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Xalapa 'ha-LAP-a': is often spelt Jalapa and allows the natives to refer to themselves as hot stuff or jalapenos.
State Capital in cool the highlands, the main City on the road to the coast from Mexico City. A vibrant gateway City to nearby river adventure in Jalcomulco or say both  Xico and Nanolinco have been delighting visitors for centuries with their cuisine and waterfalls
 One of Mexico's most pleasant Cities featuring colonial architecture, enviable  coastal mountain climate (1426 meters) and a cool cafe scene related to the town's University of Veracruz. Xalapeños, as the city's residents are called, ref er to their city as "The Athens of Veracruz" for its large creative community and vibrant art scene. The labyrinthine of hilly cobble stoned streets can test your hiking skills while the views and open space will reward you.Download
Orient yourself around Parque Juárez at the city center. The park's terraced gardens feature views of Mexico's highest peak, the 5,610 Pico de Orizaba as well as the adjacent, imposing   Palacio del Gobierno (open 6am to 9pm)


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Xalapa, a word which comes from xallapam, a nahuatl compound meaning "spring in the sand", was originally a market town along the Spanish route to Mexico City.

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a couple of hours’ easy drive from Vera Cruz

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xalapa.gob.mx/  H. Ayuntamiento de Xalapa, Ver. - [ Translate this page ]
Informacion de Xalapa Veracruz, Historia, Gobierno, Turismo, Inversion, Imagenes. Presidencia. Bienvenida. Enlaces. Mapa del sitio. Climate

pop: 400,000 alt: 1427 meters
Xalapa a.k.a. Zalapa, Jalapa always pronounced ha-LAP-a


210 miles east from Mexico City, less than five hours by first class bus. You'll arrive at CAXA, the bus central station:
Go down to the lower floor of the station to take an authorized taxi buying your ticket first from the ticket booth vendor

 Xalapa is a two hour (100 km) drive from Veracruz


For information on cultural events, go to the Agora, a cultural center beneath the Plaza Juárez (reached by steps on the south side of the plaza).
Diario de Xalapa is the daily paper


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The city is 1,430m (4,690 ft.) above sea level. The climate is humid and cool for the most part. It can be warm from March to early May. The light chipi chipi rain comes and goes at any time of year. The rainy season is May through July and can bring strong downpours

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Hotel Mission Xalapa
Victoria S/n, Esq. Bustamante
Veracruz 91000
  Hotel Mision Xalapa user reviews at tripadvisor 
Hotel Howard Johnson Plaza de las Convenciones
Av. 20 de Noviembre Ote #455
Xalapa,  Mexico  91040
  Howard Johnson Casa Inn Xalapa user reviews at tripadvisor
42 rooms, 18 suites great Mexican Colonial Architecture. Located five minutes from downtown and the bus station Caxa. The hotel has services like: elevator, Restaurant El Penasco with international food, room service, dry cleaning and laundry, fax, meeting rooms, facilities for meeting rooms, copy service, parking,  24-hour security,  sale of tickets of Bus ADO and free access to the Golf Club of Xalapa.
Hostal de la Niebla Xalapa Mexico   Download
Posada del Cafeto   29 rooms
Mesón delAlférez Frommers.com/destinations/moreaccom.cfm?h_id=35883
Posada La Mariquinta .xalapa.net/lamariquinta/

Europeans fell for tortillas, chocolate, beans, turkey, vanilla and chili, among many other pre-Hispanic dishes. From the mix of so many tastes and flavors, the mestizo food of the age of the Colony appears.
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Xalapla is a college town, home to the University of Veracruz and the state government Museo de Antropolgia is one of the best museums in Mexico and features 7 Olmec heads.
Parque Juarez
is lovely terraced central square where you can often enjoy a free cultural program. A lower level reveal Galeria de Arte Contemporaneo, which includes an attractive cafe with a splendid view of the city.
There is also
listening to classical music at the symphony concert or visiting galleries and museums. Or simply taking advantage of its temperate climate while enjoying its traditional cooking in the patio of one of its flavorful restaurants or coffees.  
  • Museum of Anthropology I The most important collection of pre-Columbian works produced by the great cultures of the state of Veracruz. 7 of the 10 colossal heads exhibited were found in San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan   The Huastec culture of North Veracruz flourished  during the Postclassic period (1250- 1521 AC.) Find rich works carved in sand stones, and shells including the images of Tlazolteotl, the goddess of love.
    Open every day of the year from 9:00 to 17:00 hrs uv.mx/difyext/museo/ or
    Museo de Antropología de Xalapa
  • Walks along the Lakes Located in the university area in the south of theDownload city, the three lakes are ideal for boating. Parque Ecológico Macuiltépetl (Macuiltépetl Ecological Park) in the north of the city between the streets of Tepic and Toluca. Tuesday through Friday, 11:00 to 17:00 hours.
  • Museo de Muebles (Furniture Museum) Ex-hacienda Museum El Lencerocountry estate 14km (9 miles) southeast of the town center was for 14 years (1842-56) the home of Antonio López de Santa Anna, the 11-time president of Mexico who attacked the Alamo in Texas. Hacienda El Lencero
  • Xalapa Symphony Orchestra
  • Botanic Gardens built in 1975
  • Parque Juárez at the city center




Jalapa VE Mexico >> Radio / TV Stations on the Internet
70.1 - TRTV ind. - Jalapa VE MX
107.7 - XHXAL - Radio Mas - Jalapa VE MX
1460 - XEJH - Radio ACIR - Jalapa VE MX

Actopan is a charming town


"Cool, clean & civilized ...enjoys a lively artistic and entertainment scene, a convivial cafe life and some good restaurants."
Lonely Planet.

University of Veracruz, www.uv.mx   the largest after UNAM, the National University of Mexico. More than sixty thousand students study there, spread out in more than thirty branches. The University was decentralized in the sixties, but the administrative services and the Rectorate are still in Xalapa, in a university city which many a country could envy.


Museo de Antropolgia

Fantastic journey in a building which is also a work of art. Her you will be able to see first hand the African features on 7 of the 17 giant Olmec heads
Mexico's 2nd best after Mexico City with 29,000 pieces. The best of a 3000 year old rich art history from Olmec  Totonac and Huastec cultures.

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Cine Pepe
great cheap theater where you can go and see two movies for only 12.00 pesos (USD$ 1.20) per person

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Xalapa, situated in the foothills of Mexico’s eastern cordillera, dominated by the 18,700 ft. volcano Citlaltepetl. Its permanently snow-covered summit contrasts so starkly with the exuberant tropical vegetation that Spanish conquistadors believed they were seeing a mirage

"From the era before Cortés on, the traveler has rested here on the road to the capital, no doubt fascinated by the beauty of the surrounding countryside. A natural frontier between the dry tropical zone and the humid temperate zone, the region is dominated by Citlaltepetl, a volcano which rises to more than 5700 metres and whose summit, permanently covered by snow, contrasts so starkly with the exuberance of the tropical vegetation that the Spanish conquistadors believed at first they were seeing a mirage."  

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"start exploring from points on Xalapa's perimeter, wandering through the hills in any direction that appears inviting" ...Insects are not much of a problem here. The steep hilliness keeps swamps virtually nonexistent around Xalapa, although the occasional mosquito will be encountered... Cofre de Perote, Jalcomulco, Actopan, Xico and the Cascadas of Texolo are fantastic places from which to begin. Follow the river trails or strike out into the hills, take your pick! "

Mexico City

All Roads lead to Mexico City, the world's largest City

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Aeropuerto Plaza Blvd Puerto Aereo 502 2
Hilton Internat'l Mexico City Airport 0
Holiday Inn Plaza Dali Viaducto Rio de la Piedad 260 4
Marriott Puerto Mexico 80 0


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