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Notting Hill Carnival 2006 Channel One Reggae Roots

Notting Hill Carnival 2006

7:09  Added:  September 20, 2006 From:  canallaman21 Edited video Images of the carnival with a nice sound track from London Notting Hill 2006
NHC-flickrTOP20.jpg Top Notting Hill Carnival Photographers as determined by the "most interesting algorithm. Top position [more]

Brazilian Carnival in London

Just :28 sec Added:  August 28, 2006 From:  vvvv1410
Elvis Crespo it's called ticky tack

Ebony won the steel band competition -again
Just 34 sec Added:  August 31, 2006 From:  vvvv1410
Ebony Steel Band on de road, with their 2006 winning panorama tune "Colours Again"

 horans put up more 2006 Carnival video than anyone but unfortuantely the unedited rough footage had sound feedback problem that made look for the mute click

notting hill carnival 2006 girls dutty wine

4:04 Added:  November 24, 2006 From:  marcio7000 

YO!!! Wich sound system was dat? i gotta go dere dis year....As popular as any clip from 2006

From year to year, the sounds systems change slightly so this official list from 2006 will work very well to find your favorite mixmaster,
To go more in depth head on over to http://www.
Sound System Locations
 Notting Hill Carnival 2006
Name Location
Mastermind Roadshow Canal Close (Canalside House)
4 Play West Row near junction with Kensal Road
Mellotone Telford Road near junction with Lionel Mews
Latin Rave Street Jam Portobello Road outside no 335
Saxon Sound St Lawrence Terrace north of junction with Cherston Road
Gladys Wax Sound Portobello Road adjacent to 304/306
Level Vibes Oxford Gardens facing St Lawrence Terrace
Virgo International Outside People's Theatre, facing across Oxford Gardens
Lord Gellys Cambridge Gardens outside number 47
CMC/Matrix Sound System All Saints Road opposite Pelican public house
Pineapple Tribe Southern Row
Rapattack All Saint's Road outside number 23
Mangrove Sound All Saint's Road outside number 3
King Tubby's Clydesdale Road outside Clydesdale House
KCC and the Rocking Crew Wornington Road
Nasty Love Mixing Lab Colville Gardens (middle)
Rampage Colville Gardens junction with Colville Terrace outside number 1 Colville Square
Gaz's Rockin' Blues Talbot Road outside number 103
Disya Jeneration Powis Terrace outside number 12 (stall outside number 19)
Different Strokes Anderson Street
Confusion St Luke's Road facing Lancaster Road
Killer Watt St Luke's Road outside Metro Club Site
Sufferers All Saint's Road outside number 11
Studio One System Powis Square (east side)
Sir Lloyd Tavistock Road/Leamington Road Villas outside number 54
Special FX Hazelwood Crescent
Channel One Sound System Leamington Road Villas outside 176 Westbourne Park Road
GT Flex Roadshow\Mayhem Crew St Stephens Gardens
QuakaMass (Science of Sound) Ledbury Road junction with Westbourne Park Road
Jah Observer Ledbury Road junction with Talbot Road
Good Times Southern Row/ West Row (on precinct)
The Funbunch Talbot Road junction with Sutherland Place
Rough But Sweet Conlan Street/East Row
Aba Shanti (Monday) East Row (junction with Southern Row)
Love TKO Golborne Road
Sancho Panza Middle Row
Midnight Express 747 Middle Row
Bass By Any Means Ledbury Road junction with Lonsdale Road
High on Hope Bonchurch Road junction with Portobello Road
G.I. Roadshow Adela Street




Best Forum: portowebbo.jpg
Top comments
  • RAMPAGE the thing
  • good vibes all around and the music was banging
  • toilet facilities, never queued more than a couple of minutes
  • How can you join?
  • Police with bad attitude & no info
  • Parade with big gaps
  • Barricades are traps
  • Youth gangs a problem
"carnival was really good i loved the food and music and RAMPAGE the thing i hated was it finishes at 7!"
Ellise 30th September
The barriers bother me the most. People too squash up, squash up. Police close off barriers, but of course no one can see the barriers ahead, which leads to huge amounts of pushing. Also more significantly it stops people from joining with floats. To curtail these menaces, why do they police not come up with some initiatives that do not also limit the fun of spectators….
The only other thing that bothers me is the attitude of some of the police. I do not mind their presence and I am used to it. I understand why they have to be there and appreciate it. However do they have to help out so grudgingly?
Jaide 18th September

One downside... I found myself in a street packed with people .. felt the hand in my pocket trying to nick my property.. Fortunately he wasn't a very good pick pocket so he got nothing.. but what a piece of trash he was.. just spoiling a very special day Anyway.. that aside thank you ... have still to try Jerk chicken and goat curry... maybe next year Jan and Barry"
Barry 10th September

My ears took a week to recover.......and i said I thought the police were wussers for having ear plugs in........I have learnt to eat humble pie.

The police presence didn't upset me though they did seem a little stiff and starchy towards the crowd and some of the dancers who tried to encourage them to join in. It did come across as a bit "them and us"


People that are pushing cannot see that barriers maybe something to notify people that the barriers are there would stop them from pushing to get through."
Karen, Devon 05th September

We waited for some time for the first float to come out and it was quite promising and then there was a gap of about an hour until the second float came out which consisted of people in combat outfits drinking and just walking along behind a lorry and then nothing again.
Tricia from Plymouth 01st September

"The floats were great and the music/dancing were great! My kids really liked the whole ambiance. But the troublemakers were not! I am black and I find it shameful that many of our youths act that way."
John 01st September

When you stand beside to watch the passing groups it took to much time from one band to the other. Either the route should be urgently extended or restricted to less bands... hopefully some more streets are closed for the carnival one day...

Malve ,Stuttgart-Germany,31st of August 31st August

 Can the police coordinate their info? PCs in Tavistock Road directed us back to Westbourne Park tube via Channel One Soundsystem (wonderful music) and Westbourne Park Road - the PCs then won''t let you go to Westbourne Park tube. If it''s not accessible tell us -

Shaun 31st August

I waited at Ladbrooke Grove from 1pm until 4.00pm and saw 2 floats - yes 2!!! There was at least an hour wait in between floats and in between we just saw the thugs of the MET walk up and down until eventually people actually booed and whistled at four that walked down. People's conversation was on the police and not on enjoying the carnival. In the end I left at 4.30pm after getting fed up of waiting.

I walked past another group of policemen and said "Well done for killing the carnival" to which one said rather pleased "That''s alright love, that's what we're here for!"

Says it all dunnit?"

Amanda 31st August

"I have to say that i was really disappointed with carnival this year. I go carnival every year, but after this year i really doubt i will be going again.

There were so many youngsters out to cause problems, shoving people, starting trouble. i also didn't feel very safe, i witnessed so many fights, and clearly saw policemen standing there as they were too scared to stop the fights. And also the police have ruined carnival, they literally block off so many roads that u cant even go and dance and have a good time. And at one point i got lost and asked a policeman what road we were on, and asked him for directions. and he said he couldn't help help me, coz he didn't even know where we were!.. what's that about, shouldn't policemen know the roads and routes, if they are working on a particularly busy day, where people are bound to get lost...

Overall, my experience of carnival this year wasn't very nice...But regarding the floats, the music, the was very nice. I just hope for the future, that youths stay at home, and find something better to do, rather than coming out to cause trouble!"

Lady Zeeee 30th August


2005 Notting Hill Carnival


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Notting Hill Carnival 2005  5 min - Aug 28, 2005 -   (24 ratings)
Nicely edited with clips of both music and hot shots this clip topped even the 2006 Notting Hill Video clips through till 2007 Notting Hill Carnival weekend Find lots of tradition and rhythms from the Caribbean. Floats, music and dancers as well as great food makes this one of London's must
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