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Northern Veracruz
Northern Veracruz consists of four well defined areas: the Huazteca region, the Huayacoctla sierras, the Totanacapan area and the Emerald Coast. The far northern corner is formed by the meeting of the Tempoal, Tamesi and Panuco rivers on the northern border with the state of Tamaulipas where the large City of Tampico holds court.
Papantla is the most well known town in northern Veracruz for visitors. Not only is it the gateway City to Veracruz's most spectacular archaeological site El Tajin, it is also the flower-filled, center of the Mexican vanilla industry and heart of Totonac culture. Every Sunday in front of the church overlooking the vibrant zocolo, the dance-spectacle of the Voladores de Papantla is performed here. Yet Papantla is one of the smaller Cities with a challenging hot, humid climate and mediocre restaurants.
This region is the homeland to two of the Americas most vibrant Indian cultures who have against great odds kept their language, traditions and culture alive andBernal_diaz.jpg well. Their close proximity may be somewhat due to being pushed out of the richer agricultural lands in southern Veracruz where the mother culture of the Olmecs and other most powerful successors were centered. The Hustacs language is a derivative of the Mayan tongue while the Totenacs dialect is Náhuatl which the Aztecs and Toltecs spoke.Regions history begins 1500 years (B.C. before Christ). The Tuxpan Codex of 1499 is still proudly conserved

The fuzzy boundary between the Totonac and Huastec regions begins somewhere between Papantla and Poza Rica. Huastecs tend to blend more into the mestizo world and have much more mixed blood. There are over 100,000 speakers of Husateca in the multi-state region. The Huasteca is a beautiful subtropical region in the states of Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosí, Veracruz, and Hidalgo.

The Huazteca culture is well known for its traditional music and wonderful cuisine. The town of Tamiahua, with its rich lagoon is the leading epicurean location. The Huapango, a Mestizo dance created in colonial times with African influence is the signature dance with a Nahuátl root meaning "to dance on boards"

The rivers Tantoán, Tamesí and Pánuco define the state of Tamautipas, and by the south, the Cazones river forms the limit with the Totonaca Region. To the east, the Huasteca disappears in the Gulf of Mexico, where is the extensive salt water lagoon of Tamiahua, separated of the sea by a coastal cord; and, in the part the west, it finishes in the Mountain range of Huayacocotla and the states of San Luis Potosí, Hidalgo and Puebla.

 The states adjoining Northern Veracruz and the Pánuco river basin,  San Luis Potosí, Tamaulipas and Hidalgo are also vessels of Huastec culture. These people because of their wealth, were among the most important of conquered Aztec subjects. The Huastecs call themselves Teenek, which means "those who live in the fields with their language, their blood and share the idea".

Totonacapan region; 230 km (140 miles on 180 highway) north of Veracruz 90 km from Tuxpan


DownloadThe Totonac sculptures are found in the zone between the rivers Cazones to the north and Papaloapan to the south. Despite the tropical rain forest's  hot humid climate the city of Tajin realized spectacular success and reached the peak of its granduer between 800 and 1150. The Totanacs of the Papantla regions have managed to preserve many of their values as well as the philosophy of how they perceive the world.
In pre-Columbian times the Totonacs wore garments like: loinclothes held by a waistband, all kinds of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and nose ornaments.

Totonac costumes were very different from those worn by people from the high plateau. According to him, high classes were the only allowed to wear cotton and the others wore clothes made of weaven henequen. Today the Totonac men dress characteristically in white muslim, with a long sleeved smock worn over loose pants gathered at the ankle. The women practice hand weaving and embroidery and there is hope that this practice will grow as a mutual benefit of the developing visitor industry.


The Huastecs of Veracruz || The San Luis Potosí Huastecs  a kids site by the Presidency of the Republic of Mexico with a special focus on the indigenous people of Mexico
Guide to Northern Veracruz Espanol or English with much ambition. In 2003, created many of the first visitors pages for dozens of charming worthwhile norther veracruz cities. Published by guidebook publisher, however English translation is not much better what google's translator can do.
Introduction to the State of San Luis Potosi venturing south to the Emerald Coast & el Tajin




Huazteca History

They demanded the restoration of their "old processions" (presumably drunken or half-"pagan"), which the bishop had prohibited.  In church money matters, they were willing to preserve the system of tithes, which would draw proportionately on the hacendados to support religious functions, and they were willing to see the clergy charge money for voluntary or luxurious services. But they demanded an end to all fees for routine masses, or for rites like baptism and marriage that were a part of people's lives. 

And they demanded that their leader, Mariano Olarte, be permitted to retire to the area, keeping his military rank and privileges, recognized as 
"Father of the indigenous people, to keep them from being mistreated, as they had been for three years in these parts."
First Civil War 1830-42
The Huasteca, & North

Gulf Coast Art;  Huastec, Totonac, Remojadas,

1) Very large ceramic figurines, many are very naturalistic
2) animals dressed as warriors figurines
3) very large stelae
4) Quetzalcoatl figurines and stelae, large Xipe Totec figurines
5) ball game art; palmas (curved carved stone and ceramic pieces of gods shaped like ball players belt pieces), Hachas (flat carved faces of gods), yokes (large decorated stone belts shaped like ball players belts)
6) Cihuatateos figurines (manically smiling men and women with one hand up and sharp weapon in other hand)
7) ornate and baroque underworld gods
8) ball court murals representing the god of pulque and ball game decapitation imagery, ornate plates and cups, some with skull and crossbones design.
Mike Rugger's mesoamerica

Zarela speaks

The women (Totanac) still practice some hand weaving and embroidery, which is remarkable in Veracruz, where the indigenous crafts barely exist and the few village artisans are often more Spanish than anything else. (It is just another of the ways in which Veracruz is the opposite of Oaxaca.)" 

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Costa Esmeralda beach zone well north of Veracruz city
 The Gulf of Mexico's Emerald Coast or “Costa Esmeralda” is 35 kilometers of clean wide sandy beaches and friendly surf.  It is lined with smaller beach hotels and restaurants but does not attract many international visitors. It's a great place to stretch your travel dollars and soak up both sun and culture if you don't require a large scale resort for your fun in the sun. You also easily combine this visit with El Tajin for an age old antidote to the hot sweaty climate

25 miles inland find the oil town Poza Rica and the old Totanac hill town of Papantla famous for its high quality native vanilla and allspice

Kayak Mexico invites you to join us for an unforgettable kayaking adventure vacation or instructional clinic or one-day sea kayaking excursion in Veracruz Mexico. Known as Mexico’s Costa Esmeralda or Emerald Coast, Veracruz is a region as rich in adventure as it is in natural beauty, culture and history. The rivers offer excellent whitewater opportunities for paddlers of every level of skill and comfort.


Costa E. by GuiaVeracruz ||Costa E. (English)
"limited at the north by the Tecolutla river  and Tecolutla beach and to the south  by Nautla beach where the Bobos river flows into the Gulf of Mexico.,  “Cienegas del Fuerte” is the ecotouristic park starring the Solteros river with a surface of 2 thousand hectaresfamous with waterfalls and rapids that goes by the name of “Riachuelos”.

Totonacapan region

Places To STAY    
Costa Esmeralda Hotels by zonaturistica

Carr. Federal Poza Rica-Nautla Km. 83.5, Costa Esmeralda, Veracruz
  47 Habitaciones y 15 Suites tel. 1-0059 1-0060
Carr. Federal 180 Km. 81 Apdo. Postal No. 129, Costa Esmeralda, Veracruz
  17 Habitaciones y 10 Suites tel. 1-0129 1-0128

Carr. Federal 180 Km. 80.5 Apdo. Postal No. 24
Costa Esmeralda, Veracruz.

48 Habitaciones y 5 Suites  Localización: Entre las barras del Río Tecolutla y del Río NautlaHabitaciones: Vista al mar, balcón privado, tv color, teléfono, servibar, caja de seguridad, aire acondicionado y cocineta.Servicios: Albercas, restaurant-bar, trailer park, 10,000 m2 de áreas verdes, playa, volley ball playero, salón de usos múltiples, juegos infantiles y tours.
Tel. (232) 321-0055
NORAY Carr. Federal 180 Km. 80.5
Costa Esmeralda, Veracruz.
17 Suites
Tel. (232) 321-0050   321-0681
Carr. Federal 180 Km. 90, Costa Esmeralda, Veracruz
  10 Habitaciones y 5 Jr. Suites  tel. 1-0312 1-0422  
PUERTO CANGREJO Carr. Federal 180 Km. 81 Apdo. Postal No. 129
Costa Esmeralda, Veracruz.
20 Habitaciones y 4 Suites Localización: Entre los Ríos Tecolutla y Nautla. Habitaciones: Vista al mar, suites con jacuzzi, tv, aire acondicionado, capacidad para 4 personas y suites con chimenea.Servicios: Restaurant-bar, alberca, jardines, snack bar, ball playero, playa privada, estacionamiento, room service, lavandería y servicio médico.
Reservaciones: En Costa Esmeralda: (232 ) 321-0104 321-0103 Fax: (232) 321-0104
E-mail: hotelpuertocangrejo

FOODWhere is the best place to eat at the Emerald Coast

Alamo by GuiaVeracruz ||Alamo (English)

Alamo Hotels by zonaturistica

Castillo de T. by GuiaVeracruz ||Castillo de T. (English)

CASTILLO DE TEAYO  ||CASTILLO DE TEAYO Attractions by hotel Xanuth to English by google

Cazones by GuiaVeracruz ||Cazones (English)

CAZONES Cazones Attractions by Hotel Zanuth to English by google

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Cerro Azul
Cerro Azul by GuiaVeracruz ||Cerro Azul (English) 

Cerro Azul Hotels by zonaturistica

Chicontepec by GuiaVeracruz ||Chicontepec (English)


Coahuitlán by GuiaVeracruz ||Coahuitlán (English)
Coatzintla by GuiaVeracruz ||Coatzintla (English)

COATZINTLA || Coatzinla Attractions by Hotel Xanuth to English by google

Coxquihui by GuiaVeracruz ||Coxquihui (English)
Coyutla by GuiaVeracruz ||Coyutla (English)
Espinal by GuiaVeracruz ||Espinal (English)
Gutiérrez Zamora
(goo-tee-E-res sah-MO-rah), town (1990 pop. 13,662), Veracruz state, E Mexico, on Tecolutla R., 5 mi/8 km from its mouth on the Gulf, and 15 mi/24 km E of Papantla de Olarte. Tobacco-growing center.

Gutiérrez Zamora by GuiaVeracruz ||Gutiérrez Z. (English)

GUTIERRES ZAMORA  || GUTIERRES ZAMORA by hotelXanuth to English by google


Gutiérrez Zamora Hotels by zonaturistica

Av. Manuel Avila Camacho No. 1
Gutiérrez Zamora, Veracruz.
42 habitaciones
(766) 845-0080
Martínez by GuiaVeracruz ||Martínez (English)


Martínez de la Torre Hotels by zonaturistica

Naranjos by GuiaVeracruz ||Naranjos (English)


Naranjos Hotels by zonaturistica


Nautla is located on the banks of the Nautla River and is known for its beautiful beaches aquatic sports and easy 180 highway access.  Six kilometers farther on 180 is Casitas, a coastal town known for delicious seafood. [ Translate this page ]

The space-time continuum had aligned so I could run into one of my dearest friends at a rinky-dink restaurant, in a tiny town at the end of the world. Briefly recovering from the surprise, we ordered another round of Victorias, followed by some house specialties that Alejandro recommended: fried fish fillet stuffed with a spicy crabmeat mixture; octopus veracruzana stewed with tomatoes, jalapeños, and capers; and fillet of fish al mojo de ajo, covered with crispy fried garlic slices. Working was out of the question for all of us after that. We made plans to follow him back to Tampico

Houston Chronicle

Nautla Veracruz - [ Translate this page ]
the first guide to Nautla in espanol

 Map of RV Parks near Nautla on Costa Esmerelda

Nautla Veracruz Hoteles Nautla Hotels 


 Pánuco, built on the right bank of the Pánuco river is one of the oldest towns in the hemisphere, some believe it may be 3000 years old. Tradition states this this is where the ancient Toltecs crossed the river on their way to the highland plateau. Cortez conquered Pánuco in 1522 and it remained the center for for Huasteca commerce in Veracruz.
Far north The fertile Huasteca (wass-TEK-a) region in inland until it meets the fringes of the Sierra Madre Oriental where several winding routes connect to Mexico City. From Tuxpan take the Tampico highway traveling through Tempoal till you reach Pánuco (222 km)

 Pánuco by GuiaVeracruz ||Pánuco (English)
The site list 5 lodging establishments (118 rooms) and 5 restaurants as of 2001



While there, be sure to visit the Cultural Center
 La Casa de la Cultura,
Esq. Melchor Ocampo y Lorenzo Barcelata,
Raul Pazzi Sequera, Director,
Tel: 126 Ð 61441

Food "worth going to just to eat the sacahuil (a 4-foot long) tamal that is a specialty of the Huasteca region and is served for breakfast at Restoran Virgini"

Places To STAY    
Pánuco Hotels by zonaturistica    
Lic. Silvario Gonzalez
Hotel Plaza
Lic. Benito Juárez #100 y 5 de Mayo
CP 92000
Papantla pop: 165,000 alt: 290 meters; 224km (140 miles) north of Veracruz.  
Papantla is the nearby (7km) gateway city  in the coastal lowlands to El Tajín (el tah-heen) is among the most important archaeological sites in Mexico.  Begin by visiting the vibrant scene at the zocolo to get your bearings. Aside from a vanilla plantation tour, most of what there is to see can be found within two blocks of this square
Papantla by
"One of the major products of Papantla, since the time of the Aztec, is vanilla beans. Vanilla is native to Mexico and was used principally to flavor chocolate made from cacao, also indigenous to Mexico"

 Papantla by GuiaVeracruz ||Papantla (English)
Corpus christi and the xanath festival


Papantla fellow traveler tips by

El Tajin Guide by

PAPANTLA ||  Papanta by hotel xanuth to English by google


By Bus --  ADO station (tel. 784/842-0218) is at the corner of Venustiano Carranza and Benito Juárez, 4 blocks below the main square. Almost all buses are de paso (originating elsewhere), so departure times can be a little earlier or later than the schedule says.

By Car - From Veracruz, Take Highway 180 North along the coast to Papantla.  From Mexico City, head northeast on Toll Highway 132 towards Tuxpan.  At Poza Rica, bear south towards Papantla.


Vanilla plantations The best time to visit is during the hand-pollination season, from mid-April through early May, Rain said, when you might see delicate yellow-green orchids on twining green vines. As the orchids fade, slender green vanilla beans form. Another good period is mid-December, when vanilla beans are harvested. Hotel staff in Papantla can arrange visits to the plantations

 El TAJÍN  is located 7 miles (13 km) west  from Papantla city& represents the apogee of Totonac civilization. built between 600 & 900 A.D. & abandoned about 1150. It has an area of 370.5 acres and we can find approximately 200 buildings, which were dedicated to temples, altars, palaces and homes for the upper classes.  There are 17 Ball Courts  The most impressive structure, in the old section, is the Pyramid of the Niches, which is a unique stone-and-adobe pyramid with 365 recesses ( the number of days in the solar year) extending to all four sides of the building.

el_tajin by surfmexico
El Tajín is a word of Totonac origin meaning Place of Thunder. Many of the structures at El Tajín date from 300 - 600 A.D. although this Totonacan center is thought to have reached its peak between 800 and 1150 A.D. The study and restoration of the ruins was begun in 1924.
Is it the Toltecs legendary City of Tula?

"El Tajin is also significant for its remarkable stone carvings from the North and South ballcourts. These carvings frequently depict human sacrifice and are stylistically similiar to the ballcourt carvings of the Toltec section of Chichen Itza. ...The entire Death Cult of the ball game, so prominent at Tula and Chichen, has its origins here at El Tajin. ...This site may have been the capital of the Nonalcos mentioned in the legends surrounding the downfall of Tula.
The Toltecs the mother of the Aztecs

The Flyers by
The Priest then takes a seat on the drum and the 4 flyers fall backwards into the air and descend, making 13 revolutions before they reach the earth. This number 4X13=52 represents Venus, the morning star and her influence on the earth.

Weather & Maps
El Tajin enjoys year-round, hot, sultry and humid weather as its by the coast.   It's especially hot in May and June.  Occasionally a strong northern wind can cool things off.

Papantla Pozo Rica Area Map by

Fast Facts
The telephone area code is 784.

Wear light clothes that allow your skin to breathe.    Take sun cream, a hat and sunglasses.   Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of bottled water.


JUNE Corpus Christi festival:  Hillside town in the Sierra Madre overflows with visitors  and is the major celebration of Totonac culture. The Feast of Corpus Christi,  is part of a very special week in Papantla. This is their Carnaval with a parade and famous Mexican entertainers performing on stages. The native voladores will be making special performances.
Main parade is 1st Sunday the ninth Sunday after Easter,11 days after Pentecost in late May or June. Corpus Thursday, on May 30, will feature a parade, a special Mass and costumed dancers

FEB/MAR Papanteco carnaval, 5 days before Ash Wednesday mailnly Sunday of ash, and
15 of August  Asunción day .

The Five Lost Days
Indigenous carnivals have a very deep religious sense because they correspond to nemontemi and chaik’in or the five “lost days” of the Mayan and Aztecan calendars

SUNDAYS: The Totonac people still perform the ancient sun dance of the voladores. Every Sunday in the church square just above the Papantla zocolo the ropes will slowly unwind as the Voladores, the sacred fliers, slowly fall sending their prayers to the sun. Dressed with eagle feather,  the voladores  are the people's emissaries to the gods.

Totonacapan region is distinctive for variety of local corn, wild fruits, hearts of palm, mint, coyol and tiny wild chiles
Vanilla growing region but mostly for export. 
Papantla is vanilla beans. Vanilla is native to Mexico and was used principally by the Aztecs to flavor chocolate made from cacao (chocolate), also indigenous to Mexico.
Places To Eat
Plaza Pardo
One of several upstairs restaurant facing the main plaza all serving much the same menu with plenty of Mexican standards a couple of regional dishes and some American diner standards

Places To STAY  
Papantla Hotels by zonaturistica

Accommodations by Frommers

Hotel Provincia Express

Enríquez 103

$45-$60 double no credit cards
Hotel Provincia Express
Opened in 1990, this hotel is a good choice in a place with meager selections. Rooms are nicely furnished, with tile floors Nos. 1 to 6 have small balconies overlooking the zócalo. Others, toward the back, are windowless and quiet,
Hotel Tajín
Nuñez 104
Hotel Tajín
At the top of the hill toward the back of the church sits this large, easily visible hotel. Rooms are small and tidy. Bed choices include one or two doubles or one king. Thirty-one rooms have air-conditioning, the rest have fans, and some have a view.

Enriquez No. 103, Papantla, Veracruz
   16 Habitaciones y 4 Suites
tel. 2-1645
José de J. Núñez y Domínguez No. 104, Papantla, Veracruz
   59 Habitaciones tel. 2-0644 2-0121 2-1623 2-1734

Tají-Papantla foto tour by translated to English by google

Tajín-Papantla-Cuyuxquihui foto tour by translated to English by google


Papantla celebrates Carnaval beginning on Carnaval Friday before Ash Wednesday
Ritual combats and dances were very important in their festivities. These traditions were mixed with some Europeans after the Conquest and the syncretism developed in dances, costumes and masks was so rich that it can still be seen in some carnivals as in Papantla and Huejotzingo.
The Five Lost Days
Mask Gallery 2 || Mask Gallery I
Vanilla is the only edible fruit in the orchid family. It originated in Mexico, most likely through cultivation by the Totonac people

Vanilla is more than extracts and beans. It has nearly magical properties, and in addition to flavoring foods and beverages, it can calm nerves, assist weight loss, lift spirits, and enhance romance.




In Papantla, Veracruz, voladores or flyers perform spectacular feats, launching themselves from the top of a pole (often reaching as high as 100 feet), and slowly descending as the ropes around the pole unwind. During this ancient Nahuatl and Totonac ritual, each volador circles the pole 13 times before reaching the ground for a total of 52 turns. The ceremony is said to help promote fertility, communicate with the heavens and honor the sun.
Poza Rica Northern region
At intersection of coastal highway 180 & Mexico City route of 130. Largest city in the area although it does not get much attention from visitors  

Poza Rica by GuiaVeracruz ||Poza Rica (English)



  • El Tajin Archeological Zone attend traditional voladores ceremony in nearby Papantla.
  • Tuxpan/Tecolutla Beaches Download
  • Museo Nacional de Antropologia,
  • Palacio de Bellas Artes Golf Course
Places To STAY ||
hotels by
Poza Rica Hotels by zonaturistica
Best Western Hotel
2 Nte y 10 Ote Col Obrera
Poza Rica, Veracruz 93260
 AC , Telephone, restaurant/room service, satellite TV, parking 

Bungalows Marbella
Carretera Nacional. Poza Rica-Nautla Km. 85
Costa Esmeralda, Ver.


Tel. y Fax. 01(232)3210014
Hacienda Xanath
Blvd. A. Ruiz Cortines #1917
Esq. Calle Sonora
Col. México. C.P. 93310.
Poza Rica, Ver., Méx.
Tel. con 10 líneas:
01(782) 82-335-02
Tampico Far north  (pop: 600,000) 
The state of Veracruz most  northern City, oil was discovered here in 1900. Home of Mexico's largest port,there are first class hotels here a few km upstream from the mouth of the Rio Panuco but its an industrial port and oil City which detains few travelers. Fertile often beautiful Huasteca ('wass=TEK-a') region is inland till the coastal plain meets the Sierra Madre Oriental. Catch 4 steep windy roads to Mexico City from Ciuda Valles, Xilitla, Tamazunchale or Huejutla. Tampico Airport is about 15 km north of city center
Sweaty, smelly, seedy but jolly" lonely planet

El Diario de Tampico

Tampico newspaper also publishes in Veracruz - Weather

Locate Tampico On The Map - Mapquest - Map

Alamo, car rentals in Tampico.

  • Located at opposite ends of the City, Carpintero and Cairel lakes enliven the city
  •  “El Cielo”, nature sanctuary. Declared a protected nature area by the UNESCO in 1987, El Cielo is one of the most important ecological reserves in Mexico. From the craggy Sierra de Cucharas to the Sierra Chiquita, the scenery ranges from a tropical forest at 200 meters above sea level to a pine forest at 1,200 meters within a distance of a few kilometers
  •  "Breezers".  it is definitely some of
    the best value I've gotten for my money in a long time.
    Every taxi driver in the city knows where the club is, just ask.
  • Laguna Tortuga is a phenomenal topwater fishery, a huge marsh created by a flat land area sandwiched between some small hill masses on three sides and a salt marsh leading to the Gulf of Mexico on the other Jim Porter outdoor writer


Places To STAY    
Consider a modest and clean hotel in Panuco a short drive (about 40 minutes) away. Nearby Laguna del Chairel is pretty  
Tampico,  Mexico  at
AV. HIDALGO NO. 2000 COL SMITH Tampico,  Mexico  
  parking, pool, room service
Howard Johnson Hotel
Fco. I Madero 210 Ote. 89000
Tampico,  Mexico  89000
  138 Rooms half block from the historical center and two block from the Port of Tampico. 24 hours desk, room service, free parking, cable TV

 Tamiahua by GuiaVeracruz ||Tamiahua (English)

Tantoyuca by GuiaVeracruz ||Tantoyuca (English)


Tantoyuca Hotels by zonaturistica

Tecolutla, the land of owls, a series of small lakes that have made Tecolutla an attractive place for tourists as well as birds.

Tecolutla by GuiaVeracruz ||Tecolutla (English)

TECOLUTLA || TECOLUTLA by hotelXanuth to English by google



  • boat tour lasting a few hours from Tecolutla to the nearby village of Gutiérrez Zamora.
  • Boca de Lima is located some 15 km north of Tecolutla,  get there by following a dirt track that crosses the coastal plains. Boca de Lima is the mouth of the inlet and consists of a sand bar that opens and closes as the sea level rises and drops.
  • Sea turtles  "Papa Tortuga", he collects over 15,000 turtle eggs and releases the little turtles back to the sea.

Tecolutla at risk by
"  Illegal hunting is not the only threat to the Lagartos Inlet. The amount of land being used for cattle breeding and agriculture is on the rise, and this is a cancer that is pervading all of Mexico these days. Today, when conservation of the natural wealth of the country has changed from being an everyday task to a vital and urgent need"


Tempoal by GuiaVeracruz ||Tempoal (English)

zacahuil it is a huge tamale baked with crushed corn, pork meat, lard, salt,

Tempoal Hotels by zonaturistica

Tihuatlán by GuiaVeracruz ||Tihuatlán (English)

In 1958, Tihuatlan was named by the word "Teo Tzihuatl" which means “Place of the Divine Woman.” This is a town into its mysticism.

Tlapacoyan by GuiaVeracruz ||Tlapacoyan (English)  

Tlapacoyan's  main industry is fruit but hopes to catch on with visitors.


Tlapacoyan Hotels by zonaturistica

Tuxpan TOOKS-pahn pop. 80,000

Tuxpan is a fishing town & minor oil port at mouth of Rio Tuxpan 310 km north of Veracruz city & 190 km south of Tampico.

 The 3,000 year old Huastec region with archeological  sites Tamuin and Castillo de Teayo. North of the Tuxpan River is  and stretching to the state border atDownload the mouth of the Panuco River is a saltwater lagoon, Lake Tamiahua which supports much shellfish life and very high quality crab and shrimp ("sweet, succulent, and utterly fresh") 


 Túxpam by GuiaVeracruz ||Túxpam (English)  History of  Tuxpan ||To english by google official city web site
Poza Rica/Tuxpan VE Mexico >> Radio / TV Stations on the Internet
93.9 15.5kW  XHTXA - Calor 93 - Tuxpan VE MX
101.9 46.3kW         XHRIC - Exa FM Poza Rica - Poza Rica VE MX
1200 1kW         XEPW - La Tremenda - Poza Rica VE MX.. ranchera

Places To STAY  
Tuxpan Hotels by zonaturistica

Hotel RÍo Para’so
Carretera a la Playa Norte 6.5
Tuxpan, Veracruz
C.P Leopoldo Ramríez Gonzalez. owner
Tel:783-70292,70293, Fax 70205
REFORMA Av. Juárez No. 25
Tuxpam, Veracruz.
Reservaciones: En Tuxpam: ( 01-783 ) 834-0662 834-0210
Fax: ( 01-783 ) 834-0625

86 Habitaciones y 12 Suites  Localización: En el centro de la ciudad, frente a la Catedral.Habitaciones: Alfombradas con tv color, antena parabólica, telecable, aire acondicionado, teléfono larga distancia automática y cajas de seguridad sin costo.
Servicios: Hermoso patio central para descanso o trabajo, elevador, estacionamiento, restaurant-bar, servicio a cuartos y salón privado para eventos hasta para 60 personas.
FLORIDA Av. Juárez No. 23
Tuxpam, Veracruz.
 Reservaciones: En Tuxpam: ( 01-783 ) 834-0222 834-0602
Fax: ( 01-783 ) 834-0650

75 Habitaciones Localización: En el centro de la ciudad, frente al Palacio MunicipalHabitaciones: Alfombradas, tv cable con control remoto, aire acondicionado y teléfono.
Servicios: Restaurante-bar, room service, cajas de seguridad, sala de juntas hasta para 50 personas, lavandería, tintorería y estacionamiento.












  • Nice beaches
  • Aquatic sports especially fishing
  • Boat trips
  • Spectacular sunsets


  • April or May Carnival,
  • April Santa Maria of Assumption, a week with dancing, contests, voladores, bullfights & fireworks. Huastec fertility dances are well known
  • August second Saturday  the fair of Tuxpan,
  • 7 of December Day of
    lost boy, a tradition also practiced in  Poza Rici
    which originated in  Tuxpan. , Candles light all the commerical streets of
    city,  in commemoration of the the boy who led Maria and Jose to find their way to the birthplace of Jesus
V. Carranza by GuiaVeracruz ||V. Carranza (English)
Zozocolco by GuiaVeracruz || Zozocolco (English)

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