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The year 2012 will be 520 years after Columbus 
delivered the message of the promised land in 1492

The Birth of Olmec Culture Mesoamerica's mother culture

The Olmecs were the first Mesoamerican people to fathom the concept of zero, maintain a calendar, and use a hieroglyphic writing system based on the Manding system of West Africa. These intellectual achievements, as well as Olmec myths and rituals, were influential in the subsequent Maya, Zapotec, and Aztec cultures.
Once we move beyond recognizing the African roots of Mesoamerica's mother culture we come to the more fascinating theories regarding the source of their culture and the cause of the trigger for an  immigration representing so much knowledge and talent. 
The Toltecs were never conquered and kept good records. Prof. Herman L. Hoeh in his exhaustive Compendium of World History explains the birth of the Olmec civilization by comparing dates with history before Christ.  
The first seeds of Olmec culture began in the Americas as the result of Spain expelling the North Africans who had enslaved them in 1892 BC or 3 millenniums prior to 1492. The date has been kept by adding 520 years to the great flood and corresponds with the date of GIANTS arriving in Mesoamerica as recorded by the Toltec historian Ixtlilxochitl.

The Mysterious Olmecs  
1849 BC

Who was this mysterious people that have so baffled the modern-day historians and anthropologists? To find the answer to this riddle we must go back, once again, to the OLD World!
"In the year 1883 B.C. an invasion of Spain took place from the confines of North Africa. Having become a civilized land and wealthy due to changes in climate and the presence of many producing gold mines, Spain aroused the greed of Egypt and other North African nations. 
A king by the name of GERION or DEABUS, with a large army and many ships, conquered Spain and forced the inhabitants to dig gold for their new African overlords. Many Spanish slaves died from overwork under this tyranny"
Osyris slew Gerion in 1849, upon which part of his tribe took to ship and sailed to the New World. A tradition found among the Toltecs of Mexico and preserved by Ixtlilxochitl declares there once were giants in their land. Even the date of the arrival of these giants has been preserved by the Toltec historian. It was 520 years after the flood. (Bancroft "Native Races of the Pacific States", vol. V, p. 209. ) 
The year of the flood was 2370-2369. And 520 years AFTER the flood -- that is, after 2369 -- is 1849, the very year a great battle was fought in Spain during which Gerion was slain and many of the giants were expelled.
Herman L Hoeh
Compedium of World History
or Compendium of World History 
1963 1966, 1969 Edition pf PhD Dissertation 
The Book of Mormon
 The Book of Mormon is about a small group of Jews who fled Jerusalem in 600 B.C. and sailed to America. However, there is an older book within The Book of Mormon called The Book of Ether. It tells about a group of people who fled the Tower of Babel at least 3000 years before Christ called the "Jaredites". Because they were a righteous people the LORD did not confound their language, and a Prophet led them called "The Brother of Jared" (his actual name was Mahonri Moriancumr). All of the Jaredite names are Hamitic, and the descendants of Ham were black. Most Mormon scholars believe that the Jaredites were the ancient Olmecs; the first civilization on the American continent. 
"The existence of the OLMEC culture in Mexico and Central America, along with terraced pyramids (similar to SUMERIAN ZIGGURATS), calendrical systems, mathematics and sculptured figures WITH BEARDS or Negroid features implies, to many observers, "a CONNECTION with such peoples as the...PHOENICIANS, HITTITES... or CARTHAGINIANS" -- all of whom were CANAANITES

"While official Mormon promotional literature and activities continue to make claims of scientific support from the fields of archaeology and anthropology, there are NO non-Mormon specialists in these fields who support the premise of an ancient Hebrew civilization in the pre-Columbian Americas. " 
Olmecs by John Keyser on the web by google
Mormons & Olmecs by google

Olmec Heads

It was 520 years after the flood.... 
The year of the flood was 2370-2369 BC. And 520 years after the flood -- that is, after 2369 -- is 1849 BC, the very year a great battle was fought in Spain during which Gerion was slain and MANY OF THE GIANTS EXPELLED. 
(Bancroft, Native Races of the Pacific States, vol. v, p.209). 
The widespread Academic Repression of overwhelming evidence of diffusion to the Americas by a profession based upon the discovery of truth would seem to support the many claims of Eurocentrism by Afrocentric web authors. We'd rather add it to our list under the title the Curse of Columbus. Here is a sample from the web
"A great deal has been made of the "Negroid" features of the Olmec colossal heads. Various dubious theories have been advanced."  

"without proper evidence" & "academically irresponsible" to suggest African origin is racist
 Billie Follensbee

"Olmec Heads" by google

African Empires of Ancient America
 by Clyde A. Winters PhD

"The view that Africans originated writing in America is not new. Scholars early recognized the affinity between Amerindian scripts and the Mande script(s)." Beginning with Rafinesque in 1832, Leo Wiener (1922) Harold Lawrence (1962)
Makubwa Homepage
Links showing Afrocentric origins of Olmec civilization
Photo of Olmec
and African Heads

 Professor Alexander Von Wuthenau compared the Olmec heads to the Head of King Taharka, a Nubian-Kushite ruler of ancient Egypt.   
A History of the African-Olmecs
by Paul Alfred Barton published Sept 2001 at amazon
Manding in West Africa Today
by CIA -- The World Factbook -- Mali || Senegal ||Gambia || Guinea-Bissau ||  Guinea
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