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 [F] Latin American Cities 

 [F] ARGENTINA Carnaval: Gualeguaychú & Corrientes 

 [F] COLUMBIA Carnaval: Barranquilla & San Andres 

 [F] Mexican Carnavals & what's new

Samba Home Page for Mexico by
Carnaval by Search Engine Page

Carnaval Mazatlan
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)In Spanish w\ English section  Mexico's "oldest and most important Carnaval."
"oldest and most important Carnaval."
In Spanish w\ English section  Mexico's "oldest and most important Carnaval."
Mazatlan Carnaval by Monica Conrady ||
Our San Francsic based correspondent covered the 1998 100th Anniversay of Mazatlan Carnaval

vc_banner.jpg (29512 bytes) by
Carnaval de Veracruz | SPANISH ONLY |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Veracruz... el estado con ambiente.   [ Translate by altavista ]
A key connection for the communication between new and the old world, Veracruz is the region that keeps its past in the present   [ Translate  ]


 [F] Panama Carnaval & Web Guide 

 [F] URUGUAY Carnaval: Montevideo & Antigas


 [F] Los Angeles, San Diego & Southern California (3 folders, 11

 [F] Atlanta Carnival May's memorial weekend 

 [F] Boston & Hartford 


Houston Caribbean Carnival

Los Angeles
Los Angeles, San Diego & Southern California on Aforum

New Orleans, Lousianana
lilno_ph98.gif (3842 bytes) by
New Orleans
on Aforum
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Check out the date of Mardi past and future in their calculator

Memphis, Tennessee
coatofarms2.jpg (59613 bytes) |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Carnival Memphis. History. Calendar. Krewes. Contact Carnival Memphis. Business & Industry Salute.

Miami, Florida


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"MIAMI CARNIVAL is flying HIGHER and HOTTER than ever."
Miamicarnival |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Official website of the Miami Carnival. Frequently updated. info on the Miami Caribbean Carnival scene
Miami on Aforum

 [F] New Orleans 

New York, New York
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New York on Aforum

 [F] Orlando Florida Carnival on May's Memorial Weekend

St. Paul, Minnesota
St. Paul Winter Carnival is |
Official Web Site. [ Translate on altavista ]

San Diego, California

San Diego Brazil Carnaval | LINKS | EVENTS |
September Street- Scene featuring Brazilian Carnaval
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)A unique collage of music, ethnic foods, international parades, eclectic crafts, a high-flying aerial bike and skateboard jam, Set in San Diego's historic Gaslamp District.

97pghd.jpg (24976 bytes)San Francisco, California

San Francisco on Aforum Regulars looking for fresh material know to check in the Aforum for updates and under
construction new features.


 [F] Seattle, Vancouver & the Great Northwest

Stowe, Vermont |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Twenty-five years ago the rebirth of the Stowe Winter Carnival excited the town and, in turn, its visitors.

 [F] Texas & SouthWest Carnivals & Festivals 

USA Other

Seattle, Vancouver & the Great Northwest on Aforum

Quebec, Ontario

menu02_haut.gif (13304 bytes) || Quebec Winter Carnival || FRENCH || BOARD MEMBERS |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Beautiful site with a snowy background

dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)The largest festival in all of Canada did not use its URL in 1998

Latin American Cities on Aforum


soc.culture.bolivia directory |SPANISH ONLY |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Fascinating Carnival for insiders who appreciate the rich mythically based culture of the ancient people of the Andes


fcblogo.jpg (6246 bytes) || Spanish Only
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Official Web Site for the 3-day pre-Lenten spectacular || by Javier E. Pacheco || English & Spanish ||
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)W e l c o m e to Carnaval más grande del mundo "the world's best Carnaval" Featuring a travel Web Guide similar to
Barranquillla On-Line ||
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Excellent City web-guide
Carnaval de Barranquilla on geocities | SPANISH ONLY | mailto:currambero@geocities.comdot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Translate ]
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)buy his book Wild Planet! at

San Andreas
coco.gif (2079 bytes) || || Getting There
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)CARNAVALES DE SAN ANDRES is held in NOVEMBER This is the well done official tourist authority site invites your comments. We saved thier  Carnaval '98 schedule page here but wish their people's great annual expression of their collective soul could get a year-round spot on the City's own site

Brazil Travel Vendors on
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Brazil is capable of overwhelming even experienced travels. Group tours are a smart way to travel in Brazil
Cyber Carnival Links by the dark wing of Sergio

red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Laser: Carnaval by
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)FF-Laser-Carnaval by brasil.coml
Laser: Carnaval by

links.jpg (16147 bytes)Links Interessantes - Carnaval
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)RADIOBRÁS - Aqui você encontra tudo sobre o Brasil - Links Interessantes - Carnaval

English/Carnival by |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Carnival: the Brazilian experience of music and joy. Colors, music and excitment: it's carnival.[ Translate by altavista ]

Rio de Janeiro
LIESA (Independent League of Special Samba Schools)E-mail
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Large active site by the producers of special Rio Carnaval Sombodromo parades  || Português |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Includes lots of content from Felipe Ferreira publisher of the Rio Carnaval Guide plus photos, up to date links and more

Logo1.jpg (12947 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)"The Rio Carnaval guide with everything you need to know to be part of the Earth's most celebrated festivity:   The Carnival in Rio!"

Rio de Janeiro on Aforum
rio2000sbmed.gif (8034 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Rio 2000 is OFFICIAL! "At the end of November, the Brazilian Government under the direction of National Committee for the 5th Centenary Celebration formally approved Rio 2000 & Samba (the new name) as an official event in Brazil the year 2000."
Carnival in Brazil
your hosts Hugo Bellard and Natasha Temlyakova |

dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Pictures of carnival in Rio de Janeiro part of a Brazilian STARTING PAGE full of brazilian links, chats, and search engines.

Salvador, Bahia, Northeast, Brazil
lilsalv98.jpg (12144 bytes)On

dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Exhaustive list of Salvador Music and Carnaval web sites

Links to Northeastern Carnavals & Festivals on
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Not that good a list but its in the Aforum where you can easily add one if you like

Manaus Carnaval Escolas de Samba


56dragnp.jpg (6376 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Contains information and links to alternative festivals and events around the globe.
ublbanner.gif (922 bytes) |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)The ultimate resource for Carnival WWW links, CD's, Biographies, Homepages, Contests, Tour Dates and Sound Samples. [ Translate ] || Federation||
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Perform in the Parade of Champions in Rio de Janeiro for Carnaval 2000. Formally recognized by the Brazilian Government as one of the official events of Brazil's 500th Anniversary Celebration!! Now organizing more by group rather than countries

'99 Global Carnival Calendar by So Yu going to Carnival magazine
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)The only International Guide to Canivals
Foundation European Carnival Cities (FECC) on Aforum
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)The only global Carnival organization [Alternative || Blues || Bluegrass || Cajun & Zydeco || Classical || Country || Eclectic || Folk || Jazz || Reggae & World Music || Rock || Misc. ||
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Maintains its committment to providing information on music festivals of North American admirably well and does a good job at the same time for Europe and the Caribbean.

GUIDELINES:  If you know of a web page with a list of regionally organized Carnival or Festival Event links please tell us so we can add it to this growing list. (This is a good way for a Carnival Group or a free web site to get traffic to their site.)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Also, if you are the official web site for a Carnival we wish to know about you and will eventually add your link for free.
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)We provide additional support to the FECC (Foundation of European Carnival Cities then we have special section in to feature your link.
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