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A community drum circle,  grows out of a realization that rhythm is a language that can unite the diverse elements of humanity. Rhythm succeeds where words fail.  Global Percussion players work with rhythmic, harmonic principles to play music, especially for the mental, physical and spiritual well being of themselves, listeners and surrounding community.

When the circle works as a team, everyone benefits, because we all hit THE GROOVE, where the energy flows, time stops and we all evaporate....that bliss only occurs when the circle works as a team. These principles will serve your everyday life

Remember that the listener/dancer is as much a part of the music as the drummer, in a way. The styles are defined by particular parts, rhythms, tempos, etc., and unless you know what to play, you won't be helping the music, but messing it up.

Music and dance are BIG MEDICINE for the Planet Earth CommUNITY of  the 21st century. Look for them in the Streets at Carnavals or other great people's events.
Then feel the global groove  UK based (Simon Webster)
Hand drum links
This site covers events around the Los Angeles area. Drum, dance, drum circles and more.
The Arizona Rhythm Connection provides updates on rhythm happenings in the Copper State and beyond, as well as info on drum and dance teachers, recordings, merchants and not-to-be missed opportunities. Drummer, dancer storyteller and author Sule Greg Wilson provides monthly essays on drum-relevant topics.
Brother Pateticua a friar with the Universal Life Church in Cleveland Ohio is using drum circles..
Drum Circles at Rainbow Gathering John Scalici from Birmingham, Alabama is a student of Arthur Hull , a Montana based, family owned company committed to drumming, rhythm, and rhythm awareness. good content on this site.. in London   some very serious players, including Baba Kone, Malo Sonko, Landin Mane, Moisi Conde, Mohammed Alidu and Salifou Sylla . Last year they got 5 stars at the Edinburgh fringe festival.
Arthur Hull's Web site for drummers and drum circle facilitators. || ||
drum information portals for all types of drumming - David Johannes' site, a nice drum circle site, with a little of everything: photos, articles, rhythm tabs; well done, David.. Ron Knight in SanDiego..
Drumming the Soul Awake (with Jaime Meyer) - Universalist Church of Minneapolis; this drum circle uses primarily frame drums; a very interesting program, from the looks of it.. Bob Bloom , one of the Pioneers.. Bob Bloom is a highly experienced drum circle facilitator based in Connecticut. Check out his site at
Drumming About You is a hands-on, participatory event that is accessible to all ages, and is inclusive of elders and people of challenge. John Yost & Co., up in chicago - Santa Cruz based (Santa Cruz has a great drumming community) Doers of drum n dance workshops and retreats... Established in Chicago in 2000 by Jeni Swerdlow, a dynamic and engaging percussionist, drum facilitator, educator, art therapist and performer Jeni relocated to Oakland in 2006.
“I’ve drummed with Jeni in groups ranging from five 10-year-olds to 150 adults. Each time, she has sensed where the audience is beginning musically and emotionally, and takes them on a journey to a place they didn’t know imaginable.” --John Knecht, Drummer/Drum Facilitator
Sule Greg Wilson has been involved in cultural programming since Junior High School back in Washington, DC, where he studied drumming and folklore with Tunda, Baba Ngoma and Baile McKnight.
The Drums and Percussion Resource for Players and Music Educators. Lots of lessons! - DRUM! magazine attracts the next generation of drummers massive site, lots of info.
Teachers, performers, class schedules, drum circles, workshops, performances, recordings, learning materials, vendors, and manufacturers - with a regional focus on New England. Owner: Bruce Elliott.
Earth Drum Council is doing great work on the drumming for wellness scene in Cambridge, Massachusetts . These are some of the original pioneers..
Information about The Arts, especially Ethnic Arts & artists.You'll find listings and links for classes, events and artists in the Santa Cruz county area, the Central Coast and greater Bay area, Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, as well as the USA and International venues. - Fred Ardillo - corporate trainer - TeamRhythmWorks: "Facilitating Your Desired Results through Rhythm" -drum and dance celebration celebrations P am Whitehead - a Canadian FreeStyle Drummer/facilitator Drum Circles - Northern Ireland.. it seems the UK is really taking off.. Steve Gryb does a percussion program for kids entitled Rhythm is going to Get You. contemporary percussion quartet devoted to the art of hand drumming co-founded by renowned percussionist John Bergamo (with Randy Gloss, Andrew Grueschow, and Austin Wrinkle Jim Greiner's Hands-On! Drumming®
A fine drum circle facilitator who works throughout North America.
Music Therapist Barry Berstein's laudable activities Percussion  
Taylor, a Chicago based Teacher and Facilitator...
Good vibes RADIATING from this page. Also check out: - Based in the Pacific Northwest, Inner Rhythms is a crew of five highly experienced facilitators under the direction of Eric Donaldson.
Offers a complete catalog of Interworld's Instructional Hand Drumming Videos and Inspirational World Spiritual CDs.  
Janet Planet at Canadian maufacturers of fine djembes..
Mickey Hart is best known for his nearly three decades as an integral part of an extraordinary expedition into the soul and spirit of music, disguised as the rock and roll band the Grateful Dead.
His tireless study of the world's music led Mickey to many great teachers and collaborators, including his partners in Planet Drum Mickey has written four books documenting his lifelong fascination with the history and mythology of music. These include Drumming at the Edge of Magic, Planet Drum, Spirit into Sound: The Magic of Music, and  Songcatchers: In Search of the World’s Music.

Long a social activist, Mickey appeared in August, 1991 before the U.S. Senate Committee on Aging, speaking on the healing value of drumming and rhythm on afflictions associated with aging.
Na Kiri, a Dutch amateur djembe troupe
Voices of Africa is a cooperative effort by African Musicians, singers, dancers and other performers, to raise funds in order to alleviate some of the human suffering experienced in impoverished areas throughout the Mother-land.

Percuctitis, the Midwest drum project - These are drum circle facilitators out of Chicago, Illinois - check em out

Percussion in North Carolina , and Cuba!
are two sites maintained by Mary Overby - a worldwide network of people who use drumming to create unity and bring about change. Their core values are rooted in the Christian faith, and biblical teaching. A very interesting development.. , Judy Piazzadetails her drumming and other related musical activities...her workshops often utilize frame drums.. - Drum circle facilitators in New Zealand - Thanks for the link Jaqui B. Paulo Mattioli's site ,  important leader of  the drum circle scene and truly great talent - Tom Foote & Co., based in Boston, is working with kids.. Adam Rudolph's Rhythms of Collaboration Drum Circles Jeff Salem , a Toronto based facilitator and pro drummer/clinician. This is another fellow we met at an Arthur Hull playshop.
Susan Wallace at is a Houston based facilitator
The Drumming Hippie Jesus Freak's Website at geocities
Information on Tony Vacca and the World Rhythms organization. Programs range from educational concert and workshop presentations in schools, to collaborative recordings, performances at jazz and world music festivals, and special tours, such as the Senegal-America Project. - Christine Stevens, drum circle facilitator and REMO artist - A great drum circle page...includes history, events, boardwalk photos, profiles of local artists, and more Village Green Drum Collective of Vermont - The scene is robust in Vermont thanks to these folks.
We Are The Drum offers West African Drumming with Rosario Carelli. Their Wind Horse Community Camps offers Multi cultural music and dance retreats for all ages. L.A. based


"So we started way back, and now we are going back to just ourselves. Rediscovering ourselves. And from there on we can move forward. We are trying to put together the great things of the past with the present for the future. You know the sky is not the limit anymore, it is space now. We are discovering that we need to come back down to earth, from where we started. It’s as if we are trying to balance things up, in essence."

Study: Group Drumming Boosts Cancer-Killer Cells

A groundbreaking study published in the January 2001 issue of Alternative Therapies links a specific type of group drum playing, known as Composite drumming, with an increase in Natural Killer (NK) cell activity, one of the mechanisms through which the body combats cancer and viral illnesses. These findings reinforce the theory of a mind-body connection that influences the immune system, and may point the way to reversing the “Classic Stress Response” which depresses immune system function.
Led by Barry Bittman, MD, the research team

"I would rather belong to a tribal world
than to a modern society
Where there is no coming together
But being apart
I would rather be called tribal
At least i would not be alone
But one with my people
And with the rhythms
We play and we LIVE"

Dudu Tucci

Dudu Tucci is a very popular teacher in Germany, many if not  most of the 50 Samba schools now in existence in Germany were opened on his initiative. Together with Tiago de Oliveira Pinto he published his book "Samba and Sambistas in Brazil".
"The spirit of the drum is something that you feel but cannot put your hands on It does something to you from the inside out . . . it hits people in so many different ways. But the feeling is one that is satisfying and joyful. It is a feeling that makes you say to yourself, 'I'm glad to be alive today! I'm glad to be part of this world!'"
"We now have fistfulls of scientific evidence that prove that young people who study and perform music do better in math and sciences and other areas of learning. Many us us have felt this for quite a few years, but now we do have scientific evidence that proves that this does happen. The physical coordination is also enhanced. Students do much better on SAT scores and we want to let mothers and fathers know about this."

Larry "Link" Linkin, President & CEO NAMM,
(International Music Products Association)
is Arthur Hull
leading activist for the modern day community drum circle movement 

"You do whatever you are called to do. This would take a whole book to answer, but find your passion in life and pursue it like a new love. Basically what you need to do is find out, what you want and doDownload whatever it takes to follow that path.
Obstacles in your path will give you the strength and character to follow that bliss."


The clave is the backbone of latin music.The son clave is named for it's use in son music.
An Introduction to
Clave Theory
(Breaking on Two)
by Paul Clifford
Part I - Finding the Clave
Part 2 - Understanding the music
Part 3 - The Clave rhythm
Part 4 - Dancing with the Clave
Part 5 - Emergence of the Clave based dances.
Part 6 - New York Mambo/Salsa
 [F] Drum Jokes











John Santos: What do Louis Armstrong, Bo Diddley, Walt Disney, Elvis Presley and Bill Cosby have in common? They've all used Latin American musical elements in their work, thereby playing important roles in the ever-growing Latinization of U.S. pop culture. The parallel relationship and syncretization of Jazz and Latin American music provide a rich and fascinating perspective on this Latinization process.

Latin Jazz is at the forefront of an international barrier-breaking process which is a tribute to its powerful spiritual roots. Unfortunately, and largely due to its humble "ethnic origins," this vital form of expression has been relatively ignored in terms of historical recognition and documentation, despite its surprising role in American pop culture and its obvious recent successes.

World Beat™ CongasConga drums are from Cuba and Puerto Rico, with roots in the cylindrical drums of Africa. Many countries have similarly shaped drums, such as the atabaque of Brazil, or the solid wood carved Ngomas of central Africa. Conga drums, typically used in Latin music, are now widely used in all musical styles.




It all started when I was about 13 years old. I grew up in the Mission District in San Francisco and my Dad was a musician from Mexico. He played guitar and sang. In the neighborhood at the time Santana came on the scene and that was a big hoopla for all the kids. So we all had our “Santana bands” at 13 and 14 years old. Carlos Santana rehearsed very close to where we all lived, so we’d run up to the garage and check it out. That’s when I started playing that style...anything Latin-rock or Latin-jazz.

My early influences started in the street. The older drummers would gather at Delores Park or Aquatic Park or in the schoolyards where we’d hang out and play. I played in several bands as a kid, then when I was 16 or 17 years old I started venturing into other styles of music, particularly Brazilian music. I started listening more and getting turned on to jazz music... where you weren’t just playing a mambo, you would incorporate all different styles of drumming in what we called fusion music.
Chalo Eduardo - Multi-percussionist, recording artist, and World Percussion Division Manager at Remo, Inc. 
Mike Carabello at Fillmore in 1971 with Carlos Santana. "Voices of Latin Rock" explores the role of percussion in creating this unique San Francisco sound which is still evolving today



BRAZILIAN PERCUSSION Giselle has written extensively about the artform of Rio de Janeiro Carnaval. Traditional Sounds of the UK has one of the most comprehensive on-line stores on the web along with good descriptions for each item. Ken Capagna and Espirito Drums are proud to offer Bauer Percussion instruments in the U.S.A. Making instruments with a high quality standard has always been Bauer’s great commitment. a drummer’s drumhead company "Because of our advances in drumheads, percussion and all things rhythmic, the world isn’t only listening, but also playing like there’s no tomorrow." Remo is also the leading organization promoting the use of hand drums through its many programs

Brazilian Percussion Instruments Illustrated

The djembe has achieved world status as a percussion instrument, rivaled in popularity perhaps only by the conga and steel pan. The djembe is perhaps the oldest of the sophisticated West african drums, and the most popular. The djembe has been used by generations of 'griots' and 'jalis' - ritual storytellers, musicians, and royal advisers - at least as far back as the great Mali Empire of Sundiata in the 13th century. The djembe is named after the sound it makes when slapped and tapped (djem-be).
Babatunde Olatunji



Babatunde Olatunji was a virtuoso of West African percussion. His 1959 album "Drums of Passion" was a worldwide smash hit. He received a Grammy Award in 1991 for his collaboration with Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart on their Planet Drum album. Carlos Santana scored a hit with an adaptation of Olatunji's "Jingo Lo Ba" on the first Santana album in 1969

"When we would go to places to perform, I’d also take the opportunity to say, “Do you have a center where people go? Let me go and give a lecture there.” That was very important because it became more than just people coming and doing a concert for the students. I’d give them a workshop in drumming and dance. It was an opportunity to sell the act, but also an opportunity for people to have an understanding of what we are doing. It’s important to let people get a little closer. So that they can see and experience and feel what you are doing and what you are a part of. It’s also okay for someone to perform and for people to clap their hands at the end, then leave. But to really be a part of it, to know that they can be a part of it, is more." Olatunji to Hull interview

Percussion Organizations

Dougie's Drum Directory
Dougie Niellands, a London based Djembe list member, maintains this page for the benefit of the UK drumming community   Books - ||Instruction   ||Makers A - K  ||Makers L - Z  ||Organizations  || Retailers A - K  ||Retailers L - Z  ||Services  ||Study  ||Vintage Retailers  ||Online - A comprehensive listing of over 1,000 web sites!  Big site, much information, with a focus on GRASSROOTS musicians, By owner Eric Stuer with many pictures and links
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berimbau - bongo - boomwhackers - cajon - conga - djembe - doumbek - drumset - engalabi - frame drums - gourds - homemade percussion - mallets - taiko - timbales -

Styles and Cultures
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beginning djembe exercises - freehand unison exercises - Counting Indian Rhythms - The Plena (with Jorge Ginorio) - (The woodshed)

Peace Through World Music (archival from the 1996 Geocities version) large list well maintained

Oakland Carnival: This page is sponsored by the month of May in the San Francisco Bay Area. 2005 May and dedicated to Carijama Oakland.
For many years the Oakland Carnival known as Carijama was the our featured Oakland event, However organizers and Oakland Police were not able to agree on security precautions for the serious youth related issues following the problem conclusions of the 3 events in 2002-2004. With that, and despite a new Oakland chief of police in 2005, Carijama its great downtown parade and wonderful youth arts festival were cancelled for 2005. Emphasizing the positive gives us this growing great event and the main Carnaval dance center of Oakland.

The Rex Foundation

Established in memory of Grateful Dead guitarist and founding Rex board member Jerry Garcia (1942-1995), this award is designed to honor and support individuals and groups that work to encourage creativity in young people.

In April, 2005, Phil Lesh's book Searching for the Sound: My Life with the Grateful Dead (ISBN 0316009989) was published. To date, this is the only book about the Grateful Dead written by a member of the Grateful Dead. wiki/Phil_Lesh

Oakland Day of Percussion at  the Malonga Calquelourd Center for the Arts!  formerly known as the Alice Arts Center located at 1428 Alice street off 14th street.

1428 Alice St is the location of the Malonga Casquelourd Center in downtown Oakland. Public transportation is convenient. If you drive, there are parking lots adjacent to the Center. A cafe and coffeeshop are next door. 

Saturday, May 7th 2005
Sacramento State University Percussion Ensemble directed by Daniel Kennedy
and separately at 1:00 - Tabla Rasa with Jim Santi Owen and Tim Witter
2:00 - Somei Yoshino Taiko Ensemble performance
and separately at 2:00 - Pride of Oakland Drumline Clinic
3:00 to 3:45 - Performance by Derique
and separately at 3:00 - Dr. Zak Diouf and Women's Sabar Ensemble performance
4:00 - Steve Smith drumset clinic
5:00 - Eddie Marshall drumset clinic
5:50 - RAFFLE DRAWING - You must be present to win
6:05 - San Francisco Renegades Drum and Bugle Corps performance
6:45 to 8:00 - CONCERT featuring Steve Smith with band: George Brooks (sax), Kai Eckhardt (bass), Fareed Haque (guitar)

This event is co-produced by the City of Oakland Cultural Arts Department and the California Chapter of Percussive Arts Society. The Oakland Day of Percussion tradition began in 2003 and continued in 2004. California Chapter President

Blair Helsing
122 Alta Street
San Francisco
CA 94133
Email: blairh at

Visit the Chapter Website for current event information : California Online
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