, ah Aas
 unusual costumes.
Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Club

Mas Camp: 218 Leahurst Road, Hither Green, London SE13 5NL

Tropical Isles
2008 THEME: Spirit of the Games
 last year’s Best Traditional Adult Band and Best Float winner.
020 7254 0062
Tropicana Dance School
2008 THEME: Latin Passion
Band leader Ramiro Zapata.
DownloadTT Mudders are a a Jouvert masquerade band that appears on Carnival Sunday, traditionally the day for children and families.
Established in: 1995
Urban Touch Mas Band
2008 THEME: Egyptian
Band leaders Steve and Mac.
Xtreme St Lucia UK
2008 THEME: Paradise St Lucia
 UK-based St Lucians making their debut as Sun, Fun, Sea, and Rum.
Yaa Asantewaa Carnival GroupDownload is located in Yaa Asantewaa Centre, London's only Black Combined Arts Centre.
Established in: 1986
Mas Camp: 1 Chippenham Mews, London, W9 2AN
2008 THEME: Face Yaa Fear
Carnival Theme 2008: Afrocentric



Ultimate All Inclusive Party

UK Centre for Carnival Arts!
A new webmaster has introduced a fresh approach to tracking UK Carnival on the net:
From the land of Luton
 Affiliated with Luton Carnival - a new community art center devoted to Carnival art forms and the inclusive spirit of Carnival.
Watch the video:
 WHATEVER!  Former ACE UK Carnival Coordinator  Pax Nindi meanwhile was trying his hand in show business with a  one-man multimedia performance about whatever happens to a human being who has been  ‘Made in Malawi’ Pax on stage claims he is a jack-of-all-trades and master of nine.


Carnival Village opens the Tabernacle.
 London's iconic music and arts venue The Tabernacle has opened its doors to the general public under the management of Carnival Village following approval by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

Carnival Village is an amalgamation of four of the biggest Carnival groups in London (Yaa Asantewaa, Mangrove, Ebony Steel Band Trust and Association of British Calypsonians). Carnival Village runs two building and will develop its carnival arts and practice including training and business development at The Yaa Centre (Chippenham Mews W9) where major refurbishment work will take place.

 "Acquiring the Tabernacle has allowed Carnival Village to harness its vision to provide a quality arts and entertainment venue within West London as well as focus on the development of Carnival Arts and its industries" said CEO of Carnival Village Shabaka Thompson.

Carnival Village will run a broad based arts and music programme including live music, music production, comedy, and theatre.

Carnival Village greatly thanks The Arts Council, London Development Agency, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster City Council for their continued support. Meeting rooms and facilities at the Tabernacle will continue to be available for community use.

Address: The Tabernacle, Powis Square, Notting Hill, London W11 2AY Telephone: 020 7221 9700

The dance studio will be home to a wide range of activities including Yoga, Capoeira and Ballet.


Transport for London Journey Planner

info about Tube station closures

  • Westbourne Park: On Sunday and Monday the station will be 'exit only' between 11:00 and 18:00. The station will close at 23:30 on both days. Please note, you will not be able to re-enter this station once you have left. If you wish to make your way home from the Carnival by Tube, please use an alternative station
  • Ladbroke Grove: Station closed on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday
  • Latimer Road: On Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday the station will close at 23:30
  • Notting Hill Gate: No interchange between the Central and Circle/District lines on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday and the station will be ‘exit only’ between 11:00 and 19:00. The District and Circle lines will not stop here between 11:00 and 19:00
  • Holland Park: On Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday the station will be ‘exit only’ from 11:00 until 19:00
  • Royal Oak: On Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday the station will be ‘exit only’ between 11:00 and 18:00. After 18:00 the station will close and Hammersmith & City line trains will not stop at this station
  • Bayswater: On Bank Holiday Monday it may be advisable to use this station as Circle/District line trains will not stop at Notting Hill Gate
  • Paddington (Hammersmith & City line): On Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday it may be advisable to use this station instead of Notting Hill Gate/Royal Oak as both these stations will have diversions
  • Other nearby stations: Other stations near to the Carnival: High Street Kensington (Circle and District lines), Kensal Green and Queen’s Park (Bakerloo line)


Muslim Carnival
"With carnivals it's quite difficult to judge between humour and causing offence, and on this occasion it looks like they have that balance wrong.

"You have to be careful not to stray into the territory of racism, and this is heading in that direction, but I'm sure their intention was quite the opposite." said Fareed Ahmad, the president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association for Devon and Cornwall.
He was addressing an entry in the
2007 August Saint Columb Major Carnival. The 2008 Carnival was rained out. [more about  Muslim Carnival Sensibilities by telegraph.co.uk]


Carnival City Congress
The leading global organization of Carnival Cities experienced a true Moslem Carnival in 2007 in Tunisia then moved onto the Celtic region of myth and magic in 2008 when then held their 28th international Carnival City Congress in Ploermel, Brittany , France
Here it was announced that the first Carnival City Congress since 1997 will be held in the Caribbean in Aruba for 2012



Are you ready for Caribbean Carnival?
On A Mission to Unite the World through the ministry of Rhythm and the life-giving force of community celebration,

Rise Up! for Celebration is the Answer

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