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 [F] Africa in aforum for what's new
Accra, Ghana, Africa
A New Year's Eve Carnival.   

Also see Canary Islands under Spain


in aforum for what's new

dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)The huge Annual Samba Parade and Festival  is held each August in downtown Asakusa, Tokyo

G.R.E.S. Liberdade Links Page | JAPANESE TOO |
G.R.E.S.Bárbaros Links | JAPANESE TOO|

Carnival Night | ENGLISH||
"Nearly every night, Taipei pulses until midnight with a carnival atmosphere of bright lights, tasty snacks, and crowds of people" (Editor's note this is a bit of a stretch but Chinese New Year does occur about the same time as Pre-Lenten Carnival and both are ancient Spring celebrations )

Welcome to the Aussie Samba Homepage !!Samba in Australia || Hot Links || Samba Schools from webmaster: Carlos Ferreira dedicated to Brazilian music, dance and culture in Australia, especially Samba!... this most infectious of rythyms!


titlecranaval.gif (8761 bytes)Festival of Perth
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Carnaval Latino 1999, with more than 500 dancers, 100 drummers, costumed masqueraders, giant puppets and decorated floats, celebrates a melting pot. [ Translate ]

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras: Links | HISTORY | MERCHANDISE
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)The 6,000 member  Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras LTD elects a new  fourteen member board annually. World's largest Gay & Lesbian Event
logopge2.jpg (4260 bytes) |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)SunZine is Queensland, from this site you will find information on 10 of the magnificent 14 regional centres throughout our beautiful sunshine state.

toomba.gif (13697 bytes)Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Toowoomba is the home of THE Australian Carnival of Flowers.[ Translate by altavista ]

EUROPE by Country
AUSTRIA  || Deutsch || Samba Links ||  Austria Links || mailto: Raimund Pichler
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Webmaster Raimund organizes an annual samba meeting (encontrol) in January and his group ALEGRIA DA VIDA released its debut CD in February of 1999
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)"Did you know that Austrian Archduchess Leopoldine of Habsburg - became empress of Brazil in 1817? A part of Rio de Janeiro and a samba-school have her name today: The colours in the flag of Brazil have their origin in the colours of the Kingdom in Portugal (green) and the Monarchy in Austria (yellow)."

Belgium ||
Thanks to Delangre Jean-Michel  for the Apr-00 update can you say "carnavaleusement vôtre"
tit_aalst.gif (5765 bytes)Alst Carnaval  Officiële website | DUTCH ONLY |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Officiële site  Much music Fotos
BINCHE /Binche/carnival_fr. 
Belgium's most famous and oldest Carnaval  near "Charleroi" in the middle of Belgium 

STAVELOT   Blanc Moussi  
"laetare carnival" east of Belgium
a very old carnival
"Blancs Moussis" is the most important group of this carnival   
Carnaval de Tournai || FOTOS || Links   Tournai is an old City 90 Km from Brussels whose Carnaval returned around 1980 and now sees over 10.000 actors during 3 days in 90 groups called " confréries" taking fun. It's a "laetare carnival"  around 15 days before "Pâques" In 2000 it began 31 march for 2001 the 3 days begin the 21st of March More FOTOS  

Danish World of Samba ?404?">part of | || Links

lg-fecc.gif (1455 bytes)| Send E-mail |
Held in Late Maydot_clear.gif (807 bytes)"Largest Carnival in northern Europe... a celebration of life, spring and fantasy across religious and political borders."

Helsinki City Guide in English | SVENSKA | DEUTSCH | on
lg-fecc.gif (1455 bytes)Samba and Carnaval in Finland by Association of Samba Schools in Finland |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Webmaster Harri Engstrand' s samba school is Imperio do Papagaio Helsinki Carnival is held in June as part of Helsinki Day, Year 2000 Celebrations are combined with 450 birthday of Helsinki.


Carnaval de Dunkerque | FRENCH ONLY | Email
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Photographs, sound. Ball Calendar. Discover Dunkirk folklore [ Translate by altavista by altavista ]


Carnaval en Guyane 1998 | FRENCH ONLY |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Il va falloir commencer à préparer les costumes !!! Heure de Guyane. Parade des associations. à Kourou le 14/02/98. Programme Officiel. [ Translate by altavista ]

Carnaval Pantalonada | FRENCH | OCCITAN

Bienvenue au Centre de Danse du Marais in Paris

NiceTranslate by altavista ]
iaffiche.jpg (14574 bytes)Nice Carnival by
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Nice Carnival by Beyond the French Riviera
Office de Tourisme et des Congrés de Nice
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)

dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Looking for a hotel in Nice. Postcards. General Information.  Program and booking. CARNIVAL 1999. 

dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Excerpt from the Book Wild Planet! at

Toulouse Excite's City Links | Best City Guide
Samba in France|| Version française || Schools || Instruments in France || Dance Directory Costume Resources|| mailto: Alexandre Nouvel 
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)
"Samba, as a street dance, is not widely practiced in France at the moment. "


Samba-Online-Germany || || 
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Contact SAMBA groups (percussion and dance) in Germany mostly Deutsch

Le Carnaval | GERMAN ONLY
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Welcome to our extraordinary cultural and business forum centered around Munich in Bavaria. [ Translate by altavista ]

Cologne or  Köln
| Excite's links | Encarta's links | Rough Guide Tips |  | Yahoo's Links
Europe's largest pre-lenten Karneval. Was it the German's who negotiated the truce with the Church over the Spring fling the Church could not control. Afterall the church Spring holiday of Easter is named after the Germanic Goddess Eostre.

fkklogo.gif (3436 bytes)lg-fecc.gif (1455 bytes) |LINKS | | DEUTSCHE ONLY The largest of many web sites all in German || schreiben Sie uns.| DEUTSCHE ONLY
Kolner Karnevals-Museum by | DEUTSCHE ONLY but has a good links list Local Samba Group  in English

s_carna7.jpg (7833 bytes) | ENGLISH |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)University of Patras, Depart. of Electrical & Computer Engineering. Carnival Pictures and posters,  [ Translate by altavista ]

Italy  on Aforum

red_star.gif (2190 bytes) || 
links to the most important Italian carnivals and city parades and lots more
. (in Italian only
Samba Home Page for Italy by
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)CANVESE CITY GUIDE IN ENGLISH
Storico Carnevale di Ivrea | | GETTING THERE

Le Maschere Tradizionali - Il Carnavale - Eventi - Beinasco OnLine | ITALIAN ONLY |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)EVENTI Feste & Manifestazioni Beinasco OnLine. Il CARNEVALE. Le Maschere Tradizionali Gianduja e Giacometta La vicinanza con Torino e le vicende... [ Translate by altavista ]

official site

official site

Il carnevale d'Ivrea (on geocities in English)

That fight for liberty is recreated with the Battles of the Oranges, which substitute stones. Italy exceeds its production quota of oranges as agreed within the EEC (the European Economic Community) , so the excess needs to be destroyed (just to keep up the retail price). My co-citizens cooperate in the difficult path towards a unified Europe by helping to smash some oranges...

The Official Website of the "Storico Carnevale di Ivrea" (In Italian only...sorry!!) 
 the official website of the "Scacchi" orange thrower team!!

official site


Carnevale di Putignano


official site
Ducato di Santo Stefano  by

Il Presidente Cesare Losa
Christian Bobbola

webmaster of Comitato Manifestazioni Vercellesi.  

stemmaB.jpg (19094 bytes)  
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Tourist Information of Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza) Italy, Informazioni Turistiche su Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza). [ Translate by altavista ]


 [F] Venice Carnival what's new in the aforum  
theentertainers-angle2-t.gif (20362 bytes)red_star.gif (2190 bytes) | English | Italian | French | German | Spanish |

theentertainers-angle2-t.gif (20362 bytes)red_star.gif (2190 bytes) | English | Italian | French | German | Spanish |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)
You will discover through history and culture how the Carnival used to be celebrated and how it is celebrated today in a city like Venice.
venice97.gif (2616 bytes) |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)A tribute, artist photographer Roberto Delpiano, offers to the “Comune di Venezia” and its wonderful carnival.

mtng.gif (10783 bytes) | ENGLISH |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes) With 1999 carnaval info [ Translate by altavista ]

MASCHERA.gif (22621 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)"Your door for the real venetian carnival"
Venice Carnaval Story by | ITALIAN |
Il Carnevale di VeneziA w\ travel packages | ITALIAN
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Immortal Masks of Venice Carnival  by Atlas Travel Magazine

viareggio.jpg (10074 bytes)Viareggio
red_star.gif (2190 bytes) 
One of the most beautiful and  spectacular events in the world. Don't miss the greatest floats ever constructed every Sunday they parade in February along the water of this very Italian seaside resort near Pisa 

Il Carnevale di Foiano della Chiana | ITALIAN ONLY|

IRELAND-LOGO.GIF (2750 bytes)Samba in Ireland ||
is presented by the Droichead Arts Centre "Home of Samba in Ireland"Drogheda is a small town about 40 miles North of Dublin on the river Boyne. Each July since 1994 a

Netherlands / Holland / Dutch
Dutch Samba Home Page
Dutch Samba Home Page
a part of Dutch Samba Home Page a part of | | LINKS || events

Rotterdam, July Rotterdam Web by
Compares itself to the end of August Notting Hill Carnival in London (Europe's largest street festival with 2,000,000 revelers.) This street parade is visited by over half a million visitors.
Carnaval in Nederland |Links | DUTCH ONLY |
Escola de Samba Os Malandros | DUTCH ONLY|
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)"One of the most popular Brazilians amusements is to observe Europeans who try dance the real samba during carnival in Rio."


lg-fecc.gif (1455 bytes) lg-carnavalovar.gif (1701 bytes) red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Carnaval Ovar | PORT. ONLY |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Pre-Lenten  Carlos also moderates the FECC Portugal section in and maintains this excellent site for his Marados Carnival group
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Pre-Lenten  Carlos also moderates the FECC Portugal section in and maintains this excellent site for his Marados Carnival group

lg-fecc.gif (1455 bytes) | PORT. ONLY |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Pre-Lenten English coming Eduardo Dias says he has documents showing his Carnival is as least as old ast 1897.
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Pre-Lenten English coming Eduardo Dias says he has documents showing his Carnival is as least as old ast 1897.


red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Carnaval de Águilas | ENGLISH | José Luis Cerdá Díaz
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)A Pre-Lenten the people's fiesta for over two hundred years
lg-fecc.gif (1455 bytes)

Also see Canary Islands under Africa
red_star.gif (2190 bytes)Carnaval de Águilas | ENGLISH | José Luis Cerdá Díaz
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)A Pre-Lenten the people's fiesta for over two hundred years
lg-fecc.gif (1455 bytes)Carnaval de Aguilas || | Spanish Only
For further info.: Federación de Peñas de Carnaval; C/. Francisco Rabal, 4; 30880 Aguilas (Murcia) SPAIN
logo-n1.gif (2318 bytes)CALENDARIO SECTORIAL by |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)The Valencian Fairs are of a great importance in the fairworld. [ Translate by altavista ]

cartel99.jpg (45239 bytes)red_star.gif (2190 bytes) SPANISH ONLY

Lots of fotos. Check out the archives
Lots of fotos. Check out the archives
Carnaval Gaditano | SPANISH ONLY

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is official web site of FECC 2000 Conventionlg-fecc.gif (1455 bytes)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Pre-lenten "it's the second biggest in the world don't you know" In the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife on the largest of the  Canary islands. Santa Cruz Tenerife loves its extravagant  Carnival.
FECC Web Site 

Las Palmas
red_star.gif (2190 bytes)satur1.gif (9315 bytes)Las Palmas de Gran Caraia Carnaval| ENGLISH & SPANISH | | Visitor Authority too
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)The axis around which this feast for the senses turns is the Queen, whose coronation is the most magical night of the Carnaval. Beautiful site which has changed often since it became one of the first Carnaval internet web sites.
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)

Samba in Sweden
a part of
Hot Samba Carnival Links by Unidos Do Ludvica Samba
Samba in Sweden by Lennart Kjörling
Samba Links by A Bunda from Gothenburg
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Was organized by A Bunda Escola de Samba de Gotemburgo & Batucada.
Bar Brasil |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Organizes the largest indoor Carnival in Sweden
hippi.jpg (4958 bytes) | Swedish Only |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Check for the section on the Norrkoping Carnival


dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Excerpt from the Book Wild Planet! at
Carnaval by | SWISS ONLY |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Main page of french switzerland carnavals. [ Translate by altavista ]
Basel | Guide Wired |

bannerfoto4.jpg (15783 bytes) | SWISS ONLY

Fasnacht by or Basel online
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Excellent 20 page illustrated guide

Parades & Festivals in the UK by
Samba in the UK a part of |
logo.jpg (13203 bytes)Glasgow's West End Carnival
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Some picts and descriptions

dot_clear.gif (807 bytes) See Hastings Old Town Carnival Queen, Miss Hastings 1998. and the Carnival Princesses,  photos... [ Translate by altavista ]

carniva1.gif (5209 bytes)Westhead Carnival |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Westhead, Ormskirk, Lancashire, U.K. Details from Sue Myatt:  . Return to Westhead Home Page. These pages are designed and... [ Translate by altavista ]

lon98ph100.gif (3436 bytes)
Official 1997 Notting Hill Carnival Site lots of photos
Mas Bands in the UK by ||   A growing listing service by the England Arts Council Add your UK Carnaval group to the database.

Edinburgh Samba School | LOCAL LATIN MUSIC & DANCE
SheBoom | LINKS | JOKES | Send Drummer Jokes Here
South Wales
Cardiff Percussion Group/Samba Galês | RealAudio |

2cocolog.gif (2754 bytes)  
The MOST popular event in Brazil and the entire world, now in Israel! This year, you don't have to cross the ocean to enjoy the magic of the Carnival.
Cocoloco Samba School | Hebrew too |
Founded in July 1990 in a little departament in Tel Aviv, this is a place where the people come to get the
"quotation of happiness."

rio2000sbhome.gif (17055 bytes) || Federation||
Perform in the Parade of Champions in Rio de Janeiro for Carnaval 2000. Formally recognized by the Brazilian Government as one of the official events of Brazil's 500th Anniversary Celebration!! Now organizing more by group rather than countries

'99 Global Carnival Calendar by So Yu going to Carnival magazine
The only International Guide to Canivals
Foundation European Carnival Cities (FECC) on Aforum
The only global Carnival organization [Alternative || Blues || Bluegrass || Cajun & Zydeco || Classical || Country || Eclectic || Folk || Jazz || Reggae & World Music || Rock || Misc. ]
Maintains its committment to providing information on music festivals of North American admirably well and does a good job at the same time for Europe and the Caribbean.

Lots of Links
56dragnp.jpg (6376 bytes)

dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)
ublbanner.gif (922 bytes) |
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)The ultimate resource for Carnival WWW links, CD's, Biographies, Homepages, Contests, Tour Dates and Sound Samples. [ Translate by altavista ]

GUIDELINES:  If you know of a web page with a list of regionally organized Carnival or Festival Event links please tell us so we can add it to this growing list. (This is a good way for a Carnival Group or a free web site to get traffic to their site.)
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Also, if you are the official web site for a Carnival we wish to know about you and will eventually add your link for free.
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)We provide additional support to the FECC (Foundation of European Carnival Cities then we have special section in to feature your link.
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Can't wait for us? Go ahead and tell everybody about your web site or event on the bulletin board located here under Web Sites

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